Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 49: Bound for Trouble

We were all in Canterlot with the Princesses that afternoon and we all discussed what happened in the Tree of Harmony's dream. Sarah was fully healed from her injuries and she was with us as well. "So this Team Flare wants Sarah Gem and this.. Squishy for experiments?" Luna asked.

"Yes and they want to us their power to take over the world." I replied.

"They seemed really strong too." Mason said.

"Pfft. Please you saw how newbie's pokemon and ours handled them. They are whimps." Jack stated.


"We will have to keep an eye out for Team Flare." Celestia said. "If they are as persistent as they were in the dream, then we must be prepared if they come back. Suddenly the throne room doors burst open as well as smoke filling the air. I felt something clap sound my waist and when the smoke cleared it revealed. "Team Flare!" I growled. I looked down and saw that I had a metal ring around me connected to a rope and Jack, Rantaro and Jamie had the same. All the ropes were connected to each other. "What the hell is this?" Jack asked.

"You idiots! You bounded the wrong targets." The leader stallion said.

"Sorry Flare Streak, boss." the mare said.

"No matter we'll just take them anyway."

What? Our pokemon came in front of us, ready to fight.

The boys and I tried to unhook the rings but it was no use. The princesses tried to blast the rings but it was invain as well. "Those rings and the rope are magic proof, not even the Princesses can free them." Flare gloated. Then he held up the key to the rings. "As long as I got this keep you four together."

"Flaffy? Flaffy! Flaff!"

"Flaffy what is it?" Sarah asked. We all turned towards the window and saw a huge Pidgeot coming right for us.

Pidegot: An avian Pokémon with large wings, sharp talons, and a short, hooked beak. Its glossy plumage is mostly brown with cream-colored underparts and flight feathers. Its head has a decorated crest that is nearly as long as its body. The center feathers of its crest are yellow, while the outer feathers are red. The fan-like feathers of its tail are red or brown. Its beak and legs are pink, and there three forward-facing toes and one backward-facing toe on each foot. Behind each eye is an angular black marking.

"Everyone duck!" Lucario cried as the large bird pokemon burst into the room and grabbed the rope in it's talons taking me and boys! "Ren, boys!" Kaede cried.

"Big brother!" Carrie cried.

Flaffy, Ren's Oshawott, Jamie's Snivy and Jack's Tepig leaped onto the Pidgeot's tail as it flew out the window with the boys in it's talons. "Oh boy, not good."

Ren's POV

Not good. A large Pidgeot burst into the throne room, grabs me and the boys and now we're flying over a forest. Jack and Mason tried to get the rope out of the pokemon's talons but it's grip was too strong. "Let us go you big chick!" Jack demanded. But the Pidgeot didn't listen. "Great. Now what?" Rantaro asked. Honestly, I didn't know. We were hundreds of feet in the air and I couldn't use my Hacking Gun cause that would send us plummeting to our death.

"Hey guys."




Huh? We turned and saw our pokemon nearby on Pidgeot's tail. "Flaffy? Oshawott?" I called.

"Snivy!" Jamie said.

"Tepig?" Jack added.

Oshawott leaped into the air and took out it's scalchop. A blade formed on it, "Oshawott." it slashed Pidgeot's talons, making it cry in pain and let go of us. "WAAHHHHH!" I screamed.

"AAH! Someone save us!" Jamie cried.

"Snivy!" We all saw Snivy zipped past us and it's body glowed. It summoned lots of leaves and made them into a cyclone. It moved the cyclone underneath us and slowed our decent and we landed safely on the ground. "Phew, thanks you four." I said.

"Yeah, you saved our butts." Jack added.




"So... where are we?" Jamie asked. We looked around and we didn't see anything familair in the forest. "I don't know where we are... this can't be good." I said.

“Jeez, you think? Now we’re frigging lost in the middle of nowhere!” Jack exclaimed.

“Calm down Jack.” Mason assured. "I'm sure Sarah and the others will find us."

"So what do we do until then?" I asked.

"Snivy." We saw Snivy pointing North with one of it's vines. "Oshawott!"

"Tepig!" Flaffy, Oshawott and Tepig skipped along in the same direction. "In this case... follow the pokemon." The boys looked at each other and decided that we had no choice. We followed our three pokemon into the forest.

POV Ends

Back at the palace, the girls were scrambling to figure out what to do. "We're gotta find them." Kaede said.

"But that pokemon could have taken them anywhere." Luna said. "How will we know where to start?"


"Lycanroc?" Sarah asked.

"I can track them with my nose." Lycanroc said.

"But the Pidgeot flew away with them. How can you track them?" Carrie asked.

"Oshawott, Tepig and Snivy went with them, so they must have made it drop them somewhere If they did then I can track where they are or where they went." Lycanroc explained.

"It's worth a try." Celestia said.

"Yes, it appears that's our only option at the moment." Lucario said.

Lycanroc started to sniff the ground and walked outside of the palace. It raised it's nose high into the air. "Aha! I got them!" Lycanroc cheered.

"You do?!" Kaede exclaimed.

"Yeah, come on." Lycanroc ran ahead while Carrie and Kaede mounted Celestia and Luna and we all flew off after Lycanroc. My other pokemon ran after it, well Dragonair flew after him, however. "I hope Big brother and the others are alright." Carrie said with worry.

"Don't worry Carrie. Their pokemon are with them. They won't let anything happen to them." I reassured.

"Yes, if they are anything like Sarah's pokemon, they will be well protected." Luna added. Carrie nodded, hoping it was true.

Ren's POV

We followed our pokemon to a large valley with some rocks in it. "Snivy, do you know where we're going?" Jamie asked his pokemon.

"Snivy, vy." Snivy responded but we didn't know what she was saying. We came to a large rock and Snivy and the pokemon stopped and turned around? "Hey what's wrong?" I asked.

"Snivy, vy, Snivy."

"... Any idea on what it said?" Rantaro deadpanned.

"Snivy said it can smell another pokemon." Flaffy translated.

"Smell a pokemon?" I repeated. "I don't smell anything?" Suddenly footsteps were heard behind us and the pokemon gasped. Huh? We turned and saw a large pokemon behind us. It was a Rhydon.

Rhydon: A large, gray, bipedal Pokémon with features similar to both dinosaurs and rhinoceroses. It has narrow, red eyes and two fangs in its upper jaw. On the tip of its snout is a cream-colored horn, which is smaller on a female than a male. There are several other spikes and projections on its head: on top is spike that curves forward, two triangular points resembling ears on the sides, a wide, wavy crest under each ear, and spiky ridges on each cheek. It has a cream-colored abdomen divided into strips by thin divots. A rocky plate on its chest slightly overlaps its abdomen. There is a row of spikes down its back, and has a long tail with thin, black stripes.

We all gasped in horror at the large pokemon. Oshawott and Snivy frantically pulled on the rope crying out to us. The Rhydon raised one of it's arms to smash us but at the last second we got snatched away. Flaffy dragged us a safe distance away from the Rhydon. "Ya'll okay?"

"Ugh, thanks Flaffy." I gasped.

"Rhy!" The Rhydon roared and started to charge right at us. "Run!" Jamie screamed and we all ran away with the Rhydon right behind us. We stopped at a cliff but Jack knocked us over the cliff, "Woah!" and we landed at the bottom. We heard the Rhydon's cry behind us and saw it charging down the cliff. "Dammit, does he ever quit?!" Jack exclaimed as we kept running. Suddenly we got cornered by a canyon. Oh great.

"Gah, now what?" Jamie asked.

Jack and Mason stepped up with Mason drawing his bamboo stick and Jack cracking his fists. "You two can't battle Rhydon, you won't win!" Flaffy cried.

"Try us!" Jack exclaimed. Rhydon opened it's mouth and formed a large orange sphere of energy. "No, that's Hyper Beam!" Flaffy cried.

"WHAT?!" We all cried and the Rhydon fired at the ground, sending us flying into the wall. Ow... that really hurt.

"Ugh.. man that hurt." Jack groaned. Rhydon roared again and prepared to charge at us. "Flaffy, c-can't you do something?" Jamie asked in fear.

"I can't. I'm an Electric type. Rhydon is a Rock and Ground type. My electric attacks won't affect him." Flaffy replied.

"Don't you have any other types of moves?" I asked, desperately seeing Rhydon getting ready to charge us.

"So far, nope." Flaffy replied.

"Great." Jamie whimpered. That's when Rhydon charged right for us. We all hugged each other in fear when.. "Tepig, Tepig, Tepig!" Tepig suddenly came charging in front of us with a Flame Charge, forcing Rhydon to stop it's charge. "Tepig?" Jack called. Rhydon growled at the Fire Pig pokemon, and that's when, "Snivy!" Snivy slashed Rhydon with a Leaf Blade attack, knocking it back. "Snivy!" Jamie cried in joy. Oshawott leaped in front of us. "Osha. Oshawott!" and fired a Water Gun attack at Rhydon, knocking it back even more. Rhydon got back up and growled at Oshawott. Rhydon then surrounded itself in massive amounts of energy and charged Oshawott. "That's Giga Impact!" Flaffy exclaimed. Oshawott covered himself in water and charged right back at Rhydon. "That's Aqua Jet!" I exclaimed. The two attacks collided and we saw Rhydon flying into the sky and he came crashing down on the ground, out cold. The boys and I separated. "They did it!" Mason said. Oshawott, Snivy and Tepig came to us.




"They're asking if you all are alright?" Flaffy translated.

"Yeah, we're okay. Thanks to you three." I replied.

"Yeah, you three got guts. I like it." Jack said. His Tepig cried happily and leaped onto the biker's shoulder, rubbing his cheek. "Alright, alright, cut it out."

"Why are they doing more damage to it?" Rantaro asked.

"Rhydon is really weak to Grass and Water type pokemon and moves." Flaffy explained.

"Snivy. Snivy."

"Snivy says let's get moving before he wakes up." Flaffy translated.

"Right." I said and we all quickly left the scene before Rhydon woke up.

POV Ends

The girls had followed Lycanroc to the valley and landed on the ground. "Find anything, Lycanroc?" I asked.

"Lycanroc. Lycan." Lycanroc was pointing at the ground and we saw multiple footprints in a straight direction. "These must be Ren and the boys footprints and from the looks of it a Rhydon was chasing them." I concluded.

"A Rhydon?! They wouldn't stand a chance against that thing. Not even Jack and Mason!" Kaede cried.

"Hey look, there's some waster and soot right here." Celestia called over near the canyon. We came over and saw the water and fire. "This must be from Oshawott and Tepig." I said. Carrie and Kaede sighed in relief. "Good, they're protecting the boys. That's good." Kaede sighed.

"I told you." I smirked.

"Come on, it looked like the just recently left. Maybe we can catch them." Lucario said, seeing the footprints heading east. "Right." I said. "Come on girls." Carrie and Kaede mounted Luna and Celestia and we were off again.

Ren's POV

Now it was night and we were all resting in a cave in the wide open valley. jack's stomach growled a little and to be honest I think we were all starving. We haven't had anything to eat all day and that chase with Rhydon did not help. My stomach growled too. "I'm friggin staving." jack said.

"Me too."I agreed. Mason and Rantaro nodded as well. Flaffy was with us and she had a look of sympathy for us




Huh? We saw our three pokemon coming into the cave. Snivy was holding three apples in her vines while Oshawott and Tepig were holding them with their hands and mouth. They came over to us and handed us the apples. "For us?" I asked. They all nodded and we all took the apples. "Thanks.. wiat where are your apples?" Jack asked.

"Oshawott Osha."

"Tepig Tep."

"There were only five apples but you're giving them to the boys anyways?!" Flaffy exclaimed in shock.

Huh? The three pokemon nodded. "Woah... that's different." Jack said. We all looked at each other and at the five apples. Jack, Jamie and I broke our apples in half and gave a larger half to our pokemon. "Here you three." I said.




"You three deserve it. You've keeping us safe for this long." Mason said.

"Yeah, you whimps should get something at least." Jack added. The three pokemon smiled and took the apple halves and we all ate under Flaffy's watch. After that we all fell asleep for the night in the cave.

The Next Morning

The sun shined into the cave and we all were woken up by it. We all yawned and got up. We all walked out of the cave when.. "Pidgeot!"

The same large Pidgeot was seen flying right for us, "Oh God dammit!" Jack exclaimed. "It's back!"

"Run!" I screamed. We all ran away from the Pidgeot only to be stopped a the Rhydon from before! Oh boy, not good! "There's a Rhydon in front of us and a Pidgeot right behind!" I whimpered. "What now?!"

Our pokemon and Flaffy circled us, ready to fight to two large pokemon as they got closer to us. "T-This looks bad." Jamie whimpered. I whimpered a little in fear until....

"Ren! Boys!"

"Big brother!" We all looked and saw the girls coming towards us. "Girls!" I cried in joy.

"Lucario, go!" Sarah called. Lucario leaped in front of Oshawott and Snivy. "Lucario, don't let Rhydon get the boys!" Lucario stopped the large pokemon in it's tracks. Dragonair confronted the Pidgeot. "Dragonair, Use Ice Beam!"

Dragonair cried out and launched a beam of ice at the Pidgeot, making it cry out in pain. Lucario pushed the Rhydon back, "Lucario, use Power-Up Punch, now!" Lucario's fist was covered in energy and it punched the Rhydon, sending it into the air and far away. Dragonair bashed the Pidgeot and it decided it had enough and flew away.

The Princesses landed near us and Carrie and Kaede ran towards us. "Carrie!" Mason said.

"Big Brother!"

The two siblings embraced each other. "Are you okay, big brother?" Carrie asked.

"Yes, I'm okay, Carrie." Mason reassured.

"Thanks for saving us, girls. I thought we were goners." I said in relief.

"You can thank Lycanroc. He was able to track your scent all the way." Sarah said as she petted her Wolf Pokemon. "Lycanroc."

"Not so fast, humans and ponies." We turned and saw Team Flare again. "We'll be taking those boys now." Flare claimed.

"In your dreams!" Sarah exclaimed.

The pokemon and Princesses stepped beside us, ready to fight. "Houndour, Houndoom!" the ponies said and the pokemon came out again. "Pyroar, let's go!" Flare said and he sent out his lion pokemon. "Pyroar!"

Our pokemon growled. "Deino!" Huh? We all turned and saw Jack's Deino coming towards us. "Deino?" he called. Deino scampered over to Jack. "What are you doing here?"

"Deino. Deino Deino." Deino rubbed against Jack. "He says he came after you cause he felt something was wrong." Sarah translated.


"Hmph no matter, you boys are still coming with us." Flare growled. "Pyroar!" Pyroar leaped towards us but Deino leaped into the air and knocked Pyroar onto the ground. "What?" Flare cried.

Deino landed in front of us. "Deino!" Suddenly, Deino glowed light blue and started to change. Jack gasped, "... It's evolving!" Deino grew bigger in size and now it had two heads and black fur covering its necks and back. Its front legs are muscular with two claws on each foot, but its rear legs are less defined and have two small, backward-pointing toes without claws. There are tufts of fur over its heads with rounded points at the top. It has two thin wings on its back, each ending in two points. The fur stops at the chest and opens up to fuchsia striped bands on the side of its legs.

"Zweilous!" it cried proudly.

"A Zewilous!" I exclaimed.

Zweilous leaped into the air and used Dragon Rush, ramming Pyroar and knocking him into Flare. "Zweilous learned Dragon Rush, alright!" I exclaimed. The Houndor and Houndoom charged Zweilous but it charged back and rammed all the pokemon back and into their trainers. "Now that's what I'm talking about!" Jack exclaimed proudly. Zweilous cried proudly as Team Flare got up. Zweilous suddenly came back to the five of us. "Huh? Zweilous?" I asked. Zweilous then bit the rings and actually broke them!

"He broke the rings!" Luna exclaimed.

"Alright, we're free!" I exclaimed.

"About friggin time!" Jack scoffed. Team Flare knew they were beat and retreated... for now. Zweilous went over to Jack and Jack hugged him. "I'm so proud of you, Zweilous. You kicked their butts, just like a biker does."


"Congratulations Jack." Celestia said. "Now let's get you all back to Ponyville. I know you all must be quite exhausted from all of this."

The boys and I nodded in agreement. "I think I'm gonna be asleep for a week." I groaned.

"Me too." Jamie added. The girls all chuckled. "Come on you five, let's get you home." Kaede said. We all nodded and we all headed back home after one hectic day.