Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 47: A Tiny Adventure

The day we returned from Alfred's world, I found myself at Twilight's Library with Ren, Jamie, Jack, Ranatro, Carrie, Mason, Nicole and Kaede. Twilight decided to give me a magic lesson, since she wanted to know how advance my magic was so she had me perform an advance spell. A shrinking spell. "Alright Sarah, this spell will allow you to shrink anything to about two inches tall." she informed. I was really excited to learn this. "I'm ready!" I cheered.

"Good luck." Ren said.

"Just don't mess up." Jack said, earning glares from the others. "What?"

Twilight rolled her eyes and she put one book in front of me. "Now, use the spell on this book."

I nodded, closed my eyes and concentrated hard. I felt my magic kicking in strongly and I fired at the book and it shrank to two inches. "Nice work." Twilight said. She pulled out another book, "Now try again." I blasted the second book and it shrank as well.


I smiled proudly but suddenly Rainbow burst through the door. 'HEY TWILIGHT!" The sudden scream broke my concentration and I misfired. The beam bounced off of the shelves and it a crystal just sitting on the table which split the beam into eight beam;each one hitting Ren and the others. A dust cloud came and suddenly went away.

"Cough cough cough Ren? Everyone?" I called.

"Where are you guys?" Twilight added.

"Down here!" a tiny voice cried.

Me and Twilight looked down and only saw a pile of clothes; Ren and his friends clothes to be exact. But when Me and Twilight and Rainbow looked closely we saw, "Ren? Everyone?!" We exclaimed.

Ren and the gang were two inches now!

"What did you do to us, newbie?!" Jack yelled in anger.

"Rainbow's burst inside, scared Sarah and made her misfire and the beam hit the crystal, making it hit you guys." Twilight explained.

"Oops.... sorry guys." Rainbow apologized sheepishly.

"We're all two inches all and naked! Do something!" Ren cried.

"Hurry, I don't like being exposed." Carrie said.

"Me either!" Mason added.

"How do you think I feel?!" Nicole screamed.

"Okay, okay, ummm..." I frantically looked around for something that would substitute as clothes. "Oh wait!!" I used my magic to levitate their clothes and shrink them to two inches, then magically place them on their respective people. Ren sighed in relief. "Phew, thanks."

"No problem, Twilight is there a reverse spell?" I asked.

"Let me see." She scanned through the book and got to the shrinking spell. "It says that I need to make a liquid cure to reverse the shrinking spells effects."

"Great!" I exclaimed.

"Unfortunately.." Twilight trailed.

"Oh great. What's the catch?!" Jack scoffed.

"It takes about two days to make the cure." Twilight added.

"TWO DAYS?!" Ren and the others exclaimed.

"Or more."

"Great! What are we gonna do now?" Jack cried in anger.

"Uh... wait." Rantaro retorted with a deadpanned expression.

Jack turned angrily at him, "Nobody asked you, bastard!"

"You cares."

"Enough you two, me just have to make the best out of this. I mean it's only two days. How hard can it be?" Ren said nervously.

"AAAHHH! SARAH, HELP!" Really? That afternoon, after getting Ren and the others back to the home-ship, I went to Sugarcube Corner to get some sweets. When I got back, I walked in to find them being chased by Blitz and Blaze in their chibi form. Blitz and Blaze walked after them and Blitz tried to munch on them. "Blitz, Blaze, leave them alone." I grabbed the chibi dinosaurs, to the relief of my mini friends. "Phew thanks, Sarah." Ren thanked.

I placed Blitz and Blaze on the other side of the room when I heard a small growl coming from my friends. "I'm starving!" Jack whined.

"Me too." Carrie added.

"Me three." Nicole said.

"Alright... uh..." I looked at the fridge and opened it. I found a leftover pancake from yesterday. "Perfect." I used a heating spell to heat up the pancake and put it on and place. Then, I presented it to Ren and the others. "Here guys, this should help."

"Really?" Jack scoffed.

"Either the pancake or you starve!" I replied almost turning into Rage me, by turning red and orange. "Alright, alright." Jack replied. And my mini friends began eating the pancake while Blitz and Blaze watched. When they were done, I held them in my hands and put them on my dresser where I placed some miniature beds for them. "Woah, thanks Sarah." Jamie said.

"Anything for my friends." Suddenly, I heard some squeaks coming from near me. I looked down and saw Jo Jo squeaking up at me. "Awww Jo Jo." I picked up the little guinea pig. "You want to see your owner?" The guinea pig nodded and I brought him over to the dresser. "Jack, someone wants to see you." The little guinea pig walked over to Jack. "Jo Jo." The guinea pig nuzzled the biker. "Alright, alright, bud, I'm okay."

The guinea pig walked over to Jack's mini bed and layed down beside it. "I think he wants to stay with you." I cooed.

Jack sighed, "Alright furball, you can stay."

Jack and the others climbed into bed while I climbed into my own bed with my dragons coming in and nestling beside me. "Night." I said.

"Night." My miniature friends said and we all fell asleep for the night.

Ren's POV

It's been two days since me and my friends were miniaturized. I woke up to meet the face of a giant Blitz.... wait... WHAT? "AH! Giant Blitz!" I screamed waking the others who screamed as well noticing the chibi dinosaur. How he got on the dresser was beyond me. But instead of chase us, he just stared at us, looking guilty.

"I-I think he's sorry." Jamie said.

"Blitz, are you alright?" I asked. The chibi dinosaur nuzzled me gently and chirped as if saying 'I'm sorry'.

"Awww... Blitz, it's alright. We forgive you."

"We do?" Jack asked, getting a smack on the head by Kaede. "Ow!"

"Yes, we do." Blitz perked up and wagged his stubby, little tail. Me and my friends slept in our regular clothes for the night and we noticed that Sarah's bed was empty. "Sarah must be in the dining room." Mason said. "We have to get there."

"Umm... Mason, if you haven't noticed we're tiny on a large dresser with a, I don't know, forty feet drop below." Nicole deadpanned.

"No one asked you." Jack scoffed.


"Hey guys!" I called. They all turned to see me and Blitz. "We can ride Blitz to the dining room."

"Oh no, I'm not getting on that chibi beast!" Jack yelled.

"Either him or Blaze?" I challenged and Jack was soon sitting behind me. "To the dining room!" I rolled my eyes as the others boarded Blitz. "Alright Blitz, to the dining room, boy." Blitz chirped happily and leaped down from the dresser and walked into the dining room where we found Sarah there cooking.

POV Ends

I was cooking when I saw out the corner of my eye, Blitz coming in with my mini friends on his back. "Awww... good boy, Blitz." I cooed. Blitz chirped happily as my friends dismounted Blitz. I grabbed another pancake and gave it to my friends, "Here's your breakfast." I declared and my friends dug into the pancake.

Knock Knock Knock

"Huh? Wonder who that could be?" I went to answer the door and saw Twilight with a vile of liquid in her magic. "Hey Sarah." she greeted.

"Hey Sarah."

"Hi Twilight." I saw the vile of liquid and my shined with hope, "Is that what I think it is?" I asked hopefully.

"Yes, it's the reverse liquid. I finished it faster than I thought. Now where are Ren and the others?"

Ren and the others popped out from behind the pancake. "Twilight, is that you?" Ren asked.

"Please say you have the cure! I can't stand being this small!" Jack pleaded.

"Yes, I finished the cure and it's ready." She used her magic to drip a drop of the liquid onto my friends. In an instant they all grew back to their normal size. "Finally!" Jack cried in joy. "I'm big again!"

"In more ways than one." Rantaro muttered.

"What did you just say?" Jack growled.


I went over and hugged my friends, "Yeah, your back."

Ren laughed, "Thanks for looking out for us, Sarah." he thanked.

"Anything for my friends." I said with a big smile.