I Just Walk Away

by madhat886

Chapter 37

Night had settle in the city of London with a thick fog rolling in, Big Ben the iconic clock tower of the city of London that overlooked the river Thames. Which is a conjoined building of the House of Parliament and the seat of government of England. Crowds had gathered both on the Westminster Bridge and along the shore of the St Thomas' Hospital. All staring at the screen that covered much of the part of the Palace of Westminster that faced the river.

Everyone is wondering what's going on with the screen, the police have blocked off the area shortly after the screen suddenly appeared on the side of the building. The screen lit up as the theme music of the game series Fallout began playing. The screen revealed a computer generated city of London.

A cat walk on top of the rooftops of a London of the Fallout universe, as it did so the land scrap change showing how it look in the past and after the bombs fell. Showing the people of London before the bomb fell and how they change like the ones from America. In the Fallout version of London the people are either dress in worn out clothes or in salvage clothes made out of whatever they could find. Some carried melee weapons either created out of scrap or what could be created, some are armed with guns but mostly flintlock guns thanks to the ban of guns in England. A man in full armor of a knight stood on top of the walls of the Tower of London. Knights and soldiers patrolled the streets walking pass open air markets or dirt roads outside the city passing by farms. Patrolling Buckingham palace grounds are protectrons design to look like royal guards continue to serve their duty. New mutant animals could be seen as they darted in and out of sight, the ruins of the Battersea Park Children's Zoo, with the zoo animals who survived and thrived could be seen.

Then the scene change to the ruins of the U.S. Embassy. Breaking through the clouds came the USS Constitution from Fallout 4, commanded by Captain Ironside and his robot crew. The ship crash landed on top of the ruins of the embassy. The scene changed to first person as the player climbs up from below deck and walk pass the robots on the deck as they turn their glaze to the city of London.

Then the title drop, 'Fallout London'.

As some in the crowd cheered seeing a new Fallout game, the screen fell off the side of the building just in time as a section of the wall swung open like a door. Stepping out into the spotlight is Trixie waving to the crowd with one hand that held a small leather bond book while the other held a umbrella. Bursting out of the fog came the USS Constitution of Fallout, with Captain Ironside and his robot crew on the deck of the ship. Trixie open the umbrella and like Mary Poppins, flew to the ship and onto the deck. The wooden ship rose out of the water as the 4 rockets strap to it's hull fired and lifted the ship into the sky. And the crowd watch as it flew into the sky till it disappeared into the clouds. (1)


Elsewhere -

Sherlock could only shake his head having watched what just happen on tv. With what happen with the woman Twilight and her revealing herself as an alien which many people saw thanks to her ship appearing overhead with many people filming it, things have gotten strange. People have been showing up in London just for a chance to see something strange happening. His brother from their last talk, has been trying to handle things but unlike a few years ago there is no way to cover things up like before. Especially with the strange visitors not being subtle in anyway.

"Alright, now they're just trolling us," Sherlock said wondering how his life had gotten to be like this.