Dusty's Tiny Care

by SkyrimFireDragon


It was a peaceful day in Ponyville as the birds singing, flowers were blooming as Ponies were walking about, going about their day and going where they need to go.
Dusty was trotting over to Twilight's Castle after Pinkie asked him if he was available to help him since Starlight is Sick and Spike is out with Rarity on a gem hunt and Pinkie was...well too unstable for a careful experiment Twilight was conducted. Once he arrived at the castle, He entered through the doorway and then heads to the Library where she could be with her experiment and he was right as he see Twilight with a Ponytail style mane and various of Test tubes filled with colorful liquid inside of them as one is in a holding stand and it was inside of a similar bottle that was given to her by Zecora which I could assume is the potion she's working on.

"Heya Twilight Pinkie said that you needed help," Said Dusty Wrath.

"Huh? Oh yes actually I'm glad you took the time to help me out on this experiment."

"No problem so what exactly are you working on?" Dusty looked at the potion Twilight was working on.

"Well I'm actually making a form of Growth potion that could help with the Production of Apple Cider. You see if I can increase the size of the Apple, then I'll also increase the amount of Juices inside of the Apples."

"But couldn't you just use magic for that?"
Dusky asked with confused look.

"Yes but I figure I try something that doesn't involve magic plus it could have a magical effect in the juices if I do that."

"Fair enough I suppose. So what do you need help with?"

"Well I need you to get me the last ingredient in the kitchen then bring it to me so may and soon it'll be complete." She said with a smile.

"Alright then I can do that."
He then turns out and walks out of the library and heads to the kitchen.

When he arrived at the kitchen, he heads to the fridge where the last ingredient should be at, once he opened it he saw two test tubes with some kind of purple liquid inside of them that had only a label that said 'Keep Fridged' but he doesn't know which one is it.

"Uhhhhh...Twilight didn't tell which one it is."

He then picked the one on the left since it is probably just the same thing and he then head back to Twilight.

"Here you go,Twilight." Dusty handed the tube to Twilight who held it in her magical aura.

"Thank you Dusty. Now we'll see if this will work." She said as she turns back to her main potion.

"And now for the finishing touch."

Twilight held the tube slowly and carefully over the potion as She and Dusty watches the liquid slowly slide over to the opening of the tube as it requires a small drop of it if there's one mistake then it'll be a disaster. And that's when the disaster struck as Starlight was in the hallway, getting herself some more tissue since she had out of them and just in front of the Library she felt a tickle in her nose.

"Ahh....Ahhh. . . Aaaaaaahhh...ACHOOO!!"
She sneeze loudly that it echoed the hallway and spooked Twilight as she pour the entire content into the potion.

"Bless you,Starlight!" shouted Dusty.


Dusty turned around to see potion was bubbling in a unnatural way as the bottle was shaking like it was a volcano getting ready to erupt and before they had time to react, The Potion exploded in front of their faces as Starlight looked at the doorway that leads to the library.

"Oh dear I hope they're alright in there,"
Starlight said as she had her tissue box and blew her nose in the tissue then head back into her room.

Cloud of smoke filled the room as Twilight open the door to allow the smoke to clear out of the room as she coughed a bit.

"Okay then maybe it's best to see what went wrong?"


No response from him...

"Dusty Wrath?"

Still no response...

"Oh no..." She was scared as she rush back into the room to find Dusty as it was a mess in here.

After a bit of searching, She heard his voice.

"T-twilight is that you?"

"Dusty!" she shouted as she rush over to where she heard the voice, "I'm so glad I managed to...find you."

She was shocked to find Dusty the size of a Breezies but a bit smaller like the size of a single bit.

After Twilight Cleaned up the library she looked at Dusty as whatever happened to him must be the cause of the potion effect and there was no way to regrow him as she haven't learned a spell but she could recreate the growth potion but she'll need some time to create it and she can't take care of Dusty while she works on a cure.

That's when Pinkie popped out of nowhere.

"Did somepony need some help?"
Pinkie Asked.

"Oh yes I need to recreate the potion I was working on to regrow Dusty back to normal size again but I need somepony to take care of him while I work on the cure. You think you can help?" Twilight asked her pinkie friend.

"Oh don't worry I'll got it covered,"
She smirked.

Twilight and Dusty looked at each other then at Pinkie as to what exactly did Pinkie planned.

"Huh? Pinkie what exactly did you have in mind?" Twilight Asked.

"Well what if we get Ponies and other creatures from Equestria to help take care of him while you work on a cure."

"Well I suppose that's a good idea but how exactly will that work?" Dusky Asked.

"I can write it down on some paper and then post it around Ponyville so Anypony who passby will look at the Flyer and they'll take interesting," said Pinkie pie, "and since I'm here, I'll take care of little Dusty for you,Twilight." She said as she picked Dusty up by the tail with her teeth and then toss him into the air, landing into her mane.

"Well thank you,Pinkie." Twilight said with a smile.

Pinkie waved at Twilight before she hopped out of the castle and heads to Sugarcube Corner to spend some time with her tiny pony friend.