Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 42: Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria the Movie: Final Part

I rammed and kicked the bars but they were really thick. And here comes the hornless unicorn herself. “Ooohh, the Princess of Friendship, with no friends and now you have no way out.”

“Why are you doing this? You’re a pony, just like Twilight and her friends.” I stated.

Tempest lit her horn and pressed it against the cage. I gasped in fear. “I’m nothing like them. I’m more than they’ll ever be.” Ominous music started playing. Here comes the villains song.

(Tempest Shadow)

It's time you learned a lesson

It's time that you understand

Don't ever count on anybody else

In this or any other land

I once hoped for friendship

To find a place among my kind

But those were the childish wishes

Of someone who was blind

Open up your eyes

See the world from where I stand

Me, among the mighty

You, caged at my command

Open up your eyes

Give up your sweet fantasy land

It's time to grow up and get wise

Come now, little one, open up your eyes

We all start out the same

With simple naive trust

Shielded from the many ways

That life's not fair or just

But then there comes a moment

A simple truth that you must face

If you depend on others

You'll never find your place


And as you take that first step

Upon a path that's all your own

You see it all so clearly

The best way to survive is all alone

Open up your eyes

See the world from where I stand

Me, among the mighty

You, caged at my command

Open up your eyes

And behold the faded light

It's time to grow up and get wise

Come now, little one, open up your eyes

Open up your eyes! Poor Tempest. Losing her horn and gaining the scar cause of an Ursa and being abandoned by her friends. I don’t even Rantaro had that kind of past. “I’m so sorry you felt so alone.” I said. “I saw the truth. My ‘friends’ abandoned me when times got tough. Looks like I’m not the only one.” Tempest said. Tempest scoffed. “Face it Princess, friendship has failed you too.”

“Friendship didn’t fail me. I still have my friendship and you can have it too. You still have a chance at friendship.” Tempest growled and charged up her horn. “Enough with your lies, human!” she bellowed. “I don’t need a friend after what friendship did to me.” she hissed before walking away from my cage. Now I only hoped Ren and the others would get here soon.

Ren’s POV

Not good. Not good. Not good! Tempest just captured Sarah and was taking her back to Equestria. “We have to get her back!” Jack exclaimed. “How we have no way to defeat that army of monsters. Even with our dragons, it may not be enough.” Mason added. Carrie whimpered.

“Well, good thing I happen to know of a group of mighty heroes that could handle this easily!” a familiar voice said and we turned around to see Capper.

“Well! Look what the cat dragged in! Himself!” Jake groaned.

“These heroes have faced the Storm King's army and escaped! I've seen them tackle the streets of the roughest towns, break out of the tightest situations, and inspire others to join their cause!”

Carrie and Kaede awed but Rantaro said, “He’s talking about us, idiots.” Carrie and Kaede groaned.

“They even escaped certain doom at the hooves of Commander Tempest!” Capper added proudly.

“Yeah. That was pretty great.” Jack said.

“Are you kidding?” another voice came as we saw Captain Celaeno and her crew. “That was awesome!” she exclaimed. Squabble squawked. “Figured you could use a claw!” Boyle said.

“ We're on board to help you fight the Storm King! Just not on board our... actual ship.” Caleano said.

That crazy unicorn sunk it. But you got back our argh! And we're ready to kick some booty.” Boyle added. He and the other pirates laughed. The water behind them started to bubble and out came Skystar and Novo in their hippogriff forms.

Skystar had light blue feather and her body was yellow. Her front claws and back hooves were light brown.

Novo had purple feather with two blue strands and her body was white while her front claws and hooves with light tan. She wore a light blue necklace around her neck.

”Is that what I think it is?” Capper asked in shock. Following Novo and Skystar was about two hundred dragons. Nightmares, Zipplebacks, Gronckles, you name it.

Skystar and Novo landed, “Hello. Us again.” Skystar said. “We wanna help too.” Skystar came over to the group. “Cause you know one small thing can make a really big difference.”

“Alright ya’ll. I think our course is clear. Ya’ll ready to do think thing?” Capper called.

“We’re coming Sarah.” Kaede said. Everyone else cheered as they all mounted the dragons and flew towards Equestria.

Back in Equestria, I was rolled through Canterlot in my cage, being pulled by two ponies. I saw buildings destroyed and almost all the ponies in cages. Those who weren’t were forced to march, shackled and wearing muzzles. It horrified me to see this. I was rolled into the palace and my cage was set down in the empty corner of the flower marking on the ground. Grubber closed the door as the shackled ponies left. “Tempest, don’t do this. Don’t give the Storm King-”

“Your magic? Did you think you'd keep it all to yourself? Time to share. I'd love for everybody out there to know what I can really do.” she said.

That’s when the Storm King came in.


“Ooh, fascinating! What can you really do?” he asked. Tempest and Grubber bowed to him. “ Your bidding, of courth, Your Mighty One.” Grubber quickly got up and ran out of the throne room.

He walked over to my cage, “Bidding's good. I like bidding! Um, what are you supposed to be?”

“I’m the Princess of Friendship.” I replied.

“Oh. That's nice.” he went over to Tempest, “Why is this one still moving?”

Tempest replied with, “ She and her friends put up a bit of a fight, but she's alone now. She won't be a problem.”

“Yeah. So, speaking of problems, this place, it seems a little too—oh, I don't know—cute!!! I don't like cute! I never did like cute! Doesn't really go with my whole "big bad powerful magic guy" thing, does it?! Deliver the punchline, Tempest, because this has gotta be a joke!” The Storm King placed the staff into the center of the flower marking and the magic from Equestria, the Princesses, Twilight, her friends was drained. The magic drained happened to me and my element, “NO!”

The Storm King laughed, “Check out the light show.”

When it was done, the Storm King yanked the staff out. “Wow, wow.” My legs felt very weak and I collapsed in my cage. “Let's get this storm started! Ooh, hey, that's good. I should trademark that.” He turned to my cage and he blasted me, sending me onto the balcony and breaking my cage. “Ugh!”

The Storm King came out, “Not bad. Actually, kinda first rate. What else does it do?”

Tempest came up, “ Your Excellency, you promised to restore my horn and give me—”

“Deh-deh-deh-deh-deh, okay. Hang on.” He moved his staff and he was amazed when he saw the sun and moon moving, “ You gotta be kiddin' me! I can move the sun?! A ha ha! Wow! Now this is what I'm talkin' about! Ha ha! Time to play! Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday! Day, night! Day, night! Day night! Day night! Day night! Sunrise, sunset!” I could only watch in horror, “Guys, where are you?”

Ren’s POV

Me and my friends were camouflaged against some Changewing dragons as we snuck into Canterlot. “Oh man,look at this place?” I whispered.

“This is horrible.” Kaede said. “Hope Sarah’s alright.”  

“Let’s keep moving.” Mason said. The Changewing moved towards the middle of the captial. “Now guys?” I asked.

“Now.” Jack said and the changewings revealed themselves and spit acid at the Storm Creatures, who yelped in pain and ran away. Caleano and her crew came and started fighting the Storm Creatures. The other dragons flew in and rammed, bashed and fire at them as well.

“Head for the castle, we’ll hold them off.” Caleano said. We dismounted the changewings, “Come on!” Mason cried as we rushed for the castle. Capper and us made it to the entrance when we were met by the wall of Storm Creatures. “Uh-oh.” I said.

Just then, Midnight came in and blasted them with his plasma blast along with Winter and our other dragons. “That’s the way!” Jack cried. Suddenly, thunder cracked through the sky and high winds. “Move those legs, humans and dragons!” Capper cried as we ran for cover.

The Storm Creatures were lifted into the air! We took cover behind a sturdy building. “Great now what?” Jack groaned. “We have to break through it. That’s the only way we’ll get to Sarah.” Jamie said.

Are you friggin serious?! We have to flying faster than Midnight to break through that wind.” Jack said. “And how the hell are we gonna do that?” I gasped, suddenly remembering something, “Excellent question, Jack.” I said putting on a daredevil helmet.

“Why do I regret asking, how?” Jack said nervously.

POV Ends

Minutes Earlier

I saw my friends and their dragons on the castle grounds. “What? How?” Tempest growled.

“It’s the magic of-” The Storm King interrupted. “Yeah, yeah! Friendship, and flowers, and ponies, and bleh! I'm so totally over the cute pony thing. This... ends... now!” He raised his staff and a large tornado came in and surrounded the palace. Me and Tempest gazed in horror.

“Now I truly am the Storm King! And the entire world will bow to my ba-ba-ba-boom, baby!” he declared. Tempest went over to him, “ Yes, yes, you are every bit as powerful as I promised, Sire, now, restore my horn and I swear to use my magic to serve you!” The Storm King laughed and pushed Tempest aside, “Who cares about your dinky little unicorn horn?!”

Tempest was shocked, “: But... we... we had an agreement!”

“Get with the program! I used you! It's kind of what I do!” The Storm King fired his staff at Tempest and she retaliated with her electricity, pushing them both back. The Storm King against the wall and Tempest was hanging on with one hoof on the rim of the balcony. I gasped.

Tempest struggled to hang on but lost her grip, but I grabbed her, “Hold on!” I called.

Tempest looked at me, shocked, “Why are you saving me?”

“Because this is what friends do.” I replied with a smile. Tempest looked at my hand and she smiled at me. I pulled her onto the ground. The Storm King suddenly appeared in front of us, pointing his staff at us. “Awwww! Isn't that just so sweet!” he laughs , “Yeah. See ya!” I gulped nervously.

Ren’s POV

“You sure about this?” Mullet called.

“Just do it!” I cried. “Thank you!” We were all tightly packed inside the giant party cannon me and Pinkie made. “Aha, why are we doing this again?” Jack growled.

“To get to Sarah, that’s why.” Mason said.

We heard Squabble sqwquaked and we were launched out of the cannon, screaming the whole way until we crashed into the Storm King and rolled across the floor. “Never do that again!” Jack yelled.

“Awesome!” I cried.

“Guys!” We turned and saw Sarah coming towards us. “Sarah, you’re alright.” We all hugged her happy she was alright. “The Storm King took the magic of Equestria into his staff.” she said.

“You mean the one that’s going out of control, now.” Rantaro deadpanned, pointing at the broken staff that was sparking magic. We all gasped in horror as the staff blasted the ceiling causing it to complete break, exposing us to the storm. “I have to get control of it!” Sarah called.

“Go, you got this Sarah!” Kaede said.

“No… we got this… together.” We all stood together, ready to get the staff. Mason lassoed a large rock and Sarah spread her wings. It was her first, then me, Jamie, Jack, Carrie, Nicole, Rantaro, Kaede, Rosy, Kodi and Mason. Sarah flapped her wings and we were lifted into the air, trying to get the staff.

“The staff belongs to me.” The Storm King hissed, climbing the rubble to grab the staff first. Sarah reached for the staff with all her might. “Mine! Mine!” The Storm King leaped for the staff just as Mason walked out a little, extending our reach. “NO!” Sarah cried. She grabbed the staff, the Storm King crashed into the window, exposing us to the Storm and Sarah was pulled out of my grasp and into the storm! “Sarah! NOOOOOOO!” I cried.

Everything went quiet as the storm calmed, revealing sunlight and we slowly descended to the ground. We all looked at the sky, trying to find any sign of Sarah. “Look!” Nicole said. There, descending to the balcony with the staff in her hands was Sarah, looking a little frazzled.

“YEAH!” I cried.

“Alright!” Mason cried.

“That’s our girl!” Jack added.

“Eeeh, group hug.” Kaede said. We all hugged Sarah in a one big group hug, relieved she was alright. Just then, we saw and heard Tempest running towards us with her horn charging up. Mason and Jack got in front to protect us, suddenly she jumped over us, yelling, “NO!” and she was hit with an obsidian orb that nearly hit us!

The Storm King and Tempest were caught in the smoke and the Storm King statue fell off the balcony while we acting quickly and used the staff to catch Tempests’ statue. We placed it on the ground, “Woah… I can’t believe she did that.” Jack said. I was shocked too but Sarah said, “I can.”

“You showed her the Magic of Friendship, didn’t you?” Kaede smirked.

“Yes.” We used the staff to turned her back to her normal self. She gasped and looked at us and she smiled. “Now what?” Jamie asked. We all looked at each other and Sarah looked at Tempest. “Now…. we fix everything.” She and Tempest walked into the throne room and Sarah place the crystal of the staff into the small hole, releasing all the magic back into Equestria. The Princesses, Twilight and her friends were restored. Fluttershy leaped into Ren’s  arms, Pinkie tackled Kaede, Rainbow went up to Jack, Applejack hugged Mason and Carrie and Rarity walked up to Nicole and Rantaro. “Sarah.” Celestia called. “Princesses.” The four of us hugged each other while the staff continued to restore Equestria.

That night, Spike was on stage with glass on. “Fillies and gentlecolts, get ready for a little...Songbird Serenade!” Everybody cheered loudly for the singer. Our new friends stayed for the event. “And now to celebrate the fact that we’re all still here in one piece. Give it up for Princess Sarah and her friends!” The spotlight shined on us and the ponies cheered for us.


“Way’d a go guys!”


The three Princesses came and bowed and Sarah bowed back. The lights went out and Songbird Serenade perform her song.

The ponies cheered and Jack fist-pumped Celeano while Rarity made Capper a black cape and top hat. “Ooooh.” Capper said.

“And perfection~.” Kaede sang.

Pinkie and Skystar were laughing with each other.

Songrbird Serenade looked at me for a moment and she flew off and I turned around and saw Tempest all alone. I flew over to her and landed a few feet from her. “That’s one thing that never changes around her; a party.”

“Well, I hope you’ll stay. More friends are definitely merrier.” I proposed.

“But um… my horn.” she said.

“You know.” I said. Tempest turned to me, “You’re horn is pretty powerful. Just like the pony it belongs to.”

“I did tell you that I wanted to show everypony in Equestria what I could do right?” She walked a few feet and shot electricity into the air making fireworks. We both looked at each other and smiled. Pinkie came up with the others. “Nice touch Tempest.”

“Actually that’s not my real name.” Tempest revealed.

“Not your real name?” Ren asked.

“Oooh, what is it?” Pinkie asked. Tempest whispered into here ear. “It’s Fizzlepop Berrytwist.” Pinkie gave a huge gasp, “Alright that is the best name EVER!” Tempest looked at her weird, while the rest of us rolled our eyes. Typical Pinkie.

Now it was time for all the dragons of the Hidden World, Jake, Novo, Skystar, Capper, Celeano and her crew to return to their home. “We’ll be back soon. Just call us whenever you need us.” Jake said.

My dad and Douglas came up to him. “Thank you both for looking after my daughter.” he said.

“You’re welcome Jake, and we’ll continue to look after her.” Jake nodded, “That’s all I ask.”

Jake and the other nodded at each other and music began to play. “Really another damn song!” Jack exclaimed, annoyed. I only giggled.

Goodbye for now, friends we must go away
We will return wait and see
Adventure will bring us together again
'Cause best friends forever we'll be

Bold-hearted creature and friends are you all
So merry, so clever, so true
If ever you need us, we won't be far away
Count on me, I'll count on you

A treasure is waiting there for us to find
Our friendship will show us the way
A voyage beginning now it must be time
Humans and creatures away

And they all flew on the dragons. We all called out a goodbye to the gang.


“See ya.”

“Come back soon.”

Call on your buddies when you need a hand
You're never far from a friend in our land
Set sail together, or fly with all of us

You're never far from a friend in our land
You're never far from a friend in our land
You're never far
From a friend in our land!

And the fireworks turned into their faces. “Woah!” we all gasped. When they were gone, we all turned to the Princesses. “Well then, how about you tell us all about your adventure outside Equestria.”

“We’d be happy to.” I said.

The End