daring do and the griffons goblet

by daring do biggest fan

chapter 6 to fix a family

Daring do ran through the streets of Griffon stone. She figured out what happened to the goblet and how to get to it and how to save Griffon stone from a bad ruler!

"Why are we going to 'Stone cemetery burial site'?" Scarlet asked.

"Don't you see? when Tharous thought he by mistake killed his son he probably went here to give him a tombstone!" Daring do said proud of herself.

"But he didn't have a body, you said it fell down the trapdoor!" Sweetie drop said.

"EXACTLY! he didn't have a body so he instead buried....." Daring do said.

"THE GOBLET!" Sweetie drops yelled before daring could finish.

"Wait so we're just gonna dig up some dead guy's grave?" Scarlet said "That seems........ un-respectful."

"Well is it really that bad since we know he's not actually dead and we won't find a dead body in the coffin?" Daring do said.

"This still gives me the heebie jeebies though" Sweetie drops said "Are you sure there's no other way to do this? and how are you so sure he hid the goblet in the coffin?"

"Well for one thing." Daring do said "It's not a coffin."

"What do you mean?" Scarlet asked "You didn't dig it up already? right?"

"No." daring do said "But when i went to visit Tharous i noticed something on his fridge. It said 'section G tile 5' "

"Which means that's where the goblet is buried" Scarlet said. "C'mon lets go to section G tile 5"

"Wait are we really just gonna dig with nothing but our bare hooves? that'll take HOURS, they bury ponies 6 hooves deep!"
sweetie drops said

"Well remember when i said it wasn't a coffin? Section G is where all the cremated ponies are." Daring do said. "We can just open up the box"

"NO NO NO NO NO" sweetie drops said " I know there's only a cup but i will have that on my conscience forever."

Daring do thought for a moment. She was right, but they needed that goblet!

"I got it! come with me" daring do said leaving the cemetery.

Daring do was back underground with Tight quill and her partners.

"Tight quill, this is sweetie drops and scarlet." She said.

Tight quill turned around "I thought i told you i didn't want to see you ever again, i can't trust anyone who goes to my father and tells him all i told you."

"You don't understand....." Daring said "I know where the goblet is....."

Tight quill looked at daring straight in the eye.



Daring do trotted to section G tile five. It was a building with all the ashes in them.

"Here it is...." Daring do said pointing to Tight quill's tile.

Tight quill picked up the jar and immediately an alarm went off.

"Who are you?! Take your claws off the jar and no creature gets hurt!" The security guard said, as soon as the guard stepped into the light Tight quill's expression changed.

"Sal?....... is that you?" Tight quill said

"How....... how can it be?" The guard said "THEY TOLD ME YOU WERE DEAD!"

"Sal! oh my Celestia its you!" tight quill said overjoyed. "Guy's this was my old friend Sal, he didn't know i went into the caves"

"Caves? you lived in a cave all these years?" Sal said confused

"he'll explain later but right now..." Daring do said as she grabbed the jar and opened it to reveal the goblet "we have a king to enthrone."

The goblet twinkled in the light. it was the most beautiful thing daring had ever seen next to the sapphire stone.

"It's beautiful" Scarlet said grabbing the goblet from Daring with her horn

"It's stunning" Sweetie drops said taking it from scarlet.

"It belongs to the museum" Tight quill said sadly

Daring do smiled.

"Not necessarily......"


Daring do knocked on Tharous' door for the second time.

"I told you already.... no visito........" Tharous stopped talking as soon as he saw Tight quill. His mouth hung open.

"SON?!" he said surprised "I......i.....i don't believe it it's....... it's you!"

Tight quill held up the goblet "I shall become king father." He said.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Tharous said

"Now what do we tell Raven hoof?" Scarlet asked Sweetie drops and daring

"I'm sure he'll understand." Sweetie drops answered

"And if he doesn't then I'LL talk to him" Daring do said stomping her hoof

"well at least we don't have to go to the dragon lands" Sweetie drops said

"How about we go there for a vacation? how's june?" Scarlet said jokingly.

"No i think winter will be better. you won't be as hot as if you went in the summer" Daring do answered

"I'll call you guys to figure out a date" Sweetie drops said.

And so Griffon stone was in the hands of a great ruler and the goblet was found thanks to daring do and her two spy friends scarlet, and sweetie drops!