Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 37: Part 2: Tartarus Rescue

We were flying high over the forest making out way to Tartarus to rescue our friends, the Princesses and everyone in Ponyville from the villains we faced in the past. Now we were over a rocky area with rocky mountains. "This is where the gate to Tartarus should be." Crystal said.

"Thank god. I'm starving!" Jack exclaimed.

Rantaro sighed, "And that's why your so damn fat."

Jack growled at him. "Hey shut the fudge up or else, bastard!"

"Boys, calm down. We're on a mission here, remember." Kaede said. Jack calmed down. "... Fine." Just then, Snowflake growled and roared. "Snowflake, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Changelings!" Jamie cried. Up ahead we saw a horde of changelings come right for us. "Remember only get the hybrid!" one changeling called. They all dove for me and Snowflake. "They're gonna get Sarah!" Kaede cried.

"Not on my watch." Jack snarled. He and Silverspike flew in front of Sarah and Snowflake and Silverspike fired at the changelings, making them scatter. With that, Ren and the others attacked with their dragons firing at the changelings. They circled me like a pride. "Give us that hybrid, humans!" one changeling hissed.

"Never, cockroaches!" Jack exclaimed. "You'll have to get past us, if you want our Princess." Mason added.

"Get them!" the changelings charged us and our dragons fired, striking them hard and sending some of them crashing into the rocks below. Just then, I felt myself lifted off of Snowflake. "YAAAHH!"



A changelings snuck behind me and snatched me and now it was flying away with me! I heard Snowflake roared and I looked behind me and saw her flying after me with Ren and the others following behind. "Hang on Sarah, we're coming!" Ren said. Moonshine and Storm rushed out in front and caught up with us. Storm fired at the changeling, hitting him in the back, sending him to the ground. "WOAH! OOF!" I fell onto Moonshine. "Got'cha."

"Thanks Ren." I said. We flew back to the others as the rest of the changelings retreated. "Phew... they're gone." Kaede said.

"Finally." Mason said. We all landed on the ground to let our dragons rest. "Sarah, are you alright?" Carrie asked.

"Yeah, I'm alright." I replied. "Thanks to you guys."

"Hey, we'd never let anything happen to you, newbie." Jack said with a toothily grin.

"Umm... Princess.. humans." Crystal said slowly. We turned and saw a large gate with red line all around it. "Is that...?" Ren started.

"Yes. This is the gate to Tartarus." Crystal said.

"So how do we get in?" Mason asked.

"I can use my magic to get us in." Crystal said. She fired a beam of magic at the doors and they responded by glowing brightly and opening on their own. "No turning back now." I said. And we all walked in and the door closed behind us leaving us in complete darkness. "Okay.... this isn't creepy at all." Ren whimpered a little.

"Who cares, where are these damn bastards!" Jack exclaimed.

"Calm down Jack." Mason scolded.

"Make me!"

"Boys, please, don't fight." I asked. "We have to work together to save our friends."

Mason and Jack growled a little at each other, "... Fine." I started to walk ahead , using my horn to light the way for us. The others followed and the only thing you could hear was the patter of our sneakers and the clip-clop of Crystal's hooves. Suddenly, I felt the ground leave my feet. "AAAHH!" and I heard the other screaming to.

Jack's POV

This is frigging crazy! First, our friends get captured by the past bastards of our past, then we have to go to Tartarus to get them back and now we're sliding down these friggin slides to God knows where. "Not funny! Hating this!" Ren exclaimed. Suddenly we all found

"What the heeeeellll!" I exclaimed as we all slide down separate slides. "I'm freaking out!" Ren exclaimed. "Breathe slowly!" Mason said and he was on separate slide in seconds. "It helps your blood pressure!"

Blood pressure? Boy, that's the least of our problems. "YAA-HOO!" Newbie cried as she leaped over me on her slide. "Awesome!"

Well at least she's having fun. "Hey, move over dog." A new voice came. Huh? Suddenly a blue cat with one eyes and a collar fell into my lap along with a red bat.

Okay... where did they come from? "How the hell are you two?"

"I'm Uglydog and this is Lucky Bat." Uglydog said. I swore his voice sounds just like Pitbull. "Hehe, hi." Lucky Bat greeted shyly. Just then, we all landed on the ground. "Oof." I said. Newbie and the others landed beside me. "Woah, where did they come from?" Kaede asked.

"Hi Uglydog, Hi Lucky Bat." Sarah said.

"S'up, Sarah." Uglydog said.

"H-Hi Sarah." Lucky Bat said.

"What are you two?" Ren asked, bewildered to see them.

"We're Uglydolls." Uglydog said. Okay... that was self explanatory. "You're not ugly. You're adorable." Carrie cooed.

"Hehe, thanks." Lucky Bat said.

"Well, well, well." a sinister voice came. We all gasped and saw Chrysalis coming towards us. "Chrysalis." Ren growled. "Where are our friends?"

Chyrsalis chuckled. "Don't worry, you'll be joining them soon. Changelings!" Immediately, Claw and his changeling squad surrounded us. Carrie held onto her brother in fear while me and Mason stood in front of newbie. "Give us that hybrid." Claw growled. "She's need for our experiment."

"Never, you'll have to get past us if you want her." I threatened.

Chrysalis chuckled. "That'll be easy." The changelings started to approach us when newbie's element glowed brightly and surrounded her, Snowflake, Uglydog and Lucky Bat and in a flash they disappeared. "Sarah? Where'd she go!" Ren exclaimed.

"No matter, you humans and your dragons will be enough for me." Chrysalis laughed as they changelings got closer to us. Well... damn, this isn't good.

POV Ends

Woah! I coughed a little as my element teleported us to an area that was flat and barren. I looked around and I didn't see Ren, Crystal or the others. The only ones who were there were Uglydog, Lucky Bat and Snowflake and the baby Jaguin cub still in my arms. "Ren? Anyone? Hello?" I called out but got no response. That only meant one thing.

They got captured. Because of me. It was my fault.

They tried to protect me but instead of fighting I ran away.

"Sarah?" I turned and saw Uglydog giving me a concerned look. "Are you alright?"

"... No. I'm not. I failed." I said sadly accepting the truth. "It's all my fault they got captured. I should have fought them, but I couldn't."

"I-It's not your fault Sarah." Lucky Bat reassured.

"Yes it is Lucky. And I can't fix it." I muttered. Just then, my element glowed and an arrow suddenly came in front of me. Huh? I looked up and saw a women wit long orange hair with a green dress and a bow and arrow in her hands. "Have I got you attention?" She asked in a British accent. "Princess Merida?!" I exclaimed. I'm not lying. Right in front of my was the Disney Princess from Brave. "Holy!" Uglydog exclaimed. "Did not expect that."

Merida walked over to me, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to help you, Sarah. Now what seems to be the trouble?"

"My friends are in great danger, but I don't know how you can help, unless you know where a magical power is."

Merida chuckled. "You already have your power."


"Your power lies within you. The belief that you can save them yourself."

"But that's just it. I'm still getting used to being a Princess. I faced them all before but only one-on-one. Not all together." Then I broke into a song.

Even though I've just begun
To somehow get these stories done.
How can I aim so high
When I've let down everyone?
Now I feel like I'm a fake
Thinking there must be some mistake.
I can't see why they chose me
When I don't have what it takes.

Oh, can I lead the way?
Make everything okay?
Just how am I supposed to save the day?
And what is there to say.
When my chance has flown away.
Why'd I think that I could be the one to save the day?

"You can sign about your doubts all you want. We all have them. But you also have the power to wipe those doubts away." Merida said.

She handed me her bow and arrow. "If you believe in yourself in what you can do. Your aim will always be true." I shot the arrow and it penetrated a rock nearby. "Woah..." I gasped.

"You can save your friends and you know it." Merida claimed. You know what... she was right? I saved them and Equestria many times before and whose to say I can't do it again. I'm a Princess of Equestria and It's my duty to protect my subjects, no matter what. "You're right, Merida."

"So Sarah, what are you waiting for?

I may not know exactly how I'll do it.
But I know that I can free them
If I put my heart into it.

Oh. I can lead the way.
Make everything okay.
I'm the one that has to save the day.
And there's nothing more to say
'Cept up, up and away.

I mounted Snowflake with Uglydog, Lucky Bat and the baby Jaguin on my shoulders and lap.

Cause I believe that I will be the one to save the day.

Save the day.
Save the day.

Snowflake flew over the dark mountains while lightning crashed through the air. "Woah... creepy place. Where could they be keeping your friends?" Uglydog asked. Just then...

"Princess Sarah!" Multiple voices came from below. Snowflake stopped and hovered. Looking down below I saw everyone in Ponyville down below in cages. I gasped and Snowflake flew down to the cages. They weren't guarded or anything. I wonder why? "Oh thank goodness you're here, Princess." a mare said. I unlocked the cages and everyone was free but I didn't see the Princesses, Twilight, Ren, Applejack, Rainbow, Jack, Jamie, Kaede, Mason, Carrie, Pinkie, Rarity, Nicole, Rantaro and Fluttershy anywhere.

"Where are Ren and the others?" I asked them all.

"The villains took them away to a secluded area in Tartarus." a stallion said as he pointed to a mountain far north. It had dark clouds over it and lightning flashing and booming. Uglydog gulped, "We're going in there, aren't we?" I grabbed him and Lucky Bat. "You bet." I turned to the ponies. "You all better get out of here." and Snowflake flew off towards the mountain.

When she reached it, she flew in an opening in the bottom of the mountain and flew up through a long tunnel and came out at the entrance to a large cavern in the mountain. There Snowflake hid to the side and I saw Ren and all my friends tied to separate sticks on a rocky platform being held by six ropes like a spider webbing. I heard Chrysalis laughing, "Finally, we'll destroy these pests for good and rule Equestria." she gloated. Jack and Mason struggled to get free.

"You will not prevail, Chrysalis." Celestia said.

"Yes we will, there's nothing that can stop us now." Chrysalis gloated.

"Except for Sarah!" Twilight exclaimed.

"That hybrid doesn't stand a chance against us." Starlight hissed.

"Now that we're together. That girl is as good as dead." Claw snarled.

"Now to get rid of you insolent pests for good!" Claw lit his horn and set on of the ropes on fire, making it break and making the platform fall a few feet. "WOAH!" My friends cried. I gasped. If all of those ropes break, the platform would fall into the.... croc-infested waters?! Okay, I know that's Chrysalis's doing. Anyway, if it falls into the water, my friends and the Princess are goners.

"We've gotta stop them and save them." Lucky Bat said.

"But how?" Uglydog asked. "We can't fight all of them."

"We need a distraction. Anything to keep them busy." I said, seeing Claw burn another rope and the same effect happening again. "And fast!"

"Hey, isn't that their dragons over there?" Lucky Bat asked. I looked to the left and saw the dragons chained up with dragon-proof chains. I quietly crawled over to them. They all looked very happy to see me. “Shh... I’ll get you out.” I changed into a Changewing and spit acid on the chains dissolving them completely and freeing the dragons. Then they all came over to the others. “So what’s the plan to save their butts?” Lucky Bat asked.

Uglydog gasped. "I think I know a distraction." he smirked, holding his black sunglasses. I smirked at him. Lucky Bat looked a bit nervous.

Ren's POV

Not good. Really not good. We're about to be dumped into croc infested waters by Claw, Tirek, Chyrsalis and Starlight Glimmer. Oh boy. Where's Sarah? We haven't seen her after the element teleported her away. I hope she gets here soon or we're goners. Jack growled, "Where is newbie?" he asked.

"Don't worry, I-I'm sure she's coming." Jamie said but cried out when the platform fell a few more feet. Now there were only three ropes left! Claw laughed and was ready to set another one of fire when. "Hey bug!"

"What?" He turned and saw Uglydog. "Uglydog!" I exclaimed in joy.

"What do you want, little pet?" Claw snarled.

Uglydog didn't reply and he started dancing?

Okay, did not see that trait in him. Claw looked totally shocked by the dolls dance moves. "What is he doing?" Mason hissed.

"Having fun, getting crazy. Getting loose." Uglydog replied.

"How can you be dancing when we're about to be friggin dead!" Jack yelled in anger. Chrysalis, Starlight and Tirek saw this. “Claw focus!” Chrysalis snarled but Claw was too distracted by Uglydogs dancing. “Grrr... looks like we have to do this ourselves.” Tirek and Starlight nodded. Starlight and Chrysalis went to the other two ropes and set them on fire.

“Big brother.” Carrie whimpered.

“Don’t worry Carrie, we’ll be alright.” Mason reassured. “Where is Sarah?”

Chrysalis laughed victoriously. Until....

“I need a boost!”

“What?!” She turned and we all saw Sarah getting ready to throw Lucky Bat towards us. “Lucky Bat away!” she cried and threw Lucky Bat. "Destiny Time!" he called as he flew through the air. He landed right on the platform and scurried over to my stick. Using his wings he untied me and set me free and we hurried to untie the others. The third rope broke and we fell a few more feet. “Hurry!” I exclaimed.

We untied the others and the second to last rope broke main the platform fall and we were falling with it. “YAAHHHH! OOF!” Suddenly I was caught by Moonshine and the others were caught by their respective dragons. Celestia, Luna and Cadence were caught but Winter and Storm. Nicole caught Lucky Bat in her arms and they flew us over to Sarah.

She was safe. Thank God. They landed and we all ran towed her. “Newbie, you’re alright.” Jack said.


“That was awesome Lucky Bat!” Pinkie exclaimed. “You flew!” Lucky Bat blushed a little. “Hehehe, it was nothing.” Uglydog stopped dancing when he saw we were free and he smacked Claw with his tail then leaped over. “Awesome rescue, dudes!” He exclaimed.

“Thank you for saving us, Sarah. What you and your friends did goes beyond words.” Celestia praised. We all smiled at Sarah and her friends proudly.

The villains were not amused!

They suddenly surrounded us. “You are not getting away.” Starlight snarled. Sarah stood in front of us, welding her scepter. “Not on my watch!”

Her scepter glowed and she thrusted it into the ground sending a shockwave, throwing the villains back and lighting up the whole place!

When the light died down the villains were in cages that were now indestructible and they were unconscious. Sarah’s scepter stopped glowing and she held her head, groaning, moving back and forth. She almost fell if me and Jack hadn’t caught her. “Woah, newbie. Take it easy.”

Sarah groaned. She only had the headache for a few more moment and It disappeared. “That was epic, Sarah!” Rainbow exclaimed.

“Hehe, you and your friends got guts, newbie. And I like it.” Jack toothily grinned.

I don’t think I could have been anymore prouder of Sarah than right then.

When we got back to Ponyville, the Princesses held a ceremony in Canterlot for Sarah and her friends. The friends walked down the aisle and came before the Princesses of Equestria. "We are gathered here again to once again honor the heroism of our own Princess Sarah and her friends: Uglydog and Lucky Bat for their bravery in saving everypony from Tartarus and saving Equestria from darkness once again." Celestia announced.

"Which is why we are proud and honor to present them with these medals of honor." Luna added. She levitated several medals and placed them over Sarah, Uglydog and Lucky Bats' necks. Lucky Bat blushed and Uglydog wagged his tail excitedly. "We are so proud of you all." Cadence ended and the crowds cheered and clapped their hooves loudly.

After the ceremony, we all came over to Sarah and the dolls, "Way'd a go, Princess." Applejack said. Sarah blushed a little. "Applejack, you don't have to call me that." Sarah said.

"Ah know, just wanted to do it."

"Yo, what else do you do beside getting into dangerous situations?" Uglydog asked.

"Ha, oh we do plenty of things, shrimp." Jack grinned.

"I'm not a shrimp." Uglydog replied.

"Prove it." Jack smirked. The two smirked at each other. Oh boy, here we go again. "Ahem." Sarah coughed, gaining the boys attention. "No fighting today boys, today is a happy day, remember?"

Jack and Uglydog sighed, "Yes Sarah." We all shared a small chuckle at the two. Now we have two dolls as friends. Ha, what would be next?