Wolves and the Shepard

by Chemtest


The sun rises, eight days after the crash. Seven days and nights worth of magic from the Princesses, and the human has finally been healed. Celestia moves into his room as he wakes up.

He is hit by a burst of energy from the extra magic coursing through his biotics. He immediately stands from his bed, not caring about the pain in his legs. He locks onto the Princess of the Sun, and starts speaking, “Aliens, unknown as well. Was supposed to die, maybe teleported here? Wait, memory, Wrex and Garrus saved me right before I died. Wrex is probably awake before me. Did he kill anyone? No, not likely, wouldn’t have healed me without restraints otherwise. Garrus probably fine as well.” He stops his pacing, “I need to go for a run. Too much energy.” He then looks over at Celestia, “Sorry, energy has got me thinking too quick. Want to go for a run? I’m going for a run. Who are you anyway?”


“The elcor guard stands at the gates, blocking your way. He doesn’t so much as spare your party a glance. ‘Expository statement: my master is through those doors, and I protect him. Confidently: come at me if you dare. With strength: you will fall before the power of my prothean enchanted elcor strength.”

Wrex smiles as he sees the holographic elcor, and looks at his own character, “I charge the guard with my hammer, and swing it into his head.”

A holographic die appears, “Please roll.”

Wrex grabs the die, and throws it at the hologram, bouncing it all over their barrier zone. It eventually stops, and lands, showing a glowing ‘1’ at the top.

“Azgan charges the elcor with intent to strike, only to slip on a tiny puddle. His hammer goes flying into the air, striking the ceiling with enough strength to knock a few pieces loose. These pieces hit all the players party, roll for dexterity.”

Garrus smiles as he rolls his own die across the hologram, rolling a ten.

Fluttershy rolls the die using her wings, sending it across the board. She rolls a twenty.

“The heavy human warrior manages to be only grazed by the rubble, taking five damage. The asari rogue manages to dodge all the rocks raining down around her, taking no damage whatsoever. It does, however, give the elcor his turn. The elcor charges towards Azgan, wanting to stomp down upon his head. He rolls a die, and lands a seven. The elcor misses by an inch, only stomping down on the krogan’s armor, rather than him. Asari, take your turn.”

Fluttershy is about to say her action, only to be interrupted by a voice behind all of them, “Tombs and Protheans? Never thought either of you’d be into that.”

Wrex quickly spins around, and rushes back to his bed. He takes a seat on it, and looks to the side, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Shepard.”

Fluttershy turns around, her first time seeing the odd looking human.

His hair is cut neatly, a red-ish brown color. His eyes are bright blue. His cheeks, though, is where everything turns odd. For some reason, his cheeks seem like they are being sucked in. Like if someone decided to make his bones as a child go to opposite way. What makes it even worse is the fact that he has a big, and very strong jaw bone. So his cheeks are sucked in while his jaw sticks out far further than it. Like what malnutrition would do to a stomach, is what has been done to this man’s cheeks. His cheeks, however, are the only real odd thing about him. The rest looks like a well built soldier should.

He smiles, “Don’t worry Wrex, I played that back when I was a teenager. Was a group that played it during the six months I was on that station.”

Celestia trots into the room, a tiny bit of sweat on her brow, “I must say, your Commander is quite the runner.”

Shepard turns to her, “Perhaps you should go ahead and tell them about where we are going to be?”

She nods, “Yes, of corse. Fluttershy, I have contacted Twilight and your other friends. Twilight has agreed to take in Shepard, and Raeity has taken in Garrus. Do you want to take in Wrex?”

She looks at the krogan, sitting on the bed with his arms crossed. She smiles, “I would love to house him.”

Celestia smiles, “Then all is settled. Fluttershy, I have paid for all four of you to take the train to Ponyville in five hours. I ask you catch this train so I don’t have to lay again, please. Oh, and if you don’t mind, inform their new landlords about their unique biology. I will send all three of you some bits to cover them and the hassle of taking care of them.”

Wrex growls, “We don’t need to be ‘taken care of’, pony.”

She smiles, “Sure you don’t.” She faces Shepard, “Until we meet next, Commander.”

He nods back, “Good day, Princess.”


Far away, a changeling bows to it’s queen, “Queen, the ones you asked for are here. Are you sure this is wise? Would Chrysalis want this?”

Queen Messorem turns to her subject, “Chrysalis is dead, need I remind you? What she wanted was the extinction of the Changeling race. Her attack on Canterlot and death because of it was a obvious sign. I am your Queen now, drone. I saved our Hive from extinction wrought upon us by our previous, incompetent Queen.” She takes a deep breath, and shudders, “The voices speak ever louder, telling me exactly what to do. The enemy is strong, and has a team of strong beings. So, we must hire these three to fight them.”

The drone quivers, “I’ll show them in, my Queen.”

Messorem turns to face the three as they enter, “Nightmare Moon, fallen from glory and here to reclaim it. Captain Shearwater, best captain on the Griffonian sea, and here to become the best pirate of the entire world. Morad Brighthorn, said to be the best Minotaur wizard to ever live, and here to use his powers for one who appreciates them. Come, you three, touch the beacon. It will grant you wisdom and strength unknown to our galaxy for a long time.” She smiles, “Come, and allow them in for the first time in millions of years.”