A Student Once Lost

by Chiefs999

Chapter 10 - Recovery

Remaining hidden behind the safety of her wings, Twilight muttered incoherently to herself. Unable to believe that she had just kissed her mentor who doubled as a mother figure in order to win their duel. And it wasn’t a quick peck or a light kiss at that, no it was a full on heated kiss with tongue and everything.

Twilight’s cheeks grew a brighter shade of red, the warmth emanating from them almost able to rival the heat that Daybreaker’s coat produced. “What was I thinking!? Was I thinking? In what reality would I ever consider that a good idea?” Twilight quietly muttered to herself.

“Twiiiliiiight.” Daybreaker’s sing song voice called out from the opposite side of Twilight’s wings.

“I mean sure in the end it worked out. But what’s going to happen now? The way Daybreaker smiled even though she lost, I won’t be surprised if she classifies that as a win somehow.” Twilight continued, unaware of a certain love struck deity trying to gain her attention.

Unable to hear what Twilight was mumbling about and failing to receive a response to her call. Daybreaker decided to take on a more hooves on approach, causing her to smirk as she leaned forward to nip at one of Twilight’s stray feathers.

Twilight’s wing jerked back ever so slightly from the unexpected sensation. Breaking her out of her rant as she spread her feathers ever so slightly so she could peek out from behind them. Revealing Daybreaker’s bloody yet smitten face staring right back at her through the small gap.

Twilight immediately closed the gap and let out a loud groan, causing Daybreaker to giggle. “You can’t hide behind your wings forever Twilight.” Daybreaker cooed, clearly in a good mood.

“Watch me.” Twilight’s muffled voice replied.

Daybreaker rolled her eyes as she got back onto her hooves, not even slightly fazed from her injuries. “I don’t doubt for a second that you would do that, especially when surrounded by books. But I am serious about getting you checked out, even if you did pretend your wing was injured. But that's beside the point, now we can either do this the easy way or the fun way.” Daybreaker proposed.

There was a small moment of silence between the two before Twilight spoke up again. “What about you? You are in a much worse state than I am and should get looked at as well.” Twilight replied, still feeling guilty about how much damage she caused her.

“You’d think that, but there are numerous reasons why I cannot. Ruling the way I do is efficient and effective, but when you show signs of weakness and vulnerability to those under you. Like what you and your friend did in the throne room, as well as you ‘saving me’ against that assassin a few days ago.” Daybreaker replied with a loud sigh before shaking her head, not bothering to finish her sentence. “Let’s just say I can’t afford to be seen as weak and losing this duel will do just that if the news spreads. I may be the ruler but what is a Queen without her ponies, I can deal with a few uprisings here and there but all at once is another story.”

“Then why do you rule this way?” Twilight asked curiously as she peeked her head over her wings to look at Daybreaker while they talked. The redness in her cheeks faded but still evident. “Everypony loved and idolized you as their sole benevolent ruler. I know you said it was to cement your rule against your sister, but surely it would take more than a random alicorn who just so happens to be your sister appearing after a thousand years to change that. Especially if she goes around proclaiming that the night shall be eternal. That tends to not win ponies favour…just like your eternal day.” Twilight finished, gesturing to the sun with her wing for emphasis before retracting them both to her side.

Daybreaker’s eyes lingered on the sun for much longer than was needed. Twilight didn’t know if Daybreaker was taking what she had just said to heart of if there was another reasoning behind what she did. “We should probably head back now. " Daybreaker replied, completely dismissing Twilight’s question as she turned back to face her. “Are you able to get up?”

Twilight knew she should have pressed further and that Daybreaker would attempt to dodge the topic. But it was clear that she wasn’t willing to talk about it and in the end it didn’t really matter anyways. Instead she tried doing what Daybreaker asked. She easily managed to get up onto her hind legs but her forehooves refused to co-operate with her. She eventually managed to get up onto them as well but the moment she tried to take a step forward with one hoof, the other would immediately give out underneath her, causing her to collapse to the ground. “Yeah I can...Just give me a moment.” Twilight replied as she tried again once more.

Daybreaker’s smile immediately vanished upon seeing this, which then turned into a frown when it happened again. “You pushed yourself much harder than I realized. I need to figure out what you do and don’t know when it comes to combat magic so I know exactly what areas to train you in. I guess offensive spells would be an ideal starting point since you seem competent enough in identifying the genre of spells your opponent is channelling and blocking them accordingly. Though you certainly can benefit from extra training in that regard.” Daybreaker stated, walking up to Twilight who tried once again to get back onto her hooves.

Once Twilight got back up, she was about to attempt walking again but she suddenly felt something press up against her belly, lifting her up off the ground. “Wha?” Twilight sounded in surprise as she slid down Daybreaker’s neck slightly so she was laying sideways across her back.

“If you are unable to walk back to the castle then I will just have to carry you there myself.” Daybreaker said a little too happily as she made her way across the field with Twilight in tow, her dislocated wing dragging across the grass.

“No no no I can walk perfectly fine on my own thank you very much, I just need to-“ Twilight started while squirming, trying to push herself off. But when she heard Daybreaker wince and buckle slightly she immediately stopped, her gaze traveling down to Daybreaker’s back which was covered in various cuts varying in size that she was probably aggravating with her movements. “Why aren’t you angry with me?” Twilight asked instead, admitting defeat and letting herself get carried.

“Why would I be angry?” Daybreaker asked in return, walking normally now that Twilight stopped being difficult.

“I took advantage of you! I abused your feelings towards me and used them to put myself in an advantageous position to win a stupid fake duel!” Twilight practically shouted, her ears drooping as her gaze travelled to the ground, more so at the tip of Daybreaker’s dislocated wing as her voice turned slightly more sombre. “Plus I hurt you…Not just physic-“

“You knew about my feelings?” Was all Daybreaker took from Twilight’s statement. Unintentionally interrupting her and stopping in her tracks to stare back at her in surprise. “Why didn’t you say something about it before? However I have to admit that confessing your feelings during a fight was certainly an unexpected yet very welcome surprise. There is nothing more romantic than a couple in love thrusting themselves at each other, tiring each other out both physically and mentally before finally giving into their bodily desires.” Daybreaker explained with a happy sigh as she thought back to that moment prior to the kiss. “You may have hurt me, but I would do so again without a second thought just to relive that wonderful moment. We have to do this again sometime.” She added with a giggle before continuing on.

Twilight bit down hard on her lower lip, forcing herself to hold her tongue. This was by far the happiest she had seen Daybreaker, and by extension Celestia in an incredibly long time. As much as it may hurt her in the long run, she didn’t want to ruin this moment for her.

As Daybreaker exited the training ground with Twilight in tow, they walked past Shress and Day Dasher who stood guard at either side of the entrance way to the training grounds where Twilight had left them earlier. Their eyes immediately shot wide open when they saw the state the two alicorns were in, Shress’s jaw even dropping causing Twilight to look away in embarrassment that she had to be carried back.

The two pegasi ran to catch up with them, trailing a small distance behind like they usually did whenever they went anywhere. Even though they didn’t say anything, it was obvious that they were both curious as to how the fight went to warrant their injuries. Their attention more focused on Daybreaker’s broken wing than anything else.

After what was probably the most embarrassing couple of minutes of Twilight’s life, they finally made it back to the castle. “Can you pleeease let me down now?” Twilight pleaded, doing her best to ignore the quick glances both the guards and castle staff gave them. A faint smile crept onto some of their faces but vanished whenever they got close enough.

“Nope, we are nearly there so just hang on for a little bit longer.” Daybreaker retorted causing Twilight to sigh loudly, resting her head on her hoof as she bounced along Daybreaker’s back.

Twilight was expecting Daybreaker to take her to the castle’s infirmary, so when their chambers came into view she became slightly confused. “I thought you said we were going to get somepony to look at this.” Twilight stated in a questioning tone as she brushed her hoof against her blackened chest, making her wince at the sharp pain that accompanied it.

“We are, but it will take some time for the medical team to prepare for your arrival and I would rather you lay on a comfortable bed than sit on a hard chair while we wait.” Daybreaker replied as she opened the door to her chambers and stepped inside.

Raven, who was standing next to Daybreaker’s desk at the time jumped when the door unexpectedly opened, causing her to accidentally drop the papers she was carrying. “S-sorry mistress, I know you said you wanted to reschedule and to not be interrupted. I just didn’t expect you two to be back until later and thought I would leave your schedule and any forms to fill out on your desk for tomorrow.” Raven apologized while frantically fumbling around to pick the papers back up.

“Oh Raven, perfect timing.” Daybreaker chipperly said, levitating the scattered papers into a neat pile before hovering them in front of a confused looking Raven, who hesitantly took them in her hooves before standing up. “Would you mind looking after Twilight for a few minutes while I take care of something?” Daybreaker asked.

“I’m not a filly! I’m perfectly capable of looking after myself!” Twilight interrupted while she was placed gently on the large bed.

Raven was beyond confused at this point. Usually if Daybreaker wanted something done then she would have ordered her to do it instead of asking. “C-consider it done my queen.” Raven replied with a bow, ignoring Twilight’s outburst.

“Then I shall return momentarily.” And with that Daybreaker teleported out in a loud, bright red flash.

Raven stared at where Daybreaker stood previously in shock, trying and failing to process what just happened. “What exactly did you two do down there?” Raven asked as she turned to face Twilight. “And I am not talking about her injuries. She’s…she’s like a completely different pony!”

Twilight opened her mouth to reply but quickly closed it again when Raven rephrased her question. Causing her to look away in embarrassment while sheepishly scratching the back of her head. “I…I don’t really want to talk about it.” Twilight muttered in response.

Twilight had a feeling that Raven wanted to press the matter further, but probably didn’t because of her status as both alicorn and Daybreaker’s consort, no thanks to the newspapers. With Daybreaker no longer present to hold her down, Twilight attempted to push herself off the bed and onto her hooves.

“What do you think you’re doing? Her highness said she will be back shortly and I can’t bear to imagine what she would do to me when she discovers that you aren’t where she left you.” Raven hastily asked, quickly moving to obstruct Twilight’s path.

“I left my journal in my room, if I’m to wait here or in the infirmary then I want something to do in the meantime.” Twilight replied, wincing as she tried to step around Raven who easily followed her exact movements, not allowing Twilight to take a single step away from the bed.

Having enough of this pointless charade, Twilight’s horn lit up as she channelled a teleport spell. Before Raven could do anything to prevent it from happening, she disappeared in a bright magenta flash and reappeared right outside Daybreaker’s chambers where Shress and Day Dasher stood.

The two pegasi looked at each other momentarily before turning their attention back towards Twilight. “I assumed you saving our queen against that assassin was merely a fluke, but seeing the state you two were in when you emerged from the training field…You HAVE to tell me everything that happened!” Shress eagerly said, taking a step forward.

Twilight immediately closed her eyes, her head lowering from the soaring pain that surged throughout the entire length of her horn. “I won, that is all that matters.” Twilight forced out through clenched teeth. Shortly after, the door leading into Daybreaker’s chambers slammed open, revealing a worried looking Raven.

“You WHAT!?” Shress shouted, causing both Day Dasher and Raven to wince lightly.

“You two can continue this conversation after we get princess Twilight back to her bed, otherwise it won’t only be my ashes that’ll be scattered through this hallway when Daybreaker comes back.” Raven interjected while approaching the pained looking Twilight with the two guards in tow.

Twilight’s eyes shot wide open as she turned to glare at the three, baring her teeth at them as she channelled yet another teleport spell. “It would be a lot faster and easier if you let me get my journal from my room than for you three to force me into bed, so what shall it be?” Twilight bluffed, her eyes growing watery as she struggled to maintain the teleport spell.

Raven and Shress immediately stopped in their tracks while Day Dasher spread her hooves apart, lowering herself to the ground with her wings flared out, preparing to charge. But Shress intervened by extending her wing in front of Day Dasher’s face, giving her a firm yet stern glare.

“Fine…Just be quick about it please, I’ll even help you search.” Raven sighed loudly in defeat, shaking her head as she walked past Twilight and into her chambers. “Do you remember where you left it?” she added as she began searching.

“I left it on top of a pillow!” Twilight yelled back, dismissing her teleport spell while a very unhappy Day Dasher stood back up. Twilight went to follow Raven into her room but every step she took caused her to limp badly, making her wince. At least until she felt something cold and metallic press up against her side.

“Now I see why the queen carried you back. I may not be strong enough to do the same but I can at least alleviate some of your weight.” Shress offered, allowing Twilight to lean against her as they followed Raven into her chambers.

“I still don’t see it.” Raven sighed just before they walked inside. Both pillows and bed sheets scattered across the ground while Raven searched underneath the bed for the journal.

Twilight’s heart skipped a beat when she saw the state of her room with no book to be found. “Nonono I definitely left it on the pillow, I wasn’t even gone for an hour!” Twilight exclaimed as she moved forward too quickly, causing her to stumble over.

Thankfully Shress reacted fast enough and caught her mid-fall before helping her back onto her hooves. Being unable to physically search herself, Twilight leaned further against Shress to help support more of her weight as she channelled a levitation spell. Shortly after the pillows, bed sheets, mattress, even the bed itself levitated into the air in her magenta glow.

“Day Dasher! Can you come in and help look as well…I won’t be able to keep this up for much longer!” Twilight yelled out to Day Dasher who remained in the hallway. She knew that she shouldn’t be using this much magic, especially in such a short amount of time and continuing on like this would surely put her in a magical coma for a few days. But the disappearance of her journal was too important, it was the only lead she had so far to returning home.

Twilight swore she heard Day Dasher grumble something as she walked past them to help Raven search the floor and the floating objects for the missing journal, but she wasn’t sure if that was her mind playing tricks on her. Her eyes clenched shut as she poured everything she had into maintaining the spell, but after a minute or so she began to struggle and lose grip of one of the pillows, causing it to fall to the ground.

“Move…can’t hold…any longer.” Twilight panted out. When she heard them retreat back to her side she sharply exhaled and cancelled her spell. Dropping everything that was still in her magical hold simultaneously. Her entire body slouching to the ground with Shress being dragged down alongside.

“Did you…find it?” Twilight asked hopefully, reopening her eyes as she gently rubbed the base of her horn, whimpering lightly from the stinging sensation that followed it but continued rubbing nevertheless.

“No we didn-“

“What’s going on in here and where is…TWILIGHT!” Daybreaker’s voice came from the hallway before rushing towards Twilight’s side. Knocking Shress aside in the process while the deity knelt down beside Twilight, stroking the back of her head soothingly.

While comforting her student, Daybreaker’s head immediately snapped towards Raven. Glaring intensely at her. “Here. Now!” Daybreaker ordered.

Raven didn’t hesitate and quickly shuffled towards Daybreaker with her head held low. But before either of them could say anything, Twilight spoke up. “It’s gone…”

“What’s gone?” Daybreaker asked, her tone drastically changing for the better as she draped her uninjured wing across Twilight’s back.

“Starswirl’s journal.” Twilight replied, looking up at Daybreaker with watery eyes before slowly pulling her hoof away from her aching horn, the rubbing only seeming to aggravate it more. “I left it on a pillow before I left to meet you for our duel and now it’s gone.”

Daybreaker remained silent for a good few seconds as she scanned the mess that had been created in her absence before turning towards Shress who seemed to have recovered from being pushed aside. “Then it didn’t happen long ago. This is a restricted area so the guards will know who came in and out of here. If not then ask the other patrolling guards to see if they have spotted any unusual or suspicious activity.” Daybreaker ordered.

“Consider it done my queen!” Shress replied with a salute as all three of them hurried out of the room.

“Except you Raven. We aren’t finished yet.” Daybreaker added as soon as she reached the doorway. Causing Raven to stop in her tracks and slowly walk back towards Daybreaker.

“She tried to stop me but I teleported away. She confronted me again shortly after, even getting Shress and Day Dasher to team up on me but I threatened them that I wouldn’t go back without a fight. Even though they don’t know what happened in our duel, they saw you walk out heavily injured so my threats actually meant something.” Twilight interjected before Daybreaker could say anything.

“Don’t care, I trust you know your way to the dungeons by now?” Daybreaker implied.

“Y-yes…my queen.” Raven replied with a bow before sulking out of the room and to the dungeons.

“But she couldn’t stop me, if she tried then I would have been in a worse state than I am in now and you would have been even more annoyed. This was supposed to be a quick get in, get the journal and get out scenario. But we didn’t expect the journal to actually go missing.” Twilight defended.

Daybreaker raised an eyebrow at Twilight’s statement. “A quick get in get out situation? So Raven has been going behind my back now has she, it may be a minor case but treason is still in fact treason. Being a Queen’s secretary requires the upmost trust after all, I don’t want someone who would so willingly break that trust stand by my side.” Daybreaker threatened.

Realizing that she was only digging a deeper hole for the poor secretary who was only trying to do her job. Twilight knew she had to make it up to her since this was entirely her fault to begin with. “How about we make another deal?” Twilight proposed with a sigh.

This caused Daybreaker to groan loudly. “I swear if you propose another duel I’m putting you down the moment you step hoof onto the field.” Daybreaker deadpanned.

‘After how our last match turned out I wouldn’t even dream of it.’ Twilight thought before sighing again, louder this time. “No, if you forgive Raven entirely and not hold any of what she did against her as well as give her some much needed time off, with pay mind you. I will select one out of the three options that you boasted about during the duel that I would do if I lost and we can do that.” Twilight replied, hoping this wasn’t going to bite her in the flank.

There was a moment of silence between the two before Daybreaker yelled out. “RAVEN WAIT!”

After a few seconds the white coated mare with her ears flat against her head peeked out from around the corner. “Y-yes mistress?” Raven squeaked out.

“Finish whatever you were doing with those papers before I walked in and take the entire week off. I may have forgiven you for your actions but don’t you dare go behind my back again, when I tell you to do something, you do it. Am I understood?” Daybreaker ordered, not sparing her a glance.

“P-pardon my queen?” Raven asked, unsure if she heard correctly.

Daybreaker rolled her eyes. “You heard me, get to it.”

“T-thank you for your most gracious offer. I won’t let you down again.” Raven humbly said with a bow, her ears perking back up with what appeared to be a faint smile on her face.

“Twilight is the one you should be thanking, now leave us.” Daybreaker corrected.

Raven’s gaze shifted to Twilight before bowing once more. “Thank you princess.” Raven repeated. And with that she trotted out of the room.

“So is the medical team prepared for my visit? I think I used too much magic too quickly and it is really hurting my horn so I kind of want to get it looked at as well.” Twilight asked, growing cross-eyed as she glanced up at it.

Daybreaker shook her head. “No, instead they gave me some cream that I should apply to your chest that would ease the burning sensation, even repairing the burn and nerve damage that the fire caused. If you don’t notice any difference within two days then we are to go back in and see them. Though if your horn is acting up we can just go in anyways.” Daybreaker replied, using her magic to levitate Twilight up ever so slightly so she could place her on her back again.

“I’ll just wait and see how I feel after the two days, I’m sure the situation with my horn his temporary anyways and would get better by itself as long as I limit my magic usage.” Twilight replied, too sore and exhausted to be bothered putting up a fight about being carried. “Also whenever the guards find the journal again, would I be able to have another look at it?”

“I’m telling you that you are wasting your time trying to find anything related to the decoder in that entry Twilight. I mean no offence to your abilities as I’m sure you are more than capable than most out there. But if I can’t find anything in the time spent looking at it then I highly doubt you would either.” Daybreaker replied as she carried her back to her chambers.

“I know that now but I still want to experiment with a few things nonetheless. Though that isn’t the main reason I want it, I think I discovered a solution in figuring out what that spell is with the torn out pages.” Twilight stated excitedly.

Daybreaker froze momentarily before continuing on. “O-oh? And what is this solution?” Daybreaker shakily asked, her pace quickening ever so slightly.

“Remember when I said I had that clawing and screaming sensation at the back of my mind every time I looked at that drawing? I know deep down that I have seen it somewhere before but for the life of me I can’t remember where and it frustrates me to no end. Oddly enough on the very next page…well readable page should I say, there is a theory about a flashback spell. And since you said Starswirl doesn’t encode unfinished spells or theories, all I have to do is finish what he started, use it to jog my memory on the drawing and there we go!” Twilight exclaimed proudly, her head held high.

Daybreaker didn’t reply at first which made Twilight lose all her excitement and cause her to frown. “I thought you would be pleased about potentially uncovering the information in those missing pages, if not that then at least figuring out what the spell does.” Twilight added, slightly disheartened by the lack of praise.

“I am! If anypony could figure out what that mystery spell is then it would be you my faithful student! I’m just…tired…Alicorn healing, it takes a lot out of you. You will see what I mean when you fully mature as one.” Daybreaker hastily replied with an internal sigh. “I knew I saw potential in you when you were a filly, that you were destined for greatness. Yet you still manage to surpass my expectations every single time.” Daybreaker quietly added shortly after, barely loud enough for Twilight to hear.

After entering Daybreaker’s chambers and once again being placed on her bed. Twilight watched as Daybreaker sat down beside her and levitated a small grey tub with an inscription label plastered on the front. Assuming that was the cream Daybreaker was talking about earlier, she continued to watch as Daybreaker took the lid off and dipped the tip of her hoof inside. “Lean back a bit, I promise to be gentle.” Daybreaker instructed.

Doing as Daybreaker instructed, Twilight laid back so the back of her head was resting comfortably against the pillow, giving Daybreaker complete access to her black and purple chest.

Daybreaker shifted towards Twilight ever so slightly and placed her cream coated forehoof gently against the large burn mark on Twilight’s chest, making her wince lightly at first from the pressure. But when she started to move her hoof around in a circular motion, lathering it across the affected areas, the coolness of it caused Twilight to let out a content sigh as her body visibly relaxed.

While Daybreaker worked her magic, Twilight’s eyes slowly began to close over. The only times Daybreaker stopped rubbing was to apply even more cream to her hoof before repeating the process. After a long moment of silence with Twilight nearly falling asleep, Daybreaker finally spoke up. “This has been bothering me for a while, but why did you reject me in your reality?” Daybreaker suddenly asked.

Twilight reopened her eyes to see Daybreaker staring down at her chest, unblinking with a small frown on her face. Her chest completely white showing that too much had been applied. “I don’t think I understand the question.” Twilight responded, grabbing Daybreaker’s hoof with her own to stop her. As nice as it felt, she didn’t want them to run out of cream, especially if it needed to be reapplied again later.

There was another moment of silence while Daybreaker thought of how to rephrase her question. “I had plans on confessing my love to you, and from the looks of things it appeared to have worked out.” Daybreaker replied, brushing the same hoof against Twilight’s wings ever so gently while simultaneously trying not to get any cream on them. “After all, it was the entire reason I sent you to Ponyville in the first place. I gave you all of the resources that you would possibly need, all that was left was for you to figure out how to piece them together. If I helped you in any way then I’d run the risk of you dying in the process and that’s a risk I would never take.” Daybreaker explained.

This caused Twilight’s eyes to widen in surprise as she sat up. “Kill me! You would risk my life for a stupid confession that you could have literally done in any other way?!” Twilight exclaimed before realizing the underlying meaning of what Daybreaker had just admitted. “Wait…you said that was the sole reason you sent me to Ponyville…this was planned before I died to Nightmare Moon right?” Twilight asked even though she already knew the answer to that.

“Correct…” Daybreaker replied unsurely, wondering where Twilight was going with this.

Twilight’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Does that mean…” Twilight trailed off, seemingly deep in thought before gazing up into Daybreaker’s amber hues. “Does that mean you had feelings for me before all this? Before you started calling yourself Daybreaker, while we still had a student mentor relationship and living in the castle together?” Twilight asked.

“Again correct…” Daybreaker replied softly, placing her hoof against Twilight’s shoulder. The look of confliction on her face made it seem like she wanted to do more, but after a few seconds she shook her head slightly before retracting it. “You seem surprised by this, did I not confess?” Daybreaker asked curiously.

Twilight shook her head, trying not to dwell on what Daybreaker did too much and instead focus on the conversation. “No you didn’t. I didn’t even know you saw me that way until recently when Rarity pointed it out in the dungeons. There must have been another turning point between our realities then, something that I’ve done differently in this one to earn your affection.” Twilight deduced.

“I’m afraid this time you’re wrong, I don’t know how much of this you know so let me start from the very beginning. You see, the reason I sent you to Ponyville was to learn the magic of friendship. That town is known to be the friendliest place in all of Equestria, even to socially awkward unicorns. Also it was within flying distance of Canterlot so we could still easily keep in touch should the need arise. But as I said before I couldn’t help you directly.” Daybreaker started which caused Twilight to roll her eyes dramatically.

“I have done a lot of research on possible candidates for the elements of harmony. Your friends, the ones that you are trying to defend and unbanish are the ones I selected. Some already lived in Ponyville at the time which made things a lot easier, but some I may have laid an underlying hoof in getting them to live there years before your arrival. Hence why I gave them such big roles in the summer sun celebration, to force them to talk and work with you in making the event turn out a success.” Daybreaker continued.

Twilight was very confused at where Daybreaker was heading with this. However discovering that her entire life in Ponyville had all been set up, and that she was playing in Celestia’s hoof the entire time without any of them realizing upset her greatly. But at the same time it was very comforting to know that Celestia still cared deeply enough about her to warrant that.

“Nightmare Moon returning was an issue that I didn’t see arising…I really should have listened to you at the time.” Daybreaker sombrely said before shaking her head and getting back on track. “Anyways the original plan was for you six to become close friends. Hence why I wanted weekly friendship reports from you, so I could accurately keep track of how much progress you’ve been making. When that was done I would then send you and your friends on an important quest to fetch the elements of harmony and from there you would attempt to awaken them from their dormant state. However In your reality I believe that stage was completely bypassed since you mentioned purifying my sister with them upon her arrival.” Daybreaker continued.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but what does this have to do about your confession? I mean this does explain why you have been so distant from me ever since I went to Ponyville. Not wanting to impact the results since apparently whatever the test was about would kill me if you did.” Twilight asked. She was incredibly happy to know that Celestia still did in fact care about her. Making her all the more eager to pack some provisions to venture to the Crystal Empire in attempt to find more information about the decoder. As well as the spell that Starlight used against her so she could return home and reunite with her Celestia so she could give her a big hug and apologize.

This caused Daybreaker to frown upon hearing that. “Trust me when I say being distant wasn’t something I wanted either. I don’t know how I would have felt but if I had to guess I would be longing for your return, maybe spending some nights in your old room every week or read some of the old scrolls we sent each other. But in the whole scheme of things, what is a few months or even years apart compared to an eternity together?” Daybreaker replied rhetorically.

Twilight was beginning to piece together what Daybreaker was saying, but she didn’t want to make any claims or assumptions without being sure. “But what does this have to do wi-“

“Perhaps if you let me finish my explanation then you would know.” Daybreaker cut off. She waited a few moments to make sure Twilight didn’t interrupt again before continuing on with her explanation. “Where was I? Oh yes. When I felt that the connection between you six was strong enough as well as awakening the elements from their dormant state. I would have sent you Starswirl’s unfinished masterpiece, the same one that my sister and her protégée are currently looking into.” Daybreaker continued, a small smile tugging at the corner of her lips, shifting her frown into a faint smile.

“And that is how you became the wonderful, beautiful lavender alicorn you are today. That spell relies on true friendship, something you and your friends would have had to figure out on your own. If I helped you in any way, shape or form, the spell could’ve backfire and disintegrate you in the process. Believe me when I say I wouldn’t have sent it to you if there was the slightest hint that you weren’t ready.” Daybreaker finished.

Twilight’s jaw dropped upon hearing that. Unable to believe what she heard and just how impactful Celestia had been on her life for all those years. But she suddenly remembered something they talked about in the dining room. “Wait…that doesn’t make any sense. Back in the dining room, before our first court session together, you told me that it was because you practically raised me. And I replied by saying ‘that is why everypony assumed I was your secret love child.’” Twilight contradicted, unsure as to what to believe.

This caused Daybreaker to look away in embarrassment which Twilight couldn’t help but find adorable. Seeing the strong and ruthless Daybreaker acting like a teenage filly. “I was meant to tell you the true reason back then, the reason I just explained to you now. I wanted to say it was because I loved you before kissing you right then and there. But my nerves got the better of me, I was afraid that you would suddenly disappear again and I don’t know what I would do if you did.” Daybreaker replied, taking a deep breath before forcing herself to look back at Twilight again. “If what I told you back then was the case then why didn’t I ascend any of my previous students? Or any of the other foals that I had around me? I’m thousands of years old and would’ve definitely had the chance and time to do so.” Daybreaker justified.

This was a lot for Twilight to take in, her heart was practically beating out of her chest. She felt that she should be annoyed that her entire life and all of her friendships had been set up since the very beginning, that she had been living according to Celestia’s rules. But instead she felt overwhelmingly happy that she was still a key part of her life. But then she remember the original question she asked that warranted this entire conversation. “But that still doesn’t explain my question. Why do you think our realities don’t have another turning point?” Twilight asked hopefully, for once hoping that she was wrong and that Daybreaker was correct.

This caused Daybreaker to smirk as she placed her hoof on Twilight’s shoulder again, this time going through with what she was originally going to do. She pressed her lips against Twilight’s ever so gently for a light kiss before pushing her back down against the mattress, trailing her other hoof down the side of Twilight’s face, leaving behind a small trail of white cream.

Twilight’s eyes widened form the sudden kiss, now that it happened she realized she should have seen it coming a mile away. But her heavily conflicted mind made it difficult for her to do anything other than lie there and take it.

Despite not kissing back, Daybreaker still looked pleased with the outcome as she pulled away, their faces still inches apart as she licked her own tingling lips. “Because if I dated a pony then I would surely outlive them, I have tried and believe me when I say you never get used to the pain. So I searched high and low for the perfect pony, the perfect mate. And there you were standing there in that destroyed exam room, having hatched a baby dragon from an egg as well as maturing it moments after. I still remember standing in the courtyard at the time, seeing Spike’s fat head sticking through the roof.” Daybreaker chuckled before getting back on track. “Sure you may have not been in complete control at the time and was the result of a magical flare. But the fact remains you could and you did. And as the years went by with you being my personal student, I grew to crave your company more and more, to a point where I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. And we all know how long that is.” Daybreaker winked.

For once Twilight was speechless. She wasn’t sure if it was because of the sudden, unexpected kiss or if it was because Celestia ascended her due to being romantically interested in her ever since she was a filly.

However Daybreaker’s smile was short lived as she pulled away to allow Twilight to sit back up if she so desired. “However none of this explains why I never confessed to you in your reality. Something must have changed or popped up, not with my feelings towards you since I still ended up ascending you in the end, but I had a decade long plan to go about it.” Daybreaker stated.

This managed to break Twilight from her conflicted state of mind though she decided to continue laying down. “How were you going to confess? If you don’t mind me asking that is, it won’t be the same with me already knowing how you feel after all.” Twilight asked curiously.

Daybreaker thought about it for a few moments before sighing in defeat. “I guess I can answer that since it doesn’t really matter anymore. It is also impossible for us to ever be in that situation again, at least as far as I am aware of. Whenever you completed and casted Starswirl’s unfinished masterpiece using the elements, you would have been transported to the planes of ascension as I like to call it. From there I will be waiting for you and I will sing you a song while we were surrounded by our most precious memories together. And at the end of it all, before you complete your ascension. I would tell you everything and admit my true feelings towards you. I would then meet you face to face when you have your wings in the real world and nervously await your response.” Daybreaker replied with a small sigh. “But I guess our little duel confession is the next best thing.” She added as she laid back down beside Twilight, cuddling up beside her.

Twilight’s body tensed up momentarily when Daybreaker cuddled up against her, but she quickly relaxed and hesitantly wrapped her smaller, lavender wing over Daybreaker’s larger frame. There was a long moment of silence while Twilight processed everything Daybreaker had just admitted.

She thought back to that very moment in the planes of ascension. She remembered the song Celestia sung to her even though some of the words slipped her mind, she also remembered being surrounded by her most precious memories. There were numerous reasons why Twilight assumed Celestia didn’t confess in the end, but all of them were quickly contradicted by what Daybreaker had explained.

All of them but one. “I think…I think I know why my Celestia didn’t confess in the end.” Twilight replied quietly after a few minutes. The way Daybreaker pressed up against her side more made her question where their relationship stood currently, but she was too hesitant to ask about that.

This piqued Daybreaker’s interest, but the only sign of her taking interest was her ear twitching. “Hmmm? And what would that reason be?” Daybreaker asked in return as she rested her head on top of Twilights. Being careful not to touch and further aggravate her horn.

“First I want to know one thing, those memories in the planes of ascension. How exactly are they chosen to appear?” Twilight cautiously asked.

“The more important or special those memories are to you, the more likely they are to appear. Most of them will be happy, but some will be how you overcame a difficult task or obstacle.” Daybreaker explained.

Twilight’s ears drooped as she let out a loud sigh, not looking forward to Daybreaker’s reaction to her theory. “I know the real reason now, that you were testing me and kept your distance to not interfere with the results as I could’ve potentially died if you did. But at the time I thought you didn’t want me around anymore and our relationship took a pretty sharp decline ever since I was sent to Ponyville because of that. The only form of contact we had with each other were those friendship reports, meeting face to face was very rare and when we did it was usually because of a crisis that you needed my help with.” Twilight answered. “The gala was the only exception but you were too busy to keep me company…”

Twilight knew she was getting side-tracked but she didn’t stop talking because she didn’t want to give Daybreaker a chance to speak until she was done. “Because of this, there were only a few memories in the planes of ascension that actually contained you. Almost every single one of them were about me and my friends in one way or another. Perhaps this discouraged you from confessing.” Twilight explained, taking a deep breath from her lengthy disposition.

She could feel Daybreaker’s hooves wrap tightly around her, attempting to pull her closer. “Never think that...” Daybreaker said quietly, her grip tightening to a point where it was becoming uncomfortable. “Never think that.” She repeated, louder this time.

Twilight couldn’t see Daybreaker’s face but she was definitely taking the news significantly better than she anticipated. Having expected Daybreaker’s fiery mane to begin flickering, resulting in her sweating from the amount of heat her body would produce. But thankfully it was still its warm, comfortable temperature. “I should have made it more apparent that I cared, there are many things I could have done differently. Given you more than a moment’s notice so you get used to the idea of living away from the castle, not being overly paranoid about impacting the results and visit you more often or vice versa. Communicate with scrolls that isn’t just friendship reports, though I don’t know if we did do that or not but knowing me I probably wouldn’t have.” Daybreaker replied softly.

“That probably would have helped, but in the end it wasn’t your fault.” Twilight replied, but before Daybreaker could reply to that, Twilight spoke up again. “And I know you will probably say something along the lines of ‘but that would’ve been me, if you didn’t die against my sister then I would have allowed us to drift apart and wouldn’t have known until the damage was already done.’ But it wasn’t you, this is a different reality with a different Celestia who goes by the name of Daybreaker now. As you said so yourself, they may look the same, sound the same, act the same, but they are not the same.”

Twilight waited for a response, but instead all she heard was a small quiet laugh. “What’s so funny?” Twilight asked in confusion.

“You know I hate it when you use my own words against me right? But you are right, I shouldn’t blame myself for something that never came to be...Tomorrow I want to show you something, something very important. You may not like what you see but it will further validate and prove to you just how much I care about you. Perhaps now will be a good time for us to get some rest, especially with your injuries and would give the cream enough time to do its job.” Daybreaker replied.

“Perhaps that is for the best, I’m not that tired but without the journal and with the current state i'm in, there isn’t much I can do right now.” Twilight replied as she went to sit up, curious as to what Daybreaker wanted to show her, especially if she said she wouldn’t like it. “Then I guess I shall bid you a goodnight, I know it wasn’t easy but thank you for telling me the truth. You gave me a lot to think about.”

Just as Twilight was about to get out of bed, Daybreaker stopped her by grabbing her wing. “I mean…we have been sharing a bed enough times now…and considering that we are officially a couple now.” Daybreaker implied with a hopeful expression.

Twilight bit her lower lip and hesitantly nodded in response. “Y-yeah…I guess you don’t have to keep coming up with excuses now.” Twilight stuttered as she laid back down with Daybreaker resuming her original position by resting her head on top of Twilight’s. “Goodnight…Daybreaker.”

“Pleasant dreams my wonderful Twilight.”