We're both twins, yes! Now buzz off...

by Desperate Dawn

Chapter 2 Part 2

My ears are ringing and my vision is dizzy, I could only hear a muffled scream and shouts. I’d look at the solidified mist that turned into spear, its tip is stained with blood, I don’t know who but I think it was mine. Strangely enough I didn’t feel anything but a wince from my face. I soon realized that something was on top of me, turning my snout was face to face to a white Pegasus snout that I recognized.

I think for a moment about what just happened, realization dawned as my eye went wide. “SILVER!”

Said Pegasus guard merely grinned goofily, but behind that grin was a pained expression. I looked at his forelegs, and I was horrified to see his injured foreleg, his injury was severe as something just tore through his skin effortlessly, but thankfully it was just a scratch on his leg not through.

I just stared with my mouth agape, too shocked to say anything. Silver Sky simply wave with his wing, “Don’t worry, it’s just a flesh wound I’ll live.”

“FLESH WOUND?!” I roared as he gets off me because of my sudden outcry. I stood up with rage boiling steam, “YOU JUST GOT YOUR LEGS ALMOST TORNED APART!”

“It wasn’t that bad,” He squeaked.

“IT WAS THAT BAD! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?” I felt my horn shimmered and my magical aura began enveloping his injured leg, sending wave of healing spell. This kind of spell is dangerous if you don’t know the anatomy and nerve system on a pony, but thankfully the lesson in biology comes in handy on this kind of situation cause I know what I’m doing…probably.

“Twivine, are you okay!?” Twilight comes barging in trying to slip through the panicked crowd.

I nodded as I wiped the sweat off my forehead, spell like that is quite taxing on my concentration but at least I manage to stop most of the bleeding. “Yeah, but this idiot almost got himself killed.” I summoned a bandage out of my pocket void and starts wrapping his wound. You know the kinda pocket you can teleport stuff in it and can be summoned whenever and wherever you like? Called aether or something, couldn’t recall.

“I’m fine geez, I think you should worry more about Nightmare Moon,” Silver Sky said with a roll of his eyes and attempt to stand back on all four.

“Exactly, we have to hurry and try to find a way to stop her. I’ll meet you back in the library!” Twilight immediately ran off, soon afterwards, the five ponies we met earlier followed after. I merely nodded and continue on bandaging Silver’s wound.

“There,” I said as I’m done wrapping his injury. “Don’t strain yourself and for the love of Celestia, do something with this crowd.” I gestured at the screaming masses of pony, running around the Town Hall while the guards tried desperately to calm them.

“I’ll take care of it, you go after your sister, now go!” Silver Sky commanded, I nodded and make my way out this blob of ponies but before I even took a step, Silver called out my name, I’d turn to see him smiling.

“Good luck.”

With his word, I galloped off to catch up with Twilight and the five ponies.

I panted as the Library finally on view, I switch from full on gallop to a slow canter, Celestia know that both of us physical exercise is almost non-existent and four minute of full gallop is enough to feel like I was walking for five miles without water.

I’ve regained my breath as I approached the Library’s door and just in time to hear the five ponies shouts, “The Everfree Forest!?”

Wrapping the handle with my magic, I opened the door to see Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie and Fluttershy and somehow I feel that ‘de ja vu’ vibe. I know that I’ve seen this before but where?

“Twivine, great timing, c’mon we’re going to chase after Nightmare Moon!” Twilight starts to drag me out of the Library. Literally just yank me off from the front door with her levitation.

“Whoa whoa, wait on a minute, can you brief me of what in the buck is going on?” I asked while upside down due to her levitation focused more on my rear, like come on my kink is not into that.

“Remember the letter I’ve sent the Princess and about the-“ I put a hoof on her mouth.

“I know that, but what’s with we going to the spooky forest?”

Twilight moved my hooves off her mouth with a simple levitation, “The Elements of Harmony! We need to find the Elements to defeat Nightmare Moon and bring back Princess Celestia.”

“Okay, do you have any idea where should we look then?” I asked, not too happy at her plan as I felt like it’ll go wrong somewhere along the way.

“In an old castle deep within the forest, now come on!” Twilight starts to drag me again, still in her levitation.

“Fine fine, hold your horses… and will you put me down already!”

Twilight chuckled sheepishly as she put me down not too subtly, I grumbled as I stood back in all four and starts following her.

The two of us followed along the path, walking cautiously for any traps or dangers that could put our lives at stake, except timber-wolves, they’ll just a piece of nuisance and stood no chance against my vines. Two dared to reveal themselves baring their teeth only to get wrecked by my vines that sprouted below their legs and wrapped them before crushing them to bits.

Twilight could stared with mouth hanging open as the vine retracted back to the ground, I maaaayy smiled too innocently there.

We continued on deeper to the forest, my ears perked up at a sudden noise of a broken branch. With a roar, manticore leapt out of the bush in front of us baring its teeth. We both screamed and huddled in together as the manticore swept its claw at us.

“YEEEHAAW!” Comes the familiar voice of Applejack, she throws her lasso right at the Manticore’s neck and pulled it back. The manticore roared as the claw barely scratch us, a sudden cyan blur hit the manticore right at the back of its head resulting it roared in anger.

“Come and get some you overgrown cat!” Rainbow Dash taunted with her hoof up.

The manticore growled at the newcomer and attempt to yank Rainbow off the sky but unable too since the combined effort of Applejack, Rarity, and strangely Pinkie pulling the manticore. Wait a second, did they want to fricking suffocate the manticore to death?! The manticore’s limb flailed in the sky as it tried to overpower the group of mares that tries to strangle him. Luckily enough for the manticore, it manage to released itself from the attempted strangling as it succeed at overpowering them, launching them to the sky before dropping down to the ground while taking Rainbow with them as well.

Before the manticore even thinks of swinging its claw or impaling the group of mares with its stinger, Twilight fired a bolt at the back of its head and once again the manticore roared. The manticore turned to face the two of us, growled maliciously as it stared at us.

“WAAAAIIT!!” Fluttershy suddenly cried out, launching herself between the manticore and the two of us.

All of us sans Pinkie ~whom the latter just giggled~ have our mouths agape when Fluttershy talked to it then pulling out a branch out of its feet before being licked. Fluttershy then patted the manticore who in returned nuzzled at the yellow Pegasus before it ran off somewhere, vanishing amidst the trees.

Twilight have the widest among all of us as she asks Fluttershy, “HOW!?”

Fluttershy just smiled weakly, “Oh, it doesn’t hurt if we show a little of kindness.”

All seven of us continued on our journey, much to Twilight displeasure. The five mares insisted to help us tackle whatever Nightmare Moon might throw at us just to stop us down. At first Twilight was stubborn and refused any help from the five, but then relented when I stepped in and side with them.

Grudges aside, I can’t help but to feel like…being avoided. Rarity, Pinkie, and Rainbow were chatting among themselves with Twilight yet again occasionally chimed in. Fluttershy just being Fluttershy and avoided any sort of interaction, Applejack however, she’s just obviously avoiding me. She kept her distance, avoiding all eye contact, and seemingly worried over something.

I really didn’t like that at all, with all the stuff that happened in the past, I can’t help but to ask her directly. Maybe if I talk to her and ask what was the problem with me then she might be more accepting.

“Hey, Applejack, you’re alright?” I asked suddenly.

Applejack flinched, “W-what do ya mean sugarcube?”

“Well,” I started. “The fact that you obviously tried to avoid me for no exact reason, I can’t help but to ask.” Applejack winced as soon as I finish.

Applejack sighed, “Look sugarcube, Ah know that Ah don’t had any reason ta avoid ya but Ah feel like to fer some reason.”

“You worried about nothing but avoid me anyway?” I repeated, raising a brow.

“Didn’t mean it like that, jus’…” She sighed. “Look, Ah’m sorry fer makin’ ya feel a bit out ta place, but Ah really didn’t mean it, it jus’ that feelin’ of danger especially that eye of yers.”

I rolled my eyes as I heard her statement, at this point it was already normal for ponies to think that I’m a ‘danger’ and how many times do I’ve heard it? Too b*cking much…

“It’s alright, AJ, thanks for being honest about it,” I smiled.

“Yer too kind, Twivine,” Applejack returned the smile.

“Hey, isn’t that a good friend would do?”

“Eeyup, yer very much right.”

The seven of us walked through the forest after a session of laugh from Pinkie when the forest somehow turned scary for some reason or another, I blame Nightmare Moon. But we’ve get past on that and returned to our journey, and not long until we have to stop because the River can’t be crossed due to the raging current.

“Now what do we do?” Twilight exclaimed. Rainbow Dash then flew up in front of her, clearing her throat. “Oh, right,” She smiled sheepishly.

“Alright, everypony gather around, I’m going to fly each of you.” Rainbow Dash commanded and immediately the others went into a line. “Flutters, why are you in the line, you can fly for Celestia sake.”

The yellow Pegasus timidly walked out of the line saying “Sorry” over and over. Just as Rainbow Dash lifted the first pony, Steven Magnet comes out the river crying. Whoa whoa, wait, where did that come from? Shaking my head from the incoming headache, I decide not to voice out this eerie feeling of familiarity, like I really, really feel like having known of this somewhere but I couldn’t get my hooves on it.

Rarity stepped in asking what seems to be the problem for the Sea Serpent and turns out his mustache had been cut from a passing purple mist, talk about Nightmare Moon trying to stop us but failed.

Rainbow Dash frowned, “Seriously, that was the problem?”

“Tah be honest though, Ah don’t see what’s wrong with ya’ll look like, it’s fine by me.” Applejack shrugged.

“Oh please darling don’t be so inconsiderate, just look at him, he’s hideous without his mustache when his scale, his mane and his manicure seemingly outdo those around him.” Rarity said, pointing out the following by order.

Steven Magnet sniffed as he wailed dramatically, “Oh please tell me about it, I can’t stand how hideous I am.”

“I cannot let this crime of fabulosity go unanswered.” Rarity trotted to the Sea Serpent and proceeds to tear off one of the Serpent’s scale.

“Ouwch, why did you do that for?” It was soon answered by Rarity cutting her own tail, then levitating it to where the cut was and attach it to the Serpent’s mustache. “Ohohoh, how wonderful!” Steven gleefully exclaimed at his new mustache.

Twilight trotted to Rarity, concerned, “Oh Rarity, your tail…”

“It’s alright darling, short tails are in season. Besides they’ll grow back to their original sizes,” Rarity said with a reassuring smile.

“And so did the mustache,” Rainbow Dash grumbled but her complaint fell in deaf ears.

And just like that, the river was no longer uncrossable as the current slowed down and calm once more. “Look girls, we can cross the river now.” Twilight exclaimed, immediately crossing the river but stopped by Steven.

“Allow me,” He lets himself to be a temporary bridge to the other side. We excitedly use the scaly bridge and crossed to the other side.

Just as we said our goodbyes to the kind Serpent, a thought crossed my mind and then my eyes widened as I’ve come to a realization. This is where Twilight and the others will get the elements and defeat Nightmare Moon and turning her back to Luna, but this where it comes complicated; what will happen if I was in there, does the Element suddenly come up with the seventh element? I started to panic but immediately calm myself. Even if it does happened, I reckon nothing would change because the more they change the more they stay the same or so as they say. Right? I mean, what would I represent as?

My internal struggle was cut short when Twilight was suddenly in front of me. I let out a yelp as I almost hit her muzzle. Twilight looked at me with a worry on her face, “Twivine, are you okay, you’ve just spaced out for at least three and a half minute. What happened?”

I just grinned nervously, “N-nothing, I just remembered something.” Twilight merely looked at me, unconvinced. Come on, find something to distract her. “Oh look, the bridge is out!” I pointed out to the bridge that had been cut off up ahead and it worked. Twilight snapped towards that direction and trotted there, with the six of us in tow.

All seven of us approached the broken down bridge that was supposedly connect between the castle and the forest. “That is a looooong way down!” Pinkie remarked as she casually look down to the bottom that is obstructed by a thick fog.

“Well either we could transport everypony there, or somepony get down there and attach the bridge back.” I say, half commanding. half suggesting.

“Don’t worry, I got this,” Rainbow Dash flew to the fog. Moments later, she reappeared with the remnant of the bridge on her mouth and after a brief wave at us she flew towards the other side. However, the fog seemingly thickens to the point we couldn’t see the brash rainbow Pegasus.

“Oh I hope Dash’s okay,” Fluttershy muttered timidly.

Rarity pats Fluttershy’s shoulder, “Oh don’t worry darling, I’m sure Rainbow Dash is just going to be-“ The bridge suddenly went down without a single trace of the Rainbow mane Pegasus, “-fine.”

We all blinked of what just happened and Applejack is the first to spoke up. “Uuh, what just happen?”

“DASH!” Fluttershy tried to fly after Rainbow Dash into the fog but was held by both Rarity and Twilight magic.

Fluttershy could only sob as her best friend fate went unknown, then suddenly a thought suddenly occurred that make me want to facehooved from not thinking about it earlier. I summoned my vines to create a makeshift bridge just beside the bridge itself, I make sure the thorns wouldn’t be in the way by making some sort of a platform for us to walk on.

“Why didn’t I think of this earlier?” I loudly mused, ignoring all of shocked stares and mouth agape and started to cross the bridge to the other side.

Okay to be frank, I didn’t expect Rainbow Dash actually being restrained by Nightmare Moon after Dash beat up the Shadow Bolt. Moreover, I also didn’t expect to be foalnapped by Nightmare Moon and guess who’s right beside me? Yes, Friking, Princess Celestia herself and currently we watched the event playing out from somewhere in a pocket dimension or other shit that Nightmare Moon put us into.

“So uh,” I coughed, trying to get some kind of conversation to pass the time. “How’s the plan coming along by the way?”

Wow, that sounded close to sarcasm. I swear it played out differently in my head.

10 Minutes earlier…

Ah, so Celestia protégé finally comes at last, tell me little filly. Where is the rest of your friend?” Nightmare Moon said coldly, firming her magic on Dash’s restrains on which made her grunt in pain.

I tilt my head, deadpanning. “The latter is on the other side with their mouth wide from my vine’s capabilities, but if you haven’t yet realized that I am nowhere near the same coloration of my twin, and also the fact that I had basically the same dragon slit eye like you. Then I guess you’re just either blind or worst.” Of course I have might be too snarky there but come on! Everypony knows twin could always be distinguished based on their coloration and/or personality, but I think I might be exaggerating on that.

Nightmare Moon blinked then frowned, “Our upmost of apology, but I really can’t tell nor distinguish between the two of you.

I facehooved, “Really, out of all ponies to…” I groaned as I put up a fighting stance, you know, that one stance that look like a mage or a spellcaster casting up spells like the one in Harry Potter? Except instead of a hands, you got yourselves a horn pointing at the- Okay I think you get the picture.

Nightmare, surprisingly, trotted to me till she leaned her head down to an eye level of me. I had to resist the urge to bite the horse and threw her off the cliff and be done with it, but then I yeet that out of the window since I know Nightmare Moon can turn into purple dust and flew off.

My little pony, tell me, why a nightmare force such as yourself sided with these sun-loving ponies when you can rule Equestria alongside my stead?” Nightmare Moon asked in a calm manner, not a single trace of hostility is found on the tone. Of course that made me wary but I stand firm and play her game for now.

“Because, one, it’s boring to rule an empire and lastly, it is because my friend you’re dealing with!” Nightmare Moon stepped back as my eye turned white as I channel my magic to my horn and also at the same time, summoning my vines that seemingly ready to back me up.

“Say hello to my little frie-“

I suddenly found myself somewhere in a starry filled void. At first I thought that I was teleported straight to the fricking Milky Way Galaxy, but then I noticed Celestia staring at me with some sort of a displaying view at the side.

I merely waved my hooves nervously.

Present time…

“To be honest, I do not expect you to follow along Twilight alongside the bearer to the forest in search of the Elements, but it seems that no matter where Twilight goes, you followed.” Princess Celestia calmly sips on her tea that somehow appeared out of nowhere while still watching through the viewing display.

“Well, I know Twilight could get a lot of trouble –and that includes me as well– but seriously why are you so calm about this, I know that you went into some kind of a fight with your sister that results you being severely drained or exhausted. Why though?” I asked, clearly confused by all this. Not mentioning of my knowledge on some fanfiction regarding how Celestia gets captured and/or imprisoned in the first place.

“Well, certainly I can’t deny of how much that you know about me and my sister,” Celestia calmly said. Even so, it’s enough for me to freeze completely at the statement. She then glances to me with a neutral expression, “Ah, so I was right then?”


I nervously rubbed the back of my neck, “It is kinda obvious really. The story said that when the two sisters ruled, the younger one blah-blah things like that, we know the story. And since you’re the only Alicorn besides Cadence who lived long enough, I got this feeling that you two might be related.”

Smooth Twivine, very smooth indeed.

The Solar Princess thought for a moment before finally speaking up, “That does... kinda obvious. Sharp as always I see,” Princess Celestia mused, half teasing.

I blushed at her praise. I cleared my throat in attempt to focus the topic elsewhere, “Well, if you ignore the slightest of detail in history, you might interpret them wrong.”

The Princess nodded sagely on my wisdom filled words, “Indeed, but I have my reasons for that part of history left falsely interpreted.”

Suddenly, I really have the urge to just smack some sense into the solar Princess, her self-doubt really irritate me. I sighed, “Whatever happens in the past, stays in the past.”

And that remark left us with an absolute silence as the two of us watched the events played out.

After the bright flash, Twilight and the others woke up with a pained groan after unleashing the Elements at Nightmare Moon. Twilight first instinct was to find her sister and so she did. Twilight frantically looked around the damaged throne room where she and Nightmare Moon went into a little skirmish. Even so, Twilight couldn’t find a trace of where Nightmare Moon would put her prisoner. The five companions looked at each other with a concern as Twilight continued her futile effort of finding her sister.

Twilight, realizing that she couldn’t find anything starts to slow down and finally, her dam burst and her tears flows freely out of her cheeks. The Throne room was silence but the sobbing of the lavender unicorn, the five ponies trotted next to Twilight and start comforting her.

“Ah’m mighty sorry fer yer loss, Twilight…” Applejack said, hugging the sobbing unicorn.

Rainbow Dash launched her hooves in the sky, shouting, “It’s entirely my fault!”

“But Rainbow Dash,” Fluttershy tries to interject but Rainbow Dash was stubborn and shook her head at Fluttershy.

“No, it was all my fault, if I was fast on defeating those guys and put the bridge up, maybe Twivine would be here.”

“It is not your fault, Bearer of Loyalty,” the voice interrupted, making itself known with a brilliant light as the moon was lowered also as the sun being raised. Every single pony in the room had to shield their eyes from the bright light, Twilight, manage to make two forms from the light. The Light dissipated revealing the Princess of the Sun and

“TWIVINE!” Twilight shouted, lunging towards her LSBFF and hugged her.

Twivine merely smiled as she return the embrace, stroking her BSBFF mane. “Hey, Twilight, I’m back.”

Twilight broke the hug, “Don’t you ever disappear like that again.” She then return to her little sister warm embrace.

“It is great to see you once again my students.” Princess Celestia makes herself known to Twilight which the latter immediately broke the hug and stared up at the Princess, smiling.

“It’s good to see you again, Princess.”

“Yer Highness,” Applejack was the first one to bow to their monarch, the rest followed suit soon after.

Princess Celestia turned towards the five bearers with her usual serene smile, “Raise, bearer of the Elements. You all had done well.” She then turned towards the twin sisters, “As of for the two of you, I cannot tell how proud I am. I just knew you two are the key to unlock the power of the Elements and defeat Nightmare Moon.”

“B-but, didn’t you said in your letters that Nightmare Moon was just an old tale?” Twilight asked.

“I only write to go and make some friends, and you accomplish more than just that,” Princess Celestia said with her motherly smile, she turned to Twivine but with an unreadable expression that Twilight nor did the rest of the five ponies could get a hold for. It is somewhere along curiosity or something else. She continued on nonetheless, “Despite so, it seems that your sister here that perhaps pushed you on letting the magic of friendship to finally unlock you the key to eventually defeat Nightmare Moon.” There was a pregnant pause before the wreckage where Nightmare Moon once stood shook.

“If some also let one through the hatred and anger of their heart,” Princess Celestia finally said as she trotted over to the wreckage.

All of the mares excluding Twivine let out a collective gasp, in the wreckage it wasn’t Nightmare Moon but instead a midnight bluish Alicorn with a light blue mane trapped in a large block of stone. The Alicorn gasped, as her conscious finally returning, her eyes whirled towards the towering Solar Princess, widening as she saw Princess Celestia lift the stone block with her magic and walked up to her.

“It has been a millennia sister and I know anything that had happened between us cannot be forgotten, but will you accept my friendship and return back to where we supposed to be?” Princess Celestia offered her hooves to the smaller Alicorn.

“You know it sort of had a double meaning if you put it that way, yes?” Twinvine suddenly said which earn her another collective gasp from the six mares.

“Twivine, you can’t say that!” Twilight said, a little bit of shouting on her part. She turned towards her mentor and grinned nervously, “Ehehe, you know how Twivine goes, Princess, she can throw her remark casually without even thinking.”

“Actually, Twivine does quite right on that one Twilight,” Princess Celestia said, helping the smaller Alicorn back on her hooves albeit struggling to do so.

Twilight turned pale, she then glanced back and forth between her mentor and Twivine, whom unusually calm regarding the matter. “B-but-“ Twilight tried to make a counter-argument but having none, left her stuttering.

The older Alicorn turned to the younger Alicorn, her head sunk low almost up level to the midnight Alicorn. “It is foolish of me to think that we may reconcile that easily but after what you have gone through, a simple hug wouldn’t make up of what I’ve done in the past. It is also foolish of me to even beg for your forgiveness, I know what I’ve done cannot be forgiven in your part, and-“

Whatever the Solar Princess was about to say, it was cut short by the midnight Alicorn hugging her. This left her stunned as the two hugged in absolute silence, the others haven’t had a clue of what to do with the Royals in front of them.

“Okay, as much as I don’t like ruining the moment, but don’t we have a celebration to attend to?” Twivine finally broke the awkward silence.

The two Alicorns reluctantly let go of their embrace, Celestia realized that her coat was slightly damped and a quick glance towards the younger Alicorn is enough for her to see how much her little sister was hurting and Celestia hated her past-self for letting herself blinded by the praise of others.

What happens in the past, stays in the past. That word swirled around the Princess’s mind repeatedly. Twivine is right, I shouldn’t stayed in the past any longer, Princess Celestia takes a deep breath to calm herself, completely unaware of the stares from all eight ponies in the room. Upon realizing it, Celestia cleared her throat as she return to her usual calm mask.

“Yes, we do have a celebration to attend.”