Diaper Dash

by lunarrush

After the game

Discord floated down as the stage transformed once again, placing her on a podium that read “Our Brave Contestant” in baby block lettering below it. “Well, there you have it, folks, at a score of ninety-nine, Diaper Dash has lost!” The chaos draconequus said as he proudly presented Dash to the audience with his hands.

Dash kicked herself silently. She was so close…  She never wanted to be a sore loser, but she wondered silently if the whole game was rigged and Discord had decided in advance that he wanted her to lose. Yet, even if that was the case, it still stung to come so close and not win.

Discord held up his hand, and Dash looked up at him in curiosity. “Well, you’ve got your consolation prize. However, since you were such a good contestant, I have one last little offer for you. Would you like to hear it?” the chaotic draconequus asked as he looked at Dash with a sincere warmth in his eyes.

Rainbow Dash grunted and stuck out her maw, drawing attention to the pacifier still stuck in her mouth to remind Discord that the game was over.

“Ah yes, sorry about that,” he said.

Discord snapped his fingers and Dash’s pacifier and costume suddenly vanished. Her thick inner disposable diaper stayed wrapped around her rump though.

“Well, you see Dashie, you’re hardly the first contestant who’s been on my little show. I’m quite fond actually of using a little chaos to liven up somepony’s day. Oh, it can be very different depending on who I am working with. But even the adult-foal theme has seen use before today. You see… that’s where you come in…” Discord said with a smirk.

Dash shifted uncomfortably, diaper crinkling all the while. Discord may not have been so big a jerk as to make this actually public, but now they seemed to be talking about other real ponies, and that made her very self-conscious of what she had just been through and of how she was still diapered. However… She was mesmerized by what she had just experienced, and so stayed silent, waiting to hear what Discord had to say.

“I have a dear friend who’s heart longed for a playmate you see. But, she was convinced that she was the only one who could enjoy this. I told her I’d prove to her that she could have a great playmate and that they’d love it too” Discord said, still very pleased with himself.

He floated over, so he was beside Dash. Dash just stared ahead and tried to process the fact that someone else liked this too.

“So, show me that you love it, Dash,” he said as he put one hand on her back and the other began rubbing the seat of her diaper. “Show me that you can stand to admit that you like this and that you want to play more…”

With that, the hand rubbing her diaper seat lifted her tail up while the other held her in place. Dash’s eyes boggled. She felt a pressure that she knew all too well in her rear, and at that moment, knew what Discord wanted of her.

“Buwhaaa?” she said.

Discord laughed.

“I… I mean… I… um…” Dash said.

“You and I both know you had a blast, Dashie. But foals need someone to play with, or they get lonely. Try not to be afraid. I’m just suggesting you spend more time having fun like today. If you do this, you earn the first place prize, and you’ll get to know what the rest of the offer is and can decide then if you wanna keep playing.”

The pressure to mess was increasing, but she could tell that she had a choice and that this wasn't being forced on her. She had felt awesome today while playing this game in ways she had never before experienced. Well… at least not since the last time her butt was in a diaper as a toddler. But still… it was embarrassing as heck…

“Or, if you want, we can stop playing now. If I am wrong and you don't like playing like this, then we never have to play involving diapers again.” Discord said.

That, Dash didn't want… She knew one thing, and that's that this couldn't end here and then just be over, never to happen again.

“I…” she said.

“Shhhh...” Discord cut her off. “Show me.”

Dash felt a pacifier floating before her maw and accepted it, sucking on it for comfort as she lowered her head a bit in shame. Her tail already hiked up by Discord’s hand, she let herself mess her diaper. It all happened fast, surreal almost. She let the pressure go and felt the back of her diaper crinkle and expand to make room for the warm mush. Her bladder released at the same time and she was once again in a fully used diaper.

“That's my girl,” Discord said. “So Fluttershy, satisfied?”

“Fwudderswy!?!” Dash exclaimed around the pacifier still in her maw.

Fluttershy chuckled as she approached, having enjoyed the show. But, concern was on her face too. She wore a hoofie-sleeper that had its own obvious diaper bulge. “You okay, Dashie?”

Dash suckled her pacifier as Fluttershy approached, she was surprised to see her oldest friend. The humiliation she felt at first faded fast as she saw that Fluttershy was foaled up too. “You wike dis?” she asked.

Fluttershy giggled and then pulled the paci from her friend's maw. “Making friends with Discord has shown me some unusual ways to enjoy myself. When I opened up to it, it was really great. I just… I never wanted to drag you into it...” she said with her eyes downcast.

“Heh, we hardly had to ‘drag’ her” Discord said. “And yes, yes, she insisted that you not be forced and that if you ever really weren't enjoying yourself that we stop. But in the end, she agreed to let me try to prove to her that I was right, that you too had an adult-foal side inside of you all along just waiting to be discovered. So, what do you say, Dashie? Wanna keep playing from time to time?”

“It doesn't always have to be a game show,” Fluttershy said. “We can just cuddle and nap, or go on a plushy photography safari, or anything else you can think of.”

Then, she added with a blush, “And if you do play this game again I’ll make him make it more fair, so it’s actually possible for you to win.”

Discord stuck his tongue out at the idea of being “made” to do anything.

“With Discord’s chaos magic your imagination really is the limit,” Fluttershy said. She had a hopeful sparkle in her eye, and it was clear that she really wanted Dash to agree to keep playing.

Dash’s mind was racing fast. “You mean… you are okay that I like this?”

Fluttershy laughed and turned, so her own padded rump was more prominent. “Yes, Dash, I’m very okay with it. In fact, I’m really happy to find that I won't be alone in liking thi…”

But that's as far as she got cause Dash zipped over to her and tackled her in a hug. “Of course I wanna play more with you!” She said as they collided on the ground.

Fluttershy giggled and nuzzled Dash, but then brought a hoof to her nose. Dash’s movement had let more of the smell escape her diaper. “Mr. Bear?” she called out.

The big plush bear re-materialized and walked over, but he wasn't in a diaper himself now and wore a caring expression. “My friend here needs a change, Mr. Bear. If that's alright, please, I mean.”

Dash scoffed at how polite Fluttershy always was while Discord said, “Not here, it's time to go back to the real world.”

“What?” Dash asked, alarmed.

Fluttershy giggled.

“Oh, would you relax,” Discord said. “I’ll pop us right back into your house, and no one will see us. I need to move in your prizes anyways.

They materialized right into Dash’s bedroom, and as Mr. Bear laid Dash on her bed for a change, Discord set about making a huge walk-in closet on a wall that had a hallway on the other side, but undeterred by this he still made it, so the closet had enough space inside to store the years supply of various designs and thicknesses of diapers.

‘I guess that’s just the benefits of chaos magic,’ Dash thought as she saw the impossible architecture of her new diaper closet.

Fluttershy laid down beside Dash on her bed. She propped up her head on a hoof and used the other hoof to slowly pet Dash’s side. Mr. Bear ripped the tapes on Dash’s diaper and pulled down the front, releasing the smell in full force to the room. Dash immediately cringed and looked to see Fluttershy’s reaction. But saw that Fluttershy was unabashedly watching with a warm smile, so Dash hid her eyes behind her hooves.

“Shhh…” Fluttershy cooed. She pulled Dash’s hooves away from her face and leaned in to kiss her on her muzzle. “It’s so good to have someone to share this with,” Fluttershy said, content to watch the change. “Once you’re in a new diaper, let's get bottles and take a nap. Just watching you compete left me ready for a nap. I bet you could use one too.”

Dash was more emotionally exhausted than physically tired. But as Mr. Bear wiped her bottom, she decided to agree. “Yeah, a nap sounds good.”

Discord made a huge chest in the closet to store all of the bits that Dash had won. He chuckled at how odd it was that it was so easy to motivate ponies with bits seeing as he could materialize them out of thin air. He was okay with using them as a tool sometimes but wished he didn't need it. After all, Dash had enjoyed herself a lot. She just had some strange ideas that she shouldn't let herself like it. Well, maybe he could train her out of that? He’d already made a lot of progress with Fluttershy... He knew that ponies needed a push if they were gonna enjoy chaos, and he was already thinking up some fun ideas to keep things interesting.

Mr. Bear slid a fresh diaper under Dash, but Fluttershy motioned for him to stop.

“Umm… Discord?” She asked, pushing through her own blush.

“Yes, baby?”

“Can you um… clean up Dash for me please?” Fluttershy asked, her eyes closed and her face red.

Discord laughed and poked his head out of the walk-in diaper closet too see his girl in action.

“Sure thing sweetie!” he said.

Discord nodded at Dash and Dash felt a surge of magic across her nethers.

“So um… do you think you may wanna try having a marefriend then?” Fluttershy asked, her hoof tracing slow circles around Dash’s mound and casing Dash to squirm over her new open diaper.

“I… uh… yes…” Dash said quietly with her eyes closed.

Fluttershy leaned in and kissed Dash on her maw, pushing her tongue into her mouth like she had dreamed of doing many times in the past. Dash let herself be kissed, still trying to catch up emotionally to what was happening, but very much enjoying herself.

“I was so glad when Discord said you’d like this stuff too,” Fluttershy said. “You were always my first pick for a playmate.” She moved, so she was between Dash’s legs and lowered her face to Dash’s rump. “I just didn't think I could have you.”

Mr. Bear raised Dash’s legs as Fluttershy put a hoof to Dash’s slit and rubbed slowly but firmly. While she did that, her mouth went lower, and she kissed Dash’s tailhole.

Rainbow jumped. “Whoa! Nnnngh, Fluttershy?!?”

“Its okay” Fluttershy said, “he made you taste like strawberries back here.” She lowered her head back down and pushed her tongue inside Dash’s magically cleaned rump. All the while her hoof never let up on its stimulation to her marehood.

Dash squirmed. Fluttershy’s tongue inside her was lighting up her insides with tingles like she never felt before. Mr. Bear just held her legs up as Fluttershy worked her hoof and her maw, and so Dash let her head fall back with a moan. She would think about it later. For now, this felt much too good to question.

Discord chuckled at the scene and then returned to the diaper closet he was setting up for Dash. He made a large shelf and packed it full of diaper supplies like foal powder and wipes. Then he made a shelf for some naughty toys. A few vibrators and butt plugs to start… He wouldn't wanna go too much too fast and scare her away. But for sure he’d help her to find out what all she liked and to break outta her shell, just like he did for Fluttershy. Ponies may need a nudge, but chaos is good for them.

As Dash’s moans picked up in intensity from the bedroom Discord looked over the large walk-in closet packed with adult foal supplies he’d just made and smiled at his handiwork. Ever since his little girl had opened up and admitted that she longed for a playmate, he knew that he wanted only the best for her. And her sporty little friend is gonna work out great.