Diaper Dash

by lunarrush

Round five

The round ended quickly. The whole bunny trail set disappeared in a puff, along with it, Dash’s bouncer and even her jackalope suit. Dash whined loudly as she fell and landed right on her chocolate packed diaper as the stage reset to normal. Dash could feel the chocolate goop squish in her diaper with her every move and felt even more vulnerable now that she wasn't hidden in that silly plush suit.

“Dash…” Discord said, approaching the sullen pony.

Dash couldn’t look the chaotic draconequus in the eyes. She sat miserably on the stage pushing the paci as far out of her mouth as the magic spell holding it there would let her. She didn't wanna suck a paci right now. Right now, she wanted out of this diaper.


There it was again… why was discord talking to her like that? Why was he being so… gentle… Dash couldn't remember ever hearing Discord call anyone ‘sweetheart’... But now here he was doing it to her. Discord placed a paw to her chest and pushed her onto her back, making Dash wince as the chocolate mess in her diaper shifted under her weight again.

“Deep breaths sweetie,” he said.

Dash wanted to object, but he bopped her lightly on the nose.

“No, no sweetheart, no ‘silly-pony’ thoughts right now, just breath” Discord said.

Discord was slowly stroking Dash’s chest as she lay on her back. Not having any better options, she tried to comply. Dash took a big inhale through her nose and let it out slowly.

“Good baby, that's a real good Dashie, keep going” Discord praised.

Dash pouted briefly at being called a baby. But the deep breathing was calming her down, and she felt a little embarrassed over how emotional she had gotten. Dash continued to breathe slowly as Discord pet her chest and sides.

“I’ve turned off the audience for a moment,” Discord said.

Dash realized that it was awfully quiet on the empty stage now. Just the sounds of her slow breathing and the crinkle and squish of her diaper when she shifted her weight around. She felt a little drained after her emotional rollercoaster and was content to just breathe slowly and be pet for a moment. Dash relaxed into her pose on her back and felt about ready for a nap.

“Why does it matter so much what other ponies would think?” Discord asked.

Dash took a sharp inhale as she was brought back to the question at hand, but Discord pressed on.

“You were having fun Dashie. If the audience cheers…” Discord waved his free hand, and the audience burst into roaring applause like she had just performed a Sonic Rainboom, “or if they boo…” with a flick of Discords wrist the audience switched to booing in harsh disapproval, “what does it matter?”

Discord let the audience switch back and forth a few times as Dash lay and thought. Hearing the audience bounce in its reaction like this did take a lot out of the sting of it. It felt empty and hollow now, just a trick that didn't bear the weight it used to seem to hold.

“I’m not telling you to really do this in public Dashie, but in private, do you really need to be ashamed to just enjoy some silly games? Who cares if they are normal? They make you happy… And honestly… did you ever really wanna be ‘normal’? Huh? Rainbow Dash the awesome Wonderbolt? Do you secretly long to be Rainbow Dash the ‘totally normal and not cool pony’? Is that what you want?”

Dash furrowed her brow in concentration… No, ‘normal’ was never a thing she was shooting for. ‘Amazing’ was more her speed.

“So in a safe space why not explore all the interesting things that make you ‘you’? Why not dive in and see just how much you can like this and be free to really let your awesome inner self shine? Huh? Just let go of that silly shame of what you like. Be in the moment. Enjoy this game. It isn't hurting anyone. You least of all. And your inner love for it is a part of what makes you special.”

Discord leaned in and blew a raspberry on Dash’s chest, and Dash giggled. She knew immediately that that was another thing deep in her memory that she didn't know she still had. Her mom used to do that, and it always made her laugh as a foal.

“There’s my happy baby,” Discord said with a smile.

He leaned in and kissed her on her forehead. Dash let out a murmur of happy approval at the contact and resumed suckling her paci. Discord just chuckled.

“You ready to keep going?” he asked. “You’re getting very close to the end.”

Dash thought for a moment. Did she wanna keep going? Discord flicked his wrist again, and the bit pile reappeared. Dash locked eyes on it for a moment before it vanished again. It looked like an awesome prize. Sure she didn't really need the money… Being a Wonderbolt paid pretty good. But… it did remind her that this was a game. And she wasn't about to quit a game so easily.

Discord’s smile returned in full force. “There’s my girl,” he said. He pulled up her legs and patted the bulging seat of her diaper. Dash responded with a wince.

“Ah, ah” he chided. “Remember, it’s okay. You’re okay. Okay? Ask yourself if you like this and try to listen to what yourself has to say…”

Discord smushed her droopy seat a bit and then rubbed her diaper front. Dash let out an appreciatory moan around her paci, making discord chuckle.

“You’re real cute Dash,” he said, “but also a little sad…”

Dash shot a confused look his way as she worked her paci.

“You’re so afraid of letting yourself be ‘you’ around others that you won't let yourself come outta the closet. Look at you… you are so desperate for some touches here” he patted her rump again before lightly tracing a claw over her diaper’s outer plastic shell right above her slit. “I mean, get a sex life girl!” he teased.

Dash blushed and looked away.

“It's okay… I know it's hard sometimes. But baby… Unlike diapers and foal stuff, being gay is a thing you can do in public. No one worth a darn is gonna even bat an eye if you walk through the market side by side with a mare friend. And you need some snuggles, babycakes, as well as some sex.” Discord patted her diaper front before saying, “It’s hard, but it's easier than you are making it. Watch… I’ll show you.”

In a poof Dash’s diaper was gone. She was totally clean and left in just her fur. She mumphed in surprise around her paci.

“I bet, you miss having gotten a real change huh?” Discord teased. “Its less fun to just be magicked clean, isn't that right baby butt?”

Dash’s ears folded back in embarrassment but she knew he was right. She nodded and looked at her diaperless rump.

“Well, maybe I missed a spot. Hmmm?” Discord teased. “Open wide if you want me to double check?”

Discord poofed by her feet, poised and ready with a baby wipe in his paw. Dash suckled her paci and froze… he wanted her to… “open wide?”...

Discord sensed her hesitation and slumped a bit. “Ponies…” he said. “I’ve been on my best behavior all darn day, and you still don't trust me!” He stuck his tongue out at Dash. “The rule isn't that you never let anyone under your tail, it's that you only let them when you want to, and if you trust them.” Discord let his words sink in before continuing, “Do you trust me Dashie? I may not want what some would want from under your tail, but I do want my foal happy and clean.”

Dash realized that she did trust Discord. Slowly, she spread her legs to give him better access.

“That's my girl,” he said.

Discord went to work cleaning her private’s up. It was sensual, but not sexual. Dash was in heaven. It felt good to be cared for. Several wipes later and Dash was practically purring. Loudly suckling on her paci, on her back with her legs spread as Discord wiped down her rump and between her legs. It felt… right… it felt comforting, to have someone to trust to clean her there again. To just lay back and be vulnerable and open and to be rewarded for doing so with care and attention. Dash knew she was part foal inside now.

Discord patted her on the flank to signal that it was time to get up. Groggily, Dash rolled over.

“Shake it off Dash,” he said. You still have one more round to go!”

Dash jumped in place a bit as if she were getting psyched up for a race. She grinned, she was almost at the finish line, and she was more determined to win now than ever. As she did, she saw Discord grinning at her. “Heh, first, a change of costume is in order,” the draconequus said with a snap of his fingers.

The change this time was much more instant. Her hind legs bowed out as they were parted by a thick inner disposable diaper and as her new suit took shape over the top of it, Dash's cheeks flushed. She realized it was taking on the form of a tiger, and she wondered what sort of challenge she’d get wearing a suit like this. The suit’s rump bulged around her own diaper, but it wasn't wearing a cloth one of its own. She saw the draconequus look down at her with a sure grin on his face. As the transformation finished off, he appeared right in front of her with a chuckle.

“Alright, now, before I tell you the challenge, I’d like to show you the consolation prize, just so you know what your reward will be if you don’t manage to win,” Discord said as he held his hand to one side.

Dash looked where Discord indicated, two prize pedestals were sitting there, and her face went completely red when she saw what was sitting on the new one. Pack after pack of diapers, similar to the ones she’d been wearing so far during the contest but with tons of variety to them. “That’s right... If you lose, you’ll go home with a year supply of diapers, courtesy of your wonderful host,” Discord said as the audience cheered loudly.

Dash felt conflicted and embarrassed that she felt conflicted in the first place. Surely the large bit prize was the better one. She could buy all the diapers she wanted with that pile of money. Yet, the thought of going in a store and asking for cute diapers in her size made her cringe inside, and the idea of getting seen in public with something like that was just mortifying.

She looked back and forth between the two prize pedestals. “Well, let's go ahead and get the rules out of the way. This next round is going to be a babying competition. The goal is simple, you need to make your opponent feel as babyish as possible without the same happening to you. You’re going to actually start out with twenty points, and you’ll gain or lose points based on what happens in the round to a minimum of zero or a maximum of forty.” Discord explained as he started to transform the stage.

The stage was a bit of a mishmash of the other ones she’d seen so far. The surfaces were all padded, yet large trees were everywhere. She could see the baskets she’d added chocolate eggs to in the last round hanging from some of the higher branches, and even piles of what looked like snowballs but which smelled suspiciously like talcum powder. Dash looked around and wondered who exactly she’d be facing.

Then, she saw them. Among the trees, the costumes she’d been in so far were looking at her. She noticed they were all much cleaner than when she’d left them. Even the hamster was in one of the comically poofy cloth diapers, and as she looked around, she realized that all their eyes were on her. So much for babying her opponents. She shuddered to think about what they could do if they caught her. Did they have memories of what she’d failed on so far?

“Go!” Discord shouted one last time.

Dash darted for a nearby tree, ducking behind it just as three of the talcum snowballs slammed the ground right behind her. She saw the white powder poof out and realized these foal powder snowballs were lightly held together with baby oil. If that got on her, the smell would soak in and ensure once she was free she’d have an even harder time getting the babyish scent out of her fur. She looked around desperately, wondering where she should go when the bunny she’d just been wearing hopped around the corner and gave her a goofy smile.

Dash yelped as the soft rabbit jumped at her. She couldn’t get out of the way in time to keep the jackalope's large hind feet from knocking her gently to the ground and pinning her down. She went cross-eyed as the big, thankfully cleaned, cloth diaper was pushed against her face with the big jackalope feet wrapped to either side of her head to keep her down.

Dash started to wriggle and squirm, yet the big bunny held her down. She got a glimpse around his massive diaper and saw the hamster suit dragging one of the comically large cloth diapers toward her rear end. She bucked and wriggled, but her heart wasn't in it. She liked getting diapered too much to really try to resist this rare opportunity to have one strapped on her again.

Dash blushed brilliantly as she saw another snowball sailing through the air toward her. She couldn’t move with the big rabbit on her, and she groaned loudly as it splashed against the crotch of her tiger suit and exploded into a massive dose of powder. She looked up and saw her score go down by one on the board, but she knew she still had a chance.

Dash wanted to win. Prizes be damned, her reputation was on the line! She was the best at games, and she knew it. She put her all into it and slowly started to worm out of the bunny’s grip. She blushed all the brighter as she realized that there was hardly enough substance to keep her pinned down if she was trying. She felt the hamster try to drag her back and onto the soft cloth diaper, and whimpered as she delayed for a moment.

That was all it took, and the hamster had her by both feet and was dragging her back below the bunny’s diapered rump. She saw the rabbit’s tail wagging playfully as she got pulled into place and felt the hamster adjusting the cloth diaper around the tail of her costume. “Ooh, even dressed like a fierce feline predator, Diaper Dash just can’t resist being a cute little foal. Is she going to get strapped in?” Discord said from above as he watched the spectacle.

Dash grunted as she heard the audience cheering. She wasn’t about to give up. She noticed her score was still the same, so she started to pull and wriggle again in an attempt to get off the fluffy diaper before it could be pinned around her waist.

“C’mon” the pony grunted around her pacifier to bolster herself.

Just as Dash started to make progress again, she felt the hamster lift both ankles. She wiggled around but felt one of his soft plush paws come down with a plushy thump on her rear end. It didn’t hurt anything more than the pony’s pride as she was punished like a naughty foal for not holding still for her diaper change.

The hamster continued her diaper change as she saw the Spike suit moving closer. She wondered what Spike was doing for a moment before she saw what was in his hand. He had a baby bonnet that would fit over the head of the suit! Dash did not wanna wear a bonnet. But with the bunny’s fluffy rump pinning her to the ground she was hardly in any position to fight it. The Spike suit moved in and started tying the bonnet into place.

The pony grunted as she felt the hamster pull the thick padding up between her legs. She looked at the scoreboard and saw the bonnet had removed two points from her score. She was as low as she could go if she wanted to win. She whimpered as she considered trying to squirm out, but blushed as she imagined the hamster would give her a far more through spanking if she tried. She grunted as she saw the Spike suit pick up another one of the snowballs and look down at her. He didn’t move to throw it yet, but she knew he could any moment if he wanted to.

The hamster deftly pinned the diaper around her waist, and she grunted as she lost another point. She felt a surge of determination rise within her, she wasn’t just going to lay here and take this without a fight. She squirmed and managed to toss the rabbit off of her and onto the hamster. She turned to the Spike suit and deftly dodged as he threw the talcum ball at her. She couldn’t move as fast with the diaper between her legs, but she managed to get right up to the diapered dragon and push him against a tree.

Dash swiftly snagged the chocolate from the basket, and with a quick thrust of her plushy paw covered hoof, she stuffed it down the back of the dragon suit’s diaper. She heard the ding of her score going up once and sighed in relief. She looked at the clock, seeing that she only had about a minute left. Though the other two were getting to their feet if she could manage to avoid them long enough, she could still win this thing.

She took off through the trees, hearing talcum balls spattering the ground behind her, but if she just kept it up long enough, she’d be able to win this. The audience was cheering as loud as it had all day. Dash bit her lower lip. Though she still had thoughts coursing through her about winning the diapers, she knew she wasn’t going to quit trying for first prize. She looked around to see where all the suits were,  seeing that they were all too far away and she had very little time remaining. The end was in sight, but as the time counted down, Dash saw something before her that made her heart and stomach leap.

There was a fourth suit, and it was one that looked exactly like her! Well, exactly wasn't right. This was a plushy version of Rainbow Dash that was larger than her and was the only one of the suits she’d seen so far with a disposable diaper rather than a comical cloth one. She looked and saw that its plushy expression was very happy and was startled to see herself reflected like this.

Dash screeched to a halt, both to avoid getting close enough to get in the suit’s grasp and to try to process her feelings at the sight of it. She glanced to the audience, but they were silent as if they were waiting for her to decide how she felt so they could match it. Then she glanced up at the clock which seemed to her to be going slower. She watched as the suit started to waddle closer to her, and she felt an urge to run.

Yet, in her delay, the diaper-clad pony had made a mistake. The other three caught up to her and utterly dog-piled her. Dash watched as the plushy version of her moved up to her, and moved its hoof down to its crotch. The diaper came off, and the audience seemed to be watching reverently as the suit started to move toward her while the other diaper creatures all held her down.

“Ooh, could this be the end? Will she get double diapered like the world’s heaviest wetting little foal?” Discord said from above as Dash watched the padding getting pressed toward her.

She whimpered as she looked back, feeling a wave of humiliation wash over her. She squirmed against the soft paws pinning her down, but she knew as well as they did that it wasn’t her full effort. She whined as she looked at the pile of diapers, and felt the crinkly undergarment cover up the pinned cloth diaper completely.

The tapes were swiftly tugged into place by her captors, and she heard the sound of the round buzzer. She grunted as she looked up, hoping the final tape hadn’t landed before the time was up. Yet, as she looked at the scoreboard, she felt crestfallen. The score read sixteen. She’d lost.