Diaper Dash

by lunarrush

Round four

Dash startled awake and looked around. How long had she drifted off? She looked at the bear as she rested on its soft stomach, and she saw it didn’t seem to be moving anymore. She looked up at the scoreboard and whimpered when she saw it had counted all the way to zero. Though the nap, however long it had been, left her feeling refreshed, it had also let her precious points count down to zero! Now she’d have to do way better in the next rounds if she wanted a chance at the prize.

“Aww, looks like our contestant is done with her little nappy. Feeling better now, Diaper Dash?” Discord said as he appeared right before the groggy pony.

Dash grunted into the pacifier. With that in her mouth, she couldn’t respond with accusations that it was unfair! There was no way that nap was genuine… He forced it on her! She groaned as she sat up and felt a squish, realizing she’d obviously wet herself again in her sleep. Most likely another trick of Discord’s… She knew she was no bed wetter. But… once more, the outer cloth diaper was tinged yellow.

“My, my... Looks like a certain little cutie needs a change. Shall I reanimate your babysitter?” the draconequus teased as he held his hand up ready to cast the spell.

Dash shook her head. The last thing she wanted was to get teased more by the living plushie for the audience's amusement.

“Awww, okay. Well, I’ve made a decision on this round. Since you lost so hard, I’m willing to give you half the maximum points you earned,” the chaos draconequus remarked slyly.

Dash looked up hopefully, but when she saw the look on Discord’s face she knew, this concession was going to come at a cost.

“Well, I’ll let you earn back half your points. You’ll get eight for letting me do your next diaper change however I want, and another eight for agreeing to have a pacifier in your maw for the rest of the game,” Discord announced as a nail file appeared in the air. He snagged it and started to perfect his claws as he looked down at the suit wrapped pony.

Dash groaned. She knew if she wanted a real chance to win she’d have to take the concessions. She didn't understand what Discord meant by the first thing he’d asked for, but it couldn’t be anything that was going to help her in the next round. She looked up at the chaotic draconequus and slowly nodded her head, which she hoped he could see through the costume head.

“Well, it looks like our contestant wants to take the chance to keep her points. Now, let's get her changed out of that super soggy diaper, shall we?” Discord said with a turn to the audience.

Dash could hear the unseen audience cheering as she floated up into the air. She felt something form below her, and when she looked down, she realized she was on a changing table.

Discord snapped his fingers, and a moment later, he appeared beside the table. He unzipped the Spike outfit then pulled the suit open. Dash groaned as the pacifier of the spike suit left her maw then ‘mumfed’ as a new purple pacifier was popped into her mouth to take its place.

As the fresh air hit Dash, she realized for the first time just how sweltering the suit had been. She gasped, covered in sweat, and she’d wet herself enough that everything from her lower chest to her legs was thoroughly drenched. Of course, the padding had done a pretty good job absorbing it, but she could still feel just how damp she was.

Discord slowly patted the crotch of Dash’s diaper, making her blush and squirm anew. The crowd was in fits of giggles again as he did and Dash was still plagued by a nagging worry that this crowd may well be real… She tried to convince herself that it was all fake, but by this point was afraid to ask and look stupid no matter what the answer was… Embarrassed, she closed her eyes.

“Aww… Dashie’s still not having much fun huh?”

Dash wasn't sure what to say… She didn’t wanna seem like a poor sport and wound up giving her paci a quick unconscious ‘thuckle’ as her head spun.

“I told you Dash” Discord said, “if you just relax and don't let the crowd bother you, you may well enjoy yourself a lot…”

Discord gave the front of Dash’s diaper a few slow firm rubs.

As Dash felt the diaper squish and rub against her, she moaned briefly and then tried to say ‘hey’ around the paci, but the pacifier impeded her speech, so it came out more like “heweh.”

“Ah, Ah,” Discord said. “You agreed to let me do this change my way.”

Dash didn’t wanna go back on her word nor lose her points. But something about being handled like this against her will felt wrong… She set her face into a pout as she thought about it.

Discord sighed… “Well I don't want an unhappy baby on my hands,” he said. “I’ll tell you what, if you don't want me touching your diapie, just say so.”

Discord pulled his hand away from Dash’s diaper, and Dash was about to tell him off for getting ‘handsy’ with her but stopped… with the hand gone, Dash felt a little worse… She still liked being touched there. And now it was her choice if she wanted more of it or not. But Discord? Did she want that contact from Discord?

As if he could read her mind Discord said “I am not asking if you find me attractive baby butt. Just if you can admit to yourself that you like this.”

Dash’s ears folded back in shame.

Frustrated, Discord said “Oh, you ponies… You are so afraid of a little chaos”. He paused for a moment before adding, “There is fun to be had in the strange, you know. You just gotta let yourself go there.”

Dash was a lot of things but never liked being called “afraid.”

“I don't find you attractive Dashie” Discord said. "But if you can admit that you like this, then you may just have more fun than even you are used to having."

Dash tried to summon a response… but before she could Discord just shushed her.

“I’ll tell you what,” he said. “I’ll make it easy on you. You don't have to say anything yet. Just tell me if you want me to stop okay?”

Without waiting for a response, Discord went back to work. He lifted Dash’s legs off of the table and gave her soaked diaper rump a quick swat. Dash “mumphed” at this again but didn’t object. She could tell that this was less of a ‘spanking’ and more of a teasing swat. This may all be strange… but she could handle being teased she reasoned as she thucked more on the paci.

Discord lowered her legs and undid the tapes on her diaper. Dash sucked in a breath through her nose as the cool air hit her wet privates and her crotch and rump were revealed to the audience. The whistles and catcalling resumed, and Dash whined into her paci in distress.

“I told you, silly pony,” Discord said. “They respond to you.”

Dash sucked on her paci more as she thought of this. She tried to not care that they were there. And in response… the audience got quieter.

Discord giggled. A wipe appeared in his hand, and he set to work cleaning her up.

Dash moaned in embarrassment, and the crowd jeered anew. But this time she was ready. She told herself she didn’t care if they saw. That it was okay to play this game and that she didn't need to be consumed by fear that this would ruin her reputation if it were made public knowledge. The audience grew quiet again in response, and Dash slapped herself in the forehead with a hoof.

Discord laughed. “You really were worried they were real huh?” he asked. “I won't be offended sweetie, after all… I haven't always been great at knowing boundaries…”

Dash snorted a wordless agreement and laid back, more relaxed now then she’d been since she got to this realm.

“That’s it… lay back, sweetie. Wiggle a little bit and feel the sensations” Discord said. “When was the last time you were this cared for?”

Emotionally exhausted a bit from her relief from all the embarrassment she had been feeling, Dash just murmured a bit and lay back suckling on her paci. She wiggled a bit and felt the wet diaper squish under her weight and giggled at the surprisingly pleasant sensation. Dash couldn't suppress a goofy smile. This was all so silly! Here she was getting her diaper changed like a filly after she thoroughly soaked it. But… now that she knew it was private? This all felt kinda nice… She felt cared for. Some part of her brain remembered this… and it felt awesome to return to this moment. On a changing table. Just being cleaned by a caretaker. Totally free to relax and feel worth all this attention.

The audience ‘awwed,’ but this time it made Dash smile. They weren't making fun of her. It was just how she felt… She was cute, and she liked it.

Discord lifted Dash’s legs again and pulled the purple patterned diaper from under Dash’s waist. He set to work cleaning her rump. Used wipes would disappear from his hand as they were soiled and new ones would pop into existence to replace them. He cleaned her well and even poked lightly at her tail-hole as he made sure that no urine was left between her rump cheeks to cause the pony any discomfort.

Dash decided. She liked getting touched under her tail.

Discord laughed and said, “I told you.”

Dash just blushed and wondered if Discord could read her thoughts…

“Usually I don't,” he said, “cause it’s kinda a rude invasion of privacy.”

Dash’s eyes shot open from her happy, comfortable haze as she realized her inner monologue wasn’t private.

“See?” Discord said. “But this time I wanted to make sure… I… wouldn't wanna… I mean…”

Dash shot Discord a quizzical look as he stumbled for words, a thing he rarely ever did.

“I’d only wanna play this game if you liked it Dash,” he said.

Dash let herself fall back and suckled on her paci more, thinking over all this.

“Don’t worry.” Discord said, “Even for most of this game your thoughts have been private, this was just the first time I was touching you here, and I had to know if it was a thing you wanted me to not do.”

Dash felt reassured by this. Her diaper area was now clean, and Discord turned his attention to where the pee had gotten on her legs and a little up her midsection. With another snap of his fingers, he set an army of wet wipes after the pony. She yelped and wiggled as the cool wipes pressed against her from all angles. She felt like she was getting an improvised bath from soft fabric tongues swiping her body.

As she was cleaned, Discord seemed to ponder what he’d do with her next. “Hmm, shall we go with a design of another of your friends, or perhaps something that’s just adorable like the hamster? Do I want to give you your wings, or should you be without them for now? Ooh, I could do that… But no... Hmm, let's go with this,” the draconequus teased as he held his hand up to stop the wet wipes.

Dash felt as if every single crevice on her body had been wiped clean by the wet wipes. She watched as they flew into her former diaper, stuffing it full before it taped itself up and dropped with a damp plop directly to the right side of her head. She could lightly smell the scent of the still warm pee emanating from the diaper, a humbling reminder that she’d drenched it entirely like a little foal.

Discord continued to bend reality, and moments later, Dash found another huge baby bottle floating over her. Her paci was removed and just floated near her head, and Dash grunted as the bottle's big nipple pushed into her mouth and started to leak down her throat. The comically large bottle held a lot of liquid, insurance that she’d soon be soaking another diaper if she didn’t get through the next couple rounds quickly.

Next, the draconequus summoned a new thick disposable diaper. Dash watched as he lifted her hind hooves to pull her rump from the changing table and slowly slid the back of the padding under her. She kept gulping down the sweet milk as four bottles of foal powder started dusting her with their babyish contents, and as the dust cloud settled, she felt the front of the diaper strapped up into place.

Dash had to work a little while longer to finish the large bottle. But once it was empty, it was pulled away, and she looked down to see that the diaper had tiny carrots all over it and green and brown dots between them. As her paci returned to her maw Dash felt full and apprehensive, she felt the milk sloshing inside her and knew that meant more wet diapers in her future. She looked back up just as Discord finished his next creation, and her blush immediately returned in full force.

Her eyes fell upon a huge plush bunny suit, with soft pink fur covering the outside and enormous back feet. She saw the suit had fake antlers in addition to its fake floppy ears, It was a pink jackalope suit. The mouth of this one was open, thankfully, but it’s comically large teeth looked like they’d be big enough to cover Dash’s eyes.

The suit hopped over to Dash, and she grunted. Had he given it life? It jumped up on her, and its zipper flew open. She squirmed but could feel the soft plush padding covering up her body steadily. The talcum made it easier for the suit to slip onto her, and before long, she was every bit the pink plush bunny that Discord wanted her to be.

A hole had been left for her wings, though that really only served to make the suit look even more silly. The teeth slid over her eyes, yet she realized she could see through them, though her vision was a little obscured. She wondered how this was all possible, then remembered just how crazy things could get with Discord around. Finally, she felt the suit pull her to a seated position, and felt its fluffy tail wagging wildly behind her.

“Awww, there we go. Now Dashy, that suit is super special for the next round. It's going to work with you as long as you want it to, and it's going to work against you whenever you are conflicted as to what you want,” the chaos draconequus stated cryptically.

Though Dash didn’t fully understand, she tried to stand up. The suit didn’t inhibit her at all. Well… she thought… it didn't resist her attempts at movement, even seemed to be powered to help her move by lifting its legs along with her when she did. She’d be just as fast in this thing as she normally was. But her balance was all off, the big hind feet felt awkward to move, and the large rump combined with her own diaper made her waddle like a toddler. But overall, she liked this suit much better than the last ones. This one wouldn’t impede her speed, and she felt like that would give her her edge back.

“Alright, for the next challenge, we have a race. That’s why I picked an extra special suit for you, A lucky rabbit suit. It should make you extra fast,” the chaotic draconequus teased as he started to warp the stage.

The changing table disappeared, and Dash dropped to the stage on her padded behind. She looked up as a vast track formed before her, through trees, over short rivers, and far further into the distance than she’d been expecting.

“Alright, I know how fast you can go Dashie, but your goal isn’t only to race here. There are several devious traps set up along the way, and your goal is to deliver special eggs at twenty points along the path. You’ll find a basket for each one, and each candy egg you deliver will be worth two points for you. Do you understand the rules?” Discord said as he looked down at the crinkle clad pony.

Dash saw a large basket floating to her side, she assumed that it would follow her to make the deliveries. “Yeth, I undeswand,” the pony said, embarrassed as she butchered the sentence into toddler talk around the paci in her maw.

She remembered Discord’s second condition, and secretly tried to push the paci out of her mouth a little with her tongue as a test, but it’s guard stayed right against her lips, and she giggled as she realized she really had no choice but to suck on it for the rest of the game. She felt her cheeks warm with renewed embarrassment, but she also felt a slight thrill. This was still fun, even if it was humiliating. As the suit’s tail started to wag back and forth rapidly, she had an idea as to why Discord had animated the suit.

The cutesy jackalope around her reflected her inner excitement, and she wondered just how the ‘audience’ would respond. She heard an aww rise from the stands, and she tried to bring her focus back on the task at hand. As she turned back to the track, she started looking around to see if she could spot any baskets. A few were out in the open, but she knew she was going to have to hunt for most of them.

“Go!” Discord proclaimed as he flew high over the arena.

Dash started forward, grunting as the suit actually turned her gait into a hop due to its overly large hind feet and much smaller front ones. She felt silly as she hopped along the path toward the first basket she’d seen, but then she remembered she could fly.

Dash took to the skies. The suit felt weightless, it was still powered to follow her own movements even in the air. But a skilled flyer like Dash was instantly aware of how it messed with her aerodynamics, even at this low speed. What’s more, was that many of her moves would cause the suit to bump into itself in ways her own body didn’t when not wearing the suit. The bunny suit had an especially plump rump, varied leg sizes, and a different body shape. Dash realized that she’d have to try and account for these changes and if she fell back into her well-trained muscle memory it might get her into trouble.

She reached the first basket, the sporty pony felt good to have her athleticism back on her side but was trying to keep an eye out for the traps Discord had mentioned. She dropped to the ground beside the basket, looked over in the one that was floating next to her, and pulled out a small brown egg that looked as though it was made of chocolate.

As she set the egg in the basket, Dash heard a ding and saw her score increase. She turned and saw another basket pretty close by. She hopped closer, moving as quickly as she could, but before she reached the basket, she heard a click under her.

Dash looked down just in time to see bars surrounding her feet. She tried to jump forward, but it was a bit too late. The trap sprung up, colorful bars surrounding the pony, and as they reached about twice her size, they clicked into place. Dash looked as she saw several foal toys appear inside the childish cage. It was a playpen. She even saw a smaller version of the bear that had utterly dominated her last round, which brought an immediate blush to her face.

Dash moved to the bars and looked through them. She felt abashed, yet couldn’t help a wave of curiosity. She hopped up, barely snagging the top of the bars, and tried to pull herself out. She miscalculated the size of her bunny butt though, and soon she fell on her rump at the bottom of the cute playpen, landing next to some blocks and the plushie with a blush.

As Dash moved to roll to her feet, she felt the suit slowing her down. She felt the bunny tail wagging as she looked around the pen, feeling even more flustered having her hidden excitement on display. She could fly out she realized… but she somewhat wished it was a more difficult trap. She kinda wanted to be stuck in the pen for a minute or two, even if it put her at a disadvantage to finish the race. She grunted as she felt the suit move on its own, lifting its hind feet up, then whined as they pressed to her face cutely. The suit started to rock back and forth on its back and reached over to grab a block. Dash finally fully understood what Discord meant. If she kinda wanted to be a foal for a bit, the suit would take over, and only if she really wanted to stay in control would she be able to. She was caught in inner debate wondering what would happen next if she didn't wrestle back that control.

She let the suit keep control for the moment, and felt her front hooves pick up two blocks. She turned her top half to the side and started stacking up the pile of blocks. It was so easy, as the suit knew just what to do, and she looked toward the audience apprehensively as she heard them aww loudly. She didn’t want to get up just yet, especially when she saw the smaller version of the plushie move.

“Aww, you’re missing your diaper baby bun. Come here,” the plush said as a comically large cloth diaper appeared.

Dash blushed as she felt the plush slowly roll her onto it, but as she started trying to squirm, she felt the suit fighting her for control. She knew then that deep down some part of her really wanted to get diapered by the bear, so she groaned and laid back to let that part get placated.

Dash whined in humiliation as she saw the bear dousing the bunny suit’s crotch with talcum. She whimpered even louder as she felt just how thick the cloth diaper being fitted over her suit was. She wondered if she should let this continue, but as the plush massaged the talcum in, rubbing her crotch through its own thick padding pleasantly, she merely lay back and allowed the change to continue.

The plush took its time pinning the diaper on her, primarily because in this smaller form the padding was cartoonishly big enough to be a bit unwieldy. Eventually, she felt the last pin slipped into place, and she rolled slowly to her feet. She pressed her front hoof down to the front of the soft padding and moaned as she felt just how soft and thick it was. She felt the suit’s tail wagging happily, but resolved that if she wanted to be free, she was going to have to make up her mind and get out of the playpen.

The suit conformed to her will as she gained enough mental strength to overpower the desire to see what else waited for her in the playpen. She started to fly but grunted as she realized the comically large diaper made it even harder to take to the air. She reached a paw down to test the pins, but they held sure and seemed to be too complicated for her to work with her hooves padded up in the faux bunny paws.

Dash barely made it over the playpen wall and hopped to the basket to deliver the next egg. She dropped it into the basket as Discord called out, “Another two points for our contestant. Isn’t she just the cutest folks? I bet if we put her back in the playpen, she might stay for even longer next time, but she has eighteen more baskets to go and so many delicious traps to fall into.”

“Plus, she makes the most adorable diaper bun, doesn’t she?” Dash heard Discord magically whisper right into her ear.

She whined as she felt her tail wagging again, blushing as the realization of just how much fun this was set in on her. The fun she was having being treated like a foal left no doubt in her mind, win or lose… this was absolutely worth experiencing.


Dash’s next couple deliveries went much smoother. She dodged out of the way of a high chair that she almost felt the urge to go back and hop into to see what it did. She slipped out of a crib before the temptation to lie down on its ultra soft mattress and merely sit around could tempt her too much, and she managed to spot a few of the traps before they even started. The suit didn’t fight her as long as she didn’t lose the will to keep going on. Of course, Discord constantly teased her from high above as the audience gasped, cheered, and awwed at her every move.

Soon enough, she’d delivered eleven of the eggs, and she felt amazing. She was so close to her goal, and as long as she kept up the pace, she’d be able to win the round. She grunted as she looked at the scoreboard. There was a time there, but in a move she was sure was deliberate, she couldn’t read it through the obscuring front teeth. Her score was easy enough to see, but she knew Discord had hidden the time so she’d never know just how long she had to goof around before the round would be over.

Of course, the urge to see what the traps were capable of never entirely left her. As she continued along, she saw three baskets in a row. This was it, she’d be caught up in points and even a little bit ahead. As she hopped along, she did her best to watch for any traps. She got to the first basket easily, then delivered one of the eggs to the second basket. She was now ahead by one point. As she moved to the third, she paused. She could see a circle of traps surrounding the basket.

Dash sat stumped for a moment. The basket was too far in the circle for her to reach it without stepping in one of the traps. After a moment of consideration, she again remembered she could fly. She slapped her head lightly with one of the faux jackalope feet, realizing she was letting herself think too much like a bunny for her own good. She took to the air, pulled out an egg, and started forward carefully.

Dash heard a click as the trap circle below her activated. She grunted, realizing she hadn’t flown high enough to compensate for the overly thick cloth diaper. She scrambled and tossed the egg toward the basket just in time and watched with bated breath as it flew toward its target.

She let out a sigh of relief when she saw the egg land safely in the basket. She looked down as she heard a loud canvas zipping sound, and whined as she realized what was below her. An oversized canvas baby bouncer was pulling in around her, squishing her crotch and locking around her chest and shoulders tightly. She felt the rubbery cords tug up to attach to a tree above her, and grunted as she felt her weight press into the fabric before the whole contraption started to bound up and down.

Dash groaned as she bounced in the babyish contraption. Every squish down crushed the diaper against her crotch, and every bounce up made her feel the soaring sensation of taking off. She blushed as she realized the suit’s tail was wagging madly and she grunted loudly as the next bounce made her realize she had a full bladder again. She wasn’t wholly desperate yet, but the bouncing was distracting, and she knew it wouldn’t be too long before it became an issue.

Yet, something even more distracting than the rising urge to pee was the two pure white hooves that were reaching toward the floating basket from the top of the bouncer. Dash watched in curiosity as two of the eggs were pulled from the basket and moved behind her. One of the hooves gently pulled the back of the soft cloth diaper out, and the eggs were both deposited in the back.

Dash yelped. When the chocolate eggs had been dropped into the rear of the comically large cloth diaper on the bunny suit, she felt two more chocolate eggs summoned in the seat of her own inner diaper to match them. She whimpered as she felt them start to melt from her body heat. “Awww, looks like Diaper Dash is having a fun time in her bouncer! I wonder if she’ll be able to get out,” Discord teased.

Dash grunted as she looked down at the humiliating baby bouncer. Her lack of conviction let the suit start to gain control, and she whimpered as she felt the suit thrust her body down into the bouncer before kicking off from the ground with both feet. She squealed in both pleasure and humiliation as the jackalope suit bounced her in the babyish device. She somehow knew at that moment that she loved these as a foal and that this is the exact thing she'd do if she didn't have inhibitions about enjoying them again.

As she bounded down Dash’s face went as red as could be. One of the eggs broke open, and she felt chocolate goop pour out into the back of her diaper and spread all over her pampered hind end. She figured the ones in the outer diaper were doing the same and groaned as she realized that this would make her look like she messed herself. She watched with a slight whimper as two more eggs were slowly lifted toward her.

“Ooh, what a messy little foal! But it looks like she’s having fun,” Discord said as she squished down into the chocolate again.

Her face was entirely red, but the tail of the suit was wagging all the harder as she closed her eyes in embarrassment. She knew how much she loved this foal time, yet the embarrassment was nearly enough to win over and let her take control back. The next two eggs were dropped into the outer diaper, and with them, two more were again summoned into her inner padding. She whined as she felt them below her with the next bounce down, feeling their outer shell melting, and she knew it was only a matter of time before they were plastered to her behind. She whined loudly as she looked at the basket and realized they’d all been replaced. If she could escape, she could keep trying to get the rest of the baskets.

She tried to want to escape. She tried to focus on her desire to win. But she won games all the time… She never got to feel like a foal like she was getting right now. As she remained conflicted, the bunny suit was making it harder on her. Constantly giving her fun sensations as it moved on its own and made it hard for her to focus on wanting to get out of the humiliating baby bouncer.

She felt the bunny suit pull her legs in, and didn’t fight at all as it pushed them down into the ground hard, sending her flying higher in the babyish bouncer as she grunted loudly. She felt herself dropping down, and closed her eyes in anticipation. As she felt her butt mash the eggs hard enough to split them and cover her behind in their inner chocolate goop, she groaned exceptionally loudly. She felt the jackalope suit grinding her hind end back and forth, rubbing the chocolate in and letting her feel just how much like a foal she could feel like getting bounced in a mushy mess.

As she bounced down again, Dash felt a dribble in the front of her diaper. She whined and moved her front hooves to her crotch to try to hold it in, but as the bouncing continued, she realized it was too late. With every bounce down, a spurt of pee filled the front of her padding. Two more chocolate eggs were deposited into her diaper, and the suit bounced up hard again. This time, the eggs didn’t crack right away… She wondered what was going on as the front of her diaper warmed helplessly.

Even without the suit in control, she didn’t know if she could bring herself to fight the bouncing. She squirmed lightly, but as the bunny pushed off from the ground again, both front hooves flew up to brace against the bands holding the bouncer. Her eyes flew wide open, and she moaned helplessly as she felt one of the eggs align with her back door… Whimpering, she realized exactly what was happening moments before it did. As her weight fell back down, she felt the egg get pushed quickly and painlessly into her magically lubed rear. She ‘mumphed’ around her paci and froze as the bouncing continued… She felt… full… back there… and was surprised to realize that she liked it, a lot…

As she bounced the second egg aligned and pushed in to join the first and she moaned in embarrassment again. With each bounce, her weight would shift and change how her inner walls would push against the chocolate eggs invading her rear. Dash closed her eyes and moaned. She’d never really entertained the idea of playing with her tailhole before… But now? She knew that rump stuff was gonna become a common thing for her. Dash smiled as she felt two more eggs appear in her diaper. She bit her lip as one by one they aligned on a bounce up and then would push in as her weight came back down. The audience was whistling and hooting its approval.

Just as Dash was starting to feel particularly full back there, the bouncing slowed. She dangled and spun gently for a moment and then squealed into her paci-gag as she realized what the suit was up to. She knew the bunny suit was still in control as she lifted up slightly in her bouncer and involuntarily begin to push… The eggs had melted in her rear a bit and came out as broken chocolate shells along with their inner goop. Her push to expel the pressure in her rump caused her to let loose all the pee she had been holding, and she drenched her diapers in earnest as she loaded up the back with chocolate.

She suckled her paci for comfort as she felt her diaper fill. She knew she should hate this… but the wagging of the bunny tail let her know that she secretly loved this. Even if she didn't wanna admit it to herself. She was suddenly conflicted to have the suit let her know that… To have it skip over the self-doubt and instantly affirm that she liked this.

Her ears lowered in shame… This was too much. She shouldn’t like this. No one should. Dash didn't even really hear when the audience resumed its jeering.

“I shouldn't like this…” she thought.

She felt the diaper around her waist start to leak into the plush bunny suit and the outer diaper and sniffled slightly as she finished peeing.

“Shhh, poor baby. She’s all kinds of squishy now, isn’t she?” Discord soothed from above. “It's hard to admit what you like I guess when it's not normal at least.”

The audience laughed and cooed at her.

She didn’t know what they were saying, but she knew it was embarrassing. The jackalope suit made her squish and wiggle into the mess in the back of her padding. Its tail was still wagging away as it resumed its happy bouncing. Dash felt defeated. This round was over, and she just wanted the timer to run out already.