Diaper Dash

by lunarrush

Round three

“Well now, let's give her a hand! She did well, didn’t she, folks?” Discord asked as he moved over near Dash.

The audience all started to applaud, and though she felt humiliated to be standing there in the jello-swollen hamster suit, she knew they were cheering for her because she’d managed to escape the degrading wheel trap.

“That’s right. Now, I think we’re going to change the rules a little bit for Miss Diaper Dash,” Discord started as he held up his hands.

A long ribbon appeared between them, marked off in quarters. He shrunk it and showed a mark where Dash had gotten to in total distance to the end. “See, she got to here, and I said we’d only award every quarter. I think an eighth is worth five points though,” the chaotic draconequus said, apparently attempting to sound magnanimous.

“I… It’s Rainbow Dash, not Diaper Dash,” the pony said.

“What was that? You want me to rename you Diaper Rash? But you couldn’t have one of those yet. You’ve not been diapered that long,” Discord teased with a chuckle, “Maybe you meant to say ‘Thank you Mr. Discord for letting me get more points than I would have earned otherwise in the last round.' Do you think that’s what you meant?”

Dash groaned. She knew there was no point arguing. She’d definitely prefer Diaper Dash to Diaper Rash at any rate. “Yes… I guess that’s what I meant,” she muttered as her ears lowered submissively.

“Heh. Well, then say what you mean, unless you think a foal like you wouldn’t be able to say something like that,” Discord teased with a cackle.

Dash grunted. She knew he still had her over a barrel, so she looked to the ground and repeated exactly what he’d told her to say.

“Aww, well thank you, I do try to be fair. In fact, to show I’ve no ill will for your little outburst, I’ll even give you a diaper change,” Discord said with a chuckle.

Dash hoped to be rid of the plush suit and diaper but knew something like this was coming because she’d scored fewer points than she needed and she was still on a game show run by an embodiment of absolute chaos. She yelped in surprise as a modified version of the chair from the last round appeared below her, this time with a flexible locking tray over her lap meant to keep her trapped in it that reminded her a lot of a high chair tray.

The blushing pony watched as two white hooves like the one that had held the paddle earlier extended from the side of the chair and started zipping the hamster suit off. Dash sighed as she felt a burst of heat escape from the silly costume as it was pulled off her, leaving her in nothing more than the pink, unused but jello swollen diaper.

“Hmm, now let's see here. What’s most suitable for a foal like you?” the chaotic draconequus mused as the hooves of the chair pulled the pink diaper off, “Ooh, I know just the thing!”

As Discord snapped his fingers, Dash blushed brightly. She saw a fresh diaper, and a new plush costume suit appear nearby. The diaper had a purple claw pattern and a picture of Spike across the front, and the suit matched it perfectly. The plush costume itself looked like it was wearing a cloth diaper and sucking a pacifier, and had dulled plush claws on the end of each paw. The mouth of this one wasn’t open, and Dash wondered how she was going to see out of it.

The humiliated pony squirmed in the makeshift high chair, but the hooves went right to work on her. A box of wipes had been summoned nearby, and they started scrubbing her down, washing all the jello that was left away. Dash tried to push back to get out of the high chair but realized the tray was too close for her to escape her diapering. She was helpless to get out of the seat until she was released, so she merely sat down pouting with her forelegs crossed across her chest.

“Aww… Does the pouty foal want a new spanking? You really seemed to like the last one...” Discord teased with a glint in his eye.

“No!” Dash yelled, throwing her hooves to the sides as she did.

Her eyes immediately shot wide open as she realized just how much she looked like a toddler throwing a tantrum. Dash cringed as she expected Discord to tease her for that. But instead, he seemed a little more somber now somehow.

He walked over to her high chair and asked “Didn't like the spanking huh?”

Rather than jeer her, the audience was murmuring quietly, and Dash realized she was being asked a sincere question.

“No…” she said honestly. Not sure why anyone would like a spanking…

“Hmm…” Discord said, seeming to be struggling with a concept. He struck on an idea and brightened as he asked “Is this what you were liking then?”

One of the hooves wiping away jello turned a new wipe to Dash’s marehood and wiped it with a little more pressure than necessary. Dash let out an involuntary moan and then quickly shook her head ‘no’ to try and disagree that it felt good to have someone else doing the touching there for once. But before she could stammer out her response, Discord took her by the muzzle and raised her gave to meet his.

“Now now” he chided, “good little fillies don't lie now do they, Miss Dash.”

The hoof continued to rub her slit with its wipe as the other hoof began a very thorough cleaning of her backside. Overwhelmed by the stimulation Dash could only close her eyes and moan. She wanted to disagree that this felt good, but for the moment she was a little filly again and was afraid of some potential punishment for being ‘bad’ and lying about it.

The audience cheered and awwed as discord tutted “Little miss Dashie, too embarrassed about liking mares to go out and get a sex life… Now she’s totally unused to any contact back there at all. Is that it?”

Dash’s bottom lip quivered a bit… being ‘gay’ was always a bit of a sore subject for her.

Discord shushed her soothingly, then said “You know… other ponies react to how you see yourself. If you are okay with it, most of them will be too. But most of all? If you are okay with it, then the jerks that still aren't okay with it won't bug you as much. When you are alright with yourself, then it matters to you a lot less what others think of you.”

Dash tried to consider this… but the wipes working on her nether region were clouding her thoughts a bit…

Discord sighed. “You’ll see…” he said quietly. Then he snapped his fingers and said “Back to work you two” and the hooves went back to clearing away the remaining jello that had seeped through the plush suit.

Once Dash was clean a bottle of foal powder poofed into existence in one of the hooves hold. The talcum bottle was open, and the machine started pouring tons of talcum all over her. She could feel the soft powder getting rubbed into her fur as the bottle doused her from every angle. Reality snapped back quickly as Dash remembered that she was moments away from an even more humiliating costume.

“Why...do I have to wear a diaper if I’m going in… That…” Dash asked with a brilliant blush on her face as she looked at the suit.

“Why, because if you wet yourself, we gotta make sure you don’t leak. I’d bet someone like you is a real heavy wetter,” the draconequus teased, whispering directly into Dash’s ear. “After all, you practically guzzled a quart of milk. I bet if you wet, you’ll soak through your diaper and still need the one on the suit.”

Dash could only guess he’d whispered it to keep her blushing as she noticed that her bladder was indeed beginning to be a concern and really hoped that she’d be able to keep that a secret until the game was over.

The way that the chaos draconequus toyed with her made Dash get the sinking feeling things would only get more embarrassing from here. She felt the Spike diaper pressed to her crotch, and her ears lowered as she heard the humiliating foal underwear crinkle constantly as it was wrapped over her rear end.

As soon as her butt was securely locked in the thick diaper, the suit was moved right before her. She couldn’t get out of the way in time, and soon enough she felt her limbs being pressed into the pleasantly soft legs of the Spike suit. She blushed as she was rolled to her feet, then watched as the falsely diapered butt of the costume covered her own crinkling rear, and the body of the outfit was zipped closed around her. Thankfully, this time there was a slot left open for her wings. She stretched them out and felt better now that she had her favorite mode of movement back.

The hooves reached the head of the suit and Dash felt her face wrapped tightly in the soft padding and whined as she felt something rubbery pushed into her mouth. Within seconds, the head of the suit was wrapped around her own. She looked out and realized she was looking through the nostrils of the spike suit. The pacifier in the suit’s mouth filled her own, and the padding squeezed down on her muzzle to keep her quiet.

The suit started to warm around her, much more quickly now that her head was entirely wrapped. The plush padding around her snout was, thankfully, not nearly as thick as it was around the rest of her body. She had no trouble breathing, but every breath caused her suit to warm up more.

“Well, well. Now that you’re in a more fitting suit for the next challenge, I think it’s time for round three. This time, how about we go with a tug of war? The way you’ll earn points is simple, the rope will be marked with points along its length, and the further you drag your opponent toward the line the more points you’ll get. Let’s see here, you’re down by one point right now, so if you get twenty-one or better you’ll come out ahead!” Discord announced to the still hidden-in-shadows studio audience.

An opponent? Who would the draconequus pull up here on stage to face her in a tug of war? She desperately hoped it wouldn’t be one of her friends… There was no way Discord would bring in another pony to witness this right?

What appeared before her relieved that fear but made her groan in embarrassment. A giant teddy bear, large enough to make her feel like she was actually Spike’s size, stood across the stage from her. “Ooh, time to play a game, little guy! Do your best!” the teddy bear said with a goofy chuckle.

Of course, with her mouth stuffed full of the pacifier, Dash couldn’t voice her complaint at being called a “little guy.” The bear must be treating her like Spike, and as a tied rope appeared around her waist with the other end in the bear’s hand, she knew she’d have to put her all into the game if she wanted to pull someone that big around.

“Oh, and one last thing before we start. If our contestant gets pulled over the line, the bear will, of course, go about babysitting her for a while. For every minute she’s kept, she’ll lose a point. Better hope you’re good at squirming, Diaper Dash,” Discord chuckled as he appeared high over the stage in a rather cushy looking chair.

“Alright, let's go!” the draconequus shouted, giving Rainbow only seconds to get ready before she felt the bear start to tug on its end of the rope.

Rainbow felt herself slipping toward the line immediately, and she yelped into her pacifier as she tried to press her hooves down. The plush dragon feet of her suit had slick bottoms, and the fake claws did nothing to help her hold her ground. “Ooh, looks like I’m gonna win,” the bear said in a sing-songy voice that reminded Dash of anypony that she’d ever seen babysit a young foal.

After a few seconds of getting dragged along, Dash finally gained enough traction to take a step forward. She pushed her full weight into the step and managed to drag the bear one step closer and back to her starting position. She thrust forward as her wings beat down. The suit-clad pony took to the air, using her wings to pull the rope around her waist.

Dash watched as the scoreboard counted up, one point at a time. She managed to get to about ten points as she heard the bear say, “Wow, you’re doing really good! You’ll be a big strong dragon someday, kiddo.”

It was degrading, to be talked to like this, but at least she was making progress. The pony continued to beat her wings, but the suit slowed down her usual speed, and the weight of the bear acted as a veritable anchor. She looked up and saw she was at fifteen points. She felt a sudden lurch as the bear leaned back enough to drag her back a bit. Thankfully, not enough for the score to go back down, but she saw the silly grin on the bear’s face and knew if she was captured it was going to be difficult to get free.

As she beat her wings again and started to pull forward the pony grunted. She felt a twinge in her bladder, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time. She felt the rope tightly squeezing her midsection and knew this was a losing battle. She felt the hot diaper taped firmly to her behind and whimpered in sheer embarrassment. She wasn’t ready to give up, mainly because she had a feeling Discord had something planned to ensure the audience would know the moment she soaked herself.

She had to end this quick... She grunted as every hard-fought inch forward pressed on her bladder and drove her closer to shamefully soaking herself. She watched her score start to count up again, but crossed her eyes and held her thighs together as she reached eighteen. Her bladder was getting to a point she couldn’t keep it in, but she just had to go a little further to make this round worth it.

Dash pushed forward, driving on as hard as she could. Her wings beat against the suit, her body trembling as she focused as much on pressing forward as she did on holding her bladder. She closed her eyes tightly in concentration as she stayed strong despite the dam filling nearly to the point of bursting within her.

Dash panted, starting to feel exhausted. She opened her eyes as she reached the point she couldn’t push on without soaking herself and looked up at the scoreboard with a furtive glance. She felt her heart leap and flutter as she saw she was at thirty-two points, way more than she’d expected for this round. Her bladder twinged and she knew there was no way she was going to hold out much longer. Maybe, just maybe, she could push through and drag the bear over the line before she gave out.

“Yay, you did so well! Good job, little baby dragon!” the teddy cheered.

Dash’s cheeks lit up inside her suit. Was the bear being condescending to distract her? “Alright, I think it’s time for this game to be over, little guy,” the bear continued as it took a step back.

Dash yelped, she hadn’t expected the sudden tug backward. Her eyes crossed as she just barely managed to keep from drenching her diaper. She felt desperation set in as the bear started to tug back quickly. She groaned as she realized the bear hadn’t even been trying until now! She hit the ground with a padded thump and tried to press her hooves down, but the exertion was too much for her to focus on while she was trying to keep from soaking herself.

The stress caused the plush costumed pony to feel the heat of the suit as if for the first time. Dash's whole body felt like it was covered in thick blankets, and the pacifier and soft plush wrapping her muzzle meant every exerted breath made the heat even worse. Yet, as she was dragged back, she knew another inevitability was about to make the suit even warmer.

It happened so suddenly that Dash didn’t have time to react. The bear gave a tug which tensed the rope in just the right way and hit her bladder with the final blow. She felt her muscles quivering in exhaustion before they’d finally had enough trying to hold back. Then, all at once, everything in her body gave in to the pressure, and she felt the front of her diaper start to warm as hot pony pee dribbled out into its waiting front.

That was enough to leave Dash utterly at the bear’s mercy. As she helplessly released the vast torrent of urine into the front of her diaper, she felt the rope reel her in. She crossed the line with no further resistance as the bear pulled her right to his feet. “Aww, that’s alright little guy. You did very well,” the bear said consolingly.

She felt the bear’s hand squish the front of her diaper, and her cheeks lit up brightly inside the suit as she realized she was getting her diaper checked. Dash didn’t know how to feel at that exact moment. She felt a surge of embarrassment from the fact she was still saturating her diaper with a light hiss inside the suit. But also there was this sudden fluttering feeling inside her  which left her feeling so conflicted that all she could do was moan into the suit’s extra large pacifier.

Yet, the torrent continued. It felt strange to pee for this long, and had Dash been any less flooded by the relief and embarrassment of finally releasing her full bladder she might have understood that she definitely wasn’t peeing a normal amount. This was far more than her bladder was actually capable of holding and had to be a trick of Discord’s. She whimpered and squirmed as she felt dribbles leaking from the diaper taped to her waist. She’d actually managed to flood the babyish undergarment enough that it was pouring out into the suit. She moaned in a mixture of relief and pleasure she’d never admit to as the cloth diaper on the plush suit dutifully soaked up her pee while the bear groped her thickly diapered crotch again.

Dash looked down at the bear’s hand, and her eyes went wide as she realized the front of the faux cloth diaper had turned yellow. She squirmed as she continued to dribble, whining in sheer disgrace as the bear softly comforted her. “Aww, looks like this cute little dragon isn’t ready for potty training just yet. Let it all out, big guy, then we’ll get you changed,” the big bear said as his plush hand squished the front of Dash’s diaper again.

She fussed as the inner layer drenched her crotch in pee again due to the bear's firm grip, causing the audience to let out a peal of laughter. The suit squished audibly enough Dash was sure the whole room could hear how wet she was. Her embarrassment hit a new low… This time was different. This isn’t something that was done to her, but rather she was doing this. She was wetting herself like an infant and in front of a jeering audience.

Dash groaned as the stream finally started to peter off. She was panting, and ironically happy her head was surrounded in the suit and hidden away right now. She looked up at the bear helplessly, but what she saw in its reflective plastic eyes left her even more squirmy. The cheeks of her suit were blushing in sync with her own face! There was no hiding her embarrassment from the audience, the bear, or the chuckling chaotic draconequus as she squirmed in her freshly wet diaper.

The bear squished her crotch once more for good measure and gave a nod of satisfaction. There’s a good boy! All ready for your didie change, huh?” the bear asked as it pressed Dash down to the stage.

The pony, in a moment of clarity amidst the sea of emotions washing her away, turned to the scoreboard and saw that two minutes had already passed. Her precious points were dribbling away from her as quickly as her pee had dribbled into the diaper. Would she even be able to escape her plush tormentor before he drained all her points away in a wave of babyish humiliation?

Dash grunted as she tried to roll to the side. The suit made even that far harder, especially with its false cloth diaper swollen to the point she couldn’t touch her hind hooves together. Yet, before she’d moved an inch, she felt one of the bear’s hands rest softly on her stomach. “Ah ah, you can’t go around in a diaper like that. Just a minute longer and your changie will be all done Spikey Wikey,” the bear teased.

Dash tried to squirm, but the bear’s soft hand on her stomach kept her from moving at all. He undid the large pins holding on the outer cloth diaper and soon enough the crotch of the plush Spike suit was in the open air. Dash wondered for a brief moment if the bear would continue undressing her down to the absolutely drenched padding wrapped to her butt. Yet, the teddy was just after the toony cloth diaper, and as that was pulled from below her, she whimpered into her pacifier. Her wet suit and drenched diaper weren't going anywhere.

“My my, look at what a heavy wetter you are. Guess we should expect that from a big strong dragon like you,” the teddy teased as it bundled the drenched cloth diaper up and placed it aside. Dash felt wholly flustered. Had she really wet that much? She instinctively moved her front hooves up to cover her face, and she felt the bear lifting her suited rump from the ground as an even more cartoonishly thick cloth diaper appeared nearby.

“This will make sure you don’t leak, little guy. Might have a hard time toddling around in a diaper this thick though… but that’s okay, I think it’s nap time for all good baby dragons anyways” the bear teased as he started to wrap the thick, soft cloth around the suits behind. Dash groaned and squirmed, but the bear quickly stopped her movement with one firm hand. She wasn’t going anywhere until the diaper was in place, and as she looked up at the time, she knew she was better to hold still for a minute or two more. If not, she’d just rack up a worse penalty, and she was already down to twenty-six points.

The bear continued the change unimpeded. After the thick cloth diaper was below her suit, Dash saw a bottle of talcum summoned, and the bear doused it all over her. She could smell the sweet powder filling the air once again with its soft aroma, and it made her moan knowing that she'd soon smell more babyish than ever. It was even worse because the diaper change was, at most, a token effort and a means of humiliating her without providing actual relief from her drenched padding. Her crotch was trapped in its soaked prison, and she got all the humiliation of getting laid out by the bear and getting changed like a foal. All the while the audience was still giggling and whistling its approval of the spectacle before them. Dash closed her eyes in shame and waited for this part to end. But even with her eyes closed, every enthusiastic stomp from some pleased pony in the audience felt like a blow to her pride.

As the bear folded the front of the thick cloth up, Dash realized she couldn’t even come close to closing her legs when she was this thickly padded. She grunted into the pacifier plugged into her mouth, knowing this was going to make escape very hard. She looked at the scoreboard as she felt the last pin slipped in. She was down to twenty-four points. If she got away now, she’d still be ahead.

But, the bear had other plans. Before Dash could so much as try to roll to her feet, the thickly padded pony felt the soft plush’s hands pick her up and gently cradle her on her back. She squirmed, though it did nothing to free her from the plush’s sure grip. “Alright, playtime’s over, little cutie, I think it's nap time,” the bear cooed as it looked down at her with its large glass eyes and a broad smile.

Dash had never felt more belittled in all her life. She felt the bear start to gently rock her in its arms, bouncing her a little and holding on tightly as she wriggled to try to get free. She felt the exhaustion from the last few rounds, especially her burst of speed at the end of her attempt on this one, settle throughout her whole body. She whined as she realized she’d worn out all her options.

Dash still wiggled, but as a few minutes passed in the plush’s soft grip, she couldn’t help the way her eyes grew heavier. She grunted, certain Discord must have something to do with her sudden tiredness as she looked up at the scoreboard, which showed she was already down to twenty-one points. If she wanted to keep caught up, it had to be now. She squirmed with the last of her strength, yet she just couldn’t break her caretaker’s iron grip. “Shh, it's alright little one,” the bear reassured softly, holding her tightly in its soft grip.

It was becoming harder to fight back. Though Dash still felt thoroughly humiliated, she couldn’t do anything about it now. She looked out as she heard the audience awwing and coo-ing at her. She could hear Discord saying something, but what was it? She groaned as sleepiness set in, she took one last look at the scoreboard. She was down to twenty points for the round, and for every minute she stayed caught it would continue to slip away. She just felt too tired to worry about it now, too tired to care about anything but resting. She gave one last grumpy grunt into her pacifier as her eyes shut and refused to open again.