Diaper Dash

by lunarrush

Round two

After the bottle was finished and her pacifier had been returned, everything around Rainbow Dash vanished. She was left laying on the stage with a belly full of milk and her warm suit surrounding every bit of her body. She grunted as she got to her feet and attempted to get at the zipper of the suit. The thick mitts kept her from getting a grip, and the zipper seemed to have a number on it just like the tapes on her diaper had. So, she had at least one round to go before she’d get out of the warm, comfy feeling, yet encumbering and blush-inducing suit.

“Well, well. Seems Diaper Dash has managed to win the first round!” Discord teased as he appeared right behind her.

He was holding a cup of tea in one hand and sipping it through an approximately six-foot long straw that looped out and around the container, Discord’s arm, and even up and around both his horns.

Dash lowered her ears as she heard cheers and laughter from the audience. She tried to look at them, but the stage lights were far too bright for her to make out any of the shadowy figures in the audience. “‘M naht dahper d’sh,” she replied indignantly before spitting the pacifier out as her blush got even more brilliant.

“Heh! Well, you sure look like you are from here. Anyway, are you ready to begin your next round?” Discord responded as a devious grin filled his face.

“What’s… what’s going on?” Dash asked.

She had a hint of vulnerability in her voice and eyes after that embarrassment marathon, and her  many thwarted struggles to maintain some control. This moment between rounds finally gave her the time to try and get her bearings back. And she still had no idea just what Discord was playing at...

Discords smile faltered for a second before returning with a touch of something that looked like care. He put a hand under the hamster suit’s chin and lifted Dash’s gave to meet his own. As he looked at her embarrassed face, she looked away, and he used his other hand to stoke the hamster's cheek. Dash could easily feel the contact through the soft suit, and it was surprisingly kinda comforting.

“Dashie,” he said soothingly, “You’re being very brave. And if you keep being brave, then I really think you’ll have even more fun than you are already having.”

In her current attire Dash cringed at the use of her ‘pet-name.’ The last thing she wanted was to feel more babyish then she already felt. But something in the way Discord was acting had her reasonably sure that this wasn't some trap to ruin her reputation for good. After all, she couldn't remember ever seeing him this gentle before. Trying to summon her strength, she took a deep breath through her nose and steeled her nerves. Her usually cheerful and competitive attitude was starting to return as she met his gave and gave a small smile.

Discord saw that Dash was rebounding. “And don’t forget sweetie,” he said, “if you win you still get those fabulous prizes.”

With a snap of his claws, the bit pile appeared in Dash’s view right beside Discord. Dash’s eyes locked on her prize and then Discord made the pile puff away again in a plume of smoke. His trickster’s smile returned full force as he knew he succeeded in getting his fish to agree to stay on the hook.

Her goal in sight again, Dash was determined to win. But this stupid suit would make anything difficult. She grunted as she looked back. With her wings pinned down, her best asset was locked away and useless. “Umm, don’t I get to take this suit off first?” she asked hopefully.

“Nope. If you get caught and changed during a round, you have to wear whatever is put on you for the next round. Besides, you look positively adorable,” Discord answered confidently as he moved to the padded pony’s side.

Dash rolled her eyes. She didn't really expect any different from Discord. He lived for this kinda silly nonsense after all.

“Well, since your wings are out for the next round, I figure it’s time for something on the ground. How about an obstacle course? Seems fitting for a cute little hamster like you,” Discord said as he stood behind the suit-clad pony.

Discord patted the plush suit’s rear pretty forcefully after he spoke. Making Dash ‘unf’ the air in her lungs out through her nose as she managed to avoid falling forward. Even with all that padding, she felt that impact pretty well. It was so strange to her to be handled back there again. Normally it was taboo to handle another pony’s rump, but this game had her getting some attention back there, and she wasn't sure how to feel about how much she liked the touches.

Dash watched as the draconequus snapped his fingers, and the center of the stage sunk in and started getting covered in soft obstacles. The very bottom of the newly created pit formed soft padding, then filled with about a foot of something green and slimy looking.

“Welcome to the jello pit. Your goal here is simple. You just need to cross to the other side. Of course, the traps down there ought to provide you with plenty of challenge, and your score will be split based on how far you’ve made it. A quarter way counts for ten points, and so on,” the draconequus announced as he finished his tea by slurping the cup through his straw, then consuming the straw itself.

Dash looked carefully at the obstacle course. This was going to be far more difficult with her wings pinned by the suit. Still, she knew she could do it. The soft surfaces looked like they’d get slick quickly. The worst thing she could do was get anywhere near the jello at the bottom of the pit.

“Go!” Discord shouted as he backed away.

Startled by how abruptly Discord liked to start the rounds, Dash stumbled as she started to run along. The arena was a maze of branching paths made up of cushioned platforms. She noticed that these paths would branch out and lead to different obstacles and then would then meet up again later, which gave her options in how to proceed. She was at the topmost layer now. And could see that if she fell, there were layers of other obstacles on their own paths below her before she got to the jello pit.

She decided to try for straight ahead at first and began to run a little better as she found her rhythm in this silly suit and made it to the first ledge. A padded rotor ahead of her blocked the landing on the next platform, and she watched a moment to see how fast it was going so she could plan her jump. She yelped as she felt something softly smack her behind. The cushioned platform under her had tipped up and was pushing her to the edge. She grunted and lunged as it gave her no alternative.

Dash felt the soft rotor catch her and drag her near the edge of the platform. She struggled to hold on, but with the plush suit covering her hooves, she didn’t have the grip. She slipped and fell on her rump onto another soft platform lower down. She looked around. There was a path behind her that led back to the top that seemed clear, and another path ahead of her that seemed to be broken into small tile like sections that were raising and lowering.

She decided she’d try to go ahead, reasoning she might have a better time on the unstable ground path rather than fighting against the soft rotor. She jumped forward and felt the soft tile under her front right hoof lower abruptly. She tried to push forward, then whined as a tile below her pressed up between her legs. The soft cushion lifted her and pressed against her crotch, compressing the thick diaper taped there and high centering her for a moment.

She felt that tile drop but the ones under her front right and back left feet lifted, causing her to wobble in place and nearly tip to the ground. She managed to catch her balance just in time for those tiles to lower and the one at her crotch to move up against her diaper front again. She buckled and was momentarily limp laying over the tile holding her up by the crotch. In this position, the diaper was forced against her marehood, and her shifting weight caused it to rub her down there. She let out a small moan, and the crowd responded with a mix of laughter and cheers, which only served to heighten her embarrassment. Pushing back any feelings of enjoyment she flopped forward and managed to get off the cushiony tile this time and finally resumed forward progress. But then the pad directly in front of her came up, and she ran headlong into it.

Dash snorted as she took a step to the side, and felt the tile halfway beneath her left side lift up. She yelped in frustration as the tile to her right lowered, and she toppled onto it and almost straight off the platform. She began to get to her feet, just in time for the platform under her front left hoof to lift up suddenly. She tipped, and with a yelp landed on the next platform down.

Dash groaned and gingerly got to her feet. The surface below her was rubbery. As she stood, she realized she was on top of a giant rubber ball, and that there were two soft platforms on each side of it.

Before she could get her bearings, Dash felt the ball jolt below her. She collapsed back to her stomach as the soft platforms moved and rocked the ball below her. She started to crawl toward the edge of the ball as the next platform smacked the underside of the ball, causing a jolt to shake the tumbled pony.

Dash made it to the side of the ball and looked down. The only remaining level to fall to was the jello pit. Though she couldn’t see any obstacles from here, she knew they were likely waiting for her to plummet before they activated. She looked ahead at the next platform, which looked like a teeter-totter. She’d have to move across it swiftly, or she’d definitely end up taking a bath in the jello below.

She felt a sharp jolt from one of the platforms and knew this was her chance. Jumped to her feet and trying to stop her legs from shaking, she closed her eyes and jumped immediately so she wouldn’t get bounced off. She opened her eyes as her front hooves connected with the cushioned platform. Of course, it immediately started to tip toward her. She stepped forward, trying to stabilize the teeter-totter before it dropped her into the lake of slime. She felt the surface below her hooves getting too steep. She lunged and barely managed to get to the middle and start to tip it back the other way before she took a dip in the jello.

Dash sighed in relief. She tipped forward enough to push the platform back to almost center. Her hooves stood firm on the more stable ground as she looked at the platform ahead. It seemed entirely stable, but she imagined it would have some trick the moment she stepped on it.

The next platform was higher than this one. Rainbow realized the only way she’d make the jump to it was if the teeter-totter was tipped up toward it. That meant she’d have to make it up a sharp incline to get there before it dipped. She looked down uncertainty and back at the ball. It was too late to go back, believing she wouldn’t be able to make it across the ball platform again. The only way in her favor was forward. She carefully took a couple steps back, letting the teeter-totter tip up. Dash narrowed her focus… her diaper waddle was making this difficult… normally she didn't have to account for its impact on her movement, but she was determined. Dash waited as the teeter-totter was tipping, so it was inclined up towards the platform she needed. Then, just as her feet started to slip, she jumped ahead and charged up the platform as quickly as she could manage.

As she ran up the platform, it tipped and slid below her weight. She reached the edge, then jumped desperately to the next platform. Her front hooves almost gripped the side of the platform, then slipped off. She felt the lurch of the small fall, then the squelch of the jello splattering the outside of her costume as she groaned in frustration.

Dash stood and shook off the shock of the fall. She could feel the plush suit around her absorbing the slick green slime and getting heavy. She groaned knowing that this would make the challenge more difficult. The audience jeered her failure, and she shot an angry glance their way.

She looked and saw that there was a set of soft stairs ahead that led to the platform she’d just missed. Though the slick plush covering her feet was definitely a setback, she at least had a way back to where she’d failed. She trudged forward through the jello but stopped as she heard a loud click behind her.

She looked back, seeing that a padded chair with large wheels was tearing a path through the jello as it moved in on her. Dash moved quicker through the thick slime. The machine was slowly gaining on her, but she was almost to the stairs.

She plodded shakily up a few of the stairs as the padded chair came to an abrupt stop right at their base. She grunted as she looked at her near captor. A wave of curiosity of what precisely the chair would do if it caught her washed over her. Given Discord’s phenomenal universe-bending powers, the possibilities were endless. She turned back to the task at hand before she got too distracted and continued up the padded stairs to the platform above.

Her hooves slipped on nearly every slick surface, but the suit-clad pony made it to the top of the stairs. She looked at the top platform warily before carefully taking a step onto it. She wasn’t sure what it would do, but she sighed in relief as it didn’t immediately try to buck her off. She looked at the next task and saw the following platform was nowhere near as forgiving. It looked like a soft pyramid hanging from a chain, and while it had hoof holds along its sides, they were far too narrow for her feet while she was stuck in the suit.

Dash looked at the platform for a moment then up at the scoreboard. She still had about half of her time left, but she knew the journey was only going to get more difficult. The scoreboard read that she had ten points. She sighed, at least she had gotten a few points, but she didn’t have a clue how she could get the full twenty she’d need from the round.

Her competitive spirit left her determined to keep going despite the laughter of the audience. She knew she could get further, and even if she didn’t, the ten points she’d gotten would be enough to ensure she didn’t lose entirely in this round. She’d just have to do better in rounds where she wasn’t hobbled by a lack of wings.

She jumped to the pyramid and nearly slipped right away. She managed to plant her hooves on the bottom-most holds and stopped herself from falling immediately into the pit of jello. She felt the pyramid swing from the momentum of her jump and leaned against it to prevent herself from falling off. She saw it turn and knew this was her chance. She steeled herself and jumped toward the next platform.

Yet, as the pyramid swung back, it completely screwed up her jump. She yelped, and her forehooves flailed. On instinct, she tried uselessly to beat her wings, but they were stuck in the plush suit’s soft depths. Her jump nearly reached the platform, but almost didn't cut it as she started to fall with the ledge still an inch away from her nearest hoof.

Wingless, she put all four legs down to try to land on her feet. Dash landed okay with a squish in the jello, but that was hardly a boon as the chair device immediately sprung to life, moving toward her steadily through the green dessert. She wildly scanned the pit to see if she could find a way up that didn’t force her to run past the trap. She couldn’t see any more staircases, and the chair was getting closer by the moment. She started running to the side, trying to get around the obstacle, but it quickly changed direction and started right toward her.

The chair zoomed toward her, undeterred by the jello or by her attempts at evasion. It was too fast to escape, and she plopped into its soft seat with a yip as it drove right up behind her. It immediately started driving to the side of the arena. She scrambled her false hamster paws against the seat to try to escape before it got where it was going.

There was no way she could get out of the quick moving chair in time. Within seconds she felt the chair jolt to a stop as she was dumped from the seat and onto a soft hamster wheel obstacle. “Ooh, too bad! Looks like our test subject has found one of the lower level experiments. Will she be able to keep up with the motivators? Will she be able to escape the devious machine?” Discord shouted, apparently trying to hype the suspense as Dash felt the ground below her hooves start to move.

Rainbow got to her feet as the wheel slowly started to speed up. Motivators? She looked behind her and saw a comically large pure white hoof on the end of a mechanical arm holding a large wooden paddle a few feet behind her. The humiliated pony whined and started to run on the wheel. She looked to her left as she tried to make a plan and saw the chair from before sitting there. She looked to the right and saw an open side.

Dash ran to the right and yelped as a soft cushion came up and smacked her back to the center of the wheel. It was enough to slow her down, and she screeched even louder as she felt the wooden paddle connect with her hind end. It didn’t actually hurt, though she could feel a solid thump where the paddle had connected with the padding surrounding her rear, which took the blow for the most part. That didn’t change how humiliating it was, however, and as the hoof wound up for a second swipe, she jumped forward to avoid an extended spanking. The audience was roaring with approval, they seemed to hope she’d get that spanking...

Dash grunted as she looked to the right. The cushion that had knocked her back to the center was thrusting up in a regular rhythm. She’d just have to time it out if she wanted out of the wheel. She grunted as she looked back to the left, no moving cushion there, but the chair was. She felt an odd squish and whined as she realized that something was slowly pouring jello into the wheel, and the jello was soaking into the fake hamster paws surrounding her hooves.

The trapped pony yelped as the wheel sped up just enough to get her another thwack from the paddle. As it smacked her rear, Dash tried to speed up enough to get out of range, but the jello weighing her hooves made that problematic. It had even gotten to the point she could feel it seeping through the suit and surrounding her own hooves. She had to get out of here quick or get used to the idea of getting a spanking before a live audience.

She jumped to the left but yelped as the chair immediately dumped her back onto the wheel. She barely managed to dodge a swipe of the paddle as she started to run again. She began to pant and grunted in annoyance as a fleck of green jello landed on the fake hamster teeth, causing her to go cross-eyed even more due to the distracting color on the end of the soft teeth. She looked to the right, seeing that the padding there had sped up. She yelped as she felt the paddle lightly pepper her hind end. The wheel was too fast for her to keep up with for long.

She dove to the right, hoping she’d timed it right. She whined as she was pushed back, and yipped as another hard smack landed on her rear. She could feel a warmth building from the spanking even through the padding as her paws squelched into the jello surrounding them, and she whined at how helplessly trapped she felt.

The audience was really getting into it now, getting louder then they’d been all game. They seemed to really like the spanking. The idea that ponies were enjoying her shame that much made Dash dizzy with embarrassment and she tripped over her own hooves from the distraction. The paddle wasted no time in delivering a few solid blows as she was stopped at the rear of the now stationary wheel. Dash let out a yell that sounded entirely too much like a moan for her liking and wanted to bury her head in her hooves and wait for it to be over. But the whistles from the audience spurred her on. Whatever enjoyment she got outta getting her butt touched, she did not like this spanking and wasn't gonna let some ponies enjoy watching her get one.

Dash rose as the spanking continued and hearing a click of the pad to her right she dove to try to get free. She felt herself run into the pad and felt a final tap on her butt, but luckily the trap retracted just as she landed against it, and let her escape the devious hamster wheel. She panted as she looked around the jello filled pit.

The chair didn’t start to chase Dash immediately, so she ran for the stairs before the trap could reactivate or realize she wasn’t in it. She made it all the way to the staircase before it started to move again. As she climbed the stairs, she could feel the spanking lingering on her rump. She looked at the scoreboard and realized she had less than a minute left. She jumped to the top of the stairs as quickly as she could, then looked at the pyramid that had gotten her trapped last time.

Thankfully, the soft pyramid had stopped swinging, but that hardly made it an easier obstacle. Dash had no time to think, so she dove for the closest surface and stumbled her way onto the hoof holds. She felt it swing around, and this time was prepared. She waited for it to buck back toward her, then jumped off at the peak. She landed on the next platform smoothly, then ran along its slippery tilted surface to the next staircase.

As Dash reached the top of the next staircase, she heard the buzzer. Everything suddenly vanished, and the blushy pony landed on her rump with a squish from the cute fluffy hamster suit.