Diaper Dash

by lunarrush

Round one

Rainbow Dash’s eyes went wide. Flaring her wings out she tried to stop before she touched the huge portal that had suddenly opened before her, but at her speed, she had no chance to avoid soaring straight in. Plunging into the unknown, she was transported across a strange, empty void and then emerged into somewhere dark and quiet. She kept slowing down as her eyes struggled to adjust to the lack of light and soon hit the ground with a confused grunt, her impact much softer then she had expected.

Dash got to her hooves and looked around warily. She knew Discord had to be behind this. “Hey, come out! I know you’re here!” the flustered pony shouted into the darkness as she squinted to the edge of her vision and tried to clear her head.

As if on cue, a brilliantly bright spotlight shone down on Dash. As her eyes adjusted to the sudden change, she saw Discord illuminated in another spotlight on the opposite end of an otherwise dark stage. “Ahh, welcome,” the draconequus said with a confident smirk plastered on his face, “to my latest contestant!”

Dash stood dumbstruck as more stage lights began to illuminate the area. They were on a large, almost empty stage with a giant scoreboard floating over it. She saw a contestant picture of herself posted on the board that left no doubt as to Discord’s intentions. She was on one of those old shows where contestants try to win prizes by being good enough at crazy challenges.

“What sort of a game is this?” Dash asked, her interest piqued.

Winning a game could be fun, so rather than search for an exit, she was willing to play along. She’d always wanted to star on one of these game shows, especially if it meant winning a cool prize.

Discord chuckled as he responded, “Well, this is my latest game show. I’ve not decided on a name for it yet, but I need another tester. So, I figured why not take the pony who is best at games and give her a chance to try it out.”

Dash knew the draconequus was trying to manipulate her but was content to let it work. She liked to think of herself as being the best at games. What was the worst he could do if she played along? “Hah, you’re on then! What do I get when I win your game show?” her eyes narrowed as she challenged Discord and the corner of her mouth twisted in a confident half-smirk.

Discord held a clawed hand toward the far end of the stage. “Why, if you win you’ll receive an all-expenses-paid trip to the Ponyville Spa and Resort!” Discord said as two trumpets formed in the air beside him to play a fanfare.

Dash rolled her eyes as a picture of the spa appeared. She didn’t think Discord really thought this through. Why would she want a trip to the spa?

“Oh, and you’ll also get a huge bit prize~” Discord added seeming almost disinterested.

He held his hand out again while the trumpets tried to decide whether they wanted to restart their fanfare or play out the one they were halfway through. Dash’s eyes went huge as she watched an impressive pile of money pour from the ceiling out onto the stage. She didn’t know how much was there, but it looked like more than enough to play a game for.

“You’re on! How’s this going to work?” Dash asked, a wave of adrenaline surging through her.

Discord chuckled as he responded. “Well, this game lasts for five rounds. To win, you have to earn a total of 100 points across all the rounds, and with 200 on the board, you just have to get a little over half the max possible score. So, for round one why don’t we start with a game of ‘Hide and Seek’? The goal is simple, you hide and try to avoid being found. If you are located, all you have to do is avoid getting caught. Sound easy enough?”

Dash chuckled. The draconequus obviously hadn’t done enough research. Maybe a game like this would be hard for someone like Twilight, but even if she were found, she’d just zip away to avoid getting caught. “Alright then, let's do this,” Dash said as she readied for the start of the round.

Dash took one quick look to the audience area of the stage. She could hear the occasional mumble from somewhere in the darkness. She wondered if Discord had actually brought someone along or if the sounds of an audience were just an illusion made to fit the game show theme.

Discord held both hands above his head, and the whole stage save the darkened audience area started to warp and change. Within seconds, where once there had been nothing more than the soft surface she had landed on, there was now a veritable jungle. Dash could see a cage set beside the draconian host, as well as furry claw-tipped hands reaching through the bars toward her.

Rainbow had to assume those were the seekers, but couldn’t get a closer look due to the shadows inside the cage. “Alright, you get twenty seconds to hide, and then I’ll start the clock and unleash your seekers. Then, it's a twenty-minute game. For every minute you’re not captured, you’ll get two points. So, if you wanna keep on task for first prize, all you have to do is stay free at least half the time.”

Dash nodded, then shot to the tree-line. She could hear Discord slowly counting just outside the jungle. The trees had transfigured the stage, so it was absolutely full of great hiding spots. The winged pony knew the right place for her would be one she could easily take to the skies from if she were found. She didn’t know much about what would be after her, but nothing she could imagine stood a chance against her in a contest of flight. Soon, she found a tree with high boughs obscured by thick moss covered vines. She flew into her hiding spot and rested with her back to the tree. Her heart pounded as she waited the remaining five seconds of the count down.

Dash sat in absolute silence on her branch and listened carefully for a few minutes. She knew there must be more than one as she heard a twig snap directly below her followed by rustling in the branches of a nearby tree. She could clearly hear the seekers as they searched for her. They were making grunting noises to each other as they hunted, and she gingerly pulled a strand of moss aside to take a look.

The pony saw a remarkably strange creature. It looked like a hodgepodge of a monkey and a small dragon. It had thick leathery wings, four clawed feet that had long grasping fingers, and was currently examining some hoofprints she’d left without realizing. Her heart jumped in her chest as she considered taking off. Ultimately, she decided to wait for the moment, since it seemed the dragon monkey was confused by her hoof print trail stopping right below the tree.

Dash heard a snap directly above her and looked up to see that one of the seekers had moved to the top of the tree serving as her hiding place and was standing on a higher branch. He was busy looking across the canopy and luckily hadn’t spotted her. The pony held her breath, trying her hardest to keep from alerting the monkey to her presence. She watched silently for several tense seconds as he looked around. Then he flew off to continue his search and Dash let out a silent sigh of relief.

The game was going well so far. Dash looked at the scoreboard and saw about five minutes had already passed. The confident pony chuckled. She was having fun, and she was already halfway to the total points she needed for the round. She couldn’t imagine they’d search here again, but as she sat and relaxed she spotted something moving that brought her to attention.

One of the seekers had climbed a nearby tree and was scanning the area. She hadn’t planned this hiding spot knowing her opponents would be able to fly. She shrunk against the trunk to her back, hopeful that the seeker wouldn't spot her among the nest of vines and moss. Yet, as the seeker turned his beady eyes her way, she knew it was over. The strange monkey stood on his hind legs and held both his front hands to his mouth and loudly howled, “Found her! Let's get her!”

Dash immediately took to the sky. She saw five seekers take flight after her. The agile pony effortlessly weaved through the higher branches in an attempt to shake off the seekers, and true to her abilities, they fell behind. She wasn’t Equestria’s fastest flyer for nothing, and soon she’d lost sight of the flying monkey dragons.

“Looks like our contestant has evaded capture for now. Let's give her a round of applause, folks!” Discord’s voice boomed through the whole forest as the illusory audience applauded from their area.

Dash chuckled as she darted for another hiding spot. She chose one a bit closer to the ground but concealed from above. She looked through the foliage at the scoreboard and saw she was seven minutes into the challenge. Three more minutes and she’d win the round.

The pony’s heart pounded in excitement as she watched the clock tick down. She hadn’t seen any sign of the monkeys since her daring escape. Her ears were concentrated on listening for any sound of her seekers, but there was no sign of any monkeys moving toward her.

Her luck ran out at that very moment as she heard a snap directly above her. She looked up and panicked as and saw one of the seekers grinning deviously at her through a gap in the foliage. The seekers had flown so silently on their leathery wings that she hadn’t heard a thing until he’d landed. She started to dart back to the skies but felt a sudden weight on her back as the seeker fell on her and wrapped his arms around her neck.

Dash took to the skies despite the weight of the monkey riding her. She was still fast, even with a chubby dragon monkey clinging to her back. She started shaking and bucking to toss the seeker off. She glanced at the scoreboard and saw a second timer had begun, one that showed how long she’d been captured. She knew she could get free, but the monkey was annoyingly clingy. His claws were thankfully dulled, yet still served their purpose to keep him on her and in control.

Dash glanced around for some way to free herself and saw a tree with a big branch ahead of her. The monkey riding her was screeching to the others to help him. She knew this would get significantly harder if more than one got on her, so she had to get this one off quickly. She aimed for the branch at top speed to knock off her rider, only to yelp in surprise as she felt the dragon monkey grip down and turn her head, misdirecting her charge and steering her below the tree line.

The pony grunted in frustration as she was steered by the monkey into the waiting hands of another of the seekers. Her front hooves were tightly clasped by the second dragon monkey almost instantly, and between the two of them, she was helplessly guided to the ground. Three more monkeys were lying in wait, and the whole group of them jumped her to keep her subdued.

The monkeys dog-piled her and Dash squirmed as she was hastily laid on her back. “Ooh, too bad! Looks like my seekers have gotten ahold of our contestant. Will she be able to escape, or will they keep her babysat for the rest of the round?” Discord’s voice seemed to come from all around, as did the murmurs of the audience that followed.

Babysat? Dash didn’t like the way he’d worded that. It sounded like something humiliating was coming her way. Of course, that was always how this type of game show worked, with contestants having to demean themselves for great prizes. Dash grit her teeth and tugged against the sure hands of her captors. They held her on her back as one moved to her crotch with that same dumb grin plastered on his face he'd had when he jumped on her back.

Dash’s eyes went wide as the monkey dragon pulled something thick and crinkling from behind his back. A radiantly pink diaper, with a cloud wetness indicator printed down the front of it. She grunted in embarrassment as the monkey started to unfold the foalish undergarment. Though she wriggled defiantly, all she managed to do was make herself look all the more helpless in the hands of her devious captors.

Dash’s hind end was lifted from the ground by one of the monkeys as she struggled fruitlessly. The realization that this monkey was gonna touch her intimately finally fully formed in her mind and she called out “Hey! What do you...”

But before she could say more Discord cut in, “Oh would you relax, you big scaredy baby! Is this really more than the brave Rainbow Dash can handle?”

The captured pony considered this… She didn't want it to be said that she was too much of a ‘scaredy cat’ to handle the silly part of the game show. But then... this was weird… As she deliberated, the monkey was working quickly. More pampering supplies popped into existence nearby making it clear that Discord meant to enable the monkeys to keep her babysat in the most literal sense of the word. She grit her teeth as she looked at the timer. She’d only been captured for about a minute so far. If she could get free, there was still plenty of time left to win.

Conflicted, and not wanting to be a quitter, she resisted the urge to tell Discord to knock it off. Still, she hadn't been in diapers since she was a foal. Humiliation surged through her and made it harder to focus on escape.

The monkey between Dash’s hind legs unfolded the puffy padding slowly, letting it crinkle like a plastic trash bag with every move as he prepared it to go on the pony. The monkeys holding her down for her diaper change reaffirmed their grip as her squirms became chaotic and desperate.

Dash realized she was about to get her butt put in a diaper. She shot a terrified glance to were the audience would be but couldn't see them through the trees and silently prayed that they were indeed just an illusion and not real spectators to her shame. She felt the back of the diaper slide below her rump and the hands holding her legs lowered her gently onto the pillow-like padding.

Dash squirmed and felt the soft diaper squish below her weight. The seekers kept her dutifully laid out, helpless as the foal she was being babysat like. One even snagged a  bright purple pacifier and unceremoniously plopped it in the pony’s mouth. She attempted to spit it back out a few times but the monkey held it in her maw, and she groaned in renewed shame as she realized it looked like she was enthusiastically sucking on it. Dash could feel the blush burning in her cheeks. Her ability to focus on fighting back was fading fast as her mind struggled to deal with all these new and embarrassing sensations.

The monkeys continued the diaper change, undeterred by Dash’s weak wiggling. She felt something cold spritzed on her thighs and squeaked into her pacifier as she realized the monkey was sprinkling baby oil and foal powder all over her diaper zone. She jumped as she felt the monkey rubbing the mixture in, massaging her gently with his slender fingers and causing her to moan in both pleasure and embarrassment into her pacifier as the creature’s hands passed over her sensitive openings. As the mixture was rubbed in she didn't even realize that the monkey holding her pacifier in had stopped and she sucked on the teat herself as she felt the nimble fingers massage her rump and pass over her tail-hole. She couldn't remember ever being touched there… under her tail was a private area she cleaned herself. But now it was getting an awful lot of attention, and she was lost in this new mix of sensations.

Dash closed her eyes in shame as the babyish smell filled her nose. She felt all the more helpless as the cute scent enveloped her. She knew she’d smell that childish perfume the rest of the show, and potentially even longer if the powder was hard to wash away. She felt the front of the surprisingly thick, bright, pink diaper folded and wrapped around her crotch, where it was quickly taped into place.

Dash's eyes shot open as she heard the audience’s roaring applause. The seekers were spurred on by the audience’s approval, much to the captured pony’s chagrin. “Yay, look at what a cute little pony we’ve caught. She’s going to be a good girl for us, isn’t she?” one of the seekers teased her as he pet the pony’s head.

Dash’s face felt hot. She twisted again, wondering if the audience could see everything happening to her.  She was too distracted by the cheering and the warmth of the pillow-like padding spreading her legs to realize how much she was sucking the pacifier in her maw, falling back into some latent habit of using it for comfort that she didn't even know was still buried in her brain.

The pony’s eyes went wide as she noticed the next thing her sitters were dragging toward her… A cumbersome plush suit that had a zipper running up its back and looked like something between hamster hoofie-PJs and a great big stuffed animal. It had an open mouth where her head would poke out with soft buck teeth in its upper jaw and huge green goofy eyes. This seemed somehow even more degrading and reignited the fervor in her fight.

She started to buck with her best effort and whined as she felt one of the seekers lift her into his arms. She blushed as she was cradled by one monkey as the others set up to guide her to her costume-prison. She wriggled as she was rocked humiliatingly in the monkey’s grip, yet made little headway as she was carried to the puffy suit.

She was lowered toward the open suit and knew it was her last chance to avoid wearing the humiliating getup. With one final burst of strength, she twisted and gasped as she felt the dragon monkey’s grip break enough for her to pull away. She took to the air, darting straight up and off through the trees as she heard the crowd applauding loudly.

“Looks like the seekers have lost the baby! Will she be able to keep out of their clutches long enough to score the remaining points she needs?” Discord’s voice sang to the cheering crowd.

Dash looked around frantically to find a hiding place. The monkeys were in pursuit, but when she glanced back, she saw they were far enough away that she’d be able to keep out of their clutches for now. However, she knew she didn’t have the stamina to keep up this speed for long after all her humiliating squirming. She had to burst away and find a spot where they wouldn’t easily discover her.

As she flew, Dash realized she could see shadows in the audience section. If Discord hadn’t summoned a real audience, he was doing an outstanding job of making her believe there was one watching her every move. She could hear every crinkle of the diaper around her waist as she flew along quickly. She knew the embarrassing padding slowed her down, but she couldn’t take the time to pry it off with the monkeys right on her tail.

The audience’s cheering had gotten louder throughout the chase. Though it was embarrassing to be cheered for something as demeaning as avoiding five grabby babysitters, Dash felt a bit better now that the game was going her way again. A quick glance at the scoreboard revealed that the monkeys had only kept her captive for five minutes, and she was at nine-and-a-half free. Thirty seconds more and she’d be right on schedule to win, and anything beyond that would give her a safety net.

Just as Dash started to slow down from exhaustion, she found the perfect hiding place. She slid into the hollow of a vast root system of the most massive tree on the stage. She wasn’t readily visible from the air, and she hoped the monkeys would spend most of their time up there. She panted, worn out from struggling and flying, and wondered if she had time to get the diaper off or if she should keep watch for her tormentors.

As Dash pushed one hoof experimentally to her padding, she heard it crinkle loudly. She winced, as much from a sense of apprehension that one of the seekers was close enough to hear it as from the mixture of awkwardness that welled within her. Why in the world had Discord themed his show like this? As she sat and considered trying to tug the diaper off, she heard her own suckling sounds and froze... she realized she was still absentmindedly working the foalish pacifier her babysitters had given her.

Dash spat out the purple pacifier as a bright blush covered her face. Laughter erupted from the audience as Discord chortled. “Aww, we were all wondering how long that would take. But are you sure you don't want it anymore Dashie? You seemed quite fond of your paci” he teased.

The pony made up her mind, It was time to take her diaper off. She pressed her hooves to the front of the crinkling underwear and started to push. Despite her attempt to drag it off, it didn’t budge. She grunted in confusion as she moved her hooves to the tapes and tried to tear them off. She noticed the blue tapes had the number two boldly printed on them and wondered what it meant as she growled in frustration.

“That’s right, folks! Our contestant tonight is modeling my new, patent pending, foal-proof diapers. They’re guaranteed to not come off until the number of rounds has passed that’s written on the tabs. That is, of course, unless someone other than the contestant tries to take them off,” Discord’s voice rang through the trees.

Dash’s ears lowered in embarrassment, she’d be stuck like this for the next two rounds.

“Hmm, I’ve been thinking, perhaps the name of this game show should be ‘Win or Crinkle,’ what do you think?” Discord continued.

Dash grunted. With the draconequus talking, it was going to be harder to keep track of the monkey dragons. She listened carefully, but all she could hear was the draconequus’s booming words and the crinkling of her own rear as it rustled with even her slightest moves.

The pony looked at the scoreboard and sighed in relief. Dash was up to twelve minutes and over the quota for this round, and it was nearly over. She jumped as she heard a crunching noise behind her. She turned back and saw one of the monkey dragons grinning upside down and inches from her face as he hung from his prehensile tail.

“Found her! Come on, guys! It’s time to pick up the baby!” the dragon monkey cackled as he grabbed for the startled pony.

Dash backed up and yelped as she felt another hand grope her padded behind. She half turned to see another of the monkeys grinning at her stupidly. She had no time to react as he jumped and grabbed two of the roots of the large tree with his upper hands, then grabbed her shoulders with the lower hands and lifted her from the ground.

Dash twisted, and her wings beat as she tried to slip away from her captor. She watched as the monkey who’d found her dropped down and found her pacifier, then dusted it off on his thigh before hopping closer to her. “Shhh, it's alright,” the monkey chuckled as he pushed the pacifier toward her face.

Though Dash fought to keep her mouth closed, she soon found the pacifier back in her maw, held there by a cackling monkey as the others started to flood her hiding place. She watched helplessly as one monkey started to cover the entrance with thick vines from the outside blocking her escape. She blushed brightly as she saw they'd dragged the hamster suit from earlier with them, knowing exactly what they were going to do now. The audience’s excitement increased, and their unintelligible taunting grew louder.

She was lowered into the soft plush suit by the monkey holding her shoulders. Two of them set to work immediately, tugging her hind hooves into the extra thickly padded mitts of the suit. They pulled her further into the suit as their groping hands worked to wrap her tightly in the padding and slowly zip it up around her. Within moments, they’d covered her to the waist. Dash was trying to avoid her fate, but too many hands had her secured. Soon they had her strapped in up to her chest and then they fought her front hooves into the thickly mitted pads. Finally, it was a simple matter to zip closed the goofy looking head around her own.

Dash’s face poked out of the mouth of the suit and the soft buck teeth rested between her eyes, but that was about all that could be seen of her body. Her wings were pinned uselessly to her back and out of the way. She blushed brilliantly as she was picked up. Wrapped tightly in the soft suit, she could only imagine how she looked while the monkey dragons cooed at her, “Awww, look at the cutie. I think she needs a bottle, guys.”

She whimpered and fidgeted. She looked toward the scoreboard as one of the monkeys cradled her. She could see her time was up, but the monkeys still hadn’t let her go. She tried to call out to Discord that the time was up, but with the thick pacifier bulb filling her mouth, it came out entirely as babyish gibberish. She grunted as a bottle formed in one of their hands, she had a feeling she wasn’t getting away until they were satisfied.

The pacifier was removed just long enough for Dash to say, “Disch-” before the bottle’s nipple had replaced it. She felt the warm milk flowing slowly into her mouth and groaned as the monkeys cooed at her.

Yet, with her wings pinned and every limb of her body completely wrapped in the thick plush padding, there was inadequate room for her to wriggle effectively as the milk flowed steadily into her mouth. She looked at the bottle with a small whine as she realized how much was still left. She could hear the audience awwing at her and felt one of the dragon monkeys squeezing her crotch through its doubled padding. She ‘mumphed’ an objection around the bottle and the monkey responded by chuckling and then patting her rump soothingly.

Her eyes quivered as she looked past the goofy hamster teeth into the soft eyes of the monkey cradling her. Wanting this round to end, she started obediently drinking the bottle down. Her blush spread all across her face, deepening as she gave in to the babying from the monkeys. Getting babysat like this was degrading. She was cool and confident, not some dumb foal! As the audience murmured happily at the sight of her working on the bottle, she knew she’d never live it down if Discord had brought a real audience and hoped that that meant that they had to be fake. Discord liked his jokes and games, but he was no monster. Not since he became friends with Fluttershy anyways.

Ultimately, she knew it did her no good to squirm more this round. Even if she got out of the strong arms cradling her, which was starting to look less and less likely, where would she go? How could she get very far at all in this ridiculous hamster suit? She kept softly sucking the bottle nipple, letting the sweet milk flow down her throat as she wallowed in the feelings of humiliation mixed with resignation to play this silly game. It was good to conserve her strength, she told herself… She closed her eyes and let herself relax a bit. The monkey holding her continued to rock her as she drank her fill and Dash noticed how nice this kinda felt… Her face went utterly flush, and her eyes shot open as she realized what she just thought. She sputtered around the bottle’s nipple a bit, and the monkey feeding her responded by shushing her in a soothing tone. She re-closed her eyes in shame and wasn’t about to acknowledge, even to herself, that she was enjoying being treated like a foal, especially not with four more rounds to go.