Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 31: Molt Down

Ren’s POV

We were all at Sarah’s castle for some breakfast. Today we having pancakes made by Pinkie Pie and Sarah. “These are delicious, Pinkie Pie.” Applejack said.

“Yeah these are really good.” Mason added.

“Hell yeah.” Jack added, stuffing about two, whole pancakes into his mouth.

“Honestly Jack, can we at least eat with some manners.” Rarity whined.

“Oh Shaddup, you purple loon.” Jack replied. Rarity growled at him.

“Thanks guys, Sarah helped me bake them. Although she was acting weird.”

“Acting weird?” I echoed.

“Yeah, she kept covering her cheek with her hand and never took it off. I asked her why and she said it was nothing.” Pinkie explained. Hmm… odd. “Well that does sound strange.” Nicole said.

“Yeah.” Kaede said. And speaking of Sarah, she walked into the room…. Wearing a mask on her face? The mask covered almost all of her face except her eyes, nose and mouth. “Hey guys.” she greeted happily. She sat down to eat her pancakes while the rest of us just looked at each other confused. “Umm.. Sarah?” I called.

She looked at me, “Yes?”

“Umm… you wanna explain the mask, newbie?” Jack asked.

“Umm… not thanks.” Sarah replied nervously.

Jack and Mason narrowed their eyes at Sarah. Just then, Gizmo came up and yanked the mask off of Sarah’s face. “Hey!” she cried. We all gasped. Sarah’s face was covered in these red, diamond shaped… umm…. I wanna say pimples but I don’t think they were pimples. Sarah gasped and immediately dashed out of the dining room.

“... Well that was strange.” Pinkie stated. We all gave her deadpanned looks.

We all went to Sarah’s room and saw her in her bed, completely covered up. “Sarah?” I called.

“Go away.” Sarah said sadly.

“We just wanna talk, sugarcube.” Applejack said.

“Leave me alone, I’m hideous.” Sarah said.

Carrie walked over to her bed and gently shook Sarah, “Sarah, come on out, please.”

Sarah sighed and reluctantly pushed the covers back, revealing her red… stone covered face. “Sarah, what happened?” I asked.

“Yesterday, I saw a red mark appear on my cheek. I thought it would go away but when I woke up this morning, they were all over my face and my body.” she stated, pointing to her face. “I didn’t want to tell or even show you guys, cause I didn’t want to see how you’d react.”

“Do you know what’s going on?” Kaede asked.

“No and that’s the scary part, not even my dad knows what’s going on.” Sarah replied.

“Well, maybe the Princess knows what’s going on with you.” I suggested.

Sarah sighed, “Maybe.”

“Spike, take a letter.” Twilight said. Spike took out some paper and a pen.

Dear Princess Celestia,

My friend Sarah has developed strange red markings on her face and body. She doesn't know what they are or what’s going on with her body. If you have any idea about what’s going on with Sarah, write back.

Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.

“Done.” Spike said and he sent the letter via fire. Sarah prepared to cover herself back up again, “Sarah, wait. Maybe some fresh air will help.” Jamie suggested.

“What?! I can’t go outside looking like this. It’s too embarrassing!” Sarah said.

“Oh darling, everypony gets a blemish now and again.” Rarity reassured.

“Yeah, I don’t think those are just blemishes, Rarity.” Mason said. Sarah groaned. “Oh come on, newbie. Stop being a wimp and let’s go.” Jack grunted.

Sarah sighed. “..... Fine.” She climbed out of be, grabbed her cloak and put it on. Suddenly, Celestia and Luna appeared in the room. “Princesses.” Twilight said. Everyone bowed to the Princesses. “Good morning everypony, we came as soon as we got your letter, Twilight. Sarah, can you step forth.”

Sarah gulped nervously and came forth. “Can you remove your cloak hood?” Luna asked. Sarah put her hood down and the Princesses examined the markings. “Hmmm… interesting. I’ve never seen this before.” Celestia said.

“Me either.” Luna added.

Sarah groaned and put her hood back up. “Don’t worry, Sarah. Me and my sister will look into this and see if there’s anything that matches your symptoms.”

“Thank you Prin-” Sarah began to gag and she unleashed a large fire burp, unlucky the Princesses dodged it. “Holy crap!” Ren cried.

“Sorry.” Sarah said but we couldn’t hear her.

“What?” I asked.

“I said I’m sorry.”

“Repeat that Sarah.”

“I said I’m sorry!” Ow, that hurt my eardrums! Sarah covered her mouth.

“What the hell just happened?” Jack exclaimed.

“I have no idea. That never happened to me before.” Sarah replied before unleashing another large stream of fire. Sarah groaned again. “We better find out what’s going on with her, fast!” Jamie said.

“I know what’s going on with her.” a new voice said and we turned to see another dragon. She was taller than Spike and she was blue with dark blue scales. “Ember, what are you doing here?” Spike asked.

“I was just coming to visit but I saw your friend here going through the Molt.” Ember said.

“Molt? What’s that?” Jamie asked. Ember came up to Sarah. “The Molt; super painful, stone scales fire burps, uncontrollable volume shifts, it’s all part of growing up dragon, congrats.” Ember smacked Sarah on her back. “OW!”

“Oh, sorry.” Ember apologized.

"So Sarah's growing up? In dragon terms?" Kaede asked.

"Yes, the Molt is completely normal. Every dragon goes through it. I haven't even told you about the smell." Ember said.

"Smell?" Sarah asked, she sniffed herself and gagged.

Ember chuckled, "Yeah."

Sarah groaned again and hid underneath her covers. "Sarah, come on, it's not that bad." I reassured.

"Yeah, right. No one's gonna want to be around me with the Molt." Sarah groaned.

"That's not true newbie." Jack stated.

"Then why are you all five feet away from my bed?" Sarah deadpanned. I looked and saw that Jack and the others were far from her bed. "We're... uh... " Kaede stammered.

"Keeping away from your smell." Rantaro deadpanned, making Sarah sink back into her covers in embarrassment. "Rantaro!" Mason scolded.

"What it's the truth, she stinks." Rantaro said.

Sarah groaned, "It's official, no one wants to be around me."

"I wouldn't be so sure." Ember said.

"Why not?" Ren asked.

"That Molt smell is a magnet for big predators, Tazleworms, Hydras, Rocs." Ember explained.

"Rocs?" Jamie asked.

"R-o-c-s. Rocs, humongous birds of prey that can snack on a molting dragon like candy." Ember added.

"Great." Sarah groaned. "So the only creatures who want to be around me want to eat me."

Twilight and the girls looked at each other in worry, "It won't be that bad, Sarah." Twilight said.

"Yes it will. Not even you guys want to be around me. I'll just stay here until the Molt goes away." Sarah said in a monotone voice.

"Sarah-" I started.

"No Ren, it's... sigh... it's for the best." Sarah just turned her back towards me. Oh Sarah.

"I think it's best if you leave her alone for a while." Ember advised. "She needs some time to herself."

We all looked at Sarah with sympathy.. well except for Nicole and Rantaro, they just had blank looks. Either way we left the room, giving Sarah some time alone. We were all walking through Ponyville, thinking about Sarah.

"Poor darling." Rarity said. "Having to go through those ghastly symptoms."

"Yeah, it's almost like puberty." Kaede said.

"What's puberty?" Kodi asked, innocently.

"Something you'll learn when you're older." Mason stated. Kodi just blinked.

"Will Sarah be okay, big brother?" Carrie asked.

"I'm sure she will be, Carrie." Mason reassured.

"Still, I wish there was something we could do to cheer her up." Spike agreed.

"Oh, I know! A Party!" Pinkie cheered.

"Uh.. I don't think she wants a party right now, Pinkie." Twilight stated.

"Yeah, for now, we should just give her some space." Applejack said.

Just then, I felt something tap my shoulder. I turned around and saw a figure, wearing a baggy brown coat, covering most of it's body and it was wearing a large hat and sun glasses. "Um... can I help you?" I asked curiously.

"Who are you?" Mason questioned. The figure didn't reply but instead took off the hat and sunglasses, revealing, "Sarah!?"

"H-Hi." she replied shyly.

"Darling, what are you doing here?" Rarity asked. "You were just in bed when we left."

"I had some time to think and decided it should at least try to be outgoing... a little." Sarah explained in a rather loud voice. Voice shift. "Oh.. sorry."

"So what's with the large coat, hat and sunglasses?" Rantaro asked.

"It's too keep anyone from seeing my symptoms." she said again. Her stomach gurgled and she let out a large fire burp that bruned the ground in front of her. ".... well most of my symptoms."

Suddenly we all heard ponies screaming and running into their homes. "What the hell's going on now?" Jack asked.

"Large bird!"

"Don't let it catch you!"

"Large bird?" I asked, looking into the sky. In the sky was a very large eagle like bird.

"Well is that thing?!" Kaede cried.

"It's a Roc. RUN!" Ember cried. The Roc squawked and dove right towards us, aiming for Sarah with it's feet opened up. "Sarah, watch it!" Me and Jack pushed her out of the way, allowing the Roc to snatch us instead. "WOAH! GAH!"

"Ren! Jack!" Sarah cried.

POV Ends

Not good. Not good. Not good. A Roc just came and snatched Ren and Jack in it's talons! "Oh man, what now?" Rainbow asked.

I tried to blast the Roc with my magic, but my horn wasn't glowing for some reason. "Something's wrong with my magic."

"What's wrong?" Mason asked.

"I think the Molt is not allowing me to use my magic at all." I exclaimed worried.

"Then how are we gonna save them?" Jamie asked.

"Uh Duh." Rainbow said, referring to her wings.

"But Rainbow, you don't have anything to blast the Roc with and I doubt very seriously pony hooves will do the trick." Kaede said.

"I know!" I exclaimed. I whistled and Moonshine, Winter and Storm instantly came with Silverspike and the other dragons.

"Alright gang, Ren and Jack are captured by a Roc and we have to save them." I addressed.

The dragons nodded and Kaede, Jamie, Nicole, Rantaro, Carrie and Mason mounted their respective dragons. "Let's go!" and the dragons flew into the sky along with Rainbow Dash after the Roc. We saw one foot closed. "That's the one with Ren and Jack inside, blast it!" Rainbow cried. Silverspike blasted the talon with it's blue flame. The Roc cried in pain and opened it's talon forcing Ren and Jack to hang on to the talons. "Oh Dammit!"

"Crap baskets!"

"Hang on boys!" Kaede cried. "We're coming!"

Silverspike and Moonshine flew ahead of everyone and flew right beside their riders. "Moonshine. Silverpsike." The dragons warbled and grabbed their riders by the back of their shirts and flew off. "Awesome!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"Watch out! It's coming back!" I cried seeing the Roc diving for us once more.

We all scattered and the Roc chased after me and Winter. Oh no! Not now! GAH! Gotta scratch! Itchy! Itchy! Itchy! I suddenly started scratching my self furiously caused of the stone scales. Stupid.. scales... Gah! The Roc rammed Winter, sending me off of her back and I started to fall to the ground. I spread my wings, but when I tried to flap them, they turned floppy. Anyway, the Roc came right at me with an open talon. "Yah!" Suddenly, Winter swopped in and grabbed me in her claws. "Winter!"

The Light Fury launched a plasma blast and she flew into it, cloaking herself and I. We reappeared in the forest and we saw the Roc fly away. "Phew, that was close." I said, scratching myself again.

"Sarah, Winter!" We saw Ren and the others coming towards us. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah... we're good... ugh..." I replied, still scratching myself.

"Let's get you back to your castle sugarcube." Applejack suggested.

"Okay." I agreed.

Soon, we were all back at my castle and I was still scratching. "Honey, I know you want to try and be outgoing, but with your Molt going on, you have to stay inside." My dad reluctantly told me. I sighed, "Alright."

"Oh buck up, sugarcube, this Molt will go away before you know it." Applejack reassured.

"I hope you're right." I sighed.

The Next Day

Ren's POV

A day had passed since Sarah began her Molt process. We all hoped that it would go away soon, so she wouldn't be cooped up in her castle for a while. Sarah walked into the home-ship. "Hey guys."

"Hey Sarah." I greeted back.... wait a minute! "Sarah, you don't have the stone scales anymore!"

The others looked and saw that I was right. Sarahs' face was free of the stone scales. "You're right. No more fire burps?" Kaede asked.

"Nope. No more." Sarah squealed happily. "The Molt ended sooner than I expected."

"Glad to here it, newbie." Jack said.

"Eh, I wanted you to keep that." Rantaro said.

"Rantaro!" Kaede scolded.


Anyway, I was glad to hear it too. No more fire burps, smell or endless scratching for my friend. Guess it all ended well for us.


"Mason! GET YOUR NIGHTMARE!" Sarah's father called, followed by Firestorm's roar and a girlish scream. "Oh boy, Big D. made him mad again." I groaned.

"I'll get 'em." Sarah sighed. "Firestorm, no roasting my dad." She walked towards the source of the sound while the rest of us, shook our heads. Oh Big D.