One's True Colors

by Vinal_Scratch

The Lunar Eclipse

It was a seemingly normal day in Equestria, the birds were chirping, the ducks quacking, and the other general music of the land. Everypony in the peaceful town of Ponyville were gathering for the big party at the town hall. It was a new holiday celebrating Princess Luna's return to full power and her taking back control of the moon.

The mane six were gathered around the dance floor outside of the town hall, Pinkie Pie was dancing the worm, Applejack was checking on the food, Rainbow Dash was eating said food. Spike was helping Rarity set decorations, at least the ones he could reach. Lastly Fluttershy was talking to Twilight about recent events that happened in Equestria while they went over the songs and speeches for the event.

Twilight turned to Fluttershy and said; “Did you hear what happened last night?”

“No? What happened?”

“The Canterlot Royal Library was broken into, six scrolls and a Book where stolen from the Star Swirl the Bearded wing.”

Curious Fluttershy asked,“How did they get in?”

“They used magic, that’s as much as I know. Most likely a teleportation spell, though there are barriers in place for that sort of thing. So it's hard to tell for sure.”

“Was anypony hurt?”

“Two guards were hit by rubble when the robbers made the escape. They're in the hospital at the moment. I’m surprised that were still having this holiday with it happening so recently.”

“Princess Celestia must be really confident in our protection to let this holiday go on?”

“She's doubled the guards in the library and in Canterlot, and we are the Elements of Harmony after all.”

Trumpets start playing in the distance to sound the arrival of Princess Luna in Ponyville.

“We all better inside for the celebration, we don’t want to be late now, do we?” Rarity asks.

So the six friends including Spike and all of the other party goers head inside where they meet up with the rest of the ponies who are attending the celebration. The town hall was decorated with purple and black drapes and ribbon, all personally hoofmade by Rarity. There are quite a few pones in attendance, including some nobles that Twilight recognized from Canterlot.

“This is a mighty fine job you did here, Rarity.” Applejack said, commenting on the decorations around the room.

“Thanks, I do believe this is some of my finer work. You really like it?”

“Its the 'pritiest iv ever seen this place, 'cept for the Summer Sun Celebration that one time.”

“Thanks Applejack that means a lot to me that you like my work. I think that this party should have been a Ball, this type of occasion needs more 'fru fru' as you say.”

Rainbow Dash butts in “Fluttershy, weren’t you supposed to lead the music during the Princess's arrival?”

“Oh my, I forgot!” Fluttershy yells as she takes off towards the balcony where her bids reside.

The trumpets flare up again as Luna enters on the balcony. Fluttershy's birds started to sing as the trumpets quieted down.

Princess Luna entered the balcony wearing a royal gown that Rarity had made her for this occasion. She had her brilliant white crown along with the addition of a flowing dress that extended over her tail. The top of the it was white and as it went down it slowly changed to dark gray to show the changing of the moon.

“I, Princess Luna, do welcome everypony to the first ever Lunar Eclipse!” The Princess extended her wings and her horn started to glow with magic. The moon outside started to glow brighter and brighter, then it went dark as it passed behind the world. “Tis the start of a wonderful occasion and I hope that all of thee have fun on this night!”

The crowd roars up with joy for the new holiday. Shortly after the crowd dies down the Princess flies down from the balcony to see Twilight and her friends.

“Princess, you must be so excited to have your own holiday.” Twilight states.

Luna had a sad look on her face, “I am, Twilight, t'is a shame I have to leave so soon, I must be getting back to Canterlot to help with the rebuilding of the library.”

“Do you know who it was that broke in?” Rarity questioned.

“No I don’t, all that I know is that it was six ponies and one of them has very strong magic.” Luna stated.

“Well that there’s a shame, hope that 'yall find out soon.” Applejack hoped.

“See you all next time.” Luna said as she left the town hall. She got onto her chariot as her guards took off in the direction of Canterlot.

“It really is a shame that she had to leave so soon, I wonder if she likes pranks, I've never pranked a princess before.” Rainbow Dash pondered.

The night passed on and so did the party, it was about four or five in the morning when the moon started to shine again. The party was over and everypony was going home. Rarity and Rainbow Dash were taking down the decorations, Fluttershy was taking her birds back home, Twilight was picking up the trash, and Applejack was taking the leftover food back to her house. Well what leftovers there where after Pinkie Pie was done eating. They had planned on meeting back up at Twilight's house to talk about the nights happenings and have a sleep-in.

Back at Twilight's house

“So girls what did you think of the holiday?” Twilight questioned.

“I thought it was pretty neat how she made the moon disappear and all.” Applejack said.

“I found it interesting as well, I read that she did it by moving the moon behind the world. By moving the moon behind the world its creating a shadow from the sun to the moon. Did you also know that there are Solar eclipses, its created by the moon going in front of the sun and creating a shadow on the world.” Twilight said excitingly.

"Really, that would be SO awesome, do you know if Celestia is planning one?" Rainbow Dash said as she bolted up in excitement.

"It's not for quite some time, she told me that she wants her sister to share some of the spotlight for some time." Twilight started "I think she is just using it as an excuse to go on vacation."

The girls have the last good laugh for the night as they settle in to their sleeping bags.

The door explodes with a burst of magic.