Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 27: TUFF Puppy Crossover

It's been a week since I became the newest princess of Equestria. So far, I haven't had any serious royal duties to attend to so all I did was hang out with my friends. But today, would be different. "Hey Sarah." a voice said. I turned and saw Kodi, Ren, Jamie, Jack, Nicole, Rantaro, Carrie, Mason and Kaede in the living room. "What's with the suitcases?" Ren asked.

"Oh, I'm going to visit my other friends." I replied.

"Other friends?" Kaede asked.

"Yeah, you guys wanna come?" I offered. "But I've gotta warn you this new world could be... a bit dangerous."

"I'm in!" Jack stated.

"Me too!" Ren stated.

"Alright then... DAD, GET THE PORTAL READY!" I called.

"PORTAL?!" Everyone exclaimed. Soon we found ourselves in my dad's lab where a swirling, glowing portal layed. "It's all ready honey." My dad said. "Be careful while your gone."

"Don't worry, old man, We got her back." Jack smirked.

"Come on guys!" I cried and we all leaped into the portal and appeared inside a large room where there were anthropomorphic cats, dogs and other animals typing on computers and filing folders. "Where the hell are we?" Jack asked.

"Everyone welcome to T.U.F.F HQ!" I announced.

"Sarah? Is that you?" a voice came we turned and saw cat with wide, lime green eyes and tan fur. She is also 5 foot 6", excluding hair and ears. She had black hair and was wearing who wore white high boots and gloves. Also she wore a black suit and belt. "Hey Kitty, I'm back to visit." I said as we hugged each other. "It's so good to see you again." she said and then she noticed my friends. "Who are they?" Kitty asked.

"These are my human friends." I introduced.

"O-oh...J-Jamie Watson..."

"Names Jack Yamaki, nice to frigging meetcha.

"My name is Kaede Ross."

"I'm Ren. Ren Loodan and yeah I get if my last name sounds kinda weird...and this is my dog, Kodiak or Kodi for short."

"I'm Carrie and this is my big brother, Mason!"

"Rantaro Wilde."

"Nicole Bonnie."

"Well it's nice to meet you all." Kitty said. Then we all suddenly heard a yell and a white dog wearing only a black shirt landed on Jack. "Dudley!" Kitty cried. "You landed on Sarah's friend."

Dudley puppy, Kitty's sidekick, perked up at the sound of my name. "Sarah's back!" he dashed over and hugged me, "I'm so glad you're back!"

"Hehe, good to see you to Dudley." I said. Jack groaned and he got up again. "Hey, what the hell was that?"

"That Jack was my partner Dudley Puppy." Kitty answered.

"Hello." Dudley said.

"What is going on in here?" another voice asked. Coming into the room was a flea standing on a rolling platform with a camera pointing at him and his image coming up on a large screen. By his side was another creature, Keswick. He was tan with tanish hair and a large nose. He wore a orange plad shirt under white jacket.

"Hey Chief, Hey Keswick. Sarah came back." Kitty said.

"Ah, good to see you again, Sarah. And who are your friends?" Chief asked.

"O-oh...J-Jamie Watson..."

"Names Jack Yamaki, nice to frigging meetcha.

"My name is Kaede Ross."

"I'm Ren. Ren Loodan and yeah I get if my last name sounds kinda weird...and this is my dog, Kodiak or Kodi for short."

"I'm Carrie and this is my big brother, Mason!"

"Rantaro Wilde."

"Nicole Bonnie."

"I'm Keswick." Keswick introduced. "So what are d-d-doing here?"

"I'm just here for a months' visit and I brought my friends too." I replied.

"A month?!" Ren exclaimed. "You're staying here for a month?"

"Yeah. You guys wanna join?" I asked.

"Well we're already here." Kaede stated. "I guess we could all use a vacation."

The others looked at each other and nodded. "Guess we're having a vacation." Ren said.

Suddenly, there was a beeping sound. "What's that?" Kaede asked.

"That's our c-c-criminal alert. I'm getting intel that the Stink Bug is on the loose." Keswick said.

"Whose the stink bug?" Jack asked.

"A diabolical bug villain who stinks, duh. It's right in his name." Keswick said. "Because of his rancid smell we drove him out of t-t-town."

"Actually we just asked him to take a shower, but he made a big stink about it and left vowing revenge." Chief stated.

"Well he's back and robbing the Limburger c-c-cheese factory." Keswick added.

"That horrible smelling cheese! Gross!" Ren exclaimed.

"What do say Sarah, wanna come for old time sake?" Kitty asked me. "Can my friends come too?"

"Of course." she said.

"Sweet!" Kaede said.

"Lets go!" Kitty exclaimed. We were all sucked into separate tubes and were placed in the TUFF mobile. Dudley was driving with Kitty in the passenger seat and me and my friends in the back seat. We drove into the city and saw a small red car with Limburger cheese in the back. "Dudley, there!" I called.

"Right!" Dudley said as the car drove past us. Dudley turned the car around and were caught up with the Stinkbug. He was small bug wearing a purple jacket and his sidekick was a pig wearing an apron. "Freeze Stinkbug, you're under arrest for grand thief Limburger." Kitty said.

"And littering!" Dudley added.

"Eighteen wheeler!" Ren cried. Dudley and Stinkbug screamed and swerved to avoid a collision but the Limburger cheese smell was caught by Dudley's nose. "Agh, that cheese stinks and with my super sensitive nose, it's even worse."

"Super sensitive nose, huh?" the Stinkbug said as the car pulled beside us. "Well get a load of this!" he launched his stink at Dudley. I used my magic to create a shield around me and my friends. The stink turned into a hand that flicked his hand off his nose and entered it. "GAH!" the red car drove off. "That's worse than Limburger cheese! It's like bad clams and rotten eggs in August, In Atlantic City!" he sneezed and launched himself out of the car, leaving us driverless! "Oh Dammit!" Jack cried.

"Idiot!" Kitty screamed.

Kitty and my friends screamed as the car swerved off the road and crashed down a cliffside. Luckily, my shield prevented me and my friends from getting hurt. "Hey guys do you smell something?" Dudley asked, floating down with his parachute. "It's burning cat!" Kitty exclaimed.



Kitty was on a crutch with bandages on her head and leg. Dudley groaned while an ice pack was on his nose. "Nobody told me the Stnkbug smelled that bad!"

"Well what did you expect? It's not like we're fighting the potpourri bug. Boy, I ruin the day he sashays back into town." Chief claimed. The alarm went off again, "I'm getting intel that the Stinkbug is stealing all the sweaty gym socks from a high school locker room. I'm not sure if that's a crime or public service, but head over there anyway."

"But what about Dudley's super sensitive nose?" Kitty asked.

"No problem, just take this close pin." Cheif said. Dudley took the close pin and put it on. "Thanks Chief, I can't smell a thing."

"Good now hurry and catch the Stinkbug! And I'm gonna need that back by laundry day." Chief claimed.

At the high school

Kitty and Dudley busted down the door. "Freeze Stinkbug, put your hands up!" The Stinkbug raised his arms and the stench from him came over to us, actually melting their laser guns. My friends covered their noses in disgust. "Oh man, he reeks!" Mason cried.

"Okay, okay, put 'em back down." Kitty said.

It didn't effect me since I activated my newborn pug power in my nose. Baby pugs can't smell a thing. Good for me! The Stink bug unleashed another stink hand at Dudley allowing him and his assistant to escape. Dudley growled and the hand poked him in the eyes, blinding him and aloowing it to yank the close pin off and enter his nose again. He gagged, "So grass. It's like a hobo with an abscessed tooth driving a garbage truck at low tide, in Atlantic City!" he exclaimed.

"Say what?" Kaede asked.

"Where did that saying come from?" Ren asked incredulous." The stink had turned into a foot and kicked us out the window and in the middle of a panthers game? Huh? Who knew? Anyway, Kitty and Dudley caught the ball and we were all tackled by the panthers football team... well me and Dudley were launched out and Dudley caught the ball in his mouth and we landed on the field goal, earning the panthers six points and the game. "Kitty, we won the game. We're going to the championship!" Dudley cried.

"In Atlantic city." one football player said.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Dudley cried.


"Congrats on the big win, Agents Puppy and Sarah. You both a shoe in for homecoming king and queen." Chief said. Now Kitty was in a bed, supported upward so she could see. The alarm went off again. "I'm getting intel that the Stinkbug had just captured a bus loas of skunks on their back from a garlic festival in Atlantic City."

"Oh come on! That' can't be real!" Dudley said.

"Oh come on!" Jack added. "Does he ever stop!"

"Chief, Dudley's nose can't take another dose of the Stinkbug's stink!" Kitty said.

"Don't worry, just take this car freshener." The Chief stuck the freshener on Dudley's nose. "Go panthers!" he cheered.

We arrived at the scene with the TUFF mobiles laser ready. "Freeze, Stinkbug!" Dudley said.

"And please keep your hands down." Kitty added.

The Stinkbug unleasheed another stink hand and Dudley growled at it. The hand poked him in the eyes again and peeled off the air freshener. It entered his nose and he cried out, scaring the skunks who sparayed Kitty. "AGH!"

"AAAHH!" The shunks sprayed again.

"AGH!" Kitty cried, now she had the skunk smell.

"Oh goodness!" Kaede said.

"Agh! It's like expired mayonnaise in old diaper in Weehawken, which is just a short bus ride from ATLANTIC CITY!" Dudley cried out.

"Oh come on, how bad can Atlantic City be?" Ren deadpanned. The Stinkbug drove his car into a sign, "Sorry, I stink at drivin." he said.


Kitty was placed into a large tub of tomato juice. "Oh I hope this tomato juice takes away the skunk smell." she said.

"Agent Puppy, you weren't sprayed by skunks why are you bathing in tomato juice?" Chief asked.

"This is cheery soda, Chief." Dudley said as he drank some through a straw. "It goes great with this tub full of curly fires. Hey! Stop eating them Jack!"

Indeed, Jack was eating his curly fires, "What? I'm been frigging starving since breakfast."

Me and the others sighed. Typical Jack. "Is he always like this?" Chief asked me.

"When he's not threatening people, then yes." I answered.

The alarm went off and the Sinkbug appeared on screen. "Hey TUFF it's me, the Stinkbug, here to unveiled my revolting plan. Combing the stink of Limburger cheese, sweaty high school socks and skunk spray with my own hideous stench, I have created the ultimate stink bomb. Behold the Airunfreshener." It basically looked like an air fresher that you plug into a wall but for.. you know, the opposite purpose. "Once i plug this in a heinous stench will envelop the city, making it uninhabitable for a thousand years. I'll drive everyone away, just like you drove me away. And now to stink up the joint." Using a forklift, he plugged in the Air Unfreshener and a large stink cloud was seen over the city. A wolf news reporter said, "Citizens are advised to run for their lives." and he ran off screen and it image cut off.

"I'm not going anywhere, cause Petropolis is my home, also I just some dipping sauce for my curly fries." Dudley said. "Hey! That;s my dipping sauce, Jack!"

"We've gotta stop that stench, but it'll destoy anyone who smell it." Kitty said.

"Wait, I have an idea. If I can give Ren and the others my newborn pug power, we won't be able to sell the air unfreshener and we can defeat the Stinkbug!" I exclaimed.

"Can you even transfer your powers like that?" Ren asked.

"Only onw way to find out." I said. I activated my newborn pug power and lit my horn. I blasted Ren and the others quickly. "So did it work?" Kitty asked.

Ren and the others took a deep breath through their nose, "We can't smell a thing!" Ren exclaimed.

"Yes, it worked. Now come on, to the TUFF mobile!" I exclaimed. Me and my friends rushed to the TUFF mobile and I drove it to the warehouse where the stench was coming from. "Hold it, Stinkbug!" Ren cried.

The Stinkbug turned to us and unleashed a stink cloud, but thanks to my newborn pug powers, it could not penetrate our noses. "Its not gonna work, Stinkbug!" Jack said.

"Our noses are closed!" Ren added. The Stinkbug pressed the button and a large purple stench monster came out. I grabbed the monster and slammed it on the ground, dispelling it. Jamie and Mason got behind the Air unfreshener and unplugged it, making the stench go away for good. "GAH!" The Stinkbug cried. I used my magic to capture him and his assistant as well.

"Nice job, guys, now let's get these two back to TUFF." I said.


"Nice job, Sarah and everyone, thanks to you Petropolis is safe again." Chief praised.

"Well we are kinda an awesome team." Jack gloated, receiving a hit on the head from Kitty. "HEY!"

"Stinkbug we have a special smell cell waiting for you at the prison." The Stinkbug was placed in a small container. Other TUFF agents came and took him away. "Just like old times, huh Sarah?" Kitty asked.

"Yep sure is Kitty."

"Hey, how about you eight temporarily become a member of TUFF, you know, until you all go back?" Dudley suggested.

"U?!" My friends exclaimed.

"Yeah, we could always u-u-use some more hands to help us." Keswick added.

"So.. what do you say, guys? Wanna join TUFF with me till we go back?" I asked.

"Hell yeah!" Jack said.

"You bet!" Ren added.

"S-Sonds like fun." Jamie stated.

"Count me in!" Mason said.

"Me too!" Carrie added.

"As long as it doesn't waste my time." Rantaro stated.

"I just it could be.. fun." Nicole said, adjusting her glasses.

"Alright!" Dudley stated.

"Excellent. Staring tomorrow, you eight will be the newest, temporary member of TUFF." Chief added. My friends all smiled at me and I grinned back. This vacation is gonna get really exciting.