Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 25: Sarah's Kingdom Part 1

In the Tarturus, the place where Equestria's most dangerous creatures and foes have been placed Chrysalis was sitting in her cage. To the right of her was another creature. A Centaur. He had a small white bread and he had the body of a horse. Chrysalis was muttering to herself, "That annoying human hybrid. When I get out of here, I'll make sure she pays for this."

"Well Chrysalis, based on the fact that we're trapped in Tarturus, guarded by Cerberus, that's not going to happen."

"Be quiet, Tirek." she snarled.

"Now, now, Chrysalis, that's not how you were meant to be." a voice said. And from out of the shadows came Douglas. "What do you want, Douglas. You abandoned me the last time!" Chrysalis snarled.

"I'm just here to help get revenge on the ponies and humans and get my daughter back. And I think this centaur can help me." Douglas said, referring to Tirek.

"And why would I help you human?" Tirek snarled.

"If you help me get what I want, I'll get you what you want." Douglas promised. Tirek was taken aback but then he began to laughed evilly.

I found myself in a strange void. The floor was made of stars and the area was blue and sparkling. "Where am I?"


"Greetings Sarah." I quickly turned and saw what looked to be a sparkling and shimmering... Twilight?


The Astral Twilight shook its head. "Wait... are you the Tree of Harmony?"

Astral Twilight nodded it's head. I was amazed, "Woah... when could you do that?"

"Like all living things I change as I grow. As I have grown so have my abilities." This tree kept getting more and more amazing. First, it gives me an Element and now it can change its form to talk to me! "But wait... why are you here?"

"I am here to tell you a great test you must pass to reach your destiny"

"A Great Test?"

"Yes, this test will require everything you've learned."

"But what's the test?"

"You will find out when you awaken. Trust in yourself and your power and we will speak again soon." The void began to waver and Astral Twilight disappeared as well as everything becoming white....

... I woke up in my bed in a shock. Riolu, Mareep, Rockruff, Winter, Moonshine and Storm all awoke when they heard my gasp. "Mama, are you alright?" Riolu asked.

".... Yeah... yeah, I'm fine."

Riolu, Rockruff and Mareep have grown up a little and were now ready for me to start with their training. Winter warbled in worry at me. "I'm okay girl." I reassured. I got out of bed and put my clothes on thinking about what the Tree of Harmony warned me about. "What great danger?" I shook off that feeling for now and went to the dining room where I found Ren, Jack, Jamie, Nicole, Rantaro, Carrie, Mason and Kaede eating breakfast at the table. "Hey Sarah." Ren greeted.

I looked surprised for a second, but I shook it off, "Hey.. guys."

Mason must have noticed my distress cause he asked, "Are you alright? You look like you saw a ghost."

"I'm alright... honest." I said rather quickly, but Mason didn't buy it and the others grew a bit suspicious. "Sarah... is there something you're not telling us?" Ren asked.

"Uh.. no nothing at all." I said nervously.

Before Mason or the others could ask me anything else, there was a knock at the door. "Ugh... whose this?" Jack asked irritably as we walked over to the door. Twilight and her friends were outside with concerned expressions, "Hey girls, what's wrong?" Ren asked.

"The Princesses want to see all of us in Canterlot immediately." Twilight asked.  We all looked at each other with concerned expressions. Soon we all boarded the train to Canterlot. In Canterlot, we all rushed to the palace throne room where we Celestia and Luna along with Princess Cadence. "Princess, we can as fast as we could." Twilight stated.

"Thank you, Twilight. Thank you all." Celestia said.

"What's going on, Princess?" Mason asked.

"I'm afraid Tirek and Chrysalis have escaped from Tartarus." Luna replied. Everyone gasped in horror. "Whose Tirek?" I asked.

Celestia closed her eyes for a moment and then explained, "Tirek and his brother Scorpan came from a far away land intent on stealing Equestrian magic, but Scorpan began to appreciate the ways of Equestria, even befriending a young unicorn wizard. Scorpain tried to convince his brother not to go through with their plans, but when Tirek refused Scorpan altered us to his intentions."

Luna added, "Scorpan returned to his land and Tirek was sentences to Tartarus for his crimes. But he and Chrysalis have seemed to find a way to escape."

"But how is that possible?" Applejack asked.

"Douglas, probably." I growled. "He always had a knack for breaking out of prisons."

"But why is starting to steal magic?" Kaede asked.

"His time in Tartarus left him very weak. And from what we know about Douglas he may have found a way to help him gain enough strength to use his dark powers." Celestia explained.

"But with every passing moment, he grows stronger still." Luna said.

"And I know just the person who can stop him." Cadence said, looking at me.

"What? Me?!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, you kicked Chrysalis' butt no problem you can totally take on Tirek." Rainbow said.

"No Rainbow Dash, it's too risky sending Sarah into battle. I'm afraid I must call another to stop Tirek... Discord."


"Why him?" Carrie asked.

"Discord can sense a magical imbalance. The nest time Tirek steals magic, he will be able to track him down." Luna explained. "For now, We want you all to warn Ponyville of the threat and keep an eye out for him."

"Yes, Princess." We all answered and we all returned to Ponyville. As we walked through Ponyville I began thinking to myself. "So Tirek is the great threat to Equestria then... but why did the Tree of Harmony warn only me?"

"Hey Sarah!" Mason called, snapping me back to my senses.

"What? Huh? Yes?"

"You okay sugarube? You zoned out for a minute there." Applejack said.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine." I answered quickly. "I was... uh... just thinking about... uh the... Castle of the Two Sisters that's all."

"Why?" Jamie asked.

"Oh, uh... no reason." I smiled nervously, but my friends didn't buy. "Okay Sarah, you've been acting weird since this morning. What's going on?" Mason asked.

I stammered a little but looking at my friends' faces, I knew I have to tell the truth. I sighed, "Alright... last night... The Tree of Harmony spoke with me again."

"It did?!" Twilight exclaimed.

"Yes... it warned me of a great test I have to pass to reach my destiny, which I now know is Tirek. It said this will require everything I've learned and to trust myself and my 'power'."

All my friends were in a mixture of shock and surprise. "Woah nelly." Applejack gasped.

"Wonder what it meant?" Fluttershy added. "And what this 'power' of yours is."

"I don't know." I stated sadly.

"Well maybe we should go to the Tree of Harmony for some answers." Twilight suggested.

"Go to a tree to get answers?" Jack scoffed. "Tch. Yeah right."

"Well, the Tree is what started all of this for her in the first place, so it would make sense to go and try." Nicole stated. Rantaro sighed, "Fine... if you say do."

The rest of my friends nodded and we all went to through the Everfree Forest and to the Castle of the Two Sisters. They went to the staircase which led to the cave where the Tree of Harmony layed. "I can't believe we're doing this. It seems like a lost cause." Rainow groaned.

"Rainbow, the Tree may be our best hope as to figuring out Sarah's Element of Harmony." Ren said.

"Speakin’ of Element's of Harmony, we should have brought them with us." Applejack said.

"Why?" Jamie asked.

"Just that I see a certain 'friend' of ours in the air."

"Oh your talking about me, I presume." Discord said as he floated down holding an umbrella, wearing a pink and white scarf with a handbag in his hands. Everyone except for me, Fluttershy and Jamie groaned at the sight of him again.

"How'd you guess?" Applejack asked.

"My ears were burning." he said as he splashed water on his ears. "What are you even doing here, Discord?" Rainbow asked.

"Oh just wanted to drop by and say hi to my friend before I go off on my extremely dangerous mission. I suppose you all know that I was called in to capture a certain escapee." he said. Now he was dressed in a military uniform with a small bubble blower in his mouth. "Big deal." Jack scoffed.

"You right, Jack it is a big deal." Discord said. He blew the bubble blower in his face making grow bigger and pop in his face, getting him all wet. Jack growled and tried to move in on Discord, but Ren and Rantaro held him back. "He's not worth it, Jack!" Ren exclaimed. Jack took a deep breath and calmed down, "Fine..."

"Seems that I possess a magic that give me quite an important role in Equestria." Discord said. "Like my friend, Sarah here." Discord picked me up and held me, "I still can’t figure why Celestia hasn't made you part Alicorn yet." He snapped his fingers and made a fake pair of wings appear on my back. Rainbow came over and took them off, "In your dream, Sarah doesn't need to become an alicorn to have a role in Equestra."

"Rainbow's right. Sarah will find her own role in our world." Rarity added.

"Besides, don't you have a creepy magic stealing villain to track down?" Applejack asked.

"Yes, yes, yes of course." Discord added and he teleported us into the Cave of Harmony. "I just couldn't help but over here, Sarah little chat with the Tree of Harmony."

That surprised me, "How'd you know about that?"

"I have ears, Sarah. Anyway, the Tree did give you this cute little element of your own and your trying to figure out the reason and discover what this' hidden power' of yours the Tree mentioned to you."

Ren and the others rolled their eyes. Just then the Tree of Harmony began to glow as well as my Element. My Element shot out a beam of multi-colored magic at the center of the tree. Everyone gasped in awe. A small beam of magic trailed down the tree, lighting up a picture of the sun and a crescent moon and crawled down one of the roots and a flower bloomed from the trail.

I looked at my friends and carefully walked towards the flower. I touched it and the flower opened up, revealing an orb floating in the center with the same colors as my element. I held out my hands and the orb floated into my hands. It let out a beam of magic into my element and I felt a surge of power through my body. When the orb was gone, I felt the surge leave my body and I fell on the ground. "Sarah!" Ren and my friends came to my side.

"Are you alright, darling?" Rarity asked. I felt a small headache coming on. "Agh... Yeah... I think so."

"What the hell was that about?" Jack exclaimed.

"No idea, but I think the orb... gave her something." Twilight said.

"Like... more magic?" Rantaro questioned.

"Yes.. but something more."

"Something more?" Ren asked. "What does that mean?"

"That's the question."

Then we heard clapping and saw Discord sitting in a recliner chair with popcorn in his hands. "Bravo, Bravo." he laughed. Jack growled at him, "Shouldn't you be leaving?!"

"Yes, but I have to grab something from Sarah's father, right quick." He snapped his fingers and made my dad appear. "AH! What the-?"

"Discord, put my dad down!" I ordered.

"I will, just as soon as I grab-" He made a small orb-like device appear in his hands. "Hey, my magic containing orb!" my dad exclaimed.

"Ah yes, I hope you don't mind me using this to track down Tirek, would you?" Discord inquired. My dad opened his mouth, but Discord cut him off, "Good, now good luck with your power, Sarah, Ta Ta." and with that he disappeared and my dad fell to the ground. "OW!"

He grunted as he got up, "Why are you friends with him again?" he asked me.

I only smiled and laughed nervously. My dad sighed.

Tirek was in an alleyway approaching a unicorn stallion. He was brown with a gray mane and tail. Tirek grinned excitedly. When he got close enough the pony turned around revealing Discord, "Tirek, I presume?" he asked.

Tirek looked surprised for a minute, "Discord... you're free?"

Discord turned himself into a parrot, "As a bird."

"I commend you on your escape." Tirek said as he bowed. Discord turned back into himself, "I'm afraid the feeling isn't mutual." He snapped his fingers and made a pair of chains appear on Tirek's arms. Tirek pulled on them, but couldn't break so he blasted a small beam at Discord, who split his head in two, dodging the blast.

"Now it's back to Tartarus without Tirek." he said.

Tirek grinned evilly at him, "Oh.. I don't think so."

Discord was confused by what he said when a cage suddenly came around him. He gasped and tried to teleport out but he found that he couldn't. "Like my magic proof cage?" Douglas said as he appeared behind Tirek along with Chrysalis.

"Douglas and Chrysalis?"

"Right, Discord. We knew Celestia would send you to capture Tirek, so we set a trap for you." Douglas explained. "And now, that you're out of the way, Tirek came continue what he set out to do." Chrysalis added.

Discord narrowed his eyes at the three villains as they all laughed evilly.

After that, me and my friends went back to the Golden Oak Library, where Twilight and Jamie were looking through every book to try and figure out anything about the orb that came from the Tree of Harmony and into my element. "Agh!" Twilight groaned. "None of these books hold the answer!"

"Well Twilight, books don't always hold the answers." My dad replied.

She and Jamie sighed. "Sarah, are you feeling okay?" Fluttershy asked.

I grinned at her, "I'm fine, Fluttershy."

"Well that was a mighty surge you got there." Applejack added.

"I'm alright you guys, honest." I reassured. Dratini, Riolu, Mareep and Rockurff were all play fighting around the library under the watchful eyes of Winter, Moonshine and Storm.

"Your pokemon are have grown up fast." Ren said to me.

"Yeah, now I have to start training them." I said.

Then Spike burped out a letter from Princess Celestia. He read it and gasped, "Spike, what's wrong?"

"We're need in Canterlot at once!" Spike cried.

"Let's go!" Rainbow snapped. We all hurried to Canterlot and burst into the throne room where the three Princesses were. "We got here as fast as I could." Twilight said. "Is it Tirek."

"I'm afraid to say this but Discord has been captured by Tirek, Chrysalis and Douglas." Celestia said.

We all gasped in shocked. "Without Discord to stop him Tirek has been able to steal more and more pony magic. We have word that he has gone after Pegasi. Without Pegasi to control the weather, there will be no rain in Equestria. We have word that he has gone after Earth Ponies as well. Without their strength they will not be able to tend the land."

"Ponies will no longer be in control of their worlds. That power will belong solely to Tirek." Lun added.

"There is no doubt Tirek is after Alicorn Magic. With Discord out of the picture we will not be able to stop him.” Celestia added. “Once it is in his possession he power will have no bounds and all hope will be lost." Luna stated.

This was a disaster!

"But there is one solution." Celestia spoke. "It is by making this sacrifice that Equestria and the lands beyond it may be saved.... we must rid ourselves of our Magic before Tirek has the chance to steal it from us."

We all gasped in shock and horror.

To be continued...