Journey through Alola

by darkmage1997

Chapter 28: Akala Island Grand Trial! (Ultra Rewrite)

After an encounter with the Team Skull Admin, Plumeria, our heroes continued onward tot he Ruins of Life, where Olivia was awaiting them. They were passing through a plateau, overlooking the ocean when they decided to take a quick break, "Alright guys, let's let the Pokémon out for some lunch!" Will said, as he released all of his Pokémon. The others did the same as well. However, when Mawile went to give Toby a love bite, she felt her jaws being pulled by something. Magneton and Empoleon were the same as well.

"Mawile Empoleon, what's wrong?" Toby asked, as the Deceiver and Emperor Pokémon were still being pulled, along with the Magnet Pokémon. Out from some nearby pushes, a Pokémon that looked like a stone idol with a big red nose waddled out. The three Steel Type Pokémon appeared to be pulled towards the idol.

"Whose that Pokémon? It looks cool!" Lana commented.

"Nosepass, the Compass Pokémon, a Rock Type. Because it's nose always points towards North, trainers use this Pokémon to find their way if they get lost," Rotom said.

"A magnetized nasal organ? Now that's strange," Lisa commented.

"It must be Nosepass' Magnet Pull ability. In battle, it prevents Steel Type Pokémon from switching out," Will explained.

"And those three are Steel Types!" Luna exclaimed.

"Since they can't be recalled, our best bet would be to catch Nosepass," Will commented.

"Hawlucha, be a dear, and use Flying Press on Nosepass," Fluttershy asked. Hawlucha then launched the attack, and was able to knock Nosepass over, "Now, use Karate Chop!" Fluttershy exclaimed, trying to sound confident. Hawlucha then started chopping Nosepass, wearing down it's stamina. Nosepass then fired off a red ring, which attached onto Hawlucha.

"Be careful Flora! Lock On is a move that makes the next move a sure hit!" Will informed. Nosepass then fired off a ball of electricity, which hit Hawlucha square on, "And that Zap Cannon was super effective," Will added.

"But how can a Rock Pokémon use an Electric Attack?" Luna wondered.

"Because the magnet in Nosepass' nose has an electrical charge. It gives it the power to use electricity to attack," Will explained.

"Not to mention that Zap Cannon always paralyzes it's target if it hits," Toby added.

"Hawlucha, would you like a rest?" Fluttershy offered. Hawlucha shook it's head, and gave Fluttershy a confident smirk.

"It would appear that Hawlucha's ability is Limber! An ability that prevents paralysis," Rotom stated.

"In that case, use Karate Chop, once more!" Fluttershy urged. Hawlucha then delivered a powerful chop to Nosepass, "Ok, here I go!" she said, tossing a Nest Ball at the weakened Nosepass. It rocked three times before clicking. It then teleported away. This action freed the Steel Type Pokémon.

"Ok, it would probably be best if we got out of this area quickly. There's no telling if there are anymore Nosepass around," Will suggested, as the trainers all recalled their Pokémon. With that, our heroes continued north. In a few short minutes, they saw a clearing which was overlooked by what appeared to be the entrance to a temple of sorts.

"Is this....?" Silver Spoon wondered.

"Yes. These are the Ruins of Life," they all turned to see Professor Burnet, walking alongside Lillie, "Lillie tried to find her way to her next destination, but saw some characters that looked suspiciously like Team Skull, and got lost trying to avoid them," Burnet explained.

"It is said that the guardian deity of these ruins, Tapu Lele, can spread scales that can heal all wounds," Lillie explained.

"I'd love to stay and watch your Grand Trial, but the Masked Royal has a match, and I want to go and see it!" Burnet said, her tone equivalent to that of a fangirl, as she left the Ruins.

"So good of you all to come," they turned to see Olivia walking out of the Temple, "I would've accepted your challenge back in town, but Tapu Lele called me here to clean things up. But since you're all here, we can get things started. I'm pretty such you've heard by now that I specialize in adorable Rock Types. And my first Pokémon shall be Cradily," Olivia said, releasing what looked to be a green barnacle with pink tentacles around it's face.

"Alright, I'll go...." Will was cut off by Olivia.

"...And Armaldo," Oliva said, releasing a larger Pokémon with massive claws and feathers, looking like a mantis shrimp.

"Two at once?" Lori questioned.

"Yes. For this Grand Trial, the four trial goers will show me their teamwork in two double battles," Olivia explained.

"I see. This way, you see how each of us grow as a team," Will commented.

"Exactly. Now then Will, you've volunteered to go first, so who will be tag teaming with you?" Olivia asked.

"I can go too," Fluttershy offered.

"Very well. Then you two shall face these prehistoric Pokémon together," Olivia said, as she and her challengers took their places.

"Rotom, what did she mean by 'Prehistoric Pokémon'?" Lisa asked.

"Allow me to clarify. Armaldo, the Plate Pokémon, a Rock and Bug Type, and one of many Pokémon revived from fossils. It's massive claws are it's greatest weapons. It is believe to be the ancestor of some Bug Type Pokémon. Cradily, the Barnacle Pokémon, a Rock and Grass type, and another Pokémon that was revived from fossils. Normally, it lived in shallow sea shoals. When the tide went out, it would come on land in search of prey," Rotom explained.

"So this world has the technology to bring back ancient creatures. Interesting," Lisa commented.

"Don't get any ideas," Lincoln stated coldly.

"Who, me?! No way!" Lisa exclaimed.

"Alright, as for our two Pokémon, I'll go with Hariyama!" Will said, sending out Hariyama.

"As for me, Primarina!" Fluttershy said, sending out Primarina.

"The rules are like this. You two are allowed the use of three Pokémon each, while I will only use two. The battle will be over when all of either sides Pokémon are unable to continue. Substitutions on your terms are permitted. Now then, the first move is yours," Olivia said.

"Alright, Hariyama, use Focus Energy!" Will instructed. Hariyama then became engulfed in an intense orange aura.

"Primarina, use Icy Wind!" Fluttershy instructed. Primarina then fired the icy cold wind at both of Olivia's Pokémon. Cradily appeared to take the most damage between the two.

"Since Cradily is a Grass Type, Ice Type moves are a good match against it," Toby commented.

"Not bad. Let's see how you deal with this, now, Cradily, use Energy Ball on Primarina!" Olivia instructed. Cradily fired a ball of natural energy at Primarina.

"Quick Hariyama, block that attack!" Will instructed.

"Not so fast! Armaldo, use Crush Claw!" Armaldo then intercepted Hariyama with razor sharp claws, sending the Arm Thrust Pokémon back a few feet. Energy Ball then hit it's mark on Primarina.

"Not a bad combo. Using Armaldo to stall Hariyama while Cradily's Energy Ball hit Primarina was a smart move," Lincoln commented.

"We're not out yet! Hariyama, use Arm Thrust on Cradily!" Will instructed. Hariyama then began shoving the Barnacle Pokémon back, causing additional damage from Focus Energy's effect.

"Now Primarina, while Cradily is distracted, use Bubblebeam on Armaldo!" Fluttershy urged. Primarina then fired Bubblebeam at Armaldo, who braced itself for the oncoming attack.

"Block Bubblebeam with Rock Blast! Cradily, use Giga Drain on Hariyama!" Olivia instructed. Armaldo then started firing rock at Bubblebeam, stopping the attack, while Cradily wrapped it's tentacles around Hariyama's arm. It then began to glow green.

"Not good! Hariyama, return!" Will said, recalling Hariyama, "Alright, maybe I should go with ranged attacks for now. Maybe Decidueye can do the job. I choose you!" Will said, sending out Decidueye, "Let's go Decidueye, use Spirit Shackle!" Will instructed. Decidueye then fired one of it's quills at Cradily, pinning it's shadow, and exploding, casuing damage to the Barnacle Pokémon, "Ok, here we go!" Will said, as he did the pose for Flying Type Z Moves, "Now it's time for our power to soar into the sky, and win over our foes!" Will chanted, as Decidueye became enveloped in Z Power, "Now then, Decidueye, use Supersonic Skystrike!" Will instructed. Leaping high into the air, Decidueye then rocketed back at Cradily, crashing into it, and creating a massive crater. When the smoke cleared, Cradily was knocked out.

"Now, for our turn!" Fluttershy said, as she did the pose for Water Type Z Moves, "Across the horizons of ocean, we shall wash away all our troubles!" Fluttershy chanted, as Primarina became enveloped in Z Power, "Now, use Hydro Vortex!" Primarina then summoned a large tornado whirlpool, which sucked up Armaldo, before knocking it back down to the ground, knocked out.

"Oh, not bad," Olivia said, recalling her Pokémon.

"Thank you, Olivia," Will said.

"You two clearly are in synch with your Pokémon. That much I can see perfectly. And as proof of your victory over me, take these Rockium Z Crystals," Olivia said, giving the two trainers a pair of brown Z Crystals with the symbol of a rock in the center, "I will be more than happy to demonstrate the pose for Rock Type Z Moves in my next battle. Are the two of you ready?" Olivia asked.

"YES," the couple said, as they took their places.

"Now, my Pokémon shall be Lycanroc and Golem!" Olivia said, releasing a Midnight Form Lycanroc and a Golem with a beard and a cannon on it's back.

"Whoa, didn't think Golem would look like that in Alola," Will commented.

"What do Golem look like normally?" Lori asked.

"They don't have beards or cannons," Will replied.

"Golem, Alola Form, the Megaton Pokémon, a Rock and Electric Type. It fires off electrically charged boulders from the cannon on it's back. Even grazing a target can cause paralysis," Rotom said.

"Empoleon and Azumarill should probably sit this battle out, if Golem is an Electric Type," Will commented.

"Alright, Tsareena, go!" Toby said, sending out Tsareena.

"As for my first Pokémon, go Gallade!" Silver Spoon said, sending in Gallade.

"Not bad choices. Like before, the first move is yours," Olivia said.

"Ok, Tsareena, use Razor Leaf!" Toby instructed. Tsareena then fired of the leaves, which struck both Rock Pokémon.

"Now Gallade, use Brick Break on Golem!" Silver Spoon instructed. Gallade went in to attack Golem, only to be intercepted by Lycanroc.

"Oh no, that form of Lycanroc is skilled at using Counter!" Lola commented.

"Do it," Olivia said. Lycanroc allowed Gallade to strike it, only to return double the damage, "Golem, use Rock Blast on Tsareena," Oliva added. Golem then began firing rocks at Tsareena, sending the Fruit Pokémon back a few feet.

"She's good!" Silver Spoon commented.

"But we have strategies too! Tsareena, use Trop Kick on Golem!" Toby instructed. Tsareena then delivered a powerful kick to Golem. It did seem to do damage to Golem, but Tsareena started hopping on one foot, holding the leg it used to kick Golem, "Oops, sorry Tsareena!" Toby winced.

"That looked like it hurt," Lucy commented.

"Golem's shell is much harder than any regular stone. Physical attacks like that won't work on Golem," Olivia stated.

"Tsareena, do you want to tag out?" Toby offered. Tsareena nodded energetically. Toby then recalled the Fruit Pokémon, "Now then, to deal with that hard shell I will need to attack from a distance, so in that case, I'll send in Empoleon!" Toby said, sending in the Emperor Pokémon.

"Toby will need to KO Golem fast before it can use any electric attacks," Will commented.

"Alright Empoleon, use Bubblebeam on Lycanroc!" Toby instructed. Empoleon then fired off Bubblebeam, which seemed to do a lot of damage to Lycanroc.

"Go Gallade, use Psycho Cut on Golem!" Silver Spoon instructed. Gallade then fired blades of psychic energy at Golem, who was still hanging on.

"Hmm, these two aren't half bad either. Time to end this," Olivia said, as she began to do a Z Move Pose.

"Here it comes!" Will commented.

"The foundations of all mountains shall reign judgement on our opponents. Now, harness that immense power for yourself, Lycanroc!" Olivia called out, moving her arms at 90 degree angles, before moving her hips around so she faced the other way, still keeping her arms in the same position. This managed to envelop Lycanroc in Z Power, "Now, USE CONTINENTAL CRUSH!" Olivia called out. Lycanroc leapt high into the air, and summoned a massive boulder with it's Z Power, before chucking it at Empoleon and Gallade. When it made contact, a huge explosion filled the battlefield, causing our heroes to shield their faces. When the smoke cleared, Empoleon and Gallade were both knocked out.

"No way, that Z Move had huge power behind it if it was able to knock out a Fighting Type like Gallade and a Steel Type like Empoleon!" Will commented, as the two trainers recalled their Pokémon.

"You did your best out there," Toby said to the Lure Ball, holding Empoleon.

"Now then, my next Pokémon will be Magneton!" Silver Spoon said, sending out Magneton.

"I know Tsareena hasn't completely recovered, so I'll go with Mawile!" Toby said, sending out Mawile.


"WE HAVE TO STOP MEETING LIKE THIS MAWILE!" Toby screamed, running around, requiring Lana and Lynn to pry Mawile off of her trainer, "Your opponents are Lycanroc and Golem, not me," Toby sighed, pointing to the battlefield. Mawile took her place next to Magneton.

"Magneton, use Magnet Bomb on Lycanroc!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magneton then flung a ball of magnetic energy at the Wolf Pokémon, causing a bit of damage.

"Mawile, use Iron Head of Golem!" Toby instructed. Mawile then charged headfirst at Golem, striking the Megaton Pokémon.

"Since Rock Type moves won't do much against Mawile or Magneton, then I'll just need to get them to bring out a weaker Pokémon from earlier. Lycanroc, use Roar on Mawile!" Olivia instructed. Lycanroc then roared, forcing Mawile back into it's Pokeball, and switching out with Tsareena, who was still hurting from her earlier kick.

"Tsareena, I know your leg is still injured, but can you still battle?" Toby asked. Tsareena chittered in confirmation, "Alright then, use Magical Leaf on Golem!" Toby instructed. Tsareena then fired the rainbow colored leaves at Golem, which seemed to do the job, as it was knocked out.

"Not a bad move," Olivia commented, recalling Golem.

"Now Magneton, use Thunderbolt!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magneton then fired it's electric attack at Lycanroc, who was still hanging on.

"My Lycanroc is one of my most trusted partners. It wont go down so easily!" Olivia warned.

"We'll just see about that!" Toby said, as he began the moves for the Grass Type Z Move, "Like all those before us, we sprout up from the earth, to grow up like all plant life! Now, feel their power!" he said, as Tsareena became enveloped in Z Power, "Alright Tsareena, use Bloom Doom!" Tsareena then fired a beam of light into the air, which also caused flowers to bloom all around, before the beam came crashing down on Lycanroc. When the smoke cleared, Lycanroc was knocked out.

"Well now, that was an excellent battle! You two are more than worthy of using these," Olivia said, rewarding the couple with a pair of Rockium Z Crystals, "As you saw, this is how you use the Rock Type Z Move. Pay attention, because the movement of your hips are crucial," Olivia said, demonstrating the Z Move Pose, "And with that, your Grand Trials are concluded. Before you move on to the next island, why not stop by my shop? I have some additional rewards I want to give," Olivia offered.

"Ok, sure. We can swing by," Will replied, just as Hau came running onto the scene.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Hau greeted energetically, "The salty sea breeze had me coming this way! Looks like you guys already cleaned up in your Grand Trials, huh?" Hau questioned.

"Yeah, but Olivia made us work for these Z Crystals," Toby commented.

"And I expect nothing shy of their performance from you, Hau," Olivia stated.

"Got it, as the grandson of the Melemele Kahuna, I have to meet every challenge that comes at me and triumph," Hau replied.

"Well, you just battle me as Hau, Pokémon Trainer. None of that 'Grandson of the Kahuna' schtick," Olivia stated.

"Ok. Maybe once I'm done here, you guys want to come to the Hano Grand Resort? Some green guy from the Aether Foundation invited me to see something," Hau offered.

"We got the same invite too," Will replied.

"Cool!" Hau replied.

"What about you Lillie? You want to tag along too?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Uh... I.... think I'll pass. But I will see you all on the next island," Lillie declined. Lincoln took note of how uncomfortable she sounded.

"Well, we'll see you guys later. We'll be heading back to Koni'koni City," Will said, as our heroes took off from the ruins.