Planet Side

by Strangest Things


Darkness... suffocating darkness.

The scramble alarm blared in his head.

Forerunner ships appeared in orbit around Meridian. He launched in your F-41 Broadsword. The firefight that ensued was quick as the Forerunner ships suddenly shifted and moved to retreat. He decided to pursue, potentially the worst decision of his life. A slip space portal abruptly opened up behind the ship.

He attempted to avoid but your velocity was too great to change course. his ship entered the portal and it seemed every alarm went off. The MJOLNIR IX Spartan suit forced him into self contained cryogenic biological stasis.

B311-627's eyes fluttered open to the sight of a planet, however it didn't have any characteristics that pointed it out as UNSC, Covenant, or Forerunner controlled. The planet definitely looked to be habitable.

The spartan looked around his Broadsword fighter, wires and cracked screens were littering the space in the cockpit. "Kai, interface with any functional parts of the system and switch to on board computing. Run an integrity diagnostic." His helmet HUD flashed to life with an image of the broad sword and showed a successful connection. The status boot screen was flashing by too quickly but you could make out some of it.

Cockpit life support: FAIL Good thing you were wearing the armor

Gimbal test: FAIL "Kai switch gimbal to on board."

Gimbal test: OK

Everything else flashed by too quickly. The control interface came up and the diagnostic completed.
Shields: 0%
Generator: ERR
Hull integrity: 32%

"Kai run a scan on the planet" the spartan began fiddling around with everything to see what he could do when an alarm went off. His HUD turned a violent red and flashed "EXOSPHERE PROXIMITY 50 KM" Panic bells went off in his head. "Speed" he yelled to no one. Your HUD flashed a grim 13 Km/s. You tried to open up the throttle and change course, but nothing happened.

"Re-entry path" his HUD flashed a diagram, he had plenty of Delta V to get out of the re-entry path into orbit, so what was wrong? "control diagnostic" he said rather frantically. The process completed and one word came on the HUD as a result. "DEAD STICK" one word also ran through his mind, "... shit "