Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 17: Zebra Sister Reunion/ The Claw Patrol

Today I was walking to Ponyville with Riolu, Mareep and Rockruff by my side. "Why are we going to Ponyville, mama?" Rolu asked.

"We're going to help set up for a welcome party."

"Welcome party for who?" Mareep asked.

"There's a new zebra coming to town today." I replied.

"Hey Sarah!" I looked up and saw Pinkie along with my friends. "Hey guys, is everything ready?" I asked.

"Yes indeedy." Pinkie claimed. "Everything's ready for the new zebra."

"This is so exciting. Another Zebra in Ponyville." Twilight said.

"And I thought Zecora was the only one." Ren said.

"Ah, a welcome party I see
Did someone mention me?" said zebra said as she came walking towards us. "Zecora! Glad you could make it." Mason said.

"Why of course my friends,
Meeting a new companion,
And a new friendship will mend."

Then one pony shouted, "She's coming!"

"Ooooh, let's go!" Pinkie cried and we all went to the boarders of New Ponyville. Everyone, including the mayor, was there. We saw a about six zebras come near the boarders. "Presenting her royal majesty." one male zebra said. "Leader of the zebras. The golden zebra herself." the female Zebra said.

"Queen Dhahabu!" they both said and the zebras moved out of the way and showed a golden zebra. She was smaller than the other zebras and she had golden stripes instead of black stripes.

The ponies all gasped at her beauty, but Zecora's face suddenly turned from happy to shocked. "Zecora, is anything wrong?" Ren asked.

"No, no, no not at all,
Just a little shocked that's all." Zecora replied quickly.

Then, the Dhahabu spoke, "Hello everybody are you all here to see me? Then I'll really give you something to see. Zebras; frolic and romp." With that, music started playing, "Really? A Song?" Jack said annoyed.

"Jack, be nice." Kaede warned.

Jack sighed and Dhahabu started singing.

It's okay to stare,
I know I'm quite a sight to see, but I don't stand still, so come on everybody
Prance with me, you gotta move your hooves, your paws, your feet, we've got the rhythm and we've got the beat,

As she sang the ponies started moving to beat.

Prance With Me, Prance With Me
And we'll frolic and romp all right Prance With Me,
Prance With Me and we'll dance dance dance till the morning light
A queen must be majestic
I'm sure you will agree
The Circle of Life
Could use some fun so come on prance with me
You gotta move your hooves your paws your feet, we've got the rhythm and we've got the beat

(Dhahabu's Herd and Dhahabu):
Prance With Me

Prance With Me,
And we'll frolic and romp all right

(Dhahabu's Herd):
All right

(Dhahabu's Herd and Dhahabu):
Prance With Me

Prance With Me,
And we'll dance dance dance till the morning light

(Zebras and Ponies):
Frolic and Romp
Frolic and Romp
Frolic and Romp
Frolic and Romp
Frolic and Romp
Frolic and Romp
Frolic and Romp
Frolic and Romp

(Dhahabu, Dhahabu's Herd, and Ponies):
Prance With Me

Prance With Me, we'll frolic and romp all right
(Zebras and Ponies: All right)

(Dhahabu, Dhahabu's Herd, and Ponies):
Prance With Me,

Prance With Me,
And we'll dance dance dance

(Zebras and Ponies):
Prance, prance, prance
We'll dance dance dance

(Zebras and Ponies):
Prance, prance, prance
We'll dance dance dance till the morning light!

(Zebras and Ponies):
Frolic and Romp

Everybody cheered when the song ended. "Woah, she sure can sing." Carrie commented.

"She sure can." Mason agreed.

Dhahabu walked over to Mayor Mare. "As the Mayor of Ponyville, I welcome you to Ponyville." she said.

"Thank you very much." Dhahabu said and she turned to her zebras. "Alright Zebras, you all can go explore just be careful." Her herd nodded and went their seprate ways. Dhahabu came over to us and I noticed Zecora hiding behind me for some reason. "Hi Dhahabu, My name is Twilight Sparkle and these are my friends; Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Ren, Jack, Jamie, Rantaro, Jamie, Nicole, Kaede and Sarah."

We all gave our own greetings to Dhahabu. "It's nice to meet you all." she said and then she noticed Zecora hiding behind me and her face lit up. "Zecora? Is that really you?"

Zecora winced and reluctnaly came out from behind me.

"Hello Dhahabu,
It's nice to see you." she greeted in a reluctant voice.

Dhahabu squealed, "Oh it is you! I missed you so much!"

All of us stared at the pair, confused, "Um... what's going on here?" Pinkie asked.

"Zecora never told you?" Dhahabu asked.

"Told us what?" Kaede asked.

"I'm her older sister, that's what." Dhahabu replied.

"SISTER?!" We all exclaimed in shock.

We all met in the Golden Oak Library. "You have a sister, Zecora?! How come you never told us?" Rainbow asked.

"Because she's too happy to have such an amazing sister like me." Dhahabu gloated. "I mean I can sing, dance and wow everyone with my looks while my sister only makes potions. Right sister?"

Zecora held a fake smile,

"Yes that is true,
I have an amazing sister like you."

She gave a fake laugh, but I could sense something wasn't right and think the gang knew it too. "So little sister, how'd come to met these fine ponies and humans?" Dhahabu asked.

"Well, at first everypony as afraid of her, cause we never saw her before but when we got to know, we became friends." Ren explained.

"Awww.. that's just like my sister. Making everyone scared under her stare while I capture everyone's attention."

Zecora looked to the side and gave a quiet sigh. "Anyway, I'm gonna go see how my lovely subjects are doing." Dhahabu said and we gracefully walked out the door. As soon as the door clicked, Zecora then rushed out the door. "Zecora!" I called. We all came out and saw her running away to the Everfree Forest.

"What was that all about?" Pinkie asked. "I thought she would be happy to hear her sister's success."

"Pinkie, the problem isn't her success. It's the fact that she's basically bragging about how great she is and how non-great Zecora is." I said.

"Sarah's right. Did ya see the look on her face when her sister was gloatin' like Rainbow?" Applejack said. "She looked awfully sad."

"But why didn't she say anything?" Jamie asked. "She is her sister afterall."

"There's only one way to find out." Ren said.

We all headed to the Everfree Forest and went to Zecora hut. "Zecora?" I called gently. "Are you okay?"

"Go away!
I don't want any company today!" Zecora said and we heard sobbing coming from her room.

Me, Ren, Jamie and Jack carefully went into her room where we saw Zecora face down on her bed, crying. "Oh Zecora." I cooed. I sat on her bed and gently rubbed her back. She sniffled and looked up at us. "How long have you felt this way?" Ren questioned.

Zecora opened her mouth, but Nicole, who suddenly appeared in the room, beat us to it, "You've felt this way ever since you were born, right?"

Zecora nodded.

"She always said she's great,
While I can't compare,
I always came up late,
Everytime she gloats my heart tears."

We all felt bad for Zecora. "But why didn't you tell her it made you feel bad?" Jamie asked.

Zecora sniffled again, It's because-"

"You liked seeing your sister so happy, that you couldn't tell her how you really felt." Nicole stated.

Zecora nodded,

"That's stupid!" Jack yelled. "So what if she's your sister. You have to tell her how you feel. Even the nerd knows that."

"Jack, be nice!" I scolded.

Jack scoffed. "What Jack means to say is. I know that she's your sister, but you can't hold in these feelings about her gloating. It's gonna hurt you more if you hold it in. You have to tell her."

Zecora sniffled and wiped her eyes.

"But will she hear,
She loves talking about herself that is clear." Zecora asked.

"Oh, we'll make her listen." Jack smirked.

"You're not threatening her, Jack." I stated.

"Dang it!"


The girls got Dhahabu to meet us in front of the Library. "So what is it, you wanted to talk about?" Dhahabu asked.

"Actually, Zecora." I nudged her forward, "wanted to talk about you."

"Oh, my favorite topic." she smiled.

Zecora looked at her sister,

"Dear sister,
Umm.. this may be hard for you to hear,
But I need you to understand loud and clear,
You're gloating my be good for you,
But it make me feel bad,
I didn't tell you cause you were happy, so true,
But it would hurt me more if i'd not had."

Dhahabu didn't say anything for a moment. "... Woah... I'm sorry I made you feel that way." she hugged her sister, "If I had known-"

"No no,
You didn't know." Zecora said.

The sisters parted, "Well from now on, I won't gloat about myself if it makes you feel bad."

Zecora smiled,

"That's one task,
I wished I would have asked."

We all loved seeing the two sister getting along and their relationship mended once more.

The Claw Patrol

Today I was with all my friends and all our dragons walking through Canterlot which was decorated for the annual food festival, where ponies come from all around to show off their best foods. "Wow, this place looks great!" Ren said.

"It sure does." My dad said.

"I can't wait for the festival to start." Pinkie said, bouncing up and down with glee. I looked around and noticed Moonshine walking towards one particular stand. I broke away from the others and followed my Night Fury. "Moonshine, where are you going?" I saw that he stopped at a stand that had a picture of a meatball on it. Behind the stand was a brown pony with a white mane and tail with a tan streak. "Oh, hi." he said.

"Hello, umm."

"The name's Cookie Dough."

"Cookie Dough?"

The stallion laughed, "Yeah, lots of ponies think I look like a cookie based on how I look." I smiled, "That is kinda funny. What are you doing?"

"I'm making some meatballs." He showed me a tray that had one meatball on it. Moonshine looked at the meatball with his tongue hanging out. "Hehe, looks like your friends want a bite." Cookie said. He took out another meatball and tossed it at Moonshine and he caught it and ate it in one bite. He roared happily, "Hehe, I think he likes it." I said.

"He sure does. Well I've gotta get back to work." Cookie said and he went back to making more meatballs while me and Moonshine went to catch up with the group.

Third Person POV

Cookie Dough was admiring his new tray of a dozen meatballs. "Perfect... hm... a bit small. I know just what to use." He took out a shaker. "My grow spice." He sprinkled a little onto the meatballs and they grew a little bit. "Good." He placed the grow spice on the stand with the single meatball. "Now for the next tray." He turned around, but he didn't notice his tail hitting the shaker, making a lot of grow spice fall on the single meatball!

The meatball grew, grew and grew until it was the size of a house! The meatball rolled away on it's own and Cookie was unaware of it.

POV Ends

I was walking with my friends when we all heard ponies screaming loudly. "What's going on?" I asked.

We all turned and gasped, "Holy crap! That's one giant meatball!" Ren exclaimed.

"Huh.. odd." Nicole said.

"Don't see that everyday." Rantaro added.

"Where did that come from?" Jamie asked.

"Uh can we discuss that later cause it heading RIGHT FOR US!" Rainbow cried. The meatball rolled right towards us. The dragons freaked and flew up, out of the way of the meatball while I leaped into an alleyway. My friends however, not so lucky. They all got caught inside the meatball! "Oh no! Guys!" I cried and I raced after the meatball. "Sarah!" Ren cried. "Help us!" Pinkie added.

I took out a lasso and roped the meatball. I tried to stop it but the meatball was too big and heavy for me and I got thrown into the air and I landed on the ground. "Ow."

"Oh dear, honey!" My dad exclaimed, coming over to me. I relived me to see he managed to escape getting trapped in the meatball. "Are you alright?"

"I'm alright dad." I reassured.

"But my friends are trapped in that meatball and it's trapping other ponies too!" I wasn't wrong the ponies that were in the way of the meatball were caught and trapped inside the meatball as well. "What are we gonna do?"

Firestorm and the other dragons flew into the air and over the meatball. "Firestorm! Striker! Spark, Fire! Silverspike! Winter! Moonshine! Storm!" My friends exclaimed. The dragons blasted the meatball with their fire but the meatball was too big for their fire to do any real damage. Firestorm and Silverspike grabbed Mason and Jack by their arms and tried to pull them out, but they were too deep in the meatball. They were both forced to let go as the meatball rolled out of Canterlot and through the large valley.

"Oh no! It's heading right for Ponyville!" I cried. "What do we do?"

"Don't worry, I've finished some inventions that can help." My dad said and he mounted Moonshine, "Come on." I mounted Winter and we all followed him to the home-ship. We all quickly entered the home-ship and my dad took us to his lab. "Dad, what's the new invention?"

My dad grabbed a remote, "These." he pressed the button revealing six new vehicles. A blue police car, a yellow digger, a orange hovercraft, a silver and pink helicopter, a green recycling truck and a red firetruck. "Woah, dad who are these vehicles for?" I asked.

"They are for the dragons." My dad replied, surprising me and the dragons.

The Police car is for Midnight. The Firetruck is for Firestorm. The digger is for Silverpspike. The helicopter is for Storm. The recycling truck is for Spark and Fire. And the hovercraft is for Striker."

"What about Winter?" I asked.

"Winter will ride with you in your car."  My dad added. He pressed another button and the dragons were suddenly clothed with the respective outfits for their vehicles and small backpacks. "Each one of their dragon packs has special tools to help them."

"Awesome dad!" I exclaimed. "This will defiantly help. Now let's go catch that meatball!"

"Oh, one more thing." My dad grabbed some small collars and placed them on the dragons' necks. "What are those?"

"These will allow the dragons to speak."

"Speak?!" I exclaimed.

"Yep." He activated them and Moonshine was the first to talk. "H-H-Hi! I can talk!" his voice was a little raspy like Rainbows'.

Soon the other dragons started talking too. Storm's voice was a little high. Firestorms' was a little deep. Spark and Fire had the same voice which was like Pinkie's only a little lower. Silverpsikes' voice was like Fluttershy when she turns assertive. Strikers' voice was high as well. And Winter's voice was a little lower than mine, which was like Twilight's voice.

"Now let's go!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah!" The dragons exclaimed.

Ren's POV

This is not what I expected to happen. Being stuck in a giant meatball, rolling across the valley, near Ponyville. Mason and Jack tried to pushed their way out, but they were too deep to really move. "It's no use!" Mason cried.

Rainbow tried to fly out but her wings were stuck in the meatball. "It can't get out!"

"No dip Sherlock!" Rantaro exclaimed.

"Be quiet!" Rainbow added.

"Stop arguing, you two!" Twilight said. "We have to find a way out of this!"

"How?" Jack said.

Suddenly, we all heard a firetruck and police siren. "What is that?" Nicole asked.

The vehicles got closer along with other vehicles and what we saw made us gasp. "Moonshine! Firestorm!" Jack exclaimed.

"Stiker, Spark, Fire, Silverspike?!" Applejack added. "What in tarnation are they doing?" The vehicles drove pass the meatball and quickly turned around, coming right to the sides of the meatball. We saw Sarah's car and Sarah rolled down the window, "Hang on guys, we'll get you out of there." I said.

"Hurry, sugarcube!" Applejack said. "I'm getting kinda sick."

"Moonshine, get to Ponyville and clear the streets!" I ordered.

"Yes ma'am." Moonshine stated and he raced ahead. "Did Moonshine just talk?" Ren questioned.

"Yes, yes he did." I replied. The meatball continued rolling over the valley until it was near Ponyville. "Ah shoot, we're headin right for Ponyville!" Applejack cried.

"Midnight, are the streets clear?" I asked. We could communicate with screens inside our vehicles. Like a video chat. "The streets are clear, Sarah." Moonshine replied.

"Good." Sarah replied. Then Moonshine heard some giggling behind him and saw the CMC's in the street!

"Sarah, the Cursaders are still out!" Moonshine cried. He saw the meatball coming right for them! "Apple Bloom! Sweetie Belle! Scootaloo!" Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow cried. The little siblings turned and screamed in fear as the meatball got closer.

"Storm, grab the Cursaders with your harness!" I quickly ordered.

"Right Sarah!" Storm zooed over to the Crusaders, "Roar, Harness!" Her copter released it's harness. "Grab the harness, Crusaders!" The Cursaders grabbed the harness and Storm lifted them out of the way, much to their older siblings relief. "Great work Storm!" I prasied.

"Thanks." Storm looked ahead and gasped, "Sarah, the meatballs' heading right for Sweet Apple Acres!" she exclaimed.


"Spark, Fire, Silverspike, get to Sweet Apple Acres." I ordered.

"Right Sarah, but what do we do?" Silverpsike asked.

"You three have to make something to redirect the meatball away from Sweet Apple Acres."

"Right." The three dragons said and they sped off.

Third Person POV

The two dragons made it to Sweet Apple Acres. "Now what can we use as a detour?" Silverspike asked. "We can use those metal gurders as a detour!"

"Excellent!" Spark and Fire exclaimed. They heard the screams of the trapped ponies and humans. "Let's hurry!" Silverspike exclaimed.

Silverspike used his scooper to lift the gruders while Spark and Fire leaped out of their vehicle. "Roar, Claws!" they said together. Two robotic claws came out and they grabbed the gruders and placed them on their sides in front of the entrance. They placed them so they made a curve. Silverpsike leaped out and placed the posts against them, "Roar, Wielder!" A wielder cam out of his dragons pack he used it to fuse the metal gruders together. Spark and Fire brought out their, "Roar, rivet gun!" Their rivet gun, bolted the metal together making it sturdy. In no time, it was finished.  "It's done, Sarah." Spark and Fire reported.

"Great now clear out, the metaballs' getting closer to you guys!" Sarah ordered.

The dragons leaped into their vehicles and moved out of the way.

POV Ends

We were still driving on the sides of the meatball and saw Silverpsike, Spark and Fires' detour. The metal rolled into it and turned to the right. "It worked!" Winter cheered.

"That's great it's going into the forest now!" My dad exclaimed.

"Let's catch up to it!" Moonshine said and we all raced after the meatball. We drove through the forest on the path and came to a familiar part of it. "Froggy Bottom Bog." I said.

"Sarah, the meatball!" Firestorm called. I saw the meatball stuck in the swamp. "Guys! Are you alright?" I called.

"We're alright Sarah, but-" Ren tried to get out but he still stuck tight. "We're all still stuck."

"Hang on we'll get you out." Winter called. But before we could do anything, we spotted some movement behind the meatball. "What's that behind them?" Moonshine asked.

The figure rose up and immediately four heads popped out. "HYDRA!" I cried.

"WHAT?!" Everyone in the meatball cried in fear. The hydra saw the meatball and licked it lips. "We can't let it bite the meatball!" I exclaimed.

Moonshine blasted all of the hydras heads with four plasma blasts, making it roar in pain and turned around. It's tail hit the meatball sending it out of the swamp. "AAAAHHH!" Everyone screamed.

"Guys! Storm follow them!" I ordered.

"Right!" The hydra turned around and growled. Firestorm blasted it with it's fire as did Spark and Fire. The hydra roared and decided it had enough and went away. "Good, it's gone. Let's go!" My dad said.

We all raced out of the forest. "Storm, where's the meatball?" I asked.

"The meatballs' rolling back through Ponyville and and following the train tracks west."

"West? If they keep going that way, they'll end up in the ocean!" My dad stated.

"OCEAN?!" They all exclaimed.

"Come on gang!" I exclaimed we raced through the forest outside of Ponyville, heading west. When we got to the boating dock we saw the meatball floating out to sea! "Oh great, now how are we gonna catch them?" Firestorm asked.

"I got that covered. Spark, Fire. Your recycling truck can turn into a tugboat. Striker you can use your hovercraft." My dad answered.

"Alright!" Spark and Fire said. They raced their truck to the dock and raced off of it. The truck immediately turned into a tugboat, complete with a scooper, a tow line, two fans in the back for propulsion and a steering wheel similar to a ships. Striker followed them to the meatball in his hovercraft.
"Ren, everyone!" I called.

"Sarah!" They all called happy to see me and the dragons. "Get us out of this water!" Rarity screeched.

"Don't worry, we will. Striker, use your hovercraft to push the meatball. Spark and Fire, use the tugboats grapple to hook the meatball."

"Right!" They answered.

"Roar, grapple!" Spark and Fire said and a grapple came out of their dragon pack and went into the meatball, hooking it. "Perfect!" I said. Striker moved his hovercraft to the back of the meatball, where he saw Ren, Mason, Jamie, Jack, Rainbow, Twilight and Applejack. He pressed the hovercraft against it and started pushing the meatball while Spark and Fire started pulling.

"It's working!" Twilight said.

Suddenly, Spark and Fire's tugboat stopped for a moment, "That's weird." Spark pressed the gas, but instead of going forward it went backwards. "Our tugboat won't go forward, can anyone see what's going on?"

Ren looked ahead and his face went a little pale, "Uh guys." he said nervously, "Do you see what I see?"

The other looked and gasped. Striker looked behind him, "Uh-oh."

"Yikes." Jamie said.

"Ah crap." Jack said.

"Oh dear.. that's not good." Rantaro added.

"WHIRLPOOL!" Everyone cried. There was a whirlpool a few yards from them. Spark and Fire pressed on the gas, but the tugboat still didn't go froward, "Sarah, we're giving the tug full power but it's not enough to pull us away from the whirlpool." Spark reported.

Striker pressed his gas too but it didn't do anything, "Sarah, the whirlpools winning. We gotta do something, fast!"

Sarah looked at Storm and her car. "Hang on everyone, I've got an idea! Dad, can my car turn into a flying vehicle?"

"Of course, I made it all terrian." My dad replied.

"Perfect. Storm, come with me." I ordered. Me, Winter and my dad hopped into the car. "Air Mode." I called. Two fins came out from the doors and two jets came out in the back A small dorsal fin appeared near the back of the car. Storm got into her copter and we all flew into the sky and went over to the meatball.

Now the meatball was getting closer to the whirlpool. Striker, Spark and Fire tried their best to pushed and pulled it away. "Sarah, the whirlpools' too strong for our vehicles."

"Don't worry, I have a plan. Storm,  get in close, put your copter in auto pilot and release your hook. I need you to put the hook deep into the meatball."

"Right Sarah, but what will you do?" Storm asked.

"You'll see. Spark, Fire, I need you two to retract your grapple."

"Retract it? But then the meatball will get sucked into the whirlpool along with Striker." Spark said.

"Not if we lift the meatball out of the water." I replied with a smirk.

"Lift the whole meatball? How?" Fire asked.

"You'll see."

Storm flew her copter over the meatball and placed it in auto pilot. "Roar, Hook!" A hatch opened and out came a study rope with a hook on the end. Storm got out of her vehicle and grabbed the hook in her talons. She flew down to the meatball and stuck it deep within. She gave it a few hard tugs, "Rope secured."

"Right. Spark, Fire, retract your grapple." The Zippleback retract the grapple, shocking everyone. "What are you doing?!" Rainbow cried.

"Trust us!" Spark and Fire called. I then dove towards the water. "Water-Mode." I called. The jets in the back, retracted and the back tried turned into fans to push the car along. I dove the car into the water and positioned the car right underneath the meatball. "Alright, Storm, ready to lift?"

"Yes Sarah."

"Go!" Storm pulled on her controls and the meatball started to lift while I pushed on the meatball from below and the meatball was lifted out of the water.

"Awesome!" Ren said.

"Wicked!" Rainbow added.

"Alright!" Twilight said.

Striker drove away from the whirlpool and me and Storm placed the meatball on solid ground. We landed all our vehicles. "Are you guys okay?" Striker asked.

"We're alright, but we're still stuck." Ren said.

"How are we gonna get them out?" Moonshine asked.

"We can't pulled them out. We already tried." Firestorm said. Silverpsike nodded.

"Too bad we can't just shrink the meatball." Winter said.

"Actually, we can." My dad smiled.

"We can?!" Everyone exclaimed.

"Car, shrink ray!" My dad called. A hatch in the front opened and out came and medium-sized ray. "Activate. Target; Meatball!" My dad ordered.

The shrink ray blasted the meatball and it shrank to small size, freeing everyone. "We're free!" Kaede asked.

"Oh thank goodness." Rarity sighed.

"Thanks for the save you guys." Mason thanked.

"Yeah, you save out butts." Jack added with a toothily grin. "And love the new rides."

I grinned as everyone admired the dragons vehicles and uniforms. "These are amazing!" Twilight exclaimed.

"They sure are." Jamie added.

"Sarah, you and the dragons saved the day, together." Twilight said.

"Hehe, it was nothing. Whenever you're in trouble, just call for help." I said. Everyone shared a good laugh.