Equestria Girls: Digital Destiny

by EquestrianTwist

The Leader

Magnamon felt the air rush past him as Boltboutamon delivered another kick to his chest. He had to give the wannabe demon lord credit, he was a lot faster than his predecessor. But that was about it. Every attack the Royal Knight tried to deliver, Boltboutamon seemed to avoid without falter, and every attack the Demon Lord managed to land on Magnamon either bounced off the plating of his armor or produced minor injury on the open areas of his skin.

It was becoming abundantly clear that despite the bravado he had shown before the fight, Boltboutamon was far too evenly matched with Magnamon's own capabilities for either of them to make any sort of decisive headway in their battle. At best, his greatest chance at obtaining victory would be to hope the Demon Lord grew tired far before he did. But considering Boltboutamon’s naturally energetic and clownish demeanor, coupled with the now rampant blood loss the knight was currently facing, that outcome seemed largely unlikely.

Magnamon raised his arm as another glowing orb of plasma appeared in his palm.

“Plasma Shoot!”

Magnamon’s arm fell and his breathing grew heavy as the orb flew at Boltboutamon. The clown vanished and reappeared again behind the orb with yet another mocking noise. “Woop!”

Magnamon’s face was now mere inches away from Boltboutamon’s own. The close proximity between the two was something Magnamon was not about to allow. He raised his fist and swung it at the clown.

“Magnum Punch!”

Boltboutamon disappeared before the the blow could connect.

“Yoo-hoo!~” The Demon Lord’s voice called out from behind the Royal Knight. Magnamon turned, intent on delivering a spin kick right into the side of Boltboutamon’s stomach.

“Magnum Kick!”

The clown was already gone before Magnamon could completely turn around. The knight was shocked, and before he could even consider his next move, one of Boltboutamon’s skeletal fist collided with the back of Magnamon’s skull. “Bolt Punch! The Demon Lord shouted. Magnamon turned after clearing his head from that last punch, only to be met with Boltboutamon’s heel colliding with the top of his head, sending flying downwards. “Bout Kick!” Boltboutamon continued to shout. “See, I can put my name into my attacks too! You aren’t so special!”

Magnamon activated his engines and halted himself in the air before he could break through the forest canopy. He turned his gaze upwards and glared at his opponent, only to immediately turn it seconds later, when a large crash resounded from a different part of the forest.

The knight began to hear Boltboutamon laughing.

“That's what the Royal Rompicoglionis get for sending the runt.” The demon clown mocked. Magnamon was about to leave to check out the noise, but was stabbed in his back before he could make it too far. “Fight’s still going on here.” Magnamon turned as the Demon Lord chuckled again. He was surprised to see Boltboutamon was still the same distance away and was still holding his swords. “They should have sent Omnimon. Unlike the rest of you, he can actually multitask. There's a reason Alphamon considered him his Omega and acting successor.” He turned his gaze towards Magnamon and gave him a maniacal grin. “But returning to the here and now...”

“Palazzi Valzer!”

Six glowing sabers made of strange blue energy appeared around Boltboutamon’s body like planets orbiting the sun. They all turned to point at Magnamon as Boltboutamon aimed his own swords. “...shall we continue?~”

Sunset groaned as she began to move. The last thing she recalled was telling Flash to let her and Dorumon go before they were sucked into the same vortex as the rest of their friends. She sat up and began to massage her head, but as she placed her other hand down to support her weight she felt something underneath it like the crunch of snow.

She lifted her hand in confusion... it was snow, but she didn't feel cold? This was odd, and it wasn't just because there was a purple furred behemoth laying next to her. She turned to address him. “Dorumon?” She asked. The purple-haired dinosaur began to stir.  

“Ouch.” He groaned. His voice had grown much deeper, sounding as comparable to his old voice as a dancer’s did to a gruff action star’s. Dorumon slowly came to and looked around until he saw a reflection of himself in some nearby ice. “Well I’ll be damned… I am a Dorugamon now. I must have evolved in the fall.” Dorugamon remarked.

“And you have wings, you're just full of surprises. So any ideas where we are?”

“Normally, digimon would respawn at The Village of Beginnings. All the data that came from the human world to make up our world arrives there first.” Dorugamon stood up to his full height, to Sunset he looked to be as big as that giant dinosaur skeleton in the Canterlot museum. In the distance he could see a pleasant green pasture near the sea. “We're on File Island on top of Mt. Byte. The mountain next to us is Mt. Infinity. We’ll want to go down hill, but first we'll need to reorient ourselves. Since File Island is located on the Equator we just need to figure out which way is West and which is East. The Village of Beginnings is along the western part of the island and is the farthest part from the mainland. We find West we find the village.”

Sunset blinked and stared at Dorugamon in confusion. “Why do you sound like you’re narrating a video game walkthrough?”

Dorugamon paused for a second. “I am unfamiliar with that term. But it would seem we have a few minor objectives to complete before reaching our main goal. I will take the lead.”

Sunset was growing concerned. “You really must have hit your head after we went through the portal. Come here, I want to take a look make sure you’re not hurt.”

Without another word, Dorugamon complied and wandered over to her before laying down in the snow. The way he followed her request reminded Sunset of how dogs would lazily follow commands. Sunset couldn’t help but imagine Dorugamon as a giant lumbering saint bernard giving his increase in size, and she found herself unable to hold back a chuckle. She got onto her knees and began running her hands through his thick fur. His body was warm, which was pleasing, but more importantly she couldn’t feel any wounds or bleeding cuts under his coat. She sighed in relief. “You’re all good. Now let's get back to figuring out how to get down from this mountain top.”

“Understood.” Dorugamon replied. He turned his muzzle to speak with her only to accidentally bump it against Sunset’s geode. Her eyes grew wide as the telltale signs of her powers kicked in.

In less then a second, she found her in a new location, a grassy plain being overlooked by a medieval castle. Unlike how her powers usually worked, she was not looking at a scene that had already played out in the past, but instead was looking through the eyes of another being entirely. She was being pinned down, a digimon with a giant claw and a blazing crimson eye was bearing down on her with what looked like a purple dagger in his opposite hand. She couldn’t make out the digimon's specific details, the being’s vision was blurry, possibly from being dazed. She however did hear cries coming from the distance. She assumed they were pointed at her.


Was that this digimon’s name? She didn’t get a chance to reply, as the digimon above her suddenly stabbed her in the chest with the glowing dagger. She screamed and instinctively closed her eyes. When she reopened them, she found herself back on the mountain top, seemingly having been pushed away by Dorugamon after using her powers. His hair was standing on end and he looked about ready to tear anything in half that looked so much as glanced at. It soon dawned on her that he must of seen what she had seen, and it was having a more prominent effect on his emotions then it did her own.

“Take it easy big guy.” Sunset softly whispered as she kept her hands out and arms wide open. She had to make herself look non threatening, or risk becoming the subject of Dorugamon’s ire.  

Doragumon roared like an animal that had just been shot. He tried to reach for his head with arms in an attempt to alleviate his headache. He suddenly buried his face in the snow, and after almost a minute reemerged with a slightly calmer attitude. “That was my last life. I am Alphamon.”

“You were about to stab someone?” Sunset asked.

Dorugamon gave a low growl. “Yes, but I wasn't the one holding the dagger you saw.” Dorugamon walked past Sunset before stopping at the edge of the mountain’s peak. “Come now, we have places to be.”

“I won’t argue with ya there.” She walked toward edge as well, but unlike her digimon who carried a determined look, she felt more apprehensive upon seeing the steep stone wall heading down the mountain’s peak. “But how are we supposed to get down from here.”

“I do believe I grew these for a reason.” Dorugamon flexed his new wings as if presenting them like trophies. Sunset grew fearful. “You do remember how to use those things right?” Dorugamon laid down in the snow inviting Sunset to climb onto his back. He didn't reply to her question until she was comfortably seated on the back of his neck.

“I remember you using a rather fitting statement to describe a situation like this when you were playing your video game back in the human world.” He stood up and backed away from the edge.

“...And what would that be?” Sunset asked neverously.

“Leap of Faith.” He charged forward before Sunset could begin shouting at him, and leaped off the edge of mountain, diving face first for the forested floor below. Before Sunset could scream, Dorugamon started to beat his wings and took to the air. “Up and down. The trick is getting them to beat simultaneously, and with that you have the flight achievement.” Dorugamon stated. “Now we just need to follow the ridgeline down hill and the sun as it heads west.”

Sunset fear slowly turned to adrenaline-fueled elation once she realized Dorugamon was in control. She grasped onto his fur for security, but still couldn’t resist the urge to thrust her fist in the air and scream into the sky. “WOOHOO!” She was beginning to feel the cold as the air brushed by her, but she didn’t care, she was enjoying the feeling of the wind blowing through her hair too much.

“I somehow knew you’d love this!” Dorugamon proclaimed. He began to spiral around the mountain, adding more velocity to their decent, before shooting out over the forest like a airplane leveling out.

“This feels amazing!” Sunset shouted.

“The data making up your body must have finished configuring!” Dorugamon replied. “Everything here should now feel as real as anything in the human world!”

“I was wondering why I wasn’t freezing over up there!” She saw the green pasture Dorugamon spotted earlier coming up quickly. “Is that where we’re heading?!”

“Yes! The Village of Beginnings, the starting place of everything in the Digital World!” Dorugamon cocked a brow in confusion upon seeing a large group of digimon gathering in the center of the pasture. “There seems to be a commotion going on down there.”

Sunset looked down as well, noticing the unmistakable skin-colors of her friends. Several digimon were standing among their group. “Dorugamon, those are my friends! We need to get down there!”

“Twilight and the others?!” Dorugamon questioned. “I’ll begin descent immediately! Hold on tight, we’re going in!” Dorugamon dove towards the ground, releasing a roar that no doubt all the creatures on the ground would hear. After making the noise, he silently hoped the humans and digimon took it as a sign of greeting rather than a promise of attack.

A short while earlier, Applejack, Liamon, and Leomon broke through the treeline bordering the forest in order to catch up with their friends. “How far are we from the Village?” Applejack asked.

“Not that far.” Leomon said. “Only a few more meters.” After a few more seconds they arrived in a pasture. “Behold the Village of Beginnings.” Leomon informed before they started to hear the cries of various babies and the tongue lashing of one ticked off Tinkermon.

“You Humons are all alike, you come bulldozing into whatever place you like and demand mons to obey your every command!” Tickermon berated.

“Now, Tink...” Petermon started.

“I don’t care what Magnamon said, the Royal Knights haven’t done anything for File Island and especially not the Village of Beginnings. Nothing except increasing the current number of babies restarting their lives here and keeping that number high!”

“...And Leomon was worried about the babies?” Veemon commented.

“And don’t get me started with you, you… PERVERT!!!” Tinkermon then slapped Veemon. “You Veemons are all the same, be you Chichomons, DemiVeemons, ExVeemons, pr whatever else! All of you are always staring at my bosom, trying to take a peek down my shirt or up my skirt, even sometimes trying to cop a feel, and you were always the worst of the lot.”

“Hey now, leave Big Bro alone!” Guilmon protested as he tried to come to Veemon’s aid.

“Shall I list off your cooking disasters, Guilmon!” Tinkermon turned her ire to the red raptor. Guilmon dipped his head and tried to hide behind Veemon.


Leomon roared as he sent his attack into the air scaring Tinkermon silent. “We don’t have time for this, Tinkermon. If Magnamon’s fears are well-founded, we need to get the babies and ourselves off the island as soon as possible. If he happens to be wrong, it’s still better to be safe than sorry.”

Petermon folded his arms and turned his gaze toward the ground. “Sorry Tinkermon. But if even Leomon is worried about our safety, I think whatever’s going on is a major reason for concern. I’m going to find the captain, and start loading up the boat. Feel free to do what you want, but I’m not taking any chances.” Petermon flew into the air took off towards the shore, leaving Tinkermon to float by herself in a state of utter disbelief.

“Petermon wait! GRRRR!!! Fine! We’ll do as you say for now. But if I find out this is some sort of prank… I don’t care how old any of you have gotten, I’m putting all of you over my knee!” She launched into the air and shot after Petermon. A familiar red hue followed her as she bolted away.

Veemon scratched the back of his head and Pinkie gave Guilmon a hug to make him feel better after his scolding. As they watched her fly away, Veemon couldn’t help but comment. “It’s never occurred to me before now, but we had one badass nanny back in the day, didn’t we?” All the girl’s partner digimon nodded in agreement.

Pinkie Pie suddenly noticed that Applejack was dismounting Liamon. “APPLEJACK!” She rushed over towards her friend and pulled her into a tight hug the moment she touched the ground. “I’m happy that giant bird didn’t eat you! Who’s your friend?”

“I am Liamon, the champion state of Liollmon. As for the black buzzard, that Saberdramon didn't get the chance after I split it in twine.” Liamon declared.

“War stories later, we got these babies to take care of.” Rainbow cut the lion off before she went to a crib. She then turned back, “What do I do?” She asked.

Rarity and Applejack groaned, “Honestly Rainbow, step aside and let the professionals take care of this.” Rarity stepped over towards the crib Rainbow was looking into, and almost immediately felt all the confidence she was carrying leave her upon seeing its occupant.

Inside the crib was a pale green digimon with black doll-like eyes and a yellow pacifier in its mouth. Its body looked like it had the viscosity of mucus and bubbles were appearing and popping all across its form like a giant glob of melted cheese. Rarity didn’t want to say anything rude about the creature, but she could not bring herself to pick it up or even look at it without feeling a knot form in the pit of her stomach.

Hagurumon appeared at her side and looked into the crib as well. His expression was far more gleeful at sight of the infant however. “Why, Miss Rarity, you found a Pabumon. Oh I haven’t seen one of these mons since I was an infant.” He lowered one of his gear and began to massage the Pabumon’s head. It began to coo in appreciation. “Hello little one. My name’s Hagurumon. It’s very nice to meet you.”

Just then they all heard a roar that sounded like it could fill the skies. They all turned to see a purple-furred, allosaurus-sized creature that looked like a larger winged version of a Dorumon, and on its back a human girl was riding it.

Of all the digimon present, Liamon was the quickest to recognize their once glorious comrade, and was even quicker to greet him. “Hail Alphamon!” She proclaimed. “So time has turned back on you as well, it would seem?”

Dorugamon lowered himself to the ground, allowing Sunset to dismount and be glomped by her gaggle of worried friends. While that was going on, he decided to greet the other digimon, starting with lion who had asked him a question. “You’ll be happy to know that I am who you think I am. However, I am sorry to tell you, I do not recognize any of you.”

“Well that isn’t too terribly uncommon.” Dorugamon turned his gaze to see Candlemon floating towards him. “Most digimon who go through regeneration don’t tend to have memories of their past lives. Liamon here being a rather rare example the opposite, of course.”

Dorugamon turned gaze towards the other digimon surrounding him. “Who are you digimon?”

“We’re like you, Royal Knights.” Liamon replied. “Leopardmon, Dynasmon, Kentaurosmon, Craniamon, Gallantmon, and UlforceVeedramon.” As she raffled off their names, she motioned her claws towards each digimon each knights’ name pertained to. She repeated the motion as she told him their current names. “But as the situation is currently, you may call us Candlemon, Kudamon, Hagurumon, Guilmon, and Veemon. Once I revert back to my rookie stage, you may also begin calling me Liollmon.”

Dorugamon scratched his head in confusion. “I don’t think my memory is in at all go enough condition to remember all that. But I’ll try. Let’s see… Veemon, the rookie state of UlforceVeedramon, the Herald of Fidelity; Guilmon, the rookie state of Gallantmon, the Lancer of Gaiety; Hagurumon, the rookie state of Craniamon, the Shield of Munificence; Kudamon, the rookie state of Kentaurosmon, the Bowmon of Benevolence; Candlemon, the rookie state of Dynasmon, the Wyvern of Witchelny; and Liollmon, currently Liamon, the champion state of Leopardmon, the Strategist of Truth.”

The digimon cocked a brow at how completely Dorugamon was able to recall who they were, despite claiming to be an amnesiac. “Uh… thanks for the rundown, big guy. You sure you don’t remember anything?” Veemon asked.

“It’s just the way I speak.” Dorugamon stated in embarrassment. “Sunset says I explain things like a digimon who walks others through video games.”

“Ah, you tend to over explain things, hmm?” Candlemon gave an understanding smile. “Don’t worry about it, I am actually very much the same.”

Veemon leaned closer to Guilmon and whispered so he could only hear. “Greaat… now we got two intellectuals in the team. I swear it’s going to be nonstop nerd chatter from here on out.”

Guilmon scratched at the top his head. “But I don’t speak nerd, Veemon.” Veemon sighed in annoyance.

Before anymore conversations could occur, another explosion was heard in the sky some distance away from the Village. As if on instinct, Dorugamon began to grow tense. “What was that?”

“Magnamon is in the middle of a battle with a powerful digimon.” Dorugamon looked upwards to see Kudamon had somehow climbed up onto the top of his head without him noticing. “He wanted us to evacuate the Village of Beginnings while he kept it distracted. But judging by the sounds of it, he isn’t making any headway into turning the battle in his favor.”

Dorugamon glared in the direction of the sounds. “A fellow knight, I recognize the name. He needs our help!”

“Woah, woah, who died and made you leader?” Veemon argued.

“If my fragmented memory is something I can go by, me, technically speaking.” Dorugamon answered.

Veemon facepalmed. “Listen, I like a good scrap as much as the next digital monster, but when Magnamon came crashing down to warn us, he was sounding pretty freaked out. Whoever Magnamon is fighting out there is clearly no joke.”

“At best, you and I would mostly likely stand the greatest chance of surviving the fight at Magnamon’s side. But with us only being champions, that’s greatly debatable.” Liamon explained. “We’d need a much greater number of warriors to insure victory. But as of right now, none of us know how to incite our digivolutions without the help of our human companions.”

Dorugamon’s brows furrowed. “Then I won’t ask to do anymore than you already have. But I can’t just stand by and let another creature fight a losing battle. I’m going.” He stated matter-of-factly. “Tell Sunset I will be back as soon as this threat is taken care of.”

Before they could voice anymore of their concerns, Dorugamon broke off into the forest leaving the other digimon watch in his wake as vanished into the trees. They saw Kudamon running towards them after he jumped off Dorugamon’s head. “This isn’t a wise decision.” He stated as he skidded to a halt in front of them. “We need to tell the girls, before Dorugamon does something he might regret.”

Back among the girls, Sunset had just finished hearing her friends tales of adventure while she had been asleep. “Looks like I am not the only one to have made a new friend, am I girls?” Sunset joked.

“Well if we don’t do something soon, you’re going to find our party one friend shorter.” The girls turned to see their digimon rushing towards them, Dorugamon not among their numbers. Kudamon continued to rush forward when the rest of his group had stopped, scrambling up Fluttershy’s leg before reaching her shoulder so he could speak at eye level with the rest of the teens. “Dorugamon has entered the forest, and is currently in search of Magnamon.”

“WHAT!” The girls shouted, of them only Sunset was the only one confused.

“What’s the matter? Why do you all sound so scared?” A familiar feeling of dread was welling in Sunset’s stomach like during the drive they took when Devimon had kidnapped Dorumon and Pinkie.

“Magnamon ordered us to run here immediately and start evacuating the children here while he dealt with some new digimon in the sky.” Twilight explained. “He never gave us a full explanation why, but judging by how anxious he was when he found us, the creature he’s fighting must be extremely powerful.”

Kudamon shook his head. “There is a fine line between bravery and stupidity.” Kudamon quoted. “And I fear if Magnamon is afraid of this digimon, then Dorugamon is worryingly close to crossing it.”

After hearing all this, there was no doubt in Sunset’s mind what she needed to do. “I’m going after.”

“No way!” Rainbow rushed in front of her with her stretched out wide. “You stand even less of a chance out there if this guy is even half as bad as everyone says.” As if following her example, Veemon rushed to Rainbow’s side and copied her blocking stance.

“I can help him digivolve!” Sunset deduced. “You saw what happened with Devimon. If I’m in danger, it will likely help Dorumon digivolve farther and-”

“That isn’t wise.” Kudamon objected. Fluttershy nodded.

“You rushing in there alone only increased the chances of you getting…” The timid girl found herself unable to say the word. “...you know. That wouldn’t help Dorumon in the slightest.”

Applejack clenched her fist and began to growl. She kicked a loose rock on the grown in rage. “This is bullhockey! If we just knew how this damned digivolvin’ thin’ worked, we could be doin’ somethin’! Instead of just standin’ around worryin’ our asses off!” Liamon walked over and began to nuzzle her side in an attempt to calm her down. It seemed to work as Applejack began to scratch her head.

Sunset began to rack her brain for any form of solution they could use for this problem. When she found nothing, her eyes fell downwards where she noticed her necklace hanging loosely around her neck. An idea suddenly sparked inside her brain.

“But maybe we do know...” Sunset muttered. The others turned their gazes towards her curiously. She turned to them. “Did any of you try using your powers when those other digimon were trying to attack you?”

The girls looked to each other before turning back, all nodding. “Trying activating your powers again.”

Pinkie lifted her hand and placed it on her geode. “You mean like this?” She grasped it, and suddenly a bright flash of pink light was shining from between her fingers. All of sudden, Guilmon began to glow brightly as he was enveloped in white light. The girls all stepped back in surprise upon seeing the once human-sized dinosaur replaced by a much larger version of himself with white mohawk.

Guilmon looked around in confusion, utterly perplexed by his new change in height and perspective. He saw smoke billowing from a tree in the distance. “Hey, I can see Candlemon’s house from here!”

Sunset blinked in bewilderment. “I didn’t honestly think that would work.”

“Well it’s a damn good thing it did!” Rainbow Dash proclaimed. “Because I’m sick of just sitting around too.” She grasped her necklace, and suddenly Veedramon was standing at her side.

“Yeah! Who’s the big mon on the island, now!” Veedramon was about to laugh until he took another look at Growlmon and noticed that his little bro was still much larger than him. “Oh come on!”

Rarity, Fluttershy and Twilight smiled and began doing the same, turning Candlemon back into Wizardmon, Hagurumon into Guardromon, and Kudamon into Reppamon.

“Well that was unexpected... but very advantageous for us.” Wizardmon stated with a twirl of his staff.

Applejack mounted Liamon. “Come on, girls, we gotta stop Dorumon from gettin’ himself killed.”

“Sorry Father, but our friend requires our assistance. We’re leaving you in charge of the children while we’re away. I’m certain you can handle it, good bye.” Liamon shouted at Leomon as she ran in the direction Dorugamon had gone. The girls and other digimon followed close behind, with Growlmon acting as the mount for most of the human party.

Leomon was about to shout back in protest, but then he heard one of the babies starting to cry. He sighed, “I thought I got away from this when Liollmon first started digivolving.” He grumbled, complaining to no one. He did his best to put on a cheerful smile. “Who wants to hear the story of The Ten Elemental Warriors?” He asked.

Dorugamon probably should have flown, but right now all he could focus on was rushing to Magnamon’s aid. He had to help him, it felt like an instinct in his code, and maybe if he did, he’d get some more of his memories back. He had to know or rather remember who he was... Who he is? He just had to! If he didn’t remember himself, it would be just as likely that he wouldn’t recognize someone or something else important, and that just could not happen. Magnamon was the only clue to his past that he knew he had, losing him meant… Dorugamon didn’t want to think about it.

Unfortunately, not thinking lead to not observing, which caused the large digimon to trip over a log sticking out across his path. He fell with a crash, bounced with a thud, and finally landed with a thump.

“If you go the forest route, you might to keep your focus on what's around you.” He grumbled as he went about picking himself up.

Once he righted himself he looked around, “Also maybe get more specific directions.” He added. Just then he looked behind him and spotted a Growlmon, a Veedramon, a Reppamon ,a Guardromon and a Liamon with Sunset, the other girls, and a Wizardmon riding on them. They were all heading straight towards him.

After a few seconds, everyone was together. Dorugamon was about to speak, but Sunset was quick to cut him off.

“Friends don't leave each other hanging.” She stated as Growlmon moved closer, allowing her to climb on to her digimon. “Especially when they're about to do something stupid.” She added as she gave the brute a nuggie. “Next time don't go charging in without us or a plan.”

“Especially the plan.” Wizardmon added. The mage digimon seemed to hold his chin for a few seconds and then snapped with his other hand. “I got an idea.”

“Valor, a knight is to valor.”  Magnamon recalled out of nowhere. He couldn’t deny it was a pleasant thought, but it was amazing how little personal dogmas meant in actual battle when one is being cut and slashed to pieces by their foe.

Magnamon had to admit, he was really beginning to regret egging Boltboutamon on back during the start of their battle. Maybe if he was at top condition, not warned down by the previous battles and frantic searches for the humans, he would have stood a better chance of defeating his enemy. But as it stood currently, he was too tired and too badly wounded to continue putting up a decent defense.

The mad clown laughed as he watched the six magic swords he conjured buzz around the Royal Knight like flies circling a fresh carcass. “You’re going to be nothing more than a pile of blue and gold ribbons when I get done with you, Golden boy.” Boltboutamon joked. “I think I might even use them as decoration when I find those new human friends of yours. I’ll tie ‘em all up in a big pretty bow, and send them to the other Demon Lords as a present. Now doesn’t that sound nice of me?~”

Magnamon wanted to throw back a threat of his own, but found himself unable as he continued to protect the more vital parts of his body from the onslaught of the swords. He only grunted in reply, causing Boltboutamon’s smirk to grow exceptionally wider.

“Power Metal!”

The Demon Lord turned upon hearing the utterance of an attack, and only nearly was able to get out of the way when a cannonball the size of his entire body flew near his person. Before it could get out reach of his arm span however, his skeletal hands grasped the cannonball and stopped it in its tracks. “Alright, who has the balls?!” He briefly glanced at the cannonball he was holding, before turning back to where the cannonball was fired from. “Or to be more accurate… WHO’S TOSSING ‘EM?!”

Not receiving a reply, Boltboutamon tossed the cannonball over his shoulder and began to fly closer towards the forest. He turned to Magnamon as he flew. “I gonna to go check on something, don’t go away now. I want to see my flashy swords gut like a game hen, before I start human hunting.”

The swords kept Magnamon at bay, keeping him from replying. Four more swords appeared around The mad clown’s body, as he drew closer to the canopy.

“Thunder Cloud!”

Lighting suddenly struck from the heavens despite there being only one foreseeable cloud in the sky. Boltboutamon easily avoided it. “So there’s more than one of you down there. No worries, I’m an equal opportunity psychopath. No matter the sex, creed, or number of victims, I will make sure everymon gets their turn to be slaughtered.”



A scorching ball of fire and an arrow of blueish-white heat shot out of the forest canopy from perpendicular directions, making it hard for the clown to dodge both. ”Well aren’t you all just bold mess of champions!” Boltboutamon giggled. “You probably heard a Royal Knight was in danger, and figuring since you just digivolved, thought you’d be tough enough to rush to his aid and trounce his enemy, right?” He received no reply, but shook his head anyway as if somemon was denying his claim to be true. “Well I’m sorry to tell you this, bambinos, but you’re well overheads on this one. You can’t hope to match up to my power, so why don’t all just run back home and go suckle on Tinkermon’s teat for a little while longer, while the mega-level digimon conclude their business.”

He searched the branches for any signs of movement, and kept his ears open in case his attackers decided to flee. The world grew silent, he heard nothing but the soothing sounds of nature and the satisfying sounds of Magnamon’s grunts and screams. He turned, starting to fly upwards…

“Destruction Grenade!”

Vacuum Kamaitachi!”

The cartoony missile was cleaved in half by Boltboutamon’s sword the moment he turned around, and the blade of wind that immediately followed it was just as easily deflected with a twirl of the other sword in his opposite hand. Boltboutamon smirked. “At least six kids gonna die tonight!” He shot downwards and landed on the top branches of the trees. Below, Growlmon, Wizardmon, and Dorugamon were hiding.

“He’s right above us.” Wizardmon warned. Growlmon looked upwards, not fully grasping the warning.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get him, Wizardmon-sama!” Growlmon began rise up to his full height, until his head was able to break through the top of trees and look over the forest. He spotted Boltboutamon.

“Growlmon, no!” The dinosaur digimon didn’t hear him however, and instead roared as he tried to bite down on the demonic clown. Boltboutamon jumped back upon seeing Growlmon rushing towards and floated into the sky.

“Tree shark!” He shouted in amusement. “”Everybody out of the foliage!”

Wizardmon removed his hat and ran his fingers through his hair anxiously. “Our cover’s been blown. Growlmon, this wasn’t part of the plan!”

“You bambinos are making this way to easy.” A blue sword flew in front of Boltboutamon’s face and aimed its sharp tip for the center of Growlmon’s head. “If this wasn't so pathetic it might even be…” the clown demon suddenly grew silent when he felt his body get pierced in the back by one of his own blade. He then felt that pain occur again and again, until each blade he had conjured to attack Magnamon was sticking through him. He stared at the glowing swords in disbelief, before turning his gaze back towards the sky.

Magnamon was panting, blood was trickling from several deep cuts scattered across multiple areas of his body. His hand especially were bleeding profusely, suggesting he grabbed the swords that had been attacking him by their sharpest ends before tossing them at the mad clown. “I thought you were smarter than that, Boutamon. Never turn your back on an opponent during a battle.”

“Well excuse me if I assumed stabbing another mon in the back would go against the Royal Knights’ code of standards. Aren’t you guys supposed to be all about chivalry, honor during battle, and all that other nonsense.” He heard the leaves rustling and turned to find that Growlmon had gone back into hiding while he had been distracted. “You made me lose my big catch.” He snapped the fingers of one of his skeletal claws, causing more magic swords to appear. “I expect recompense.”

“You’re outnumbered.” Magnamon threatened. “Leave now, and I promise I won’t come after you.”

Boltboutamon released a quick laugh. “Are you serious?! Look at you, you’re on your last legs as we speak, and do you honestly think I can’t snuff out a group of wannabe knights with only fraction of my power?” Magnamon’s eye widened under his helmet. He attempted to hide it, but he could tell Boltboutamon could see through him. The clown chuckled. “Don’t look so surprised. I recognized those attacks, and it’s not exactly uncommon knowledge which digimon digivolve into the members of your order. Do you really want to risk their safety?” Magnamon clenched his fists in contempt. “Face it, you have fight me alone if you want everyone else to survive.”

“He's not alone.” Came two new voices. One sounded robotic in tone, the other like the growl of a dragon. Just then a humanoid reptile dressed in yellow armor and two massive claw-like gauntlet jumped out of the forest and landed on top the trees. He was hefting a massive sword and looked about ready to cleave the demon lord in two for his insolence. The other digimon soon appeared and landed on dragon digimon’s right. He had the appearance of a metallic wolf, with a body covered in an array of spikes and missiles, but what stood out the most was the massive cannon sticking out his back.

VictoryGreymon... ZeedGarurumon.” Magnamon mouthed in disbelief.


Boltboutamon looked at the two new digimon, then took a calculator out from under his hat and began computing some numbers. After almost a good minute, “Well, gentlemon it’s been fun, but I am gonna have to take a rain check on this fight.” He then bolted into the sky. “THIS ISN'T OVER, MAGNAMON!!!” He began to laugh like a mad mon, but then started to cough violently as he flew back the way he came.

“I can't believe that worked.” Guardromon stated as the illusion Wizardmon created of Victorygreymon and Zeedgarurumon dissipated, leaving only him and Liamon in their place. He tossed the log he was using as his sword away as everyone else joined them on top of the canopy.

“Even with Growlmon’s misstep.” Liamon added before everyone let out a laugh of cheer and relief. This was cut short by a growl from Magnamon.

Every looked to see Magnamon starting to breath heavy. “I told you all to get the babies and yourselves off the Island.” He scolded them. He floated down towards them to stand on the tree branches, but ended up falling through leaves and onto his rear. The humans and their digimon rushed down to help him, it was then that the knight saw Dorugamon. He smiled at him underneath his helmet. “Well at least you're closer to what you were, old friend. It’s great to see you again, Dorugamon.”

As Magnamon tried three times to get back up, Rainbow Dash turned to Veedramon. “If you are the Ulforceveedramon he knew, maybe being the first to turn the other cheek might smooth things out between you two.” Rainbow suggested.

Veedramon groaned and the offered Magnamon his right hand. “Need a lift?” Magnamon accepted it and ended up using Veedramon as a living crutch as they headed to the Village of Beginnings.

A few minutes later as the group reentered the Village of Beginnings. “And just as all seemed lost, Agunimon took up the discarded blade of Lobomon, and throwing all of himself into his swing, cleaved Lucemon in two. And so ended the reign of the false prophet.” Leomon had all the babies enthralled with a story.

“Ah mon I can't believe I missed you telling the story of The Ten Elemental Warriors, it's my favorite.” Liamon pouted as she got closer towards Leomon.

Leomon chuckled. “You run off, you miss the story.” Leomon told her. Liamon frowned in annoyance. Leomon could not help but laugh at the sight. It was then that he saw Magnamon. “I hope the other mon looks worse than you do.”

Magnamon coughed as he gave a sardonic chuckle. “There's a reason we appointed you as overseer of the Island.” Magnamon said. "It helps to have an informant in case crazy digimon like that ever get any ideas.”

Liamon cocked a brow in surprise. “You never told me that.”

Magnamon laughed. “What, you never heard of Saberleomon? The Guardian of File Island and the Village of Beginnings?”

“A story for another time.” Leomon said. “We’ve got company.” He pointed towards the shore where Petermon and Tinkermon were coming from. While Petermon seemed to be laughing, Tickermon looked about ready to explode in anger. Magnamon placed his head in his hand and began to sigh. “Best of luck to you, Magnamon.” Leomon turned back towards the children. “So who wants to hear another story.” The babies,all seemed to babble an answer that sounded like ‘yes’.

Magnamon begrudgingly walked up to Tinkermon. “Alright Tinkermon, let me have it.” He said. The fairy digimon was all too happy to start chewing his ears off.

The girls’ digimon, Dorugamon included, began to glow as the time-limit for their digivolutions suddenly ended. Now back in their rookie forms, the group were forced to find something to distract themselves with while Magnamon received his ear-full. Offhandedly, Hagurumon turned his gaze towards some of the cribs in the pasture, causing him to ponder. “I wonder...”

He shot out in the pasture and began looking through several of the cribs, before finally finding the one he seemed to be searching for. “Aha!” He exclaimed his excitement in a voice no louder than a whisper as to not upset the child. Rarity raised her brows in confusion and began saunter over to his side. He turned towards her as she began to approach. “Miss Rarity, I’d like for you to meet someone.” He was holding the new baby digimon in his smaller gears, and presented it to Rarity like a newborn at the hospital. “This is MetalKoromon. He’s… well me, back when I was very young.”    

A chrome-covered digimon, that looked similar in appearance to a computer mouse, looked up at her from Hagurumon hands with a pair of red lens-like eyes. One of his antenna flicked in curiosity as it stared at her. Unlike the Pagumon, from before, Rarity found she couldn’t keep her eyes off this digimon. She hesitantly raised her hands and picked up the baby. To her delight, he didn’t fuss in the slightest while in her grasp. “My word Hagurumon, he’s an absolute darling.” She nestled  him into her chest and cuddled him like she would her cat Opalescence when she picked her up. The end of the chrome digimon’s tail began to spark like an open circuit.

“That light means he’s happy. He must like you.” Hagurumon explained. Rarity smiled and began to pet the MetalKoromon like she knew her favorite kitty back home enjoyed.

Upon seeing this, the other girls and digimon began searching through the other cribs in hopes of finding the other prior forms of their new digital friends. Of the six of them, only Twilight, Fluttershy, and Applejack were successful.

Candlemon’s infant form was a small creature that had a body entirely made of smoke. It was small and wispy, and looked so delicate that a simple breeze could blow it away. It wasn’t particularly cute in the traditional sense, but Twilight still considered it partially adorable… in a way. Candlemon could tell Twilight was feeling conflicted about lying about her feelings. He chuckled and decided to reassure her. “Don’t worry, I know he’s not much to look at. This is a Mokumon, a digimon who’s digi-core, that is to say the Mokumons soul, is born bare to the world upon hatching. In order to protect itself it willingly ignites it’s core and turns it into a thick fog of smoke that makes it invulnerable to most attacks.”

Upon hearing his explanation, Twilight couldn’t help but smile. “Fascinating, I never knew you digimon had such varying complex physiologies. It’s embarrassing to say, but after seeing you guys take part in those battles before, I was beginning to see you more as characters in a video game rather than sentient creatures.”

Candlemon grinned. “It feels nice to have someone you can talk intellectually with doesn’t it.”

Twilight nodded. “My friends aren’t dumb by any means, but it does feel sometimes like I have to tone down my vernacular just so they can understand what I’m saying.”

“Bah!” The two turned to see the Mukomon was staring up at them. He looked rather annoyed.

Candlemon broke in a fit of laughter. “Seems someone doesn’t like that he’s being ignored. Perhaps you should oblige him?” Twilight nodded without hesitation, and the two went about playing peek-a-boo and other such games to make sure the child was entertained.

Fluttershy and Kudamon found a small furry digimon that looked to be almost as transparent as a ghost. Kudamon smiled. “Fluttershy, meet Pafumon.”

“Oh, he’s so cute.” Fluttershy smiled at the Pafumon as she held out her open palm. Pafumon slowly crept to the hand and then hopped into it. “I think he likes me.”

“Actually, that’s a she.” Kudamon corrected. “...And yes she does.” Fluttershy was surprised to find the tiny digimon weighed next to nothing, almost like she was lifting a bubble rather then a hamster-sized creature. She scratched the Pafumon on the head, earning a pleasant mew from the appreciative infant. Kudamon looked a little less then pleased to see this.  

“Aw, somemon's jealous.” Fluttershy said as she looked at her partner. “I think he's just grumpy that he evolved twice in the same day and is still a child.” She whispered in the Pafumon’s ear. The baby babbled in delight.

“Jealousy is just love and hate at the same time.” Kudamon quoted. “I can assure you I feel neither of those emotions in excess at the moment.” Fluttershy and Pafumon couldn’t help but giggle at pipefox’s sour attitude.

When Applejack found the crib holding Liollmon’s infant state, she was surprised to find a digimon that didn’t look at all like she expected. Liollmon hopped up next to her and took note of her confused expression. “You seem perplexed, Applejack.”

“So you’re tellin’ me you used ta look like this thing?” Applejack asked.

“Yes.” Liollmon answered.

“But it’s a plant. A fuzzy seed with eyes. You look nothing like this digimon.”

Liollmon only shrugged in reply. “Digivolution isn’t always a straightforward process. Often digimon who look nothing like each other will share an evolutionary line. As is the case with Popomon here.”

Applejack placed her hands on her hips and cocked a brow at the baby digimon. It seemed to be afraid her, as it backed away from the walls and hid in the back corners of its bed. Applejack smirked. “Well Ah guess it’s only fittin’. Ah am a farm girl born and raised. I should know how to handle plants.”

Applejack reached outwards and began to scratch the sunflower-like digimon on the head. It’s hair felt like she was sticking fingers into a large tuff of tall grass. Popomon seemed to enjoy it and used its tail to lift herself into Applejack’s fingers.

“She’s affectionate.” Liollmon commented. “This one will likely digivolve into a Wanyamon when the time comes. I here other digimon tend to keep them as pets due to their playful behavior.”

“Unlike you, Ah assume.” Applejack chuckled.

“Are you kidding? If what my father tells me is true, then I was a regular spitfire when I was baby. Apparently the first thing I did when I hatched from my egg was tackle my father and hit him with an attack called ‘Hair Mist’.” Both Applejack and Liollmon laughed at the metal image.

Pinkie Pie and Guilmon watched their friends happily play with the infant forms of their digimon, and neither could say they weren’t feeling a little bit jealous. “Where’s the baby you, Guilmon?”

Guilmon shook his head sadly. “I don’t know Pinkie-chan.”

“Yeah, we aren’t having that much luck either.” Veemon stated as he lead Rainbow, Sunset, and Dorumon towards them.

“Perhaps the beach will prove to be a better search location. If I remember correctly, digieggs are known to spawn there.”

“It’s as good a place as any.” Sunset commented. “Lead the way, Dorumon.”

Dorumon nodded. “Now we’re going to want to head towards where sun is setting, that way we’ll be able to get there in the quickest amount of time.”

“Now I understand might be angry, but let’s all remember, I’m the demon lord of wrath here.”

“Really? Because considering you ran away, I thought the demon lord of cowardice would be a more fitting title.” An obnoxious voice berated him. The speaker looked like a light brown dragon who had refused to leave his digiegg since he had hatched. “Quite the unenviable position you got yourself into, my friend.”

Boltboutamon rolled his eyes as he kneeled down before the throne of his leader. Great, my credibility has actually fallen so low, I’m being made fun of by the green egg.” He muttered in annoyance. You are going to pay for this, Magnamon. Through the heart and the stomach.”

“You were supposed to find the humans, not get into a dick measuring contest with a royal knight you FLOUNCY FUCKTARD!” The gun-toting female digimon looked about five seconds away from shooting him, even though she wasn’t holding her guns at the moment, and that prospect scared him slightly.

“It’s what we get for sending the fool, rather then someone more capable.” A condescending voice spoke from off Boltboutamon’s other side. A large machine digimon was standing with arms folded and a proud sneer spread across his face. “I would never let what I desire escape my grasp. Not even the Royal Knights would keep me from obtaining it.”

Boltboutamon slammed one of his skeletal hands against the ground to regain his master’s attention then placed an actual hand over his chest in a subservient manner. “Master, this wasn’t my fault! I had Magnamon on the ropes when Victorygreymon and Zeedgarurumon showed up!”

“You are an idiot.” The digimon on the most grand throne spoke, the bearded leader of the Demon Lords, causing everyone to turn towards him. “First, VictoryGreymon and ZeedGarurumon haven't left their posts to our north. They wait with baited breath for a reason to come upon us. And Second, they aren't the megas that have been left to guard File island, that is SaberLeomon.” He the got up from his throne and slapped Boltboutamon across the face with the back of his left hand. “You, clown, fell for a last minute illusion spell casted by a recently evolved Wizardmon.” The digimon said as he took his throne again.

“But… but I…” Boltboutamon started to protest but could think of nothing to say.

“Maybe next time, dumbass. Well since going after the humans was a bust, I'm up.” The gun-wielding female digimon gloated as she left the room, she wasn't even trying to hide her laughter.

The female arrived in the lower levels of the fortress where a couple of Devimons were walking, “Lady BelleStarmon!” The two devimons said in as they bowed before the Demon Lord in a cross of respect and terror.

“Get my mount ready.” She ordered. “Time for a little family reunion.” She said as they flew to one of the cells and started to open it. “Daddy, you'd just love this.” She whispered as the cage started to open showing a massive glowing red eye flowed but a guttural roar which should have shaken the very foundation of the castle. “Yes indeed.”