A Healthy Lesson

by StuffMyCrust

Ch 1: "Never Felt Better"

Today wasn’t Anon’s day. He was feeling ill as if he caught the flu. It was that time of year however as flu season back at home would start kicking in. What made this day worse for Anon was the fact he was scheduled to tutor one of the students from Princess Twilight’s School of Friendship. This student in particular is a hippogriff named Silverstream.

Silverstream was a very interesting creature. Her being a hippogriff which is a hybrid of a griffon and pony. What’s also interesting is that she could also change her form to a seapony, which resembles a more fish-like, seahorse appearance. Each time she would shift forms, it always fascinated Anon. A weird thing about Silverstream though was her interest in stairs.

Now Anon somehow got to be a tutor for Silverstream. It was mainly just to repay debt he owed to Silverstream after she saved his life from an incident paddling through raging rapids. He didn’t actually come up with the idea to be a tutor, Silver just basically stated he would just help her with school work. Easier said than done.

The tutoring sessions were usually held at Anon’s place during the weekends and sometimes on a weekday after Silverstream wrapped up class for the day. These sessions were supposed to be kept secret from other students. The last thing Anon needed was an entire army of students pinning him down asking for assistance on any subject they had questions on. So he made it clear to Silver not to let word go out. The only other soul who knew of the matter was Princess Twilight, she really didn’t care but also was happy that you were willing to help out her students.

It’s Sunday and Silverstream is supposed to arrive at Anon’s place at 2:00pm, it’s currently 1:53pm. Anon was wondering if he should just tell Silver today wasn’t the best day. He feels like garbage, dealing with a fever of 101 degrees, stuffed up like hell and on a low amount of sleep. He went to go check his temperature again.

“101.2…...well that’s great, it’s getting higher. I might just actually have to cancel the session today. Hopefully Silver understands,” Anon said sniffling up some snot.

Anon and Silverstream were great friends. They would typically hang out whenever there wasn’t school in the way. It would either be just the two of them or them along with five other students from the school. The entire group always enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with Equestria’s only human.

Anon is just casually sitting on his comfy couch staring at the ceiling. What better way to kill time than to just try to picture patterns on the ceiling?

“Okay...it’s 2:00pm now, Silver should be here any min-” Anon said as his front door started knocking.

“Huh...perfect timing”.

Anon slowly got off his couch and made his way to the front door. As much as he enjoyed spending time with Silverstream, he just needed time to relax and deal with his sickness. He arrived at the door and opened it revealing the happy, pink hippogriff.

“Hey Anon! How’s your day been?” the hippogriff asked.

“Tiring, just been relaxing as I’ve been feeling a little crappy as of late. Uhhh actually I was gonn-” Anon was cut off.

“Oh no! Are you feeling okay??” she stated with a look of concern.

“Never felt better, but in all honesty….I’m just not feeling good today and I feel it would be better off if we just call of the session today. I just need to relax and get myself back in shape”.

“Oh no I understand, Anon” Silver said with a pout on her face.

Just seeing the upset look on Silverstream’s face basically tore Anon’s heart. He never liked turning down his friends even if it was for the better. He would have to make up for it somehow.

“Yeah, I’m really sorry Silver...today is just not my day. We could reschedule on a weekday if you’re available”?

Silverstream sat there thinking for a moment. A thought then struck her as a smile started to appear on her face. Anon noticed this and was starting to get a little confused. Just what is she thinking was all Anon was wondering.

“Sure, we could but I was wondering….Since I was gonna come over and ask for some help on some health class material why not I learn it based on helping you feel better? Wouldn’t that be exciting! I get to save your life once more!” Silver said giggling like crazy.

“Okay first off, I’m not gonna die. Second, I am not gonna risk getting you sick. Twilight would kill me if she found out I started an epidemic in her school”.

“I mean, think about it Anon. This could be a great friendship lesson for me also! Fluttershy mentioned a good act of kindness is to take care of an ill friend and help them get back to health. This is the perfect scenario, Anon”!

“I mean, yeah it’s always nice to care for a friend when they aren’t in their best shape but….Silver do you even know much on treating against illnesses”?

“Well, I mentioned health ed being the subject I was wanting a little help on. So yes and no?? But I could learn A LOT by helping you Anon! You’re my friend and if you’re feeling sick then I feel it’s my duty as a friend to offer to take care of you”.

Anon couldn’t deny it. Silverstream was being absolutely cute and sweet for offering to take care of him. While she did prove some valid points, Anon still didn’t want to risk getting her sick also. But at this rate, he wouldn’t be able to convince Silverstream otherwise. Anon eventually admitted defeat.

“Alright fine, you win. But just a reminder, if you get sick, just know you saw it coming and don’t blame me for it okay”?

“Fair enough. I’m so excited, so much new things to learn! Don’t worry Anon, I’m here to make you feel better in no time!” Silverstream stated placing her talons on her chest.

Well, it wasn’t something Anon had initially planned. This would be an interesting story to keep. Silverstream was basically Anon’s nurse now and he can’t back out now. But for now he’s just looking at it as some time well spent with a good friend. Silverstream saw it somewhat differently, however. Though she does also see it as good times spent with her friend, she viewed Anon a little more than just a friend. She had a crush on the human, so she's treating this scenario as an opportunity to win him over.

"Hopefully the epidemic won't start," Anon thought to himself.

“Alright, so first we need to get you lying down with some ice cold water, coming right up!” Silver said as she flew to Anon's kitchen to grab the water.

Good lord Silverstream was just so adorable, she always did a good job at melting the hearts of others. Perhaps if she was able to get a cutie mark, her special talent would be just melting hearts.