Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 13: Sarah's Hearth Warming Eve

The story begins in Ponyville. Snow was falling and bells were ringing. It was holiday season and everyone was getting ready for Hearth's Warming Eve.

Christmas Eve is almost here
There's so much left to do

(Rainbow Dash)
Still need to shop for all my friends
But what to get? No clue!

This one is nice, and that's so cute
Although that's pretty, too

Why do I make all these gifts each year?
I doubt I'll make it through

(Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity)
One more day before the cheer

Shop! Pay! Box! Wrap! Bow! Repeat!

(Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity)
One last chance before the holiday's here

Box! Wrap! Bow! Again!

(Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity)
One more week to make the holiday great
One more week before we celebrate

One week , and then it's here

(Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity)
One more chance to bring that holiday cheer

Hearth's Warming Eve is almost here
A day for us to share

Friends and family all together

(Pinkie Pie)
Pies and Apples and a Pear

Together families, lots of work
There's so much to prepare

(Pinkie Pie and Applejack)
With all the planning we still have to do
We've got no time to spare

One more week before the cheer

(Pinkie Pie)
Stuff! Box! Wrap! Card! Bow! Repeat!

One last chance before the holiday's here

(Pinkie Pie)
Stir! Pour! Bake! Again!

(Pinkie Pie and Applejack)
One more week to make the holiday bright

One more day, and I can sleep at night

The family's almost here

One more chance to bring that holiday cheer

Before the fun, there's preparation
(Just around the corner)
Shopping, cooking, decoration
(The complications)

It's all worth it in the end
Spreading joy to all your friends
Even when it never, ever
Ever seems to end

The scene switched to the home-ship, where Spike was found carrying a box filled with decorations.

Hearth's Warming Eve is getting close
We're not prepared, I fear
You guys, you should take a break

Spike went into the living room and found Ren, Jack, Nicole, Kaede, Mason, Carrie, Rantaro and Jamie.
No time for rest that much is clear

Ren landed a list to Spike with all the things they needed to get for Sarah.

We made a list and checked it twice
There's lots to do on here

They all rushed out of the home-ship with Spike following right behind him.

Sarah's Christmas has to be just right
It has too for her first Christmas right here

One more week before the cheer
Shop! Pay! Box! Wrap! Bow! Repeat!
One last chance before the holiday's here
Box! Wrap! Bow! Again!
One more week to make the holiday great
One more week until we celebrate

(Cutie Mark Crusaders)
Please, oh, please make it really, really great!

(Parcel Post)
One more gift, try to hurry, don't be late!

(Daisy, Rose, and Lily)
Box! Wrap! Bow! Repeat! Gotta concentrate!

Just one more week until we all celebrate!

The gang was going from stand to stand collecting the things they needed for Sarah's Christmas. "Two of these, three of those cakes, and five candles, just in case." he rushed from stand to stand while Spike watched, "Guys, calm down." he said, but Ren and the others didn't listen. That's when Twilight and the girls came over, wearing their winter gear. "What's up with Ren and the others?" Twilight asked.

"They are going nuts about making Sarah's Hearth's Warming perfect." Spike answered.

"Got everything, let's go!" Mason exclaimed and the gang rushed back to the home-ship carrying all kinds of things. "See." Spike deadpanned.

Twilight and Applejack looked at each other and nodded, "We'll be right back girls." Twilight said.

Twilight and Applejack walked off, leaving the other girls a bit confused.


Ren's POV

Me, Mason, Carrie and Kaede were putting up the decorations. Jamie and Rantaro were making the cake and Jack was... well....

"Jack! Stop sleeping!" Kaede cried.

Jack growled a little and got up, "Alright, alright, what do you want?"

"Stop being lazy and start decorating! This has to be perfect for Sarah." I said.

That's when Twilight and Applejack entered. "Hey y'all." Applejack greeted.

"Hi Applejack, Hey Twilight." I greeted, busy putting up some streamers.

"What are you all doing?" Twilight asked.

"Decorating the home-ship for Sarah." Jamie added, spreading icing on the cake.

"And why are yall lookin' so panicky?" Applejack asked.

"Because this will be the first Christmas she's ever had!" Kaede said.

"First Christmas?!" Twilight exclaimed. "Didn't she celebrate with her fathers?"

"Well... she did but not the way you'd think." I explained.

I explained to the girls that Sarah did celebrate with her fathers but she didn't get alot of gifts. The only gift she ever got from her fathers were books. Books? Okay, that might be good for Jamie and Twilight on their Christmas, but to Sarah... that's just... sad, I guess. I mean the poor girl only got books on Christmas! Wow! And not the good 'Wow!'.

Applejack and Twilight were shocked. "So we're giving her the best Christmas ever!" Carrie exclaimed happily.

That's when the door opened again and revealed the other girls. "Oh my, this place looks magnificent!" Rarity exclaimed, looking in awe at all the decorations.

"Thanks Rar." I replied.

The door opened again and this time entered Sarah and Big D. "Hi Sarah, hey Big D. Look what we did you Christmas." Jamie replied, quickly hiding the cake as it was surprise for Sarah.

"Wow, this looks really great guys, right Sarah?"

We turned to Sarah who had a depressed look on her face. "Y-Yeah... it's... nice." she held her head down and slowly walked out of the living room. "Woah... why is she so gloomy? Especially near Hearth's Warming?" Pinkie asked.

Big D sighed. "Christmas isn't a very happy day for Sarah."

"She did tell us all she got was a book for Christmas, so yeah." Jack stated.

"But that's not the whole story." Big D added.

"Whole Story?" I asked. "What do you mean."

Big D. sighed, "Back when Sarah was young, she would always ask me and my brother what we were going to do together....


Five year old Sarah came prancing into the room where her fathers were. "Daddies, what are we gonna do together for Christmas?" she asked with excitement.

The two fathers looked at each other and Davenport sighed, "Sarah, honey... the thing is... me and Douglas got called to a meeting today so..."

Young Sarah's expression suddenly turned sad. "You'll be away on Christmas... again."

"Oh honey." Davenport hugged her, "We're so sorry." Young Sarah let some tears flow from her face as both of her fathers hugged her....

Flashback End

"Everytime near and during Christmas me and brother tried to spend time with her, we always got pulled away cause of our work. So she had to spend Christmas alone with my yo-kai." Big D. admitted sadly. We all felt pity for Sarah and Pinkie's mane was dull and flat now. "Poor darling." Rarity said. "She never spent Christmas with her family."

Jamie felt sympathy for Sarah, being that his father was always away of business during Christmas, but at least Donny and Douglas tried to spend time with Sarah. "Maybe she'll cheer up as Christmas gets closer?" Fluttershy asked.

"Maybe, Fluttershy." Big D added and sighed, "But I don't think so." Music started playing in the background as a week went by and soon it was the day of Hearth's Warming.

As three days passed, Sarah was still depressed. She would just lay down in her bed not wanting to get up. She would look at the ceiling, thinking back to the many Christmas' she spent alone. She barely went outside now and when she did, she would just sit away from her friends and look depressed, not talking all.

Me and the others tried to talk to her but she wouldn't respond and only turned her head sadly. Her pokemon and dragons tired to make her smile but she only frowned, much to her pokemon and dragons' disappointment.

When me or one of the others tried to get her out of bed, she would only cover up, not wanting to get up or be bothered. She changed into her sad form, becoming blue and white. Me, Mason, Carrie, Jack, Rantaro, Nicole, Kaede and Jamie looked at the girls and they looked back at them. Not good.

Now it was Hearth's Warming and the gang and girls were in Ponyville. Sarah was walking slowly behind us and looked at the decorations. I think she wanted to cry.

"Sarah.." I asked with concern.

"Are you okay?" Kodi asked.

Sarsh sighed, "Just.... leave me be." we all watched as she sadly turned around and walked away, which everypony stepped out of the way and watched him leave.

"Poor Sarah..." Carrie sighed.

"Yeah, she really has lost that Christmas spirit." Kaede said, sympathizing with her.

Big D felt horrible, "It all my fault."

"Not it's not Donny. You tried your best." Jack added.

"There's gotta be something we can do!" Kaede said.

"And fast! I mean! How can she be so miserable?! I mean, look at that frowney face of hers! It's unacceptable!" Pinkie exclaimed.

"Pinkie, calm down." Kodi assured. "We're gonna try and figure out how to cheer her up."

The CMC's came up to us then, having seen Sarah's sadness. "Yeah! Hopefully maybe this Santa Claus fella can cheer him up by getting something what he wants, right?" Sweetie Belle suggested with a small smile. "That's sounds like a great plan! You think Santa will give us what we want for Christmas?" Scootaloo asked in excitement.

"Of course as long as you write him back to letters to let you know what you guys want for Christmas." I assured with a grin.

"Wow! That's awesome! I gotta do that right now!" Apple Bloom exclaimed before running off, along with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.

"Hey! Don't leave us hanging!"

"Yeah! We want to help out too!" Those fillies...even though those three are friendly and are determined to find their Cutie-Marks, they can sometimes lead to trouble.

"Umm...Mr. Loodan?" Huh? I looked down to see another filly, one with black mane and tail, along with having a gray coat and grayish purple eyes as he asked "Do you think...maybe Santa will visit Equestria to deliver every toy to everypony?"

I smiled at him and ruffled his hair a bit before replying "Well of course! He's always eager to give out every present to everypony! No matter how old they are!"

Everypony let out a cheer and were once again amazed to hear it.

"Only if anypony is nice...those are who naughty only get a lump of coal." Mason added, crossing his arms. "It'll teach anyone around here in Equestria a lesson about being nice next time."

"Then again, it is good to use for a fireplace at least." Kaede shrugged. "But hey, why not we all decorate Ponyville into the biggest Christmas-themed place in the whole world? It's not too late to do so!"

"Yeah, and hopefully it'll left Sarahs' spirits back up!" Kodi added.

"So...what do you say everypony?" I asked the crowd, who yelled in joy. "Sounds to me that they said yes."

"Yeah! Come on everypony! Let's decorate Ponyville into the best Christmas-themed town in all of Equestria!" Pinkie exclaimed, and soon, everypony began getting to work.

"Well first we've gotta get some food for the Christmas Feast of ours." Mason reminded us. "Though, I'll go get the groceries myself. You guys help out and paint the town red."

"My thoughts exactly!" I nodded with a grin.

"Well what are we waiting for?! Let's go!" Kodiak exclaimed as we headed over and began helping out Ponyville with decorating the place. Suddenly, I began hearing a certain Christmas music playing...which means one thing...a musical number. You can't do anything without a musical number.

"Wait, we're doing one now?" Kaede asked in surprise. "Been a while since we sang a musical number."

"Why not give it a shot Kay?" I offered.

"R-really?" Kaede asked in surprise.

"Sure! You'll do wonderful." I assured.

"Yeah! You can do it Kaede!" Carrie added. Kaede thought for a while before smiling at us and said "Okay! Let's give it a try!"

That Christmas Feeling!


Were hanging a star above our tree,
And don't it look lovely
The lights and the tinsily sparkling for you

Everypony, including us, starting putting up colorful Christmas lights on the buildings as I saw Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and the Cutie-Mark Crusaders coming over and were ready to help out as Sweetie Belle handed Rarity a giant candy cane stick as she used her magic to find a neat place to put up the place.

Applejack, Big Macintosh, and other ponies brought in a big pine tree and moved it to the center of town, planting it gently. I wonder where they gotten that tree? Maybe from Sweet Apple Acres or the Everfree Forest? Those are the only options I know where they can get trees.

Carrie, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and other fillies began filling the tree with decorations like ornaments, red and green banners, and lights.

Got that Christmas feeling,
I take it everywhere I go
And make that Christmas feeling grow

Rainbow and several Pegasus ponies began flying over and with high speed, perfectly set up big ornaments over at the buildings. Whoa, I gotta say! That's awesome! I also noticed two familiar ponies, Snips and Snails, building two snowman...or snow ponies. Though, the weirdest thing that those two snow ponies looks exactly like them. That's...quite weird, but impressive. But I can do better than that.

So warm by the fireplace we glow,
All cozy and happy
And hang all the stockings in a row with you

I soon began decorating my own snowman with Kodiak helping out by grabbing me some buttons, a carrot, and a hat that he somehow found. Soon, my snowman was finished up and everyone stared at my snowman with curiosity and awe. Well, I don't mean to brag, but I have a great snowman.

Got a Christmas feeling,
I take it every where I go
And make that Christmas feeling grow

I then saw a blast of Christmas lights stringing themselves on some buildings and even Sugarcube Corner before I saw it was Pinkie Pie, using two mini party Cannons around her hooves as...web shooters? She began swinging onto the lights as they let go and stay on the buildings. Okay, I know I shouldn't question her, but how? I mean, who is she? Spider-man?!

It feels like Christmas (Christmas)
Christmas (Christmas)

Holy cow, these ponies really know business. Mr and Mrs. Cake made some delicious figgy pudding, cookies, gingerbread houses and everypony was buying them instantly. I then noticed Fluttershy asking for some animal assistance by a bunch of birds as they grabbed a banner and helped her hang it up. Once they were done, she noticed me afar as I waved happily at her, which made her smile and wave back at me.

Come on I know you don't wanna miss this
Lets make that Christmas feeling grow
Oh, oh, ah
Lets make that Christmasy feeling grow

Soon, Ponyville was completed...all the decorations, the big Christmas Tree and its lighting's, all the delicious cookies, the Christmas stocks, and even the snowman and snowponies were completed. Now Ponyville is now 100% Christmas-themed. Hopefully that there's a Santa Clause in this world. Though it might be farfetch'd because ponies here never seen or heard about him, but I know that he exists. All I gotta do is keep believing. Soon, Rainbow Dash and a black Pegasus with a Mohawk mane style came down with a big Star and planted it on top of the tree the moment Kaede finished the last note of her song.

"Whoa...they work fast." Kaede said, surprised to see all this. "How did I not recognize any of this?"

"Don't know, but all I know that Santa is definitely gonna love this." I replied with a shrug and grin. Hopefully it'll make Sarah feel better. Speaking of which, where is she right now? You would think she would've seen all the beautiful decorations and such?

POV Ends

I was sulking through the Everfree Forest by myself. It wasn't that I didn't want to celebrate Christmas, it's just that... sigh.... I always spent Christmas without a family.

"Oh what we here?
A lonely Sarah with no cheer." a familiar voice said and I turned and saw Zecora. She was wearing ear muffs and snow bots on her hooves.

"Oh... hi Zecora." I greeted sadly.

"Why are you so blue?
Especially on this holiday tune?"

I sighed, "Christmas isn't a very happy time for me. I always spent it alone cause my dads were away at work."

"Ah, spending Hearth's Warming with no family
That is sad, it's true
But there's one truth you failed to see
You have a family so you should not feel blue."

"I know... sigh... but the memories are still there." I replied.

"Memories from past are hard to surpess
But you can't let it lead to sadness or stress
You have a family near and dear
And they all love you, that is clear." Zecora said.

I took in what Zecora was telling me. That I shouldn't let my past memories stop me from celebrating Christmas with my friends and dad. I smiled at her a little. "You're right, Zecora. I'll go celebrate with my friends."

Zecora smiled at me,

"It true the past can come back to haunt you
And this I know is true
But don't let the past control you."

I nodded and turned back, exiting the forest only to be met by Spike. "Oh, Sarah there you are." he said.

“S-Spike? What is it?” I asked curiously.

"Ren and the others finished up making that Christmas feast and wants everypony to come in. Even you.” Spike answered, much to my surprise.

“M-me?” I asked incredulous.

“Yeah! They’re planning a Christmas party at their home so that they can make you feel happy and try to lift your spirits back up." They…did this for me? Why…that’s so thoughtful of them.

“R-really? For…me?” I asked.

“Yeah! Twilight and the others are waiting for you to come! Besides, the princesses are about to show up! So let’s go!” Spike grabbed my hand and dragged me along to the home-ship. We soon arrived in front of the home-ship, seeing the entrance being decorated with an inflatable Santa Claus, which makes me begs the question on how on earth did they get that?

"Well, here we go." Spike said with a smile before turning to me and asked "You ready?" I nodded with a soft smile.

"Alright, let's go." Spike smiled before we entered into the home-ship, finding everyone inside as they noticed us and became joyed to see us.

"Sarah! You came!" Twilight called, walking over to me with a smile. "I knew that you would come!"

"Y-yeah...I thought about it for a while..." I nodded.

"Really? What is it?" Twilight asked.

"I've give it one more try." Twilight smiled happily at me, glad to see what my answer was.

"Glad to hear that, Sarah!" I was immediately patted on the back by Ren, who grinned happily as he said "I'm glad to hear that you'll finally got that Christmas spirit! Along with Hearth's Warming Eve!"

"Here, here!" Carrie added as the rest of my friends came over.

"Yeah! So what made you change your mind?" Kodi asked.

"i ran into Zecora and she told me not to let my past memories stop me from celebrating in the present." I explained.

Jack chuckled, "She's one smart zebra."

Everyone agreed when suddenly near the front door, two large tubes of light appeared and appeared were Princess Celestia and Luna. Everyone gasped in shock before bowing down at the two princesses, along with me and the others.

"It's quite alright everypony, there's no need to bow." Princess Celestia insist. "We come to enjoy the party, that's all."

"Tis is true." Luna reassured.

Soon, we stopped bowing as everyone, even the fillies, were amazed and stared in awe to see the two princesses.

"Hey Celeste! Lulu! What's up?" Ren asked with a grin.

"We're thou doing alright, Ren Loodan." Princess Luna replied with a smile before asking "But Celeste? Lulu? Are those supposed to be shorter versions of our names?"

"Yeah. Since we are friends." I assured with a grin. Princess Luna blushed and said "I-I see."

Princess Celestia chuckled at her sister's reaction before turning to Twilight, who apparently was smiling nervously at her. "So anyway Twilight, what was it you were saying before our arrival?"

"W-well...umm...nothing! Just glad to see you both! That's all Princess Celestia and Princess Luna!" Twilight chuckled nervously while Princess Celestia simply smiled and said "I see."

"What are you two doing here?" I asked curiously.

"We heard about this holiday called 'Christmas' and we were thou curious to learn much about it." Princess Luna explained.

"H-huh? How did you know?" Ren asked in surprise.

"We've explored in the realms of dreams and heard about this Christmas you human thou talked about." Princess Luna explained, causing Ren to smile sheepishly at that.

"I-I see..." Realm of dreams? What could she mean by that?

"Though it's amazing that you two came!" Kaede said with a smile. "I hope you enjoy the desserts. Mason and I worked very hard on it."

"Same here. Though Jamie and Rantaro only worked on the cake." Ren added, much to Princess Celestia's delight.

"Really? Could you take me to the desserts, Ren?" Princess Celestia asked excitedly.

"Sure." Ren nodded before he and the princess went off, leaving us bewildered by the princess's sudden behavior.

"What just happened?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Yeah, why did she act so suddenly like that?" Fluttershy added. Princess Luna shook her head while smiling and replied "My sister has quite a fondness towards cakes. Trust me, it's an unbreakable habit of hers."

"That's alright." Twilight sighed with a smile. "At least she's enjoying the party so much at least. Like there's nothing gonna wrong or anything like that!"

"Calm down Twilight!" Kodi said with a concern look.

"Yeah! It's a Christmas party and we all should enjoy it!" Carrie giggled before turning to the night princess and said "Come on Luna! Let's go play some Christmas games!"

Princess Luna simply smiled and said "Ha ha ha! Let us, young Carrie."

With that, she and Princess Luna took their leave while we watched with smiles.

"It seems those two are getting closer than ever." Rarity smiled.

Everyone agreed. And so the party started. Princess Celestia loved the cake which was half chocolate and vanilla. Celestia ate two pieces of the cake and Luna had to tell her, "Sister, I think you've had enough cake. Save some for Ren and the others." Celestia sighed but she complied. The CMC's laughed at the two princesses behavior.

"So this is thou Christmas tree?" Princess Luna gazed at it with a smile. "We admit that thou Christmas Tree is quite elegant."

"Thanks princess. We worked mighty hard on it." Applejack smiled.

"And I'll say this Christmas really was worth something." Rarity smiled.

"Indeed it was, Rarity. Indeed it was." Mason nodded. Soon, snow began falling down, much to our surprise.

"S-snow?" Spike asked in confusion.

"But how?! I don't remember scheduling a snow storm tonight on Hearth's Warming Eve?!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"So then...who?" Fluttershy asked in confusion. Suddenly, we began to hear some bells ringing as we all looked around in confusion.

"What the? What was that?" Kodi wondered.

"Ho ho ho!" That can't be..."Ho ho ho!"

"Santa?" Ren asked in shocked and awe before they looked up to see a silhouette figure riding a sled and a bunch of reindeer.

"Woo-hoo! He's real! He's real! He's real!" Pinkie chanted, bouncing around happily with a smile on her face. "I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!"

"Yay!" Fluttershy cheered quietly.

"Unbelievable..." Twilight said, her eyes sparkling in amazement.

"Awesome!" Spike cheered.

"I had a feeling he might come." Princess Celestia smirked, much to my confusion. Does that mean that she anticipated this? Or maybe...she planned this? Soon, something began falling down as they landed in our hands and hooves, causing us all to gasp in amazement.

"P-Presents?!" Spike exclaimed in excitement.

"!" Pinkie shouted, jumping high into the air and letting out a 'Woo-hoo' in the process.

Soon, Twilight opened up her present first and out came something that made her gasped in shock.

"A-A-A Guide To Be The Perfect Unicorn Mage?! Amazing!" Twilight shouted. Our friends and everyone else began opening up their presents, also shocked once they found out their gifts as well.

"A-A new dress!" Rarity shouted. "And it's made by a special kind of fabric that nopony has ever came across! This is fabulous!"

"Sweet! A Wonderbolt goggles!" Rainbow grinned, trying them with with a grin on her face.

"And a new hat. Neat." Applejack smirked, trying out her new cowboy hat, which looked exactly like her original one.

"A new bowl for Angel?! Yay!" Fluttershy cheered.

"No's a Playstation 5!" Ren exclaimed happily, showing off his new PS5 box set, much to our shock.

"No way! But that console hasn't been released yet!" I exclaimed.

"Ha ha ha, awesome!" Ren grinned.

"A sewing kit? I always wanted one of my own!" Kaede exclaimed.

"Yay! A new dollhouse!" Carrie showed off her barbie dollhouse, much to the crusader's amazement and jealousy.

"Hmm...a new sheath to keep my bamboo sword. Neat." Mason smiled. Soon, everypony opened their presents, revealing new antiques, toys, and such. Jamie looked over at the perfect wrapped blue gift box as he slowly opened it, causing him to gasp in surprise.

"A whole batch of notebooks! Yes! With these, I can never run out of writing down info!" He exclaimed in amazement while the gang gave him weird looks, and smirks. “What?!”

"Books...why am I not surprise by that?" Rainbow Dash asked herself.

My present box was a little big. "Hmm..." I opened it, "What's is here?" What I saw made me squeal in complete joy.

"Sarah, what'd you get?" My dad asked, suddenly appearing beside me. I pulled out a large encyclopedia like book. "A Complete Guide to Dragons book! Sweet!" I opened it and the book had information about all dragons and it even showed 3D imaging of them. "Awesome!"

"This is the best Hearth's Warming Eve ever!" Twilight cheered.

"Yeah! For my first Hearth's Warming Eve and Christmas, this truly has been great so far!" Kodi added with a chuckle.

"Dang right!" Ren agreed, still excited for his PS5.

"Well I know one thing..." Princess Celestia and her sister looked at each other with smiles on their faces as she announced "I shall make Christmas a new holiday for Equestria to enjoy. Like Ren and his friends stated, it's for everypony to enjoy! So everypony around Equestra should enjoy it as well, either with their friends and family."

"Indeed." Princess Luna nodded in agreement.

" too." I nodded as my friends came over and hugged me tightly, feeling happy not about their gifts, but everyone being here. If it wasn't for Twilight, I...I guess I-I wouldn't enjoy it once again. Besides, maybe I wasn't able to get my father to celebrate with me. He can take a hike at least, I got these people and ponies with friends.

Suddenly, music started ringing around the area, much to my confusion.

"Umm...where is that music coming?" I asked in confusion.

"Uh oh! It looks like another musical number!" Ren smiled.

"Musical number?"

"Yeah, apparently it's a thing here in this world." Mason explained. "Though, I'll never figure out who's playing that music."

"Duh! The writers of our show!" Pinkie answered, much of our confusion.

"What?" Carrie asked in confusion.

"Nothing!" Pinkie assured with a giggle.

"Well...come on everypony! Let's do it together!" Kaede said with a smile, which everyone agreed.

"Yeah! What do you say Jamie?" Ren asked, extending his hand in front of me. I looked at it for a while before softly smiling and accepting it before saying "Yeah. I'm ready."

Soon, the music began playing a familiar Christmas song from a certain band. I think it was called NSYNC. Haven't heard their music before, but I heard they make good music. But you know, maybe singing it won't be bad. I got my friends by my side, and would be nice to sing at least.

(Skip to 1:18)


The most magical gift
That I can recall
It could've been big or small
Or even nothing at all

It doesn't matter, you see
If it's from my friends on whom I depend
No matter what you spend
It will be perfect to me

The true gift of gifting
Is what it means inside
We can show we care
Spreading love far and wide

The true gift of gifting
Is totally free
And you're the best there is at givin' it
With the friendship that you give to me


We've all been friends forever
And look how far we've come (how far we've come)
The holiday brings us close
And now it's time for fun (it's now begun)

[Pinkie Pie]

The greatest gift you give to me
Is more precious than gold



[Pinkie Pie and Kaede]

Never ended, always mended
And it can't be bought or sold


The true gift of gifting
Is what it means inside
We can show we care
Spreading love far and wide

The true gift of gifting
Is totally free
And you're the best there is at givin' it
With the friendship that you give to me

As soon as we finished the song, we all hugged each other and looked at the beautiful night sky, seeing the snow still falling down to us.

"And that folks is how to sing a Christmas song." Ren said, causing everypony to laugh.

"You said it Ren. You said it." Rainbow nodded.

"And I'm glad to celebrate it with you all." Twilight added with a smile before looking at me as I smiled and said "Same here Twilight." This is what I wanted. Attention and love...that's what my hearts want and this Christmas I got it.