The Secret Life of Rarity

by BronyWriter

Extortion and Revenge

Rarity played the final notes of her secret piano password, and the hidden door to her basement popped open. Sounds of a sobbing pony echoed from downstairs. A smile crossed Rarity's face and she giddily skipped down the basement steps and into her kill room. Currently she was not alone down there as the crying pony in question was a blue earth pony mare strapped to her table.

Rarity did a little pirouette when she reached the bottom of the steps and began humming an upbeat classical tune to herself as she levitated her tray of knives over to her. "Hello, darling," she sang to the mare strapped to her table. "So sorry if I kept you waiting."

The mare slowly tilted her head up and her mouth began moving up and down as if she was trying to say something. Rarity paid her no heed and placed the tray just to the left of the table. "Are you ready to begin?"

The mare's mouth continued moving up and down but she managed to sputter out one single word. "Please."

Rarity chuckled and began examining the knives on her tray. "Please what?"

The mare whimpered. "Please let me go."

Rarity tisked and looked up at her victim. "And why do you presume I would be open to such a request? I mean, I took all of the trouble of capturing you and bringing you down here, not to mention the time spent choosing the knives I wanted to use to tear you to shreds..." Rarity picked up a filleting knife with her magic and began idly examining it. "With all of the work I put into our time here, I really do deserve to actually enact my plans, don't I?"

The mare whimpered and tried her best to lean away from Rarity. "I don't understand," she moaned, "what did I do?"

Rarity's gaze flickered upwards, and she raised an eyebrow. "Oh come now; surely you aren't so dense that you don't even know what you're doing down here. I mean, what were you doing when I saw you last?"

Fresh tears began streaking down the mare's face and she shut her eyes tight. "I don't wanna die," she whispered. "I don't wanna die."

Rarity rolled her eyes and put the knife back down on the tray. "Yes, well, you don't want to die, but I want to kill you. You are strapped down, and I have the knives, so it seems that I'm the one who is going to be getting her wish, doesn't it?"

The mare sniffled and leaned away another few centimeters. "Please just let me go."

Rarity sighed and shook her head. "No, I don't think so. However, if you can tell me why you're down here, and I know that you know, then your time here will be far shorter and much less painful." Rarity walked a few steps closer to the mare and placed a hoof on her head. "Does that sound fair?"

"I don't know!" the mare whined. "I don't think I've ever met you before in my life!"

Rarity put her hoof down and shrugged. "Maybe you haven't, but you met my friend Pinkie Pie today at the post office, didn't you?"

The mare's eyes snapped open and her jaw dropped slightly as Rarity's words hit her. "P-Pinkie...?"

The corners of Rarity's mouth turned up and she tilted her head in a slight nod. "I see you remember her. If that's the case then you remember what you did that could have warranted me bringing you down here, correct? You said something about how she was a 'hyperactive retard', if I'm remembering right."

"I didn't mean to say that!" the mare wailed. "I-it just slipped out! I apologized, didn't I?"

Rarity shrugged. "Who knows? If you did I had already walked out to prepare for this. If I didn't hear you then I can't know for sure if you're lying to me to avoid me slicing you open."

"But it's true!" the mare cried. "Sh-she knocked a fragile package off of my back, and I heard something inside it break, and it just slipped out! I didn't mean it!"

"Yes that's nice," Rarity said nonchalantly as she picked up her hacksaw.

The mare shut her eyes once more and tensed up when she saw the hacksaw. "Please, I got a little foal at home! Sh-she's just a three month old filly! She's gonna want her mommy!"

Rarity scoffed and tapped the mare's head with the hacksaw blade. "I know this may sound cold-hearted, darling, but I truly could not care less." She placed the hacksaw on her victim's stomach, steadied it with her magic, and began hacking away. A wide grin split Rarity's face as she relished in the mare's screams. This mare wouldn't be cruel to anypony ever again, and it was all for Pinkie Pie. It was so nice when a juicy kill was made all the sweeter with the taste of vengeance.

However, Rarity's gleeful slicing was cut off when she heard the bell that she had installed down here to indicate when somepony rang her doorbell go off. She frowned and placed the hacksaw back on the tray. "Who could that be?" she muttered.

The mare slowly opened her eyes and lifted her head. "Please." A trickle of blood dripped from her mouth. "Please don't—"

Her words were cut off when Rarity slammed a hoof directly into the side of the mare's head. The mare twitched weakly and let out another small moan of pain. Rarity shook her head in amusement and used her magic to clean the blood off of her hooves before walking up the stairs. She closed the door to her basement just in time to hear the doorbell ring again.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," she growled. She opened the door with a frown. "Hold your—"

Her eyes widened when she was greeted with the sight of no less than a dozen royal guards and police ponies standing on her front doorstep. With a squeal of fear she tried to slam the door in their faces, but the lead guard forced his way into the building, knocking Rarity backwards and allowing the other guards entry into the house. Rarity quickly got to her hooves and bolted towards the back door of her house. A spell hit her on the back of her right leg, freezing her body from the neck down.

"Please! I didn't do anything!" she wailed as her frozen body was levitated towards a quartet of guards. "I don't know what is going on here but I—"

Her words were cut off with a gasp as her eyes landed on a trio of guards who were searching the storage closet with the piano in it. "No," she whimpered, but the guards paid her no heed. One of them knocked on the hidden door and, when he discovered it was hollow on the other side, he blasted it off of its hinges. Immediately six guards went down into the basement.

Rarity whimpered as one of the guards next to her leaned in next to her ear. "It was your friend Applejack," he said softly. "She saw you kidnap the mare who went missing and reported it to us. What were you doing down there with her, hmm?"

Before Rarity could answer one of the guards who had gone down into her basement ran back up the stairs, his face was green, and it looked like he was holding back the urge to vomit. "Is it that bad down there?" questioned one of the guards standing next to Rarity.

The guard who had been in the basement had to choke back bile that was rising in his throat before he could answer. "Worse," he moaned. "She didn't just kidnap the pony we've been looking for, this mare is a serial killer! There were pony skins on the walls; I've never seen so much blood in my life."

The guard shakily took a few more steps forward and collapsed onto his haunches. "The mare we were looking for was down there, all hacked open. We've got one of ours trying to get her stitched back up, but I don't know if she's going to make it."

Rarity felt a guard behind her lean in again. "You're going to die for this, murderer!"

Rarity couldn't even weep in fear.

* * * *

Rarity's head and ears were drooped as she was led out of her home, her fore and hind legs secured with hoofcuffs, and flanked by four of Celestia's guards. Her ears perked up slightly when she heard the hushed speaking of a crowd of ponies around her, and she chanced a glance at the crowd of her friends that had gathered around her shop, looking on to see what the commotion was. Her heart sank when she saw her new friends in the front of the crowd.

Applejack had a look of grim satisfaction on her face. She felt that she had done some good here, however painful it was for her to do. Her and Rarity locked eyes for the briefest of moments and Applejack flashed Rarity a look of pure contempt. However, the look almost instantly faltered, and she pulled her hat down over her eyes.

Pinkie's mane and tail were deflated and they now hung like curtains instead of their usual bouncy state. Her pink coloration had lost its shine, and her eyes were dripping tears. Fluttershy had her hooves wrapped around Rainbow Dash's shoulders and her body convulsed with heaving sobs as her tears drenched Rainbow Dash's fur. Rainbow herself was fighting a losing battle with her emotions, and Rarity saw tears falling from her eyes as well.

However, the one that hurt Rarity to see the most, even more than Applejack, was Twilight. She wasn't crying, she just had a look of utter betrayal on her face. She shook her head once she saw that Rarity was looking at her. Rarity flinched when she saw the betrayed look on Twilight's face turn to rage.

Rarity whimpered and looked away from Twilight towards her home. Her eyes widened when she saw two medical ponies running out of it, her latest victim laid on a wheeled stretcher between the two of them. The mare groaned and raised her hoof as they stopped so that an approaching ambulance could reach them.

"I w-want muh-muh-my foal," she moaned. "W-want my foal."

The medic pony to her left gave her a warm smile and grabbed her hoof. "We'll get you your foal, okay? You're gonna be fine. You're gonna see your foal again, and she's gonna hear about what a brave mare she has for a mommy. We're gonna get you all fixed up, I promise."

"Just want my foal," the mare muttered, her eyes watering. "Wanna hold her."

"You're gonna do that very soon, okay? Just hold on for her. Just hold on."

Applejack looked over at the medics and Rarity's victim, and separated herself from the group to walk over to them. She stopped when she reached the mare and gave her her best attempt at a comforting smile. "Hey, mah name's Applejack. Ah'm the one who noticed that Rari..." Applejack's lower jaw quivered, and she took a deep breath. "Ah'm the one who noticed that you had been taken. Ah told the cops where you were."

The mare's eyes widened slightly, and she turned her head to look up at Applejack. Her own eyes started watering, and she gave Applejack a small smile. She reached up and touched Applejack's cheek, neither noticing that her hoof still bore her own blood. "Thank you," she whispered. "I... I'll never forget this."

"Ah know." Applejack took the mare's hoof in her own. "If'n y'all need somepony ta watch yer foal fer a little bit while ya get all fixed up, Ah can do that for ya."

"I w-would like s-somepony t-to make sure she's okay." The ambulance approached their position, and the medic ponies opened the back. "T-take her to come see me, okay?"

"Ah promise," Applejack said with a nod, the first tears now streaking down her face, mixing with the blood on her cheek. "Yer foal will see her mommy again."

Applejack let the mare's hoof go as the medics loaded her into the back of the wagons before hopping in themselves. They closed the doors behind them, and the ambulance immediately took off for the hospital. Applejack watched it go for a few moments before sighing and collapsing on her haunches.

Unable to watch anymore, Rarity chanced another glance at Twilight. She saw her looking at Applejack, but she too looked back to Rarity. When she saw Rarity looking at her, Twilight's glare returned, and she trotted over to the prison wagon Rarity had been loaded on to, stopping just in front of the guards. "I want to talk to her."

"I'm afraid we can't let you do that, Miss," said one of the guards. "If you could please step—"

"As the personal protege of Princess Celestia herself, I command you to let me talk to her!" Twilight snarled.

The guard stared silently at Twilight for a few moments, then sighed and nodded. "Make it quick."

As Twilight approached the carriage, Rainbow and Applejack trotted over as well. Fluttershy moved on to holding Pinkie Pie for comfort. Twilight stared deep into Rarity's eyes. "How long have you been doing this?" she whispered coldly.

A placating reply died in Rarity's throat as Twilight's glare intensified. She had to focus all of her brain power to stutter out a response. "Twilight, I don't think you want to—"

"HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN BUTCHERING OTHER PONIES, RARITY?" Twilight's hoof snapped out in the direction of the retreating ambulance. "HOW MANY PONIES DID YOU DO THAT TO?" Twilight let out an angry sob and squeezed her eyes shut when tears began falling from them. "And don't lie."

The volume of Twilight's voice had cut through Rarity's shock, and tears began falling from her eyes. "I first killed three schoolyard bullies at the age of eight. I've been doing it since then."

Twilight took a deep breath and nodded. "How many?"

Rarity closed her eyes and flattened her ears as she leaned her head against the bars of the wagon. "I have killed seventy-one ponies." At this revelation, Rainbow Dash whimpered, buried her head in Applejack's shoulder and began sobbing.

Applejack glared at Rarity through her tears. "Have you ever thought about killin' one of us, Rarity?"

Of all of the questions she could have gotten, this was the one that she had hoped her friends would never ask. However, she had to tell the truth. It was pointless to lie now. "That night your parents died, Applejack, the reason that we ended up in the forest was because I had led you there to kill you. I figured that if you were so sad about your parent's death, I would reunite you to ease your suffering. I stopped because you mentioned that you had a baby sister. I couldn't bring myself to do it as I had just gotten a baby sister of my own that night."

Applejack's eyes trailed to the ground and she tilted her head in a slight nod.

"Anyone else?" asked Twilight.

Rarity nodded. "The day you came to Ponyville to supervise preparations; I set up my basement to kill you and Spike once the celebration was over. You had torn a hole in a dress that I had made."

To see Twilight's reaction to this news, one would imagine that she had just been slapped in the face, a reaction that filled Rarity with regret once she saw it. However, Twilight soon regained her composure and fixed Rarity with another glare. "Speaking of Spike, once he found out what kind of a monster you really are, he shut down. He seems to have gone into a self-induced coma because of what you did, Rarity, and I don't know what to do with him now!" Twilight turned her back to Rarity. "Think about that while you're rotting away."

With that, Twilight beckoned Applejack and Rainbow Dash away from the cart, never to see Rarity again. Applejack followed Twilight wordlessly, but Rainbow Dash spared Rarity one final sad glance before joining the other two.

The moment that they left, the prison carriage began to move towards Canterlot. The sudden movement of the cart threw Rarity off balance and she tumbled to the floor. With a whimper she got to her hooves and looked back through the bars at the retreating forms of the ponies that were once her friends.

In a last attempt at mercy, Rarity reached through the bars to the retreating ponies. "I'm so sorry, Twilight, please don't let them kill me!"

Twilight didn't respond.

* * * *

The carriage arrived in Canterlot and was pulled towards the royal palace. Ponies lined up in the streets to catch a glimpse of the deadliest serial killer in Equestrian history being pulled to her doom. Rarity merely curled up into a ball on the floor of the carriage. She had abandoned any attempts at dignity when she saw how her friends reacted to finding out what she really was.

Eventually the carriage stopped. The door opened and Rarity was led out to face the wrath of the princesses. Rarity was led to a large door that she surmised opened into the courtroom where she would face her judgment. When the ponies were in front of it, the door opened from inside. Rarity was confused to see that the room was empty, but before she could think too much about it she was shoved inside and the door was slammed behind her.

Rarity looked around the golden hall. It looked like an average court room, but she had expected to see somepony there waiting for her. I don't get it. Aren't I going to have a trial of some sort?

She did not have long to brood with her thoughts. Within a few minutes of her forced entry into the room, a large door on the opposite side of her opened and in walked Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. At the sight of the two regal sisters, Rarity shrank back as far as she could. To her surprise though, neither princess looked angry at her. Luna looked contemplative and Celestia's look was one of sorrow. The two sisters stopped in front of Rarity, and stared down at her for a brief moment before Celestia exhaled deeply. "My dear Rarity, what have you done?"

Rarity began to shed tears again. "I don't even know," she whimpered. "I killed ponies, if that's what you want to hear."

"How many of our subjects met their ends at your hooves?" Luna questioned.

Rarity wished they would just be angry at her like Twilight and Applejack were. This sorrow and disappointment were far worse than the wrath that she had endured from Twilight. However, she could not lie. If this was the end, and she knew it was, she was going to be completely honest. "Seventy-one, Princess Luna. Thirty stallions, thirty-four mares, four fillies, and three colts."

For the briefest of moments, Celestia's composure slipped and tears began forming in her eyes. She wiped them with a hoof and looked down at the floor. "Oh no," she whispered.

"What are you thinking now, Rarity?" Luna asked.

Rarity's ears raised and she looked between the two sisters. "I..." Rarity growled and shot to her hooves. "Why aren't you angry with me? Why haven't you destroyed me where I stand? I have killed more ponies than any other serial killer in Equestrian history and yet, despite all of that, you don't seem to be mad at me! Why?"

The two sisters exchanged a grim look before Celestia answered her. "My dear Rarity, it is true that what you have done is beyond terrible and you will be remembered forever in history as a monster." Celestia put a hoof on Rarity's shoulder. "I feel sorrow, not anger, because you are a wielder of an Element of Harmony. You had so much good in you, even now I know that. I feel that you would have gone on to do great things had this not happened."

"I do not feel wrath because you freed me from my dark persona of Nightmare Moon." Luna put her own hoof on Rarity's other shoulder. "I have done far worse than you have ever done, and you helped free me from that side of me."

"You never killed like I did!" Rarity moaned. "You never buried a suffering filly alive!"

Celestia shed a single tear at this detail and had to turn her head for a brief moment to regain her composure. Luna however, raised an eyebrow at Rarity. "You think I never killed as Nightmare Moon? You think I never slowly watched a filly die at my hooves? Tore families apart so that their sorrow would be greater than ever before they met their ends? You think I never tortured a small child to insanity?"

"But I've done all of those things too!" Rarity pushed Luna's hoof off of her shoulder. "I'm just as bad as Nightmare Moon if you have done what I have. Does amount really matter?"

Luna took a deep breath as she contemplated this answer before shaking her head. "Nevertheless, Rarity, you cannot imagine some of the terrors I wrought as Nightmare Moon. You are guilty of heinous crimes against ponydom, but never feel that I do not sympathize with the need to destroy."

"Enough of this!" Celestia snapped. "I do not wish to be reminded of those times."

Luna nodded. "Forgive me, sister, I merely wished to give Rarity a small comfort, whether she deserves it or not. I feel I owe her at least that much."

Celestia nodded and turned her attention back towards Rarity. "Before we pass down our judgment on you, we have one more thing to say." Rarity's ear twitched as she heard somepony's voice in the distance.

"Rarity! Rarity!

A slight frown creased Rarity's face. It sounded almost like Pinkie Pie was outside one of the castle windows. She looked up at Celestia and Luna, but the two of them merely stared at her, unblinking and unmoving. She twitched and looked out the window.

"Rarity, are you there?"

"Pinkie," Rarity whispered. Perhaps she had come back to see her friend one last time. "Pinkie, please leave."

"Rarity! Rarity!" Rarity squeezed her eyes shut, and tried to put her hooves over her ears, but the hoofcuffs prevented that.

"Please, Pinkie, just leave me alone," Rarity whimpered. "I can't--"


Rarity's eyes snapped open. It took her a few minutes to realize that it had all been a nightmare. A terrible, terrible nightmare. Rarity took a few deep breaths. The realization that she was not about to be executed and that her friends didn't know about her secret life as a serial killer, and thus still loved her, slowly washed over her. She lifted her head off of her pillow and was surprised to see the material was stained with tears.

She heard Pinkie Pie's voice call to her from outside her house once more. "Rarity! Wake up, you sleepyhead! I need your help with something!"

Rarity groaned and rolled out of bed. Walking over to her window, she opened it to see Pinkie Pie looking up at her and bouncing. Rarity yawned and rubbed her eyes. "Oh, hello there Pinkie Pie." She yawned again and waved her hoof at Pinkie. "Of course I will help you, darling. Just give me a moment to wake up and get ready."

Pinkie continued bouncing, her head moving up and down each time her hooves touched the ground. "Okie dokie loki!"

Rarity looked in the mirror to see that her mane needed styling again and with a quick spell, she curled it as perfectly as always. She then lifted up a brush and brushed her coat a few times. After that, she went downstairs and quickly ate an apple before putting some mints in her mouth, and opened the door to go meet Pinkie Pie. Pinkie looked elated to see her friend as always.

"Good morning, Pinkie Pie," said Rarity. "What can I help you with this morning?"

"Well, I need somepony to help me carry a delivery back to Sugarcube Corner," Pinkie explained. "See, the Cakes ordered a large amount of confectionery supplies and they asked me if I would bring it back since they need to set up for the morning. I realized that I needed some help and then I remembered that you and I haven't hung out in a while and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity!"

Rarity smiled at Pinkie. "Of course I'll help you, darling! I have wanted to spend some time with you lately as well, and you are quite right, this is a good way to do that." Pinkie widened her smile, which Rarity returned, and the two friends walked, or in Pinkie's case bounced, over to the post office.

After a few minutes, the duo reached their destination and walked inside. Rarity and Pinkie walked up to the counter, expecting to see the usual clumsy, wall-eyed pegasus that Rarity was so fond of there to assist them. Instead they were met with a brown coated earth pony mare who gave them a blank stare as they came up to her.

"Good afternoon, miss," said Rarity to the bored looking pony. "Might I ask where Derpy is today?"

"I don't think that is any of your business," said the mare flatly.

Rarity raised an eyebrow at the mare's rude tone, but shrugged it off all the same. "I see. Well perhaps you can assist us then. We are here to pick up an order for the Cake family. Do you think you could help us?"

The mare just sighed and rolled her eyes at Rarity. Rarity half expected the mare to tell them to go away, but instead she slowly got up off of her chair and walked over to a record book. "You're here for the package for Sugarcube Corner, right? Order 8675309?"

"Yes indeedy doo!" said Pinkie Pie. The mare rolled her eyes once more at the duo. Rarity frowned. She was beginning to lose her patience with this rude pony. The mare went to a back room and returned with four brown paper packages. "That's them!"

Pinkie and Rarity each took two of the packages from the mare. Rarity leaned in close as she took her packages to see the name tag of the mare and saw that her name was Janice.

"Alright you two, I need one of you to sign for these and pay for them," said Janice.

"Alrighty," Pinkie chirped as she reached into her saddlebag. "Just let me get my coin purse and I'll get you your money!"

Janice groaned. "Just be quick about it, okay?"

Rarity ground her teeth together and flashed Janice an unseen glare. She was skating on thin ice, treating Pinkie Pie like she was an annoyance. Pinkie Pie, however, paid no heed to the rude behavior of the worker and tossed a dozen bits onto the counter before signing the offered clipboard. "Okay Rarity, let's get these babies home!"

"Not so fast," said Janice. "You owe us twenty bits for these packages. That was the deal, five bits per package."

Pinkie Pie cocked her head and frowned. "Umm... but when we ordered them, your boss said it was only three bits per package."

Janice smirked and crossed her forelegs. "Well I guess even my boss can make a mistake, huh?"

Rarity cocked her own head. She could swear that Janice was trying to hold back a grin. Rarity's jaw dropped open slightly. So, extortion is your game then, is it?

Unfortunately, Pinkie Pie wasn't so astute, so she shrugged and put an additional eight bits on the counter. "Okie, dokie, loki. Twenty bits it is." Pinkie's smile returned and she tossed two of the packages onto her back. Rarity ignited her horn and picked up the other two packages before turning to follow Pinkie out the door. As she left, she glanced back to see Janice sliding the extra eight bits under the counter. Rarity quietly growled as she followed Pinkie.

It's the basement for you.

* * * *

As soon as Rarity had dropped off the packages, stopping briefly for a 'thank you' cupcake from Pinkie Pie, Rarity rushed home to prepare her basement for Janice's arrival. She flung open her desk and pulled out a vegetable peeler, a skinning knife, and a boning knife and placed them on her tray. She hoped that it would be enough, but the knives in her desk weren't going anywhere.

A few minutes before the post office closing time, Rarity was trotting back to the post office with a giant burlap sack rolled up in her saddlebag. She entered the post office to see that Janice was still sitting at her desk, filing her front hooves. When she heard the bell over the door ring, she looked up to see Rarity enter. She groaned when she saw Rarity walk towards her. "You again? What do you want now?"

Rarity flashed Janice a sugary sweet grin. "I'm so glad you asked." She hopped over the counter to the side where Janice was stationed. "I was hoping you could help me with something."

Janice slammed the hoof file on the counter and shot to her hooves. "You aren't allowed to be back here! Get out before I call the cops on you!"

Rarity giggled and waved a hoof. "Oh I doubt you will ever see another pony of the law again in your entire life!"

Janice looked at her quizzically. Rarity reached into her saddlebag and pulled out a tiny syringe. Before Janice could react to it, Rarity stuck the needle into her neck. Janice squeaked as the needle went into her neck, but she collapsed onto the floor before she could run. Rarity smiled and proceeded to stuff Janice into the burlap sack she had brought with her. She tied off the top and looked around to see if anypony had seen her. No witnesses in the area. She breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of the empty post office. She didn't want to kill any innocent ponies.

Stuffing Janice underneath the counter for a moment, Rarity levitated a typewriter over to her and sat down at Janice's chair.

Went home at normal time today, but I'm feeling a little under the weather so I might not come in tomorrow. I also received some family news that means I have to be out of town for the next week. I will mail more details about it when I get them.


* * * *

Rarity had absolutely no trouble moving Janice to her basement. The sack she was carrying had a picture of potatoes on the front, so anypony who saw her merely assumed that she was carrying a sack of them. To add to it, she had placed an extension spell on the inside so that the ponies would fit comfortably in the relatively small sack. It was a trick that she had used many times and it had always worked like a charm.

Once Rarity was safely in her basement, she strapped Janice to the table and sat down at her workbench. If my calculations are correct, and if I've gotten the correct dosage for a pony of Janice's size, she should be waking up at... ah, she's waking up now.

Janice groaned and began looking around. A scream echoed throughout the basement when Janice saw the horrors around her. She whimpered and began struggling against the straps holding her to the table.

Rarity walked into her line of sight. "Oh, don't bother trying to work your way out of the straps, darling. Nopony has been able to yet," Rarity chuckled. Janice began shivering as Rarity wheeled her tray in front of the table and used a lever to turn the table so that it was vertical. She ran her hoof over Janice's fur and mane and looked at her wall before shaking her head. "You really need to take better care of yourself, darling. Your fur and mane are an absolute nightmare."

Rarity walked over to her workbench and placed the skinning knife lovingly in its usual spot before picking up a machete. As she walked back over to her victim, Janice began stuttering something. Rarity perked up her ears and leaned in close. "What's that, darling?"

"I-i-if you l-l-let me g-g-go I p-p-promise not to—"

Before Janice could finish her sentence, Rarity's eyes were consumed by rage, and she slammed the machete on the table, close enough to Janice's head to cut off the tip of her ear. "IF YOU SAY 'IF YOU LET ME GO I PROMISE NOT TO TELL ANYONE' I WILL MAKE YOUR LAST HOURS OF LIFE MORE MISERABLE THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE!"

A sob escaped Janice's lips and her shivering increased. Seeing this, Rarity calmed down and stroked Janice's mane with her hoof. "Shhh, it's okay. Just try and relax, darling. I'm sorry I lost my temper there just now. Just relax, and it'll all be okay soon."

Rarity sighed and started pacing. "It's just that I hate it when ponies say that to me." Rarity motioned around her basement. "As if my decorations alone weren't enough to tell the ponies that I bring down here that this is the end for them. It's a rather foolish statement, I get it every time, and I'm just too tired of it to tolerate it anymore. Take this pony for instance." Rarity pointed to a dark blue hide on her wall. "She continued to repeat it even after I had sawed off her hind legs. I mean really, there comes a time when you just need to stop being foolish and accept what is happening to you."

Rarity turned her attention back to Janice who had her eyes shut tightly and was muttering to herself. Rarity walked back over to her and leaned in to hear what she was saying.

"It's only a dream, it's only a dream, it's only a dream..."

Rarity giggled and tapped Janice's head with her hoof. "Oh I assure you that this is no dream, darling. This is very, very, very real." Rarity pulled the machete out of the table and wiped the flecks of blood off of the knife. "Now Janice, I need you to look at me, please." Janice continued to mutter to herself, not paying Rarity's order any heed.

Rarity rolled her eyes and sighed. Seeing no other choice, she took the machete and made a deep cut into Janice's right hind leg. The pain brought Janice out of her foolish tirade and she let out an ear-splitting scream. Rarity briefly covered her ears but thankfully, Janice only let out one scream before she began hyperventilating. Rarity decided to try again. "Janice, I need you to look at me, darling." Janice continued to hyperventilate, but she turned her attention towards Rarity. "Good. Now, it is important that you answer me honestly because it is going to save you a lot of trouble and pain. Do you know why you are here?" Janice continued to hyperventilate as she looked down at her leg which had begun bleeding profusely.

Rarity followed her line of sight and clicked her tongue. "Oh dear, I think I may have cut you too deep. I'm terribly sorry about that. Answer me truthfully and I will stop the bleeding. You might want to hurry, though, I think I cut you deep enough that you'll bleed out in a very short time."

Janice took a few seconds to stop hyperventilating before she stuttered out a response. "I... I'm here because I took that money from your friend."


"And because I was rude to you."

Rarity broke out into a grin. "Excellent! Alright, I am a pony of my word so let me stop the bleeding here." Rarity took a piece of cloth and tied it tightly around Janice's sliced open leg to create a tourniquet. "There you are, that should slow the bleeding down nicely." Janice groaned and leaned her head back. "Well, we should get started as I can't be doing this all day, much as I would like to. Would you like anything before we begin? A glass of water perhaps?"

Janice moved her head to look at Rarity. "W-why are you being so nice to me now?"

Rarity smiled at her and began stroking her mane comfortingly. "Well you're kind of pathetic now, aren't you?"

Janice turned her head and looked away from Rarity. Rarity sighed and nodded. "Very well, I suppose we should begin now."

Rarity looked at the machete in her hoof and decided that it didn't feel right to use in this situation. She once again went back to her workbench. Replacing the machete, she scanned the various tools she had in order to find something that suited her fancy at this particular moment. After a few seconds, her eyes landed on one in particular and Rarity knew that it would be the best: the hacksaw.

She picked it up and walked back over to Janice. "Okay, darling, this is going to hurt more than anything you have ever experienced." A smirk crossed Rarity's face. "Just so you know."

Rarity saw Janice tighten up, anticipating the feeling of the hacksaw slicing her up. Rarity placed the saw on Janice's stomach and began cutting her open. To Rarity's surprise, Janice didn't scream, she didn't even cry. She just tensed up, hoping that it would be over soon.

A Rarity continued to cut open Janice's stomach, she began to get annoyed by the lack of extreme reaction she was getting out of this pony. She was cutting her open with a hacksaw and getting no reaction to speak of from her victim! That had certainly never happened before. Usually they were screaming or crying or begging for mercy. Silence was the most unusual reaction. Rarity hated to admit it, but the satisfying feeling of sharp steel roughly slicing up another pony was dulled when the pony in question gave no reaction.

Within a few more minutes, Rarity felt the blade of the hacksaw scraping across the ends of Janice's ribs and she stopped cutting. "Why don't you cry? Why don't you scream? Surely this must hurt, darling."

Janice took a few seconds to respond. "N-n-not gonna g-g-give you the pleasure."

Rarity raised her eyebrow and cocked her head. The room was silent for a few seconds while Rarity mulled this answer over. Within a few seconds though, Rarity broke out in a small smile. "I find that interesting, darling, very interesting indeed." Rarity picked up the hacksaw and began cleaning it with another strip of cloth. "Do you know that I do not exactly remember all of my victims? Goodness knows, I can't remember every single pony out of the seventy-one that I have killed."

At that number, Janice opened her eyes wide and stared at Rarity in horror. "However," she continued, ignoring her expression. "I must say that I will most certainly remember you. It's not everyday that you slice open a pony and she has a strong enough will to not make a peep. I think you would have been an interesting pony to know outside of this." Rarity picked up the hacksaw again and shrugged. "Oh well, back to work I guess. Now since I have started to feel the hacksaw scraping against your ribcage, I think I started too high up. I'm going to begin again but go a little lower this time, okay?"

Janice shut her eyes again and turned her head away. Rarity shrugged again and began anew.

She only got a few centimeters in when a bell that she had placed in her basement to notify her when somepony rang her doorbell went off. She perked up her ears and stopped sawing. She put the hacksaw down and began cleaning herself up. "Don't move, I'll be right back."

As Rarity bounded up the stairs, she stopped dead in her tracks. "The dream. This is all going exactly like my dream, Rarity!" Rarity's gaze flickered between the door to her home and the door to her basement. "Postal worker who was rude to Pinkie, cutting her up with a hacksaw to the stomach when the doorbell rang..." Rarity bit her lip and took a small step towards the door. "Rarity... you're being foolish. You can't panic every time something like this happens. You were very careful to not let anypony see you."

As she approached her door, she her breathing became quieter, and her steps were getting smaller. "It's not a platoon of royal guards, Rarity," she whispered. "You're being foalish. Don't be paranoid. Nopony knows Janice is here."

Rarity stopped in front of her door and took a deep breath. "Just open the top half of your door, Rarity. It's easier to buy time to escape if..." Rarity took another deep breath and threw her door open to see... nothing. She stuck her head out of the door to see who had rung her doorbell and was rewarded with the sight of a beautiful bouquet of flowers! She inwardly sighed. See, Rarity, you were being paranoid.

She leaned in and took a deep sniff into the flowers. They were wonderfully fragrant and they instantly made Rarity forget all of her worries and... Rarity had the sudden urge to sneeze. Her head shot up out of the flowers and Rarity saw sneezing powder at the end of her nose. Immediately she began sneezing, vowing to find whoever did this and get her revenge. She sneezed a few more times before she heard laughter coming from the bushes next to her house. Following the source of the laughter, she saw Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, holding up a jar of sneezing powder and laughing their heads off.

Before Rarity could do anything, Rainbow zoomed away, dropping the jar of sneezing powder behind her. The fall caused some of the powder to fly up into Pinkie's nose and with one sneeze, Pinkie flew backwards and out of sight. Rarity smirked "Just my friends playing a harmless prank." She ignited her horn and lifted the flowers into her home. "You must get them back for this someday, Rarity."

Going back downstairs, she saw a very pale Janice, her eyes closed and a pool of blood all around her. Rarity walked over to her and checked her pulse. She was alive, but only just. She would bleed out in a little under five minutes, no matter what Rarity did. Rarity sighed and stroked Janice's mane once more. "You've been very brave darling," she soothed. Janice's eyes fluttered open, too weak for a response. Rarity walked over to her workbench and picked up a large hammer. Walking back over to Janice, she said "I know you only have a few minutes left in you, so I decided to just cut your time short." Rarity raised the hammer high. "Don't worry, this probably won't hurt."

With one quick swing, it was over.

Rarity dropped the hammer onto the tray. Despite not having a good enough hide or mane to make it onto Rarity's wall, Janice had a spirit to her that Rarity really liked. She just had to have something of hers to remember her by. As she looked over the corpse, she noticed that Janice took very good care of her hooves. Indeed, Rarity had remembered that when she had drugged her, Janice had been filing her hooves. Rarity decided they were the perfect thing. Grinning, she picked up her hacksaw once more and got to work.