We're both twins, yes! Now buzz off...

by Desperate Dawn

Chapter 2 Part 1

I gaze upon the night sky, it simply looked beautiful, the moon is shining brightly and the stars also tries to compete to shine the brightest amongst all others, determined to be brighter than the moon. I knew the night stars wouldn’t win against the beauty of the moon.

I leaned against my chair, looking high in the ceiling. Currently I’m at my tower and sitting near my study-desk trying to do something to pass on the time. I always loved studying and working on a spell accompanied with the view of the Everfree and the small growing city near it alongside the quiet night-sky. Suddenly, the door to my chambers was opened, a pale white unicorn mare with curly purple mane walked inside.

“The mistress wishes to see you now, Lady Twivine,” The unicorn said nervously.

Looking up-side down from my chair, I stared at the unicorn with a bored look. Smirking, I summoned my vines, slowly creeping up behind her. The vines poked her which made her froze in place. She slowly looked behind her just like in the movies and stared up to the abomination of a vine that closely resembled to a large bipedal wolf with its mouth open, a combination of a timber-wolves and werewolves made by my own vines.

Horrified, she let out a scream as it closing in with its mouth ready to clamp her down, she closed her eyes waiting for the vines-like teeth to bite at her. It didn’t come however, wondering why it didn’t. I let out a maniacal laughter which shook the unicorn out of her trance. She opened her eyes and blinked, staring as the bipedal vine-wolf smirked before slowly deforming and then retracted to their pots. I was still laughing, cackling madly of how funny to scare people to death. My laugh momentarily stopped as I fell out of my chair, rubbing my head and then stared at her before laughing again.

“That is not funny, Lady Twivine!” The unicorn snapped, although slightly afraid of unleashing my wrath.

“Y-you should’ve the look at your face,” I said between my laugh.

She huffed, puffing her cheeks. “While I have to say that you did give me a jump there, but you know the mistress wouldn’t be happy if you keep her waiting.”

My laughter finally died down as I stared at her with my usual bemused expression. “Very well, lead on then.”

I followed her out of my chamber and then led me into a large oak gate. She motioned inside as she opened the gate with her pale blue magic and I walked into the throne room expecting nothing else. The throne room is empty safe for four guards, standing at the opposite of each other on the side of the carpet. At the middle, a blue crystalline throne stood empty. I walked up to the center and waited for the eventual show of my mistress. And just like that, a black furred alicorn full on with its armor trotted out and stood in front of the throne.

“Good to see you, Queen Nightmare Moon.”

My eyes snapped open and I immediately sat up straight, sweating and breathing harshly. I looked at my own room, each walls always had large bookshelves safe for one corner where my study-desk is placed near the window. I sighed in relief.

It’s just a dream, I mentally assured myself. I got up from the bed and head to the bathroom and proceeds on my morning routine. I trotted out of my room just in time for Spike serving breakfast, “Morning Spike.” I greeted him wearily.

“Morning,” He replied cheerfully before frowning. “H-hey, Twivine, is everything alright?”

I force a smile although he can definitely tell that I’m slightly tired but whatever, “Yes, Spike, just one of those dreams.”

“Oh,” He said plainly before taking a seat and munched on his gems casually.

Rolling my eyes at his absent-minded reply, I took my seat and stared at the waffle that’s being served. My mouth waters momentarily before I dig in to my food, can’t believe how hungry I am.

“Um, Twivine?” Spike stared at me before quickly realizing that I haven’t woke Twilight up, kinda tempted to leave her alone, but I’m not that mean.



Eh, maybe. It’s good that we stick to the usual routine. It’s kinda hard to tease her when she buried herself on a book, so waking her up like that is enough. Don’t want to repeat the last one when I bother her when she’s at the middle of her reading or research. Let’s just avoid a fiery Twilight, no literally, she can spontaneously combust.

Minutes later as I finishing up what was left of the breakfast, Twilight finally come down from her room and as usual, she opened her mouth to say something before groaning and trot over to her end of the table and starts on her breakfast, and again I summoned my vines to serve her coffee. I always do this as a safety measure, grumpy Twilight is not a happy Twilight.

“Spike, send this to the Princess.” Twilight levitate the scroll she made yesterday over to Spike.

“You got it.” He then proceeds to use his magical dragon-fire, burning the letter. The letter drift to the palace, slowly disappearing as it seeped through the wall. And the replied came as quickly as Spike burned the letter. He burped a scroll which he catches it mid-air. Both Twilight and I waited for him eagerly.

“So, what does the Princess say?” Twilight asked impatiently.

Spike glanced up from the scrolls and smiled nervously. “She specifically says this for you, Twilight. She said-“He paused for a moment. “-to get a life.”

There was an awkward silence afterwards. I snorted and laughed as hard as I can Spike joining in moments later. Twilight right eye twitched as we keep on laughing our butt off. Spike’s laughter finally died down although I still laughing my flank off.

“There’s more,” Spike said while chuckling here and there which results of my laughter went to a small fit of giggles. Spike reads on the rest of the letter, “She says that both of you will supervise the Summer Sun Celebration, ensuring the small town of Ponyville to successfully prepares the celebration. There’s also another note, she says that she already dispatched a guard to escort you to Ponyville so you better prepare for departure. And again another note, she says to make some friends. Signed, Princess Celestia.”

Twilight sighed in disappointment. I trotted next to her and pat her in the back, “It’s alright Twilight, for now, let’s not overthink whether Equestria is doomed or not. We got a job to do.” Twilight nods, her mood slightly improving.

“I guess you’re right, I may overthink this a little too much.”

I smiled before grinning like a mad mare, “I guess you owe me twenty bits!”

Twilight groaned as I laughed again. As I laughed, there was a knock on the door which I immediately stop laughing and looked at the door. “I’ll get that.”

Humming a tune, I trotted to the door and opened it with my magic. A white Pegasus Guard stood absent-mindedly on the door; his gaze seems to be focused elsewhere, then he shifted his attention to me. From there I immediately saw a different expression rapidly, from shock to flustered and finally back to the usual stoic guard but struggling to stay flat faced.

“T-Twivine, g-good to see you, I was expecting Twilight there, and uhh.” The guard cleared his throat. I’m pretty sure that I saw him blushing there, but I can’t know for certain. “My partner and I will be taking you, Twilight, and also little Spike to Ponyville at the Princess order.”

“Silver Sky?” I tilted my head as I recognized that voice and as soon the name came out, he went to stuttering incoherent words in two second. I giggled at him which made his blush even more at the clear. “I thought you’ll be in Cloudsdale.”

“W-well,” he stammered for a bit. “I was stationed there for a bit before transferred back to Canterlot, so here I am,” He smiled. Rather glad that the conversation shifts into a friendlier topic.

“Twivine, who is it?” Twilight called from the inside.

“It’s the guard that will escort us to Ponyville,” I replied back. “Better prepare our stuff.”

“Actually, Twivine, there would be another guard that will bring your stuff to Ponyville, its best for you to carry things you wish for the journey and let us carry yours.”

“Huh, that’s actually great,” I thought out loud.

Before another word was spoken, both Twilight and Spike was carrying a wooden box, undoubtedly filled with book and other things. She had a saddle-bag on her, most likely filled with books or something relevant to that. She also carries my saddle-bag with her, that one who had a spare spot for a pot so I can use it without doing a collateral damage when I’m inside somepony’s house or building.

“That was quick,” Silver Sky commented. “But that is not necessary, miss Twilight. Just leave it there as there will be another guard who will carry your things.”

“Oh really?” Twilight asked which answered with a nod from the white Pegasus. “Okay then, when do we depart?”

“Sooner than you think, come, the chariot is right this way.” Silver Sky said leading us to a chariot already with a Pegasus that is waiting for us. He proceeds to hook himself to the chariot and nod to his partner before turning to us. “Just sit tight and enjoy the ride.”

We hopped in the chariot and moments later, we’re already in the sky. Spike and Twilight was chatting of another scroll that he burp that consisted for the things the Celebration needs to check at, I didn’t listened to them as my mind wanders as the wind peacefully collides into me.

“Heads up, Ponyville ahead!” Silver Sky shouted which wake me up from the quick nap I took on the way. It’s just so refreshing, I can’t help it. Looking down, I saw the small town approaching rapidly.

“Brace yourself, we’re landing,” Silver Sky warned.

The Pegasus escorts landed the chariot smoothly in the open ground, if I looked more closely, I’ll say that we’re at the center of the town. The three of us hopped off the chariot. Silver turned his head to us. “Your belongings should arrive in the old library, ask the mayor for the key. She is already been notified of your arrival so there shouldn’t be any problem. If there is, notify the Princess immediately.”

“Thanks for the heads up, Silver,” I smiled.

He nodded, returning the smile. He then turned to his partner nodding; the two Pegasus quickly took up to the sky with the chariot in tow, returning to Canterlot.

“So Spike,” Twilight began. “Where should we go first?”

Said Drake looked at the scroll, “First, we should check on the food, it was prepared by somepony named Applejack.”

“Alright, the sooner we’ll finish this task, the sooner we may prevent Nightmare Moon’s return.” Twilight walked away, following the road. She halted and turned to Spike. “Do you know where she is? Does the Princess give us a map?”

Spike shook his head. “It says that she lives in a place called Sweet Apples Acres, but it didn’t say where.”

Twilight groaned, “Great.”

I saw a pink pony with a poofy mane, a mare presumably, bouncing on the road. No, I’m serious, she literally jumped up and down and every time she did it, a ‘boink’ sound can be heard, don’t know how the pony did that but she did.

“I guess we can ask her.” I pointed at the pink mare.

“I guess it won’t hurt to ask a passerby, let’s go.” Twilight said, approaching the pink mare with the two of us following after.

“Hello,” Twilight greeted. “I was just wondering if you can-“ Twilight didn’t get a chance to finish as the pink mare suddenly gasped mid-air, and just like that she was gone in a pink blur. “O-okay, that was weird.”

“Not only that, she also breaks physics and defied gravity,” I commented.

“And here I thought Twivine was weird.” Spike chimed in, I immediately smacked his head with my plunder vines. “Ow, what was that for?”

“It’s because of how true it is.” I said as the vines retracted back to its pot.

“Guys, can we focus?” Twilight said, slightly irritated. She turned her head at me, “And you’re not weird, Twivine. You’re just… different.”

I shrugged, “I know that.”

After asking a few of the more normal ponies, we already found ourselves in the entrance of Sweet Apple Acres, the home of Applejack. And dear heavens that is a lot of apples. I saw Spike’s mouth watered at such massive display of apples, I’m betting they would at least need twenty to thirty workers to harvest that many. We continued on deeper into the apple orchards with our jaw open, awed by the sheer size alone that we didn’t realize we ventured deeper.

There was a loud ‘twack’ nearby; the three of us looked around of where it came from. Turns out just a few meters in front of us, there was an orange mare with a blonde mane. She bucked the trees and manages to drop all the apples from the trees into the bucket below, she also wearing Stetson which completes the appearance of a typical cowpony.

I’m guessing that she’s Applejack if the cutiemark was any indication. We approached her which she immediately noticed.

“Howdy there, welcome tah Sweet Apple Acres where we provide tah finest apples in all of Equestria.” She greeted, lending out her legs to Twilight.

“Good Day, my name is Twilight Sparkle and we- Whoaaa,“ Twilight took Applejack’s legs on which the latter immediately shook it strongly.

“Well, nice ta meet yah, Twilight, a pleasure makin’ your acquaintance. Ah’m Applejack.” Applejack released her grip which Twilight silently thankful for.

“So what can Ah do for ya?” Applejack asked.

Twilight shook her head, trying to get the dizziness out of the way before clearing her throat. “Well, Applejack, it’s nice to see you. This is my sister, Twivine and this is Spike.” She gestured towards each of us.

“Nice to meet you, miss Applejack.”

“Hello there!”

“Well hello to both of yah, and Ah don’t think ya’ll have a talkin’ lizard as a pet,” Applejack said nonchalantly. Spike immediately pouted as I hold a snicker of my own.

“He’s actually a Dragon,” Twilight said. “And we’re here to supervise the preparation for the Summer Sun Celebration, you’re in charge of the food correct?”

“Well sure Ah do, would ya like to try tah food?” Before any of us can respond she immediately shouts, ringing a triangle, “Soup’s on everypony!”

And just like that we got stampeded to a table where she introduced each and every member of the family while placing associated food on the table. Spike’s mouth watered at the variety of food being served, literally. To be completely honest, each and every dish here is looking great and I’m impatient to try it out, of course I’m being a good guest and waited for the host.

“Well, this really great and all, but we should really get going.” Twilight said hastily, a little bit nervous on her side I guess. And each member sighed disappointedly, that one filly called Apple Bloom pouted adorably which makes Twilight feeling guilty.

“Actually, I won’t mind being here for a minute or two,” I say quickly.

“Yeah me too, l-look at all of this food,” Spike chimed in and his stomach actually growled. Oooh yeah, he’s getting impatient alright.

Twilight’s eyes twitched at our sudden betrayal, you don’t deny food Twilight. You really don’t. She groaned and sighed, “Fine, I’ll stay.” A chorus of ‘yay’ filled the air seconds afterward.

We started digging in on our food, chatting with Applejack’s family, many question either relate to me or Spike and both of us answered as best as we could. Twilight sulked near a tree nearby while eating a few pies, pouting.

Welp, all I can say the food is A-Okay.

“Uuugh, I eat way too much,” I groaned as my stomach growled of how full it had been filled.

“I have to admit that it’s a really good pie,” Twilight said as she cast a spell to ease my suffering. I think I learnt a lesson not to eat more no matter how good they are, guess I have to work on my self-restrained on Applejack’s pastries or any food as good as her.

“So Spike, who will we meet next?” I asked.

“The weather,” Spike said cheerfully. Don’t know why Spike can be so energetic after eating a lot of that pie, Dragon metabolism I suppose. “The pony in charge would be Rainbow Dash.”

Twilight looked up at the not cleared sky for the celebration, “Well who ever in charge definitely aren’t doing their job properly.”


I think I acted out of instinct, but the next thing I know is that I caught a cyan Pegasus with a rainbow mane on my vines just before she crashed into Twilight.

“H-hey, good catch, can you let me go now?” the cyan Pegasus said, slightly terrified and annoyed.

Blinking, the plunder vines slowly sink into the ground, releasing the cyan Pegasus although she’s somewhat slightly wary of me.

“I-I’m sorry, didn’t actually mean that,” I blurted out.

“Yeah, that is creepy although very cool.” The Pegasus shuddered. “Y-you’re eyes glowed green when I almost hit her… it was just really, really freaky. I thought something gonna happen there.”

“I’m guessing you’re Rainbow Dash,” Twilight said, hiding her scowl.

“The one and only,” Rainbow Dash stretch her wings, sounding a lot of confidence all of a sudden.

“Well, not only you’re not clearing the skies, but you tried to crash into somepony and accidentally make my sister unleashed her vines in order to protect me.” Twilight narrowed her eyes, clearly unhappy.

“Hey, it was all an accident. I was just practicing my tricks!” She then glared at me. “And what kind of magic is that!? Are you an evil enchantress trying to take over Ponyville!”

Oh when the last one I was just slightly irritated, now I’m pretty much mad and pissed off by her arrogant ass motherb- Okay, just calm down Twivine, everything’s fine. You don’t need attract unnecessary attention and also the possibility of getting kicked out of Ponyville.

Taking a deep breath, I spoke out as calmly as possible. “Actually, we’re both from Canterlot in order to supervise the preparation for the celebration and I don’t see you exactly ‘preparing’ by clearing off the sky.”

The arrogant motherbu- I mean Rainbow Dash scoffed, “Hah, that is a piece of cake. I can clear it in ten seconds flat!”

My eyes twitched. Not only had she boldly claimed that statement, which ticked me off even more. Twilight manage to calmed me down, she then turned to the rainbow maned Pegasus. “Well if you boldly claimed to be capable of doing such feat, then I would like you to prove it.”

“Fine then!” She took up to the sky, hovering a few feet off the ground. “Prepare to be amazed.” With a blur she took off, clearing the skies way faster than I anticipated. Clearly I underestimated her, but if she still on that arrogant side then she is anywhere but good at my first impression.

She flew past me as soon as she was done with the sky, which results on my mane being a mess. She hovered above ground before slowly descending, “See, what do I told you. Ten. Seconds. Flat.”

“That is really impressive, but does flying past Twivine actually really necessary?” Spike asked, sounding exactly not too happy.

“Well, that is just a reminder for her not to mess with the fastest flier in Equestria if she ever decides to take over Ponyville in my watch.” Okay, that’s it, I’ve had it.

Where everyone least expected it, my vines immediately grow out of the grounds and immediately wrapped her full with only her head sticking without giving her any chance to react nor counter-act it by flying away. I could feel my eyes glowing as I glared at her. She cowered as the vines moved her wrapped body closer to me until we meet face to face.

“Not only you boldly claimed to be the fastest which I perhaps can tolerate, but accusing me of doing something I would NEVER DO!?”I said all but shout at the last one, my eyes glowed brighter green and I felt my mane flows like a wild current all over which makes the cyan Pegasus whimpered.

“Twivine, please calm down!” Twilight shouts pleadingly. Hearing my sister plea, I quickly dropped Rainbow Dash to the ground which then my vines slowly retracted to the ground alongside me returning to normal although my mane is still a mess, but I don’t care. Twilight sighed in relief as I calmed down but I was not done with her.

“If you just assume and kept your thoughts to your head, this wouldn’t happen. Instead you immediately confront me and accuse me of doing something I would never intend of doing.” I scowled. “And for the record, that wasn’t an ordinary magic that you shouldn’t be messing with. Period.”

I ‘hmmph’ed as I left both Twilight and the arrogant-bitch called Rainbow Dash alone, muttering some curses along the way, Spike however waddled after me. “Stupid, sonnofa- Oh hi Spike,” I said nonchalantly.

“Twivine, I know you’re mad right now-“ I cut him off.

“Oh, I’m not mad, I’m furious!”

“Yeaaah, but do you have to go that far?”

I took a deep breath and exhaled, putting the earlier events in the back of my mind. “Look, let’s not talk about it. Whose next we should meet?”

Spike looked at the scroll, “The next one in charge of the decoration would be Rarity.”

Just as we about to head to where the pony in charge, Twilight galloped towards us in order to catch up. We stopped in order for her to reach us.

“She says *huff* that she’s extremely sorry about that *huff* she want to do anything to make it up.” Twilight said between her heavy breathing when she finally reached us.

I scowled, that incident suddenly reignited from the back of my mind. I huffed, “As long she keep up with that arrogance of her, she can kiss my flank!”

Twilight glared at the usage of the swear words I used, especially this close to Spike, but he thankfully understands the situation and let it aside. The two of my siblings finally remembers of why you shouldn’t piss me off.

I guess I can say that was cleared. Onto the next one then.

“Well here it is, the Carousel Boutique,” Spike said as we stood in front of what it seems like closely resembled to a circus tent, of course you don’t judge a book by its cover.

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Twilight walked up and knocked on the door. I reluctantly walked up beside her with Spike riding on my back.

“Just a moment darling~” comes a sing-song voice from the inside.

Moments later, the door was opened revealing a white unicorn with a curled mane. I raised an eyebrow at her, Have I seen her before?

“Welcome to Carousel Boutique where-“She gasped as she looked at me. “-What in Equestria happen to your mane!”

“Oh this? Earlier I encountered something unpleasant which I don’t want to talk about it.” I replied nonchalantly, she just gasped again.

“I can’t simply ignore a crime of beauty goes unanswered,” She immediately dragged me inside.

For about twenty minutes the fashionasta drags me into whatever she was doing, there was a lot of quick movement and before I know it, I was standing in front of a mirror. I wore a very much elegant light bluish dress with star pattern all over it, and also my mane was styled.

I heard a snicker from beside me thus I turned to see both Twilight and Spike trying to hold off a laugh. They failed miserably.

“Oh my Celestia, that just suits you perfectly.” Rarity, I assumed, walked up beside me as she looked at me.

“Yeah, as much as I love what you did to me, can I get off from this?” I asked rather annoyed.

“Of course darling, I apologize for dragging you into my… sprees as you may say.” Rarity smiled sheepishly and teleported (?) the dress somewhere.

“So,” she began. “Whom do I have the pleasure becoming an acquaintance with?”

Twilight trotted over us, introducing each and every one of us. “Ah, my name is Twilight Sparkle, this is Spike and the one you’re dressing up is my sister, Twivine.”

“Wait, did you say, Twilight?” Rarity asked curiously.

Twilight nods then continued. “Yes, that is true. We came from Canterlot to supervise the preparation for the Summer Sun Celebration.”

And again Rarity gasped, “Wait, you are the Twilight Sparkle do you?”

Both Twilight and I blinked, how did she know Twilight?

“Yeaaah? W-why do you ask?” Twilight asked nervously.

“Oooh, the Princess best protégé, not only capable to hatch a dragon while simultaneously created an exact copy of herself, she also well renowned for her beauty and even my Prince Charming tried to court her only to be stopped by her new sister. How could I not know Twilight Sparkle?” Rarity replied with the most dramatic fashion ever.

I raised an eyebrow, this is sorta creepy and wait… did she just say her Prince Charming? I decide to ask her, “Wait, did you mean Prince Blueblood?”

“Well of course darling,” Rarity nods and continued on again. “He is not only the eligible bachelor of all of Equestria, he is the most charming, handsomest and-“ I stopped Rarity’s rambling because this is getting ridiculous.

“Ooookay, as much as I like to hear you fantasizing about your Prince Charming, but we’re kinda in a hurry, so how’s the decoration going?”

As much as she didn’t like getting cut off like that, she answered nonetheless. “Well, the decoration is doing well and I suspect it’ll finish early.”

“Great, if that’s the case we’re going to check on the other preparation, good day miss Rarity.” I said as I pushed both Twilight and Spike out of the Boutique without them having the chance to respond.

“You know Twivine, that was rather rude of you,” Twilight chided as we finally exited the building.

“Well why don’t you try to get yourself dragged and being dressed as a doll?” I snarked.

“Touché, but I still am flattered that she knows of me and also about our date.” Twilight rolled her eyes, she then turned to Spike. “Who’s next then Spike?”

Spike… strangely in a daze or something, he immediately shook his head and looked at the scroll. “Next up is Fluttershy, she’s in charge of the music.”

“Alright, let’s get this over with.” I say quickly, taking on the lead.

I just hope the next one won’t go as bad. I didn’t really invoke Murphy did I?

After a few asking here and there and also a quick visit to the Mayor to get the key for the library, we headed to the outskirts of Ponyville, just at the edge of the notorious forest of the Everfree.

“Sheesh, what kind of pony would making music near the edge of Everfree, aren’t it will attract any unwanted predators?” Spike shuddered at the thought.

“Well, why don’t you ask her?” I said as we neared just enough to hear somepony humming alongside the chirping of the birds.

“Umm, Mr. Cooth, could you please focus on the tone? You’re tiny bit went too high there.” The kind butter-yellow Pegasus said at the birds. She has pink mane and also a cutiemark of butterflies, and if I’m right, this should be the one called Fluttershy. And by her name alone, I’m kinda hoping her not that exactly shy, but depending on my past event, names could be the one to determined one’s personality.

“Excuse me,” Twilight stepped forward suddenly, I resisted the urge to actually facehoof but I stick it at my mind. The poor Pegasus jumped, turned around and immediately looks as if she just saw a ghost. She tried to hide behind her mane and sinks lower to the ground as Twilight walked closer, oblivious of her reaction.

“Hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle,” She gestured for us to walk closer. I reluctantly stepped forward. “This is my sister, Twivine Sparkle.”

I don’t know if it was my eye that disturb her or she’s just really, really awkward when meeting somepony new. Kinda reminds me of Twilight without her confidence and her list of things to prepare.

“And your name would be?” Twilight asked.

“I’m…fluttershy,” the Pegasus whispered. Of course she would be shy. It’s already marked on her name. I was kinda hoping it wouldn’t the case but eehh, I’ve seen way worse so far.

“I’m sorry, but could you repeat that?” Twilight obliviously asked again. I rolled my eyes as I stepped in.

“I apologize for our sudden intrusion Miss Fluttershy, I see that the music is coming along well thus we’ll leave you alone.” I turned around, “Let’s go everypony.”

However, an audible gasp from behind stops me, “A baby dragon!” I craned my neck to see Fluttershy suddenly petting Spike who was riding me the whole time. He purred, yes he actually purred like a cat as Fluttershy keep on cooing at him. “Who’s a good baby dragon, oh yes you are.”

The three of us giggled at Spike as he seems to be enjoying himself and as much as I love the adorable sight we must continue on our task.

“Hello, Miss Fluttershy, it seems you have taken an interest on Spike, my brother.” I said formally, smiling.

She glanced towards me. Her eyes immediately went wide as she looked at me more clearly, more precisely at my draconic eye. Twilight was quick to calm her down. “It’s okay, she’s just my sister and yes she has the same eye as a dragon but I assure you that she’s fine.”

“Thank you, Twilight. As I was saying,” by this point Fluttershy relaxed although slightly worried but she kept herself busy with Spike. “We’ve come to check on the music for the Summer Sun Celebration,”

She suddenly lit up as she heard it. “O-oh yes, the music is coming along just fine, but I’m afraid we have to do a couple of adjustment in order for everybird to synched perfectly.”

Both Twilight and I raised an eyebrow, she used birds? Twilight was the first to ask regarding the matter. “Excuse me, but did you say birds?”

“Oh yes,” she answered. “They were nice enough to help me organize a song for the celebration.”

“So, you can talk to animals?” Spike asked, genuinely curious.

“Oh, n-not exactly, they can understand me but I can’t understand them without any sort of body language, well, I can still make up what are they trying to say although vague.”

“Welp, I guess I can say that we have done our job well,” I said as I levitate Spike’s scroll and ticked the last box. “Let’s go back to the library and sort our things.”

“How many animals do you really have to look after?”

“Well, there is too many animals to count and most of them never stayed long, but the one that stayed… I’ll say around two hundred, but I can’t say for sure.”

Spike and Fluttershy’s conversation stretch on throughout the journey with Twilight occasionally commented on some topic, I too joined in for quite a while but stayed out most of the time. Spike’s interest and curiosity about something is a sight to behold, for whatever reason I expect him to behave…different than what I’m seeing as we grow up. It was no wonder he picked up Shining’s love for comics and the game ‘Ogres & Oubliettes’.

Eventually, we’ve reached the Golden Oaks Library and… our stuff is nowhere. Maybe they already put it inside, but why it’s so dark? I looked at to the sky, the sun’s setting in but it can’t be that dark. When Twilight about to open the door with the key, there’s something comes to mind.

“Wait, Fluttershy, do you know anypony that had poofy pink mare on this town?”

“Umm, the only pink poofy pony I know is Pinkie Pie, why?” As soon as she said that, her eyes widened. “Wait, don’t tell me you met her already?”

I shrugged, “If you count gasping in mid-air while defying gravity and then immediately ran off somewhere, then yes, I’ve met her.”

Fluttershy cringed, making me somewhat know about what happens next. “Well, let’s just say that she’s overly enthusiastic to the point she’ll throw you a party.”

“Well, that’s overly nice of her to throw us a party, but I think it’s time for us to-WAAAAAH!” Twilight jumped as a chorus of ‘Surprise’ mixed with balloons and streamer burst our ears simultaneously. I merely rolled my eyes as I glance up to Fluttershy.

“That is a really nice foreshadowing there, Fluttershy.”

“Sorry,” She squeaked timidly.

The expected pink party pony finally appears before us. “Hey, my name is Pinkie Pie and I just thrown you a ‘welcome to Ponyville’ surprise party at first I have this feeling that somepony had arrives to Ponyville and I start looking for them and when I see you I was *GAAASSP* and I immediately planned a party just only to welcome the both of you, so, so were you surprise, huh huh?”

Twilight, getting overwhelmed of how fast Pinkie can actually talks, couldn’t get her head around her thus her minds grinds a little bit more to process it, oh nevermind, Twilight.exe has stopped working guess I’ll go and help her reboot.

“While it is very nice of you to-“ Pinkie cut me short before I got the chance to finish.

“And you must be Twivine, Twilight’s twin little sister, well sister after she manages to magically create you out of thin air and somehow enlarged Spike here and also manage to turn her Parents to a cactus after a magical surge because of the sonic Rainboom ~which we all get our cutiemark afterwards~ but then the Princess stops it and so here you are as Twilight’s evil twin sister!”

I don’t know if my jaw dropping is a sign of awe because Pinkie somehow knew my origin or is it because of I’m too stunned to say anything because this is Pinkie we’re talking about. There is an unspoken rule which dictates that ‘if all methods of proving something failed from either logical or scientific means, then it’s because of magic, you just don’t question it’. On this case, Pinkie both magical and un-logical to able to explain things she’d done, this will save me from the headache I’ll get because of her.

Shaking my head, I finally regained my composure. “I’m not going to ask of how you knew but I’ll pretend I just told you my story.” I looked at Twilight who stills trying to reboot and all attempts failed. Walking over, I shook her body rapidly and slapped her, lightly mind you. That’ll it takes as Twilight blinked and looked at me. “Are you awake now?” I manage to ask.

Twilight looked back and forth between me and the pink demon, “How did she?”

“Rule number six Twilight, remember that and you’ll be okay.” I said as I turned to enjoy the party.

Just as I headed to the table where the punch was, Pinkie suddenly appeared above me. “Hey, Viney, what’s rule six?”

I flinched at the unexpected appearance but I manage to regain composure and answered, “It’s a little rule when both Twilight and I doing a study about something and Rule six is a rule when all else fails, its magical elements are too unpredictable and chaotic to the point it can’t be explained through normal means.”

“And that applies to me?” Pinkie curiously asked.

“Yes,” I said plainly.

Pinkie then makes ‘hmm’ sound, her face was all serious, and then she was smiling again. “Okie dokie lokey!” She disappeared to…I don’t know do I have to ask?

We’re at the Town hall, waiting for the Princess to begin the celebration. Twilight had run off… somewhere and Spike are with the foals and happily chatting with them. The Mayor does the opening act and yada-yada, I’m not really paying attention. I glanced up to the window and saw the moon and I immediately frowned in confusion. That is strange, since when the moon didn’t-

My thoughts were cut short as I heard a collective gasp from the crowd when Rarity said “She’s gone!”

Looking back to the stage where the Princess should’ve been, I trotted to the nearest guard who was also equally confused as everypony. “Hey, what’s going on, I thought the Princess should be here.”

The guard flinched as he looked at me, he said something incoherent and I groaned as I realized who this is. “Goddess damnit Silver, this is not the time!”

Silver Sky cleared his throat, his guard training finally returning him to his senses. Is he sick or something, his cheeks was all red and sweating. “I’m sorry earlier, but uhh, this never happened before.”

I rolled my eyes, “Well of course this never happen genius, but what happened? Does the Princess say something before her disappearance?”

“Well that just it, she never said anything,” Silver said plainly.

Groaning, I turned back to look at the stage just in time as purple mist started to emerged from who knows where. From the mist, an Alicorn walked out of it and smiled wickedly.

Oh my little subjects, it has been so long since I saw your sun-loving faces.

Rainbow Dash flies up and pointed her forelegs at the black Alicorn, “What have you done to the Princess?”

The Alicorn had that dejected mocking smile of her that gives me the creeps. “Am I truly that forgotten? Pity, here I thought many will recognize me as royalty as I have been imprisoned for a thousand years.

Twilight suddenly spoke up, “I know who you are, you’re Nightmare Moon! I have seen the signs of your return.”

The Alicorn turned to my sister, smiling. “Ah, so I am not truly forgotten, then you know why I am here?

This time, Twilight hesitated. “Y-you’re here to… bring an eternal night.”

The Alicorn chuckled, “You all will remember this day, as it was the last. From this moment forth, the night will last forever!” The Alicorn laughed which resulted many of the crowd to whimpered, frightened.

“Not if I can kick your flank first!” Rainbow Dash suddenly said, flying straight at her and my reaction was to immediately facehooved.

Well, a hero appeared, but you are far too late to rescue everypony as you will die.” The Alicorn’s summoned what appeared to be a solidified form of the mist and bashed Rainbow Dash across the Town Hall but before she could even hit the wall, a vines sprouted catching her midair.

Everypony inside was utterly confused safe from Spike, Twilight and Silver Sky as they know what my power is. I walked out to the open as my vines slowly descend the unconscious cyan mare and Fluttershy immediately flew over to check on her. “Well, as much is that really-really intriguing, but I’m afraid your plan will fail in three to four months.”

The Alicorn raised its eyebrows, “And who is this, another pony who dares to defy me?

I shook my head, “No, not defying… I’m stating facts. If you manage to make the night eternal, then surely the plants will wither and die because they have no sunlight to grow and please for the love of harmony, enough with the ignorance, everycreature knows that we need sunlight in order to survive. You need at least a hundred years or so for the creature to adapt and evolve of your precious night and by this point the land is already frozen over because of this stupid plan. I have the reason that you haven’t counsel this with your advisor or somepony to help you managing a nation, plus I’m sure the Royal Guards will attempt to resist because they have an oath to follow and a guard does not simply break them. I’m seeing no army to take the Royal Guards on, so this plan is already doomed from the start, so, well done.” I clapped my hooves sarcastically as I finished my speech.

Everyone stared at me which makes me nervous, “What?” I finally said. “It’ll make sense if you think about it.”

The Alicorn eyes twitched, anger and hatred seems to be directed right at me for spoiling her plan. “How dare you question me, you will pay for your insolence!

My eyes widened as the mist solidified to a spear-like and then it was launched at me. For a moment… I saw blood.