Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 12: Yo-Kai Shmoopie and Buhu

Yo Kai Buhu

I woke up bright and early and ready to take on the day. I stared at the window and saw sunshine peeping through. I climbed out of bed and put on a simple shirt with the kitten on it and a pair of jeans. "Sarah!" I turned around and saw Sailornyan and Thronyan. "Hey guys, what's up?" I asked.

"Something's wrong with Ren and the gang." Sailornyan replied. Okay... that was a bit worrying. "Show me." My two cat yo-kai led me to the living room where I found Ren and the others looking a little sad. "Guys? What's wrong?" I asked. I noticed they were dripping a little water and emitting some smoke which was weird considering the sunshine.

"We got bad luck." Ren declared.

"Ren, I sure there a logical explanation for all of this." Mason reassured.

"Bad Luck? What happened?" I asked.

"Well, this morning, we all went to Sugarcube Corner to get some sweets. We got them, ate them and came back outside. The sun and shining brightly and we thought that everything would be okay, until rain clouds came out a nowhere and started pouring on us." Mason explained. "And here's the weird part; there was no storm scheduled for today!"

"Yeah and I fell into some mud that was never there before!" Jack added irritably. "And the clouds shot lightning at us."

"We got bad luck." Ren said again.

"Ren, I told you there's no such thing as bad luck." Mason said and that's when Whisper and Usapyon appeared. "Mason is correct." Whisper agreed. "There is no suck thing as bad luck."

"No but there is such thing as a Yo-Kai!" I exclaimed.

"You think a yo-kai is responsible for giving us bad luck?" Jack asked surprised.

"Please." Rantaro scoffed. "There is no Yo-Kai to do such a thing." Whisper added. I pointed my watch light at the gang and we all heard.


"What the fudge was that?!" Jack exclaimed.

"Buhuhu." I pointed near the front door and the yo-kai appeared. It looked like a bird with a long neck that was hanging down and it's body had a sad face on it. "Buhuhu." it said.

"WHAT?!" Rantaro and Whisper exclaimed.

"Woah she looks super unhappy and a little creepy." I said and I turned to Whisper. "What Yo-Kai is she?"

Whisper looked on his Yo-kai pad. "Excellent question. This has to be... aha! That' Buhu, she brings bad luck and disappointment wherever she goes." Whisper explained.

"Buhu?" I repeated.

Buhu: Tribe - Eerie

"Buhu give people a false feeling of good fortune, then she pulls the rugs out at the last second to make them feel extra dreadful. Well played Buhu. Well played." Whisper added.

"That's just mean. I don't like this Yo-Kai." Ren said.

"I don't blame you. She's eventually the embodiment of bad luck and disappointment." Whisper added.

"Totally uncool!" I exclaimed. "Buhu, how long have you been following my friends?"

"Since the rainstorm incident, I'm sorry." Buhu said in a sad voice.

"Thought so."

"I'm really sorry. We Yo-Kai have to inspirit the same way you humans have to go to sleep at night."

"Buhu, please promise that you'll leave my friends alone."

"I promise. Thank you for your understanding good bye." With that Buhu flew out the door. "Poor Buhu, she looked so sad." Jamie said.

"Yeah, but hopefully that's the last we'll see of her." I reassured.

That afternoon, Me and the others were walking through Ponyville, looking for Twilight and the girls. We spotted Pinkie Pie, but she was dull pink? "Uhh... why is Pinkie Pie not... Pink?" I asked.

"Something must be making her sad." Jamie stated. Jamie went over to Pinkie Pie. "Pinkie, what's the matter?" he asked.

"I don't know, I've just been having bad luck. I burned everything cake I tried to bake and even when they turned out perfect, they suddenly turned black and shrived up." Pinkie explained. I had a feeling about what was going on. "But she promised." I whispered to Ren. "Find her, Sarah."

I pointed the watch over Pinkie and indeed, there was Buhu. "Buhuhu."

"There she is." Mason stated.

We met up with Buhu in the park. "What's the deal Buhu, you said that you were gonna leave a stop bothering us." I said.

"I did leave but I got lost. I was flying when a flock of birds came and one of the birds winked at me. I was so focused on him at I bumped into a tree and when I woke up I was right back where I started. Buhu."

"Well what goes around comes around." Jack scoffed.

"But Buhu, that doesn't mean you can mess with our friends." I replied.

"B-But what can I do? It's my nature." Buhu replied.

I thought for a moment. "I know, maybe Robonyan can help."

"What? Why Robonyan?" Whisper asked.

"He's a robot." I answered bluntly.

"Sarah, you summoning choices are totally random."

"It's still a good idea. Come on out my friend!” I tossed the medal into the air “Calling Robonyan! Yo-Kai Medal do your thing!” An automatic voice said,

“Summoning Tough”


The robot cat now stood in front of us. "State your request clearly." he said.

"Robonyan, Buhu wants to stop inspiriting people can you think of anything that can help her. Anything at all?"

"How is he suppose to help it's impossible." Rantaro said.

"Nothing is impossible for Robonyan."

"A bit consented do you t-" I pushed Rantaro out of the way. "Can you really help Buhu stop causing all this bad luck?!"

"I can and I will. Watch and learn." Robonyan said.

Sugarcube Corner

Pinkie was still sad looking at her three brunt cakes. She sighed sadly. She walked away from the cakes. When she was gone, Robonyan snuck into the kitchen and quickly worked on the cakes, turning them from burnt to beautiful. "Cakes reconstructed." he snuck away when Pinkie came into the room. When she saw her cakes perfect again, she regained her pink coloring. "Yeah, my cakes are back to normal." she cheered.

Me and the others were so happy for Pinkie. "Good work, Robonyan." I said. "I told you summoning Robonyan was a good choice."

"You got lucky." Rantaro and Whisper said in unison.

"In the future, back luck is a thing of the past. I'll be back." he said as he teleproted into the ground, going back to the future. Buhu came to me. "Thank you Sarah. I am eternally grateful to you." she glowed and her medal fell into my hand. "Her medal. Now you two are friends as she'll be in your life forever." Whisper stated.

"WHAT?!" Ren and the others said. "Buhuhu."

"I'll try not to be a nusince, buhuhu." Buhu said.

Yo Kai Shoompie

"Sarah!" Ren cried as he burst into my room, scaring me. "Wah! Ren, what's the big idea!"

"Somethings' wrong with Fluttershy. She's acting weird. She keeps saying 'Forgive me like dounuts'." Ren explained.

"Hmmm." I said and I sighed sadly. "I know what's wrong with her. Come with me." I got out of bed and went to the living room where we found Fluttershy sitting on the couch watching TV. "I pointed the watch light at her and a Yo-Kai was revealed. A little pink and white fox pup with white paw tips, muzzle, and heart-dot eyebrows. The inner-ear is beige, while the eyes appear big and black. It holds onto a giant red heart and wears a purple kazaori-eboshi on it's head.

"Uh oh, I guess you found me."

Shmoopie: Tribe -Charming

"Oh my god, it's so cute." Ren said. "... Whose that?"

"That's Shmoopie. And old friend of mine that causes trouble for others and makes them act innocent. Making them act like 'you're so cute how could I be angry at you' trick." I answered in a slightly annoyed voice.

Shmoopie noticed me. "Hi Sarah, nice to see you again." she said in a high female voice.

"Shmoopie, I thought you promised not to do this again." I whined.

"I know, but I like making people act innocent. It's because of my cuteness power they can get away with anything." Shmoopie said with pride. I sighed sadly. Shmoopie did the same thing with Douglas, making him act innocent whenever he did something bad in the past and my dad fell for Shmoopies' trick again and again.

"Shmoopie, can you please leave Rens' girlfriend alone, please?" I asked nicely.

Shmoopie thought for a moment. ".... Alright, Sarah. Bye bye." The little pink yo-kai floated out the door and it's inspiriting powers wore off of Fluttershy. "Huh? What happened?" she asked.

"A cute little yo-kai inspirited you and ade you act weird but Sarah got rid of it." Ren explained.

"Oh.. okay." Fluttershy replied. The two of them sat on the couch together while I smiled at them and decided to go back to bed.

Annoying little Shmoopie.