Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 11: Time for a Skrill

Jamie's POV

"Morning Jamie." Sarah greeted.

"H-Hi." I said back. It's been a couple days since I befriended Striker, my new Triple Styrke dragon. He's been a big softie with me. He liked to poke me with one of his claws of wake me up and he was always stay close by me. Whenever Jack raises his voice at me, Striker gives his a roar and two snaps of his claws, as a warning to him. But there was one thing that annoyed me a little. When I try to do late night studying, he simply comes in, picked me up by the back of my shirt with his claw and carries me to my room and places me in the bed with a snort. I just sighed and reluctantly go to sleep.

Now, I was reading a book on Equestria with Sarah and Winter by my side. Then, there was a knock at the door. "Huh. wonder who that could be?" Sarah asked.

Sarah went to opened to door revealing an out-of-breath Spike. Spike staggered in and caught his breath. "Woah, Spike, you okay?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah.. I'm good. Anyway, Princess Celestia needs us in Canterlot, now!" Spike exclaimed.

Sarah, me and our dragons looked at each other in wonder. Anyway, I mounted Striker while Spike mounted Winter along with Sarah and we flew off to Canterlot.

When we got there, we glided into the throne room and landed. There we saw, Kaede, Ren, Jack, Mason, Carrie, Nicole, Rantaro and the Mane 6. Princess Celestia and Luna were sitting on their thrones. "Hi guys, what took you so long?" Rainbow asked.

"Nothing." Sarah answered. "So what's the problem now?"

"Princess Cadence and Shining Armor have found something in the ice in the Forzen North." Princess Celestia stated.

"What did they find?" Ren asked.

".... a dragon."

We all gasped in shock. "A dragon?! No way!" Jack scoffed.

"Yes way." Luna stated. "We'll show you all."

Luna and Celestia walked off of their thrones and into the hallway with us following behind. They led us to another room where we saw it for ourselves. There in a block of solid ice was a dragon. It was pruple with a ring of spikes around the back of it's head. The rest of the body was couldn't see cause of the ice.

"Woah... what is that, big brother?" Carrie asked.

"I don't know, Carrie." Mason stated.

Sarah approached the dragon and took a close look at it. "Hmm... just as I thought."

"What? What is it, Sarah?" Kaede asked.

"It's a Skrill." Sarah replied.

"A Skrill?" Ren asked.

"It's a Strike Class Dragon that can harness the power of lightning and actually redirect it at it's opponets, making this dragon very deadly." Sarah explained.

"Control Lightning? Yeah, right." Rainbow scoffed.

"Rainbow, has Sarah ever been wrong about dragons before?" Twilight asked with a smirk.

"Eh... uh.... be quiet!" Rainbow stammered.

"Sarah, what do you suggest we do with this dragon?" Celestia asked. "My sister and I have never encountered a dragon like this."

"For now, we should keep the dragon in the block of ice and in the throne room." Sarah said. Luna nodded and Celestia called some guards to push the block into the throne room. "Jack, Rantaro, go with Rainbow and Pinkie Pie to keep an eye on the block." Sarah added. They nodded and went with the guards. Striker decided to go with them too.

"So... what do we do with the dead dragon in the block of ice?" Ren asked.

"I'd say we melt the ice and bury it." Mason said.

"Ummm...." Sarah trailed off, twiddling her fingers nervously. "Sarah, what is it?" Celestia asked.

"Actually, because of their internal body temperature, Skrills can stay safely frozen for decades." We all looked at her with horrified faces.

"Wait, wait, wait, so this dragon may still be alive and we left it with Rainbow, Pinkie, Rantaro and Jack!" Twilight exclaimed.

Fluttershy whimpered in worry. "N-Now now, I'm sure they won't do anything dumb with that dragon." I reassured.

"Um.. Jamie, where's Striker?" Kaede questioned and I suddenly realized my Triple Stryke friend was gone!

"He didn't, did he?" I squeaked.


There was a sudden explosion. "That came from the throne room!" Ren cried. Winter gasped and immediately flew out the door followed by the rest of us.

POV Ends

Jack's POV

There was a cloud of smoke where the block of ice should have been."Skittles, what the hell did you do?!" I exclaimed.

"Oh relax, I'm sure Sarah and the others won't notice." Rainbow waved off. But when the smoke cleared it revealed the Skrill: a 26 feet long, purple dragons that has large wings and a spiked back and tail. These spines are metallic in nature and conduct the arcing electricity that it uses as its unique firepower. Also, it had a crown of spikes on its head which nearly all are the same length and has three short spines on their chin. It also appears to have four shark-like gills on its neck.

The Skrill sharply turned towards us, hissing and growling. "Yeah... they are gonna notice." Rantaro said simply. Then, the white dragon burst into the room and gasped at the Skrill. She and the nerds' Triple Stryke stalked towards the dragon, growling at it. The Skrill saw the door wide opened and made a break or it. The nerds' Triple Stryke blocked it's path but the dragon knocked him out of the way and flew into the hall and eventually out the door, letting out a roar as it flew off.

A moment of silence passed. "... What do we do?" Rainbow asked.

"Blame Pinkie Pie." I said quickly.


That's when the others came into the throne room. "Rainbow and Jack's fault!" Pinkie told.

"Hey, that was our plan!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"I told you guys not to do anything to the block of ice." Sarah groaned.

Rantaro chuckled, "Yeah, probably should have picked better people to watch it."

I sighed and shook my head. "Anyway, we have to find that Skrill."

"Why?" Rainbow asked. "Let the dragon roam free."

"Rainbow, the Skrill does not know much about this world, so it may attack anything and everything it comes across, including cities and ponies, severely harming them. The dragon is too dangerous to be free." Sarah explained. "We have to find it and we have to find it now."

POV Ends

Soon we were all in the air, over Canterlot, looking for the Skrill. There were lightning clouds above us, due to the pegasi bringing them in, luckily it wasn't raining. "So what do we do after we find the Skrill?" Kaede asked. She was riding on Winter with me. "We catch it. Tame it and train it. Keep it away from the cities and ponies so it doesn't cause any damage." I answered.

Lightning flashed for a moment and I saw the siloutte of the Skrill in the clouds. Winter growled. "Okay... now what?" Mason asked.

"Everyone stay back, if it just sees one dragon maybe it won't attack." I said. Winter and us flew towards the Skrill. We heard it's roar and Winter stopped and hovered. The Skrill appeared and Winter dove right towards the Skrill. The Skrill and Winter got closer and closer until the Skrill flew right past Winter and circled around, starling Ren and the others. "WAH!"

Winter flew over to it and right beside it. The Skrill snarled and hissed and I held out my left hand to the Strike Class Dragon. "Hey big fella, you've been alseep a long time." The Skrill started sparking with lightning. "You're probably hungry and cranky." The Skrill roared and rushed away from us, only to appear in front of us!

"Sarah, Keade!" Mason cried. He and the others flew over to us. I looked back and saw them and moved out of the way while the Skrill charged up with lightning power. It roared and spotted Ren and the others. It roared and blasted lightning from it's mouth, Just barely missing Ren, Mason and Jack. "Holy Crap Baskets!" Ren cried.

"Guys!" I cried. I dodge a lightning bolt as well as the others. Nicole and Rantaro's Zippleback veered right and Storm flew higher into the air. A bolt headed right for Jamie and Striker. Jamie screamed like a girl while Striker blasted the lightning with it's fire, neutralizing it. The Skrill roared and flew away into the clouds. "Are you alright?" I called to them.

"Yeah... that was impressive." Jamie stammered.

"And by impressive, you mean TERRIFYING!" Jack yelled.

"Follow me, I have an idea." I ordered. We all flew lower the the ground right above a large clearing. "What the plan?" Ren asked.

"I'm gonna try and drive the Skrill towards you guys and you all herd it into the water in that lake." I pointed to a large lake in the distance. "The Skrill can't direct any lightning when it's in the water."

"But how are you gonna find the Skrill in that cloud?" Kaede asked.


"Gonna use Moonshine's echolocation to detect the Skrill to drive it towards us, right?" Nicole guessed.

"Yes." I answered. "Ren, dragon switch."

Ren flew beside me on Moonshine and I stood up on Winter as Ren stood up on Moonshine. We leaped over to the other dragon. Now I was on Moonshine while Ren was on Winter. "Come on boy." I said. Moonshine roared and we flew into the clouds and he dove back down. "Echolocation!" I ordered and Moonshine echo located and found the Skrill. He began shooting plasma blasts at it s we spiraled down. We exited the cloud and flew quickly after the Skrill.

We rushed pass Kaede and Ren who flew with Winter to catch up. Winter fired her plasma blasts at the Skrill driving it lower to the ground. "That's it!" I cried. Suddenly the Skrill turned around and blasted lightning from it's mouth again. "Watch out!" Ren cried. He, Kaede and Winter swerved right, dodging it but me and Moonshine were struck!

"GAAAAAHHHHH!" I cried and everything went black.

Ren's POV

"Sarah! Moonshine!" I cried in shock as the two fell out of the sky. Winter dove towards them and grabbed Moonshine while I caught Sarah in my arms. The Skrill roared and flew away.

Jack and the others flew over to us. "Are they okay?" Jamie asked.

The two of them were smoking a little. "I don't think it's bad, but we should take them to Sarah's father." I answered. Everyone nodded and rushed over to the home-ship. Soon, Sarah was laying in bed with Winter by her side. Sarah's father which I decided to call Big D, came out of the room. "How are they?" Kaede asked.

"They'll be fine. The lightning didn't cause much internal damage." Big D replied, much to our relief. Rainbow growled slightly, "Just wait till I get my hands on that dragon."

"Now now Rainbow, that feller is wild, remember. He was just defendin' himself." Applejack reminded.

"Yeah right." Jack scoffed. "He almost killed newbie and the Light Fury. We have to get rid of it!"

"We can't kill that dragon! It may be the only one in existence." Mason replied.

"Well what do you suggest we do, smart guy?" Rainbow asked.

"We can lead it back into the mountain where it was found and seal it inside." Mason answered.

".... Actually, t-that m-may work. I-I mean it did survive being frozen for so long. It will still survive in the ice again." Jamie added.

"Right, alright everyone, let's go!" Twilight said, but Big D stopped the six mares. "Actually girls, I kinda need you here, to help me treat Sarah and Winter." he said gently.

"What?!" Rainbow asked incredulous.

"Please." he begged.

"Don't worry Skittles, we'll deal with that dragon." Jack said. Suddenly, we all heard a groan and warble from both Sarah and Winter. "Girls." I said gently. Sarah and Winter opened their eyes. Moonshine rushed in and went over to Winter, licking her face. "How ya feelin, sugarcube?" Applejack asked.

"Ugh.... a little woozy." she replied.

"Easy Sarah, you and Winter got struck by the Skrill's lightning, but we have a plan to seal up the dragon. Twilight and the girls are gonna stay here and help Big D looked after you both." I explained. Sarah nodded. But Moonshine warbled. We could all tell that he didn't want to leave Winter behind, not when she's injured. Fluttershy came up to Moonshine, "Don't worry, I'll take good care of her." she promised.

Moonshine warbled and let Fluttershy tend to his injured friend. "Come on guys, we have a Skrill to seal up." Mason said.

Then, we all headed out with me on Moonshine, Kaede on Storm and the others on their respective dragons. We were flying over Ponyville when we saw the silhouette of the Skrill coming right for us! "Alright gang, let's get this Skrill to the Frozen North!" I called. The Skrill appeared and roared at us. Moonshine fired his plasma blast at it, but the Skrill made a sheild made of out lightning, protecting it from the attack. "That's a new one." Mason commented. The Skrill flew away. "Go you guys!" I called. Jack and Silverspike trailed the Skrill while Nicole, Rantaro and their Zippleback along with Mason, Carrie and Firestorm move in on the sides. "Hey Skrill!" Jack cried. "Eat this!" Silverspike blasted the Skrill with it's blue fire. The Skrill roared in apin and snarled at the Razorwhi dragon. It firde it's lightning at them but Silverspike dove out of the way, just in time for Nicole, Rantaro and their Zippleback to blast the dragon with their own fire. The Skrill hissed and flew away with a large burst of speed dead North.Moonshine and I flew right after it. The Skrill roared and tired to ram us away from it, but Moonshine moved down.

The Skrill roared, "Alright boy, to the Frozen Mountains." I said. Moonshine roared and rushed off to the Frozen North with the Skrill on our tail. We made it there in no time and Boy, was it cold!

"Should have brought a coat." I groaned. Nevertheless, Me and Moonshine flew right towards the Frozen Mountains behind the Crystal Empire. "Into the mountain!" Moonshine dove into a tunnel with the Skrill not far behind and we flew through the cavern, swerving around the ice blocks. "Alright boy, let's seal him up for good." I said. Moonshine blasted the ice above us, causing the cavern to cave in. Him and I rushed through the cavern and exited through the exit while the Skrill was trapped inside and was sealed inside the ice once again.

Me and Moonshine servayed the area. "Good work, Moonshine, now let's head back to the others." Moonshine gave a proud roar and we flew back to the others and the home-ship.

POV Ends

Ren, Moonshine and the others came back to the home-ship to see how I was doing and to say that the Skrill was sealed up once more in the ice. I was still a bit sore from the lightning shock as well as Winter, but my dad said we should be back to normal by tomorrow, we just needed to rest for the rest of the day. The girls were relieved to hear the dragons was gone. "That was one scray varmint." Applejack commented.

"You can say that again." Mason agreed.

Moonshine went over to Winter who was laying down. He warbled, catching her attention. She looked at him and gave a little hoarse warble. Moonshine rubbed against Winter and cuddled around her like a hug. "Awwww. Carrie and the Mane 6 cooed. I had to admit it was pretty cute, seeing Moonshine caring for Winter.

"So Big D said you'll both be back by tomorrow?" Ren asked.

"Yeah, we just need to rest for the rest of the day." I replied.

"Good. Glad you d-didn't get severely hurt." Jamie said.

"Thanks." Then we heard a girlish scream and caught a sight of my dad rushing pass the door with Striker running after him. "JAMIE GET YOU TRIPLE STYRKE, PLEASE! WAAAAHHHH!" he screamed in fear. Knowing my dad, who had a history of making my dragons made due to either his words or his actions, he probably did something to get Striker angry which was bad because Striker was the most dangerous, next to Firestorm, of our dragons friends. "Jamie." I said bluntly.

"I got him." Jamie walked out the room, aiming to catch his Triple Stryke before it stung my dad. "Striker, no stinging Sarah's father."

The rest of us couldn't help but chuckle as my dad and Striker raced passed the door with Jamie right behind multiple times.