Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 8: Jealous Dash

One day, Me and the gang were walking to Ponyville. Sarah brought her three dragons with her. Winter was rubbing against Jack. "Yeah, Yeah, I know you like me. Knock it off!" he grunted.

"Jack, be nice to Winter. She's only expressing her friendship with you." I said. Jack growled and said nothing. "... SO how'd you guys like my dad in a women's bikini?" I asked with a smirk, getting cries, groans and screams from them all.

"Why'd you put that image back in our heads?!" Ren cried.

"Your reactions are priceless. That's why. Hahahahah!" I laughed. My sense of humor was different from others. I laughed when I seen people or ponies get hurt in a funny way or when I hear an insult that's funny to me. I now, most people don't find thsoe things funny, but I do. I laughed at how my friends reacted to the horror they saw yesterday. My dad was wearing his 'man-kini' which freaked and horrified everyone. The girls ran out of the room screaming while the boys did the same thing but they ran to their rooms and screamed into their pillow... except for Jack and Rantaro who just stared in horror. Me, I was used to seeing him in it... wonder why I'm not scared for life by that? Oh well, anyway, my friends on the other hand tried to suppress that from their memories like the Davenportraits. "That's going to give me nightmares for weeks now." Jamie whined.

"I said it once and I'll say it again, you dad is screwed in the head." Jack said.

I stopped laughing and sighed, "I know."

Anyway, we were almost to Ponyville when we heard someone yell "STAMPEDE!"

"Stampede?" Ren echoed.

"Sounds like trouble." I mounted Storm. "Come on dragons!" and they took to the skies while Ren and the others rushed to Ponyville. We flew to the boarder of Ponyville and saw a stampeding herd of cattle rushing towards the town. "Cattle Stampede, not good." I knew the herd could easily trample through Ponyville.

"Storm, get me above the leader." I ordered. My Deadly Nadder soared down above the lead cow and I leaped off of her an onto the cow's back, then I used my magic to make a lasso and brought it around the cow's mouth. "Alright, Winter, Moonshine, Storm, keep the cows together!" My three dragons went off and got the cattle close together so none would stray from the herd. I looked ahead and saw that we were almost at Ponyville. I pulled on the rope and pulled to the right, making the lead cow and the herd move to the right, avoiding Ponyville's boarders.

I pulled back on the rope, "Woah." and the lead cow stopped followed by the rest of the herd. I leaped off the lead cow. "Alright cattle, go on now." I said. The cows mooed and went off on their way away from Ponyville. Storm, Winter and Moonshine landed beside me. "Good job, you three." I praised. My dragons roared happily and we all walked into Ponvyville where we were greeted by a large crowd of cheering ponies.

Ren, Twilight and their friends came up to me, "Sarah, that was amazin'! I've never seen better cattle herdin' like that I'm my life." Applejack said.

"Yeah, you saved Ponyville." Twilight added.

I smiled, "Awww girls, it's no big deal."

"it is a big deal." Mayor Mare said as she approached me. "we simply must do something to thank you for your heroism."

"Mayor Mare, you don't have to do that for us, really." I insisted.

"Please, Sarah, it would be out honor." she pleaded. I sighed, knowing that she wasn't going to give this up. "Alright."

"Excellent!" Mayor Mare said.

"And I know just how to thank you." Pinkie Pie chirped. "... A Party!"

Third Person POV

A few days later, Town Hall was decorated in decorations, to honor Sarah and her dragons. There was a large banner with her and her dragons faces on it. Along with balloons and confetti. The day was dubbed "Sarah and Dragons Appreciation Day" by Pinkie Pie. Rainbow Dash saw everything and felt... icky for some reason. When she saved Ponyville sometimes, no one threw her and Appreciation Day. But she shook off the feeling.

Sarah and her dragons came into Ponyville and saw everything. "Woah, all this for us?" she asked.

"Of course, darling." Rarity said. "Today is you and your dragons special day."

"And I made you all a special cake." Pinkie said and she dashed off and returned with a large chocolate cake. "You own chocolate cake." Rainbow was jaw-dropped and she softly growled.

"Pinkie, you didn't have to do that." Sarah said modestly.

"Too late. Dig in." Pinkie said. I rolled my eyes playfully at Pinkie and cut a piece of cake for myself. "You guys can have some too." Sarah said to Ren, Twilight, their friends and practically everyone in town. They all cheered loudly and they all enjoyed the cake. The only one who wasn't eating the cake was Rainbow Dash. She had distanced herself away from the rest of the crowd, mumbling to herself. "Everyone think Sarah and her dragons are do great. Well, I'll show everyone I'm just as good as they are."

"Rainbow?" Rainbow turned and saw Fluttershy and Jamie coming towards her. Fluttershy offered her a piece of the chocolate cake, "Don't you want a piece of cake?"

"Oh, uh, no thanks, Fluttershy. I'm alright." Rainbow replied.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure." Rainbow grinned trying to act like nothing was wrong. Luckily, the two of the bought it and went back to the party. Rainbow started grumbling again under her breath, "I'll show them, I'm just as good as Sarah and her dragons."

POV Ends

The Next day

A mare was rolling her baby foal in a stroller on top of very steep hill with some twists and turns. The mare's friends came over and they both started to talk. What they didn't notice was the stroller started rolling down the hill. The mother turned, saw the runaway stroller and screamed, catching me and my dragons' attention as well as the others. "Storm!" I mounted my Deadly Nadder and rushed over to the hill. I saw Rainbow tried to catch the stroller as well, but Storm zoomed past her and grabbed the stroller with her claws. She flapped her wings, slowing the stroller down until it stopped, which was good because it would have gone off of the cliff! I dismounted Storm and looking inside the stroller to see the foal cooing and babbling innocently. I sighed in relief.

Then I heard some cheering. I looked down and saw Ren, Twilight, my friends and other ponies cheering for me. I blushed a little and brought the stroller back to the mother. "Thank you so much." she said with tears in her eyes.

"No problem." Suddenly, I noticed some flashing behind me. I turned around and saw some ponies with cameras. ".... oh.... uh, hi." I said nervously.

Rainbow, meanwhile, was hovering in the air with her arms crossed with an irritated expression on her face. "Grrr... acting like a big shot... stupid dragons... Grrr." she flew off in a a huff, which was unnoticed by most of the ponies, but Ren and the others. "Hey. what’s wrong with Skittles?" Jack asked.

"I don't know, but she looked mighty upset." Applejack said.

"Upset? Why?" Kaede asked confused.

"Maybe she's jealous?" Fluttershy suggested.

"Jealous?" Jamie said. "Of what?"

"Not what but who." Nicole said. "Based on her expressions, I'd say she's jealous of Sarah and her dragons."

"Really? But why?" Ren asked.

"Well... Rainbow is the fastest pony in Equestria, but since Sarah and her dragons came, she's like the second fastest compared to them." Kodi explained. "Maybe she thinks they're stealing her thunder."

"I think Kodi's right. Let's go talk to her." Twilight suggested.

They all agreed and went to find Rainbow. They found her walked through town with a grumpy look on her face. "Hey Rainbow Dash!" Twilight called. Rainbow flinched and put on a fake smile as her friends appeared. "Oh, uh, hey guys." she greeted quickly. "What are you doing here?"

"We just want to see of something's wrong." Pinkie said.

"Oh nothing's wrong, I just hate the fact that I couldn't reach the baby in time." Rainbow replied. "Now Sarah's getting all the glory; acting like a big shot."

"Ae, come on, Rainbow." Applejack said. "Sarah ain't like that. She's as humble and modest as they come."

"Plus, you've got to admit, she and her dragons are pretty awesome." Twilight added.

"No, I don't!" Rainbow said stubbornly.

"My, my aren't you jealous." Rarity said.

"Pfft. Me? Jealous? I'm not jealous of anyone." Rainbow replied.

"Are you sure, cause based on your behavior, it seems like your jealous of Sarah and her dragons." Nicole jumped in.

"No, I'm not!" Rainbow cried. "I'm not jealous... leave me alone." She flew off in a huff, leaving the others. That's when me and my dragons landed near them, "Hey guys, what's wrong with Rainbow?" I asked.

"We believe Rainbow is a might jealous of you, sugarcube." Applejack replied.

"Jealous? Why?" I questioned.

"Well.. you and your dragons.. are kinda overshadowing Rainbow." Kodi said softly.


"It means that since your dragons got here, they been proving they are faster than Rainbow which is making her jealous. And with the fact that you've saved the day recently, it's adding more to the flame." Ren explained.

"But why didn't she just tell me?"

"Ah think she has too much pride ta admit she's jealous of you." Applejack answered.

"So... what do I do?"

"For now, nothing, when Rainbow comes to her senses; she'll tell you she's jealous." Twilight said.


"Hope she doesn't do anything stupid." Jamie hoped as well as the others.

Third Person POV

Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash was flying through the sky grumbling in anger and jealousy. "No good show-off, thinks she's so great because he saved the town so many times with her dragons," she grumbled "I gotta prove that I'm just as great as she is! But after the Mare Do Well incident I know I can't out hero him without making a fool of myself, so how…"

Rainbow gasped sharply when it hit her "A race! That's it! That's how we'll prove which one of us is best!"

Rainbow rushed to the edge of her home, looked down and saw Sarah walking with Winter, Moonshine and Storm by her side. "Time to make her an offer she can't refuse!" Rainbow Dash stated before zooming down toward him.

Below, Sarah was petting Winter and Moonshine on their heads, getting purrs in response but it was quickly interrupted as soon as Rainbow landed right in front of her. "Oh hi, Rainbow." She greeted happily. But then she noticed the look on her face, "What's wrong?" Rianbow got in her face and declared, "Listen up tough guy, I'm challenging you to a race to see which one of us is the fastest in all of Equestria, once and for all!"

"What?" Sarah questioned in disbelief. "You wanna race?"

"You heard me! You, me, Race, At Noon. Today. No dragons either!" Rainbow Dash stated.

"You mind telling me why and.. above all why now?" Sarah questioned.

"Nope, I just want to see which one of us is truly the fastest being in Equestria, that's all. Unless you're scared that is," Rainbow Dash said.

"I'm not scared, Rainbow, what's the ma-"

"Save it! Just meet me at that forest with all the leaves," Rainbow Dash told him. "You mean the Whitetail Woods?" Sarah asked.

"That's the one, be there at noon and prepare to lose!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed, before she could say any more Rainbow zoomed off. Just then Twilight and Spike showed up.

"Hey Sarah , what was all that about?" Twilight Sparkle asked.

"I honestly don't know…" Sarah replied. "Rainbow just challenged me to a race to see which one of us is fastest,"

"What? Why would she do that?" Twilight Sparkle asked.

"I don't know, maybe she wants to prove that's she's still better than me?" Sarah mused.

"I guess…" Spike added.

"I just hope you know what you're doing." Twilight said reluctantly.

"Gather the others and tell them to meet us at the forest, that's where the race will be." Sarah said. Twilight and SPike nodded and went to gather the others. Winter, Moonshine and Storm all warbled in worry. "Don't worry guys, I'll be fine." she reassured. "Now come on, let's get to the Whitetail Woods." Sarah mounted Winter and they all flew off to the Whitetail Woods.

Later, near the edge of the forest, Rainbow and I were both standing in front of the starting line which was right near the large forest. Rainbow Dash was stretching her limbs, preparing for the big race while I just stood there thinking about what animal I should change into. I decided to go with the cheetah, the fastest land animal on Earth and I would add my wolf stamina in there as well to help with the distance.

Twilight and Spike were standing nearby, waiting for the race to start. Then Spike picked up a stick and began talking like an announcer.

"Fillies and gentlecolts, welcome to the first ever race between Rainbow Dash of Equestria and Sarah. This race will span from here to the end of the forest. First one there is the fastest being in Equestria!"

"Spike, who are you talking to?" Twilight Sparkle asked.

"Well…" Spike started, then he noticed, Ren, Jamie, Jack, Nicole, Rantaro, Carrie, Mason, Kaede, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie and Fluttershy approaching "Them!"

I noticed the others coming as well. "Hey, guys! Glad ya'll could come!"

"Ooh, a race between Dashie and Sarah, I'm so nervicited!" Pinkie Pie squealed.

"You know that's not a really word, right?" Jamie questioned.

"Just go with it, darling." Rarity said.

"Ok, then… Spike take it away," Twilight Sparkle told her young assistant.

Spike then held up a red flag "On your mark…"

Me and Rainbow got into their running positions. I glowed and changed into a cheetah.

"Get set…"

I glared at Rainbow as she gave him a raspberry.


Me and Rainbow rushed into the forest, blowing a large gust of wind in the direction of the others and each left flames on the racing course.

"Whoo, look at 'em go!" Applejack remarked.

"With them going that fast, we'll never be able to catch up," Rarity stated.

"We're gonna have to go up to get a better view, come on let's get the hot air balloon!" Twilight told the others.

"I'll race ya!" Pinkie Pie said as she skipped ahead. While everyone else walked off to the hot air balloon.

Me and Rainbow were rushing through the forest. I reach the cheetahs top speed of seventy five miles per hour in three seconds putting me in front of Rainbow Dash. I used my long tail to help make the tight turn in the trail. My semi-retractable claws dug into the dirt, giving me extra traction as I ran. Rainbow came beside me, smirking, “Getting tired yet?”

“Nope, I combined my wolf stamina into my cheetah form so I could run forever.” I cheered happily.

“We’ll see about that.” Rainbow zipped ahead, leaving me in the dust. I blinked once but shrugged and zipped along too. Meanwhile, the gang was above watching the whole thing from the hot air balloon. “And Rainbow is in the lead .” Spike announced.

“Go Sarah!” Ren cried.

“Keep going!” Kaede added. Me and Rainbow came to a crossroad with two paths and a sign pointing to the right. We followed the path and I used my tail to make a tight turn, putting me in front of Rainbow Dash.

“And Sarsh takes the lead one again!” Spine announced. We both saw the finish line and Rainbow purrs all her energy into her legs while I still felt like I could run forever with my wolf stamina in play. We both crossed the finish line and saw a flash. We stopped and caught our breath as the hot air balloon landed and our friends came towards us. “That was amazing, Sarah!” Twilight exclaimed.

“You’re mighty fast.” Applejack added.

“Thanks.” I panted.

“Sooo...who won Pinkie?” Twilight asked. Pinkie came towards was holding the pictures in her mane, “The winner is.... Sarah by a cheetahs' paw!”

My friends cheered for me while I gasped in shock. “Really? I won?” Rainbow was standing jaw dropped, “Ummm... Rainbow?” I asked waving a paw in my face. Her face turned to anger which made me back off. She let out a loud, “AGH!” and she took off. “....Was it something I said?” I asked aloud.

Rainbow was grumbling to herself more grumpier and jealous than ever. "Even without her dragons, she beat me. I'm Rainbow Dash, how could I be beaten? AGGGHHH! I need something that will make me better than her." While she was flying, she saw something sparkling down below. "What's that?"

She descended and landed near the sparkling things. They looked like gems, only they were oval shaped and glowing in the middle in many different colors. "Woah... this will definitely make me better than Sarah." she said.

She saw there were about six more of them and she grabbed them all and flew off towards Ponyville. Unknown by her, something or somethings were watching her and they didn't like what she just did. Hiding in the shadows, one of them followed her to Ponyville.

Meanwhile, I was with the home-ship with Ren and the others, resting up after my race with Rainbow. Riolu and Rockruff were play fighting with each other. "Careful you two." I said. Riolu and Rockruff nodded, "Yes Mama."

Jamie and Ren came in to the living room, "Hey Sarah, how are you feeling?" Ren asked.

"I'm alright." I answered. "Just worried about Rainbow, hope she doesn't do anything stupid."

That's when there was a knock at the door and Spike came in, "Hey guys, Rainbow found something so cool." he said. "Come look."

We looked at each other and shrugged and we followed the baby dragons to Ponyville and Town Hall where Rainbow was handing out the 'gems' she found. "Oh hey guys, look at the gems I found." Rainbow said. She showed us the gem and I got a good long look at it and my eyes widened in horror. "Sarah, what's wrong?" Kaede asked.

"Rainbow..." I muttered. "Where did you find these?"

"Deep in the Whitetail Woods."

I groaned with worry and placed a hand on my head, "This is bad, very bad." I mumbled.

"Bad? What's bad?" Ren asked.

"Newbie, what's going on?" Jack asked.

"Rainbow, you have to return those 'gems' NOW!" I ordered.

"Why they're just gems." Rainbow bushed off. "Now they are not! They are eggs!"

The crowd gasped and Rainbow froze, "Eggs.." she peeped.

"Yes and their mothers are dragons who can blend in with anything and can spit burning hot acid that can burn though just about everything." I explained.

"Woah, woah, woah, how do you even know the mothers know she even took the eggs?" Jack asked with smirk.

"Because one is right behind her." I said with a deadpanned look, pointing behind Rainbow. She whirled around and was met with a red dragon that have teeth protruding out their lip from their lower jaw and yellow eyes. They possess a pair of horns that protrude from the back of their heads, a single horn on their nose, and a pair of antennae with leaf-like lobes. The spines on are also leaf-like in shape. Their wings are red or green with yellow edges.

Storm, Winter and Moonshine growled. The dragons roared in her face and she screamed in horror, "WAH!" she bolted away from the dragon. It roared and the crowd ran away in horror as the dragons flew into the air and blocked Rainbow. it growled at her. That's when we noticed two more Changewings; each of them were camouflaged against the ground. "Woah... they really do blend in." Ren gasped. Storm roared and fired her spines at one of them, but it easily dodged the spines and moved away.

The three dragons closed in on Rainbow who looked desperate for a way out. Winter and Moonshine came in and growled at the Changewings, warning them to back away from the cyan pegasus. "Rainbow, give them the egg. It's what they are after!" I called out to her. She threw the egg into the air and the changewing flew up and caught it in it's hands and the other two followed as they flew away. Rainbow collapsed on the ground and the rest of us came to her.

"Are you okay, Rainbow?" I asked.

"... Yeah..." she panted.

"So what were those dragons?" Kaede asked. "They looked awfully scary."

"They are called Changewings. They are part of the Mystery Class of Dragons. They live in social groups and can camouflage with anything. They spit burning acid at their targets and are very dangerous dragons." I explained.

"Well.. now they're gone." Applejack sighed.

"No... they'll come back." I said.

"What?" Carrie exclaimed.

"The Changewings worked together to save one egg but Rainbow took five more and gave them to the ponies of Ponyville." I started.

"Wait... are you saying what I think you're saying?" Twilight asked nervously.


"What she's saying?" Kaede asked.

"None of the Changewings are gonna leave until all their eggs are safe. And they are going to tear apart Ponyville until they find every last one." I added. Everyone gasped in horror and Rainbow had a look of horror. It was her fault that the Changewings were here; all because she was trying to prove she was better than Sarah and her dragons. Now Ponyville was in immense danger.

When dusk came, Me and the Mane 6 had gathered all of Ponyville at Town Hall and told them of the upcoming danger. They were chattering among themselves.

"What do we do?"

"Is there anything we can do?"

"This can't be happening?"

"Everyone please." I called and the ponies quieted down. "The Changewings only want their eggs which are the 'gems' that some of you have in your possession. If you give the mothers their eggs back then they will leave. I need all of you who have the 'gems' to bring them to the center of town."

What about the rest of us?" a mare asked.

"I need to the rest of you to go to your homes. I will place and shield spell around them to protect you and your homes from the Changewings' acid." The ponies nodded and went to their respective houses.

Soon five other ponies came out of their houses, holding the gems in their hooves. They met us in the center of town, just as night was beginning to fall. They placed the eggs in the center. "Good. That's all the eggs." I said. The ponies nodded and quickly retreated to their homes. I used my magic and created acid-proof shields around their houses. "Now what?" Carrie asked.

"Now we wait for the Changewings to show up and take their eggs back." I said.

Just then, Storm tensed up and the spines on her tail raised in defense. Winter and Moonshine growled while looking around the area. "I-I think t-they're here." Jamie stammered nervously.

And indeed and small group of Changewing mothers' (about five of them) revealed themselves nearing the center of town. We carefully backed away from the eggs as the Changewings' got closer and closer. When they reached their eggs, they took them in their hands and looked at us. Giving us a small grunt, they spread their wings and took off into the night. I disengaged the shields around the houses.

"Phew... good thing that's over." Ren sighed in relief.

"Yeah, I do not want to see what would have happened if they raided each house." Kodi added, trying not to imagine the sheer damage that would have been caused by the Changewings.

"Still, we wouldn't have been in this mess if it wasn't for that rainbow pegasus." Rantaro scoffed.

"Hey... where is Skittles anyway?" Jack asked and that's when we noticed the absence of Rainbow Dash.

"Now that you mention it, I haven't seen her since Sarah told us the danger of the Changewings." Kaede said. "... Oh.... she's probably thinks it her fault for all of this."

"Well it is." Rantaro said bluntly.

Kaede gave him a look, "Anyway, we better go and find her in the morning."

The rest of us agreed and decided to search for our Rainbow friend in the morning.

That morning we all went to Rainbow's cloud home. The Cloudominium.

Me and Twilight placed a spell on Ren and the others to help them walk on the clouds. We found the rainbow pegasus slumped on her bed, laying on her side. "Rainbow Dash... are you okay?" Kaede asked.

Rainbow sighed, "No... it's my fault all of this happened."

"Rainbow, it's okay." I said.

"No it's not!" Rainbow suddenly snapped. "It's may fault. I put Ponyville in danger all because I was jealous of you!"

"We... kinds figured." I replied, surprising her. "What?"

"We all figured you were jealous of me, but we all thought you would tell me about it so you could let it go." I explained. "Instead of holding it in and inadvertently causing trouble."

Rainbow looked down again, "... You did huh?"

I nodded, "I'm... sorry Sarah. I should have told you I was jealous of you in the first place. If I did then, none of this would have happened."

"I forgive you Rainbow." I hugged the rainbow pegasus and she hugged me back. Ren and the others looked on with smiling faces. We both separated.

"So.. you wanna race?" I asked.

Rainbow chuckled, "You are on." She spread her wings and flew out the window. I changed into a hawk and flew out as well. Rainbow explained the lesson she learned.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I learned not to let my jealousy get the better of me. Because I didn't tell my friends and let it go, I ended up putting my friends in danger and that's the last thing I ever wanted to do. From now on, I will tell my friends whenever I get jealous so I can let it go and not cause any danger.