Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 6: The Times They Are a Changeling

Me and my friends were in Canterlot with Twilight and the others. We were invited to breakfast with the royal sisters. Celestia made us pancakes with blueberries, strawberries and other fruits dabbled on the pancakes. "Thank you so much for breakfast, Princess." I said gratefully.

"Oh, it's nothing Ren. I really enjoy doing it." She walked to the other end of the table and sat down. "By the way, where's Sarah?"

Before any of us could answer, Princess Luna burst in with a worried expression on her face. "Sister, we have a Major problem; Discord escaped his prison again!" I almost choked on my pancake piece. "What?!" Me, Carrie, Mason, Kaede and the Mane 6 exclaimed.

"Whose Discord?" Jack asked.

"Oh right, you, Jamie, Nicole and Rantaro weren't there." Ren said. Twilight explained the situation with Discord to Jack and the others. When she was done, Jack and the others were in a mixture of shock and horror. "Oh dear, he sounds... bad." Jamie said.

"More like a complete loon!" Jack said.

"We have to find him, NOW!" Luna said. But before either of us could move, Sarah came in, "Guys, guys, I made a new friend!" she announced with a big smile on her face.

"A new friend?" I asked.

"Yes, he's magical and powerful."

"Powerful?" We all repeated confused.


"Hello.. everyone." a familiar voice said and that when he appeared. He has a deer antler on the right, a blue goat horn on the left, one long fang, different-sized pupils, a snake tongue, a goat beard, and white bushy eyebrows. He has the right arm of a lion, the left claw of an eagle, the right leg of a lizard, and the left leg of a goat. In addition, he has a bat's right wing, a Pegasus' left wing, a horse's mane, and a dragon-like snake's tail with a white tail tuft. The shape of his body resembles that of a snake. "DISCORD?!" We all exclaimed in shock.

"You all know each other?" Sarah asked.

"You could say that." Kodi growled.

"We had our differences in the past, but they've forgiven me for my past actions, right?" Discord said.

"No." We all said.

"Oh well, at least I found this one human after I escaped from my prison once again. Hehehe." Discord laughed.

"Just wait, we're putting you back to stone in two seconds!" Rainbow threatened.

"Actually.." Celestia spoke up, "I think Discord should have some freedom for a while."

"WHAT?!" Everyone exclaimed.

"Princess, are you crazy?!" Rainbow cried.

"Sarah, you and Discord can go and hang out with each other." Celestia said.

"Okay Princess." Sarah said.

"If you say so, Celestia." Discord added and with a snap of his fingers, Discord and Sarah vanished.

Ren's POV

"Princess, how could you let Discord roam free, with Sarah none the less?!" Twilight asked incredulous.

"I believe this will be an opportunity to reform Discord." Celestia said.

"Reform him?" I asked, "How?"

"I believe Sarah may be the best way to reforming Discord."

"Sarah? Really?" Rainbow asked.

"I know it's a tall order, but I wouldn't say it if I wasn't positive." Celestia said. "I want you all a keep an eye on Discord as well."

"We will." Twilight said. "And I guess we could use the Elements of Harmony on him if he gets out of hand."

"It's Discord, Twilight. You mean 'when' he gets out of hand." Mason grunted. Celestia gave the girls their respective Elements of Harmony "And if he hurts our newbie, I'll beat the hell out of him." Jack growled.

"Jack, you cannot solve everything with your fists." Rarity scolded.

"Whatever, you purple loon." Jack said.

"Alright, you two, let's juts go and find Sarah, before Discord does something." Kaede cut in.

We all agreed and we went back to Ponyville. "Well... Ponyville is still in order." Rainbow said. "... For now."

"Let's just focus on finding Discord." Applejack said.

That's when Winter suddenly came down beside us. "Woah, what the- Winter, what's wrong?" Twilight asked. The Light Fury seemed distressed about something. "Lead the way." The Light Fury flew into the air and we followed her to the home-ship. We entered the home-ship to find Discord floating in the air with ice cream in his hands. "Discord!" Twilight called.

"Oh, hello, I was wondering how long it would take for you all to come here." he said.

"Where's Sarah? What did you do to her?" Rainbow questioned.

"Oh relax, Rainbow, I haven't done a single thing to the little human. In fact, she invited me to stay with her in her room."


That's when we heard whistling and saw Sarah skipping into the room. "Hi guys, Hi Discord, how's the ice cream I made you?"

"Oh it's simply delicious, Sarah." Discord said as he took another bite.

Sarah smiled at Discord when Twilight floated her over to us, "Sarah, what do you think your doing?" Jack hissed, "We do not want that creep in our home."

"He's just going to stay in my room." Sarah replied.

"We don't want him here, why did you insist that anyway?" I asked.

"I believe if I treat him with kindness then I can reform him." Sarah replied.

"And if he doesn't we're turning him back to stone, got it!" Rainbow said.

"You wouldn't dare turn me back to stone and risk disappointing your precious princess." Discord added.

"Just try us, buster! If you get out of line, it's back to the garden for you!" Mason threatened.

"Oh poo, I wouldn't dare harm a hair on this little human." Discord said as he used his magic to make Sarah small.

I was worried about Sarah at this point. "I don't like this, Twilight. Sarah shouldn't be anywhere near Discord, let alone be his friend."

"I know, Ren, but if Princess Celestia trusts that Sarah can reform Discord then we should too." Twilight replied. "Beside she not complete defenseless against him, remember." she pointed to her element, inquiring that Sarah had her own Element of Harmony that she could use against Discord herself. Me and the others were still on the offense about this, but we had to give Sarah the benefit of the doubt.

Discord made Sarah big again and she asked, "Are you okay, staying in my room, Discord?"

"Oh yes, Sarah, if only your other friends would be more considerate." Discord replied.

"Sarah, don't listen to him. He's trying to drive wedge between us." Rainbow said.

"No why in the world would I do something like that?" Discord asked, acting innocent.

"So we can't unite and use the Elements of Harmony on you, but you better watch it cause Sarah has her own Element that she can probably use on you herself."

"Oh yes." Discord added, levitating Sarah's element off of her neck, "I have noticed this special little gem she got from the Tree of Harmony."

"Hey, give her back her Element!" Kaede ordered.

"Relax, girly, I'm not going to do anything to it." With a snap of his fingers, he teleported Sarah's element back on her neck. "I was just curious. Now Sarah, why don't you show me where I'll be staying for a little bit?"

"Okay, Discord." Sarah said. And she led Discord to her room.

POV Ends

I led Discord into my room. I used my magic to make the room bigger since I had gotten Mareep, Riolu and Rockruff, last night. The three baby pokemon scampered over to me, chanting, "Mama, Mama, Mama." I laughed and got on the ground to hug the three little ones. "Hi there little ones." I showed them to Discord. "This is my friend, Discord, he's going to be staying in here for a little while, okay?"

"Okay, Mama." The three pokemon replied.

I let the three walk around on the floor as Discord scanned my room, "Hmmm... you room is a little tacty. How about I change some things?" he suggested.

"No thank you, Discord, I like my room just the way it is."

"Oh alright, since you are the only one who has ever tried to be nice to me, I suppose I should respect your differences." Discord explained, catching my attention. "Only one?"

"Well, yes. Since everybody knows I cause disharmony and chaos wherever I go, so I haven't had anyone as my friend."

"Well... I'm your friend now, Discord." Discord smiled at me and I smiled at him. "So will you use your powers for good, now?"

"Even though it won't be as much fun... I suppose when your friends you can't always have things you way." Discord added. "I'll use my powers for good."

"You promise?"

"Yes... I promise."

I smiled at Discord and I couldn't wait to tell my friends about this.

"You cannot be serious, Sarah." Rainbow said.

"I am serious, Rainbow."

"He didn't change over in a few hours." Applejack said. "That varmint probably used his magic on you."

"No he didn't. If he did my Element would have responded to that, but it didn't."

"Still, Ah don't trust that varmint."

"But I trust him." I said.

"Because you're so easily manipulated by him!" Rainbow yelled in my face.

"No I'm not! I just want to be his friend. Is that so wrong?!"

"Yes! You are so gullible that you'll fall for anything! Not everyone can be your friend! AND IF YOU TRUST HIM MORE THAN US THAN WE DON'T WANT YOU AROUND US ANYMORE!"

I gasped, heart broken by what Rainbow said. I sniffled, "Fine.... if that's... what you want... then I'll leave." I felt tears leaking from my eyes and I just slowly walked away from them and out the door, closing it behind me.

Ren's POV

I can't believe Rainbow would say that to Sarah. That she should leave since she trusts Discord more than her friends? That's ridiculous. I saw Rainbow's eyes widen in realization of what she just said. Sarah began to walk away, "... Sarah... I."

Sarah sniffled, "... If that's what you want... then I'll leave."

She suddenly turned completely gray and shed a tear in and shape of a broken heart. She held her head down and she slowly walked out the door, closing it behind her.

"Rainbow, how could you?!" Applejack asked in anger.

"I didn't mean it!" Rainbow replied.

"Well, you obviously did cause you broke our newbies' heart." Jack growled.

"I can't believe you thought she trusted Discord more than us!" Twilight added. "Sarah only did this to try and reform Discord, she trusts us way more than him."

"And here I thought you all wanted me gone?" Discord said, suddenly appearing next to Twilight.

"What do you want, Discord?"

"I just wanted to ask a question." he said. "All Sarah wants to do is become my friend, but you all think I can't be trusted because of my past actions."


"If you don't even trust me then why are you friends with this broker over here?" Discord asked referring to Rantaro.

"Well... uh..." Rainbow stammered.

"We aren't... close friends with that bastard." Jack stated.

"Then why do you keep him around, if you don't trust him enough?" Discord asked.

"Because, maybe, he'll come around and become our... friend." Jamie said, realizing what Discord was saying as well as the others. "Oooooooh...."

"We messed up big time, didn't we?" Applejack winced.


"Quite a shame really, all Sarah wanted was to make me a friend, but all of you don't think I can be trusted. Sarah was the only one willing to give me a chance at friendship while the rest of you didn't give me a chance. Now you've all broken her little heart and turned her gray."

Rainbow and the others felt pity cause of their behavior. Sarah was just trying to reform Discord as the Princess thought she could, but thanks to their distrust towards him, they've ruined that chance. And now Sarah was heartbroken. Pinkie's mane turned all gray as well, "We've been horrible friends to Sarah." she said.

"We've got to find her." I said.

"Right." Jamie said.

We all ran outside and surprisingly found Sarah easily. She was just sitting by a lake singing to herself.

It's funny when you find yourself
Looking from the outside
I'm standing here but all I want
Is to be over there

Why did I let myself believe
Miracles could happen?
'Cause now I have to pretend
That I don't really care

I thought you were my fairy tale
A dream when I'm not sleeping
A wish upon a star
That's coming true

But everybody else could tell
That I confused my feelings with the truth
When there was me and you

I swore I knew the melody
That I heard you singing
And when you smiled you made me feel
Like I could sing along

But then you went and changed the words
Now my heart is empty
I'm only left with used-to-be's
And once upon a song

Now I know you're not a fairy tale
And dreams were meant for sleeping
And wishes on a star
Just don't come true

'Cause now even I can tell
That I confused my feelings with the truth
Because I liked the view
When there was me and you

I can't believe that I could be so blind
It's like you were floating while I was falling
And I didn't mind

'Cause I liked the view
I thought you felt it too
When there was me and you

her song only made the rest of us feel bad about our behavior. We approached her, "Sarah..." I called. Sarah barely perked up at the sound of my voice. "Sarah, we're sorry. We should have trusted you more." I started.

"And I'm sorry saying that you trusted Discord more than us. I didn't mean it, I was just angry thinking that Discord manipulated you in someway to turn you against us. I should never had said that. All you wanted was to make Discord your friend and we we're supportive of you. Instead we didn't give him a chance like you did. I'm sorry." Rainbow apologized.

Sarah turned around, slowly regaining some of her color. She smiled at us, "Apology accepted."

Rainbow and the rest of us smiled and gave her a big group hug. Soon Princess Celestia was in Ponyville and Discord approached her and bowed to her. "Princess, I'm ready to use my powers for good from now on.." he said. "Most of the time." he said under his breath.

"Congratulations everyone, I definitely sense a big change in Discord." Celestia praised.

"And you were right when you said Sarah would be the one to reform Discord. By treating Discord as a friend, she got him to see friendship is what he really wanted since he didn't have any friends of his own." Twilight said. Sarah blushed a little. "Hehe."

"Great work, Sarah." Princess Celestia praised.

"Thank you." I said. "And I think this will be the first step in Discord's new chapter."

My friends all smiled at me proudly. "She really shows the Magic of Friendship now." I thought.

POV Ends

It's been a week since my birthday had passed and since I got Rockruff, Riolu and Mareep. The three pokemon had been absolute dolls. Rockruff likes playing with Kodi while Mareep plays with Rosy. Riolu mostly stayed close to me, being a little shy about playing with the others. My three new pokemon got along with my dragons and Yo-Kai friends perfectly. Winter and Sailornyan adore the three of them. The three pokemon like being with Ren and the others, even causing a little mischief for them. One time, Jack was eating a burger and felt something touch him. He looked down, but saw nothing, but when he looked at his plate his burger was gone. "What the hell?!" he exclaimed.

Then he heard some laughter. He turned to his right and saw Rockruff with his face buried in the burger, only eating the meat. He looked at Jack and went, "Yes?" innocently. As much as Jack was annoyed that the puppy pokemon got his burger, he remembered he was only a baby. So he let Rockruff have it.... until I came in and scolded Jack for letting Rockruff eat it. Luckily, the mall distinct had it's Pokemon Shop, which astounded me and Ren. The store had pokemon games for Ren and Pokemon supplies like Pokeballs, Potions, Pokemon Food and etc for me.

Anyway... Now me and my friends were in walking to Ponyville. I had my pokemon with me. Rockruff and Mareep were scampering ahead with smiles on their faces. "Hehe, those two sure are bubbly." Kaede cooed.

"Yes, yes they are." I said.

"How's you dad liking them?" Ren asked.

"He likes them... as long as they don't come anywhere near his workshop of inventions." I replied. The last time, they got in, they accidentally destroyed one of his gadgets. Boy was he mad, but I told him they were only babies, which calmed him down a little. "Keep them out of my workshop, honey. Please." he begged.

I laughed at the memory. "So what about Riolu?" Carrie asked. Said pokemon was on my shoulder hugging my neck. "Mama." he cooed. I rubbed his back to soothe him, "He's still a shy little guy." I said.

"He seems really attached to you, Sarah." Nicole said.

"Yes, I know." I said. "He'll get used to being around others soon."

"Um... guys, what's up with Ponyville?" Mason asked. We had walked right into town and noticed it was a ghost town! No one was in the streets. "Okay... this is weird." Ren said.


We heard a voice and looked around to see Pinkie waving a us from Sugarcube Corner, "Get inside, NOW!" she hissed. We looked at each other and shurgged. We all walked into the shop which was dark. "Pinkie, why are you alone in the dark?" Kaede asked.

"I'm not alone in the dark." Pinkie replied. She turned the light on revealing Twilight and the girls. "What are you all doing in here?" Rantaro asked.

"A changelings' been spotted near Ponyville." Rainbow replied.

"A Changeling?!" Jamie exclaimed.

"Those roaches again!" Jack said in anger.

"Yes, we don't know if it's alone or with the rest of Chrysalis' army. Either way, we're not taking any chances. Princess Celestia is sending some guards over here to help protect Ponyville." Twilight explained.

"Twilight? Are you here?" a voice called.

Pinkie went to open the door and saw, "Princess Celestia." We all bowed to her.

"Greeting everyone, I got your letter Twilight and my guards are here to help guard Ponyville from the changeling." she said.

"Thank you, Princess." Twilight thanked.

Rockruff and Mareep walked up to Celestia and looked at the her in awe, "Mama, whose this?" Rockruff asked.

"This is Princess Celestia, little ones." I answered.

"And I'm guessing these are the little ones you received on your birthday?" Celestia inquired.

"Yes, Princess."

"Twily!" another voice called.

We all came outside and saw a white stallion with a blue mane, tail and hooves with a blue shield as his cutie mark. By his side was another alicorn. This one was pink with a mane and tail streaked with yellow, pink and purple with a crystal heart as her cuite mark. She was holding a small alicorn baby in her hands. It was also pink but it had a purple mane and tail with a blue streak in it. "Shining Armor, Cadence, Flurry Heart!" Twilight cried in joy. She ran to her brother and they hugged each other. "Hi Twily, we got your message and came right over." he said.

Ren and the others came over and gave their greetings to them, "Ren, who are they?" I asked.

"Oh right, you haven't met them yet. This is Princess Cadence and Shining Armor, the ruler of the Crystal Empire. Shining Armor is Twilight's brother and Cadence is Princess Celestias' niece." he explained.

"Oh." Cadence and Shining Armor approached me, "So your the new human Twilight has written to us about." Cadence said.

"Yes." Riolu whimpered at the sight of the two new ponies and hugged my neck a little tighter. "Awww, Riolu." I took the little pokemon into my arms. "It's okay, they wont hurt you." I cooed.

"And this is one of the three pokemon you have now?" Shining Armor inquired and I nodded. Rockruff and Mareep nuzzled Cadences' legs. "Hehe, aww, they are so cute." she cooed.


"Now Shining Armor, I'm putting you in charge of finding the changeling." Celestia ordered.

"Yes, Princess." Shining Armor said.

"In the meantime, everyone, I want you all to be on the lookout for anything." Celestia told the crowd of ponies which I just realized showed up. They all nodded and returned to their daily business. "Now I must return to Canterlot." she said.

We all nodded and watched as she took off into the sky and flew back to Canterlot. "So what do we do now?" I asked.

"Well, like Aunt Celestia said, keep an eye out for the changeling if there's one there may be the whole army on the way." Cadence said.

"We can take them, Sarah already defeated their queen. They don't stand a chance." Rainbow said with confidence.

"Yeah, they won't be a problem." Jack added.

We all sighed at the two of them. "Well... hearing about Sarah's Element as her growing magic, I guess there's nothing to really worry about." Cadence said uneasy.

"But why would a changeling come here?" I asked.

"Changelings feed off of love and Flurry Heart has a great amount of love since her Crystalling, so it's possible they've come for the baby." Shining Armor explained. Riolu looked at Flurry Heart curiously. He leaped out of my arms and went over to Flurry Heart. The two babies looked at each other for a moment before Riolu extended his paw towards the baby. Flurry smiled and cooed and touched Riolus' paw as well.

"Awwww... Riolu made his first friend." Fluttershy cooed. The rest of us were touched at the cute moment.

"Looks like your little one is coming out of his shell, Sarah." Jack smirked.

"Yeah." Rockruff and Mareep came over and Flurry cooed at them too. Rockruff nuzzled Flurry's tummy with his nose, making her laugh. Flurry poked Mareep's wool, cooing. "Hehe, Cadence, you and Shining Armor can stay with me." Twilight offered.

"Thank you, Twilight." Cadence said. Cadence and Shining began to walk away with Flurry Heart, but the baby didn't want to leave her three new friends and started whining. "Oooh, Flurry, you'll see them again." Cadence cooed.

"Acutally, Cadence, Riolu and the others can go with you." I offered.

"Really?" Twilight asked.

"Yes, Flurry likes them and they need to be around others, beside Me, Ren and the others."

"Alright. Come on you three." My three pokemon walked with the small family to the Golden Oak Library.

"Soo, what do we do now?" Kaede asked.

"I'll go for a walk for little bit." I said.

"Well be careful." Jamie said.

"Don't worry, I have my element to protect me." I reassured and I walked off out of Ponyville and into the forest where the home-ship was. As I was walking, I was admiring the forest area; birds were chirping and the leaves rustled in the wind. I took a deep breath, "Ahhh, I love nature."

Just then, I heard some rustling. "Hello?.... Is anyone there?" I said aloud.

The rustling continued and went over to a bush. It pulled the bush apart. "AH!"


It was a changeling!

But this one was a bit different it was pinkish blue shading eyes and wings instead of the regular blue eyes and transparent wings. The changeling was also shaking in fear and not hissing at me. "Um... hi there." I greeted.

"P-Please d-don't hurt me." the changeling whimpered in a soft voice, revealing it was a female.

"I'm not gonna hurt you, I promise." I said. The changeling stopped shaking and stood up, looking at me. I could see some signs of nervousness in her eyes. "If you want me to leave then, I'll go. I know you don't want to be friends." she fluttered her wings, getting ready to leave but I called, "Wait!"

The changeling stopped and looked at me, "I don't get it. My friends told me that all changelings were evil."

"Evil, well not me. All I ever wanted was a friend. I was part of the attack on Canterlot during the royal wedding but I never seen true friendship like that. I couldn't just feed on it's love. I wanted to share it. When we were banished, I knew I couldn't live with my kind anymore, so I left looking for love to share." she explained.

"Woah... well if you want... I'll be your friend um... what's your name?"

"Pyrite... My name is Pyrite."

"My name is Sarah, nice to meet you. Hey, wanna meet my friends?"

Pyrite flinched and shook her head, "No, no, they probably won't want to be friends with me cause of what the changelings did in the past."

"Well... maybe I can convince them other wise."

"Really?" Pyrite's eyes lit up.

"Of course, you're my friend now." Pyrite smiled greatly. "But you're gonna need a disguise."

Pyrite changed and took the form of a purple mare with a white mane and tail with a blue streak in the middle. "Ready." Pyrite smiled and I led her back through the forest and into Ponyville where Ren and my friends were.

"Hey Sarah, whose your friend?" Ren questioned.

"This is Pyrite." I replied.

"Where'd you meet her?" Jamie asked.

"I found her taking a walk in the forest." I replied. "So I decided to introduce her to you all."

"You just found her in the woods?" Nicole asked with a raised eyebrow. "Seems kinda weird doesn't it?"
"Well... it's nice to meet you Pyrite." Kaede greeted.

"T-Thank you."

That's when Princess Cadence and Shining Armor came onto the scene with Shining wearing his guard attire. Pyrite flinched a little but I gave her a confident smile. "Hello everyone." Cadence greeted. "Whose the new pony?"

"This is Pyrite, Sarah met her in the forest." Pinkie replied happily. Shining gave her a suspicious look. "Shining Armor, what's wrong?" Ren asked.

"I just want to check something." Shining said and he blasted Pyrite with his magic, revealing her. Everybody gasped in shock. "Thought so!" Shining growled. "You can't fool me so easily, changeling."

"Sarah, get away from the changeling!" Twilight said. The rest of my friends had anger expressions. "Wait!" Twilight pulled me away with her magic. "She's not bad! She's a nice changeling!"

"There's no such thing as a nice changeling." Jack growled. "That thing probably brainwashed you like they did Shining Armor." The other guards surrounded us, preparing to capture Pyrite. I overpowered Twilight's magic and rushed over to Pyrite. "Sarah, what are you doing get away from that thing!" Shining Armor demanded.

"No! She's not a thing. Her name is Pyrite and she's my friend." I stated, earning gasps of shock from everyone. Pyrtie looked at me and I nodded at her. I walked towards the other and I started.. well.. singing. Hehe.

The others were still giving me angry looks. "I still don't believe her. How do we know, she's not pretending to be nice?" Rainbow challenged.

"I'm not like Chyrsalis and the other changelings!" Pyrite exclaimed.

"Oh yeah?" Jack added. "You're a changeling

"Look, human! I know what my Queen did at the Canterlot Wedding, but I was the one changeling who rather stay home than steal love from others. You do not know how it is to live with someone who has constant control over your life and you can't do a thing to about it, unless you want to be killed!" Pyrite stated.

"Killed?" Cadence echoed.

"Yes. If there's one changeling who disobeys Chrysalis... let's just say they are never seen again."

Everybody was horrified at what Pyrite explained. "Huh? Guess we never though about it like that." Shining Armor said.

"Of course not. You all think changelings and ponies are so different, but we're not." Music started playing in the background. Ooooh, I feel a song coming on.

"We're more similar than you think, ponies and humans. Sisi Ni Sawa."

"What?" Jack asked.

"You're saying we're the same?" Jamie questioned.

"No way, we don't think so." Twilight said and she, Ren and the others started singing

(Twilight and Co.)
You think that life is one big game
Deceive and sly, you take no blame
We're telling you there's just no way that we're the same

You've got to look past what you see
Try not to judge by family
Believe it or not
You're a lot like me
Said believe it or not you're a lot like me

Sisi ni sawa means we're the same
(Sisi ni sawa!)

(Twilight and Co.)
I hear what you're saying, but you need to explain
(Sisi ni sawa!)

At the end of the day, it's like water and rain
Sisi ni sawa, we are the same!

My past is bad and yours is not
But take a look beyond the past
Deep in my heart is what matters for sure!
(Sisi ni sawa!)
'Cause unlike my other changeling pals
I have a goal to make my own
My share my love throughout this Equestrian World
To share my love throughout this world

Sisi ni sawa means we're the same!
(Sisi ni sawa!)

(Twilight and Co.)
Though you've got your holes, and we have a mane!
(Sisi ni sawa!)

At the end of the day, it's like water and rain
Sisi ni sawa, we are the same!

(Pyrtie, Twilight and Co.)
Sisi ni sawa, we are the same!

(Twilight and Co.)
Never thought that we'd see eye-to-eye

I can't imagine why
It's very easy if you try!
(Sisi ni sawa!)

(Twilight and Co.)
Still, to us, they're brand new thoughts
Not to judge a changeling by their boss!

Sisi ni sawa!

Sisi ni sawa means we're the same!

(Twilight and Co.)
Forget about the past when there's nothing to gain!
(Sisi ni sawa!)

(Pyrite, Twilight and Co.)
At the end of the day, it's like water and rain
Sisi ni sawa, we are the same!
(Sisi ni sawa!)
Sisi ni sawa means we're the same
(Sisi ni sawa!)
Forget about the past when there's nothing to gain
(Sisi ni sawa!)
At the end of the day, it's like water and rain
Sisi ni sawa, we are the same!
(Sisi ni sawa!)
Sisi ni sawa, we are the same!

Sisi ni sawa, we are the same!

"Okay, now I trust you." Rainbow said.

"Yeah, you're okay in my book, Pyrite." Jack said with a toothy grin.

"I'm sorry we didn't get the chance to know you. Maybe we can start that now?" Shining Armor suggested.

"That'd be so amazing. I want to know all about friendship and maybe one day I can take that knowledge back to the Changeling Kingdom. If my kind learn how to make love for one another maybe we wouldn't have to take it from others." Pyrite stated. I couldn't help but smile at the scene. That's when my element glowed and a blue and purple stripe appeared on my element, now completely filled with color. "She got the last two element colors! But... how?"

"She showed Laughter by making her new friends happy and giving them new hope in their lives and Magic by showing them the Magic of Friendship when no one else did." Twilight explained. "Now, she had all the colors of our Elements of Harmony."

"Awesome! So what will happen now?" Jack asked.

"For now, how about we introduce Pyrite to the rest of Ponyville?" I suggested. My friends agreed and we all introduced Pyrite to the ponies of Ponyville, knowing this would be the first step of her new life.