Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 5: Sarah's Birthday

Ren's POV

A week had passed since our Kirin adventure. Ever since then, Sarah has been studying more with her magic. Now she could fully manipulate lightning and fire. Also, days ago, we found out she could control earth and plants as well! She could make small rocks appear and make cracks in the ground too! It was awesome... until she accidentally trapped me and the others in the basement... but that's another story for another time. And so, me and Kodi came into the dining hall with the others already eating breakfast and enjoying their time eating their breakfast.

"Hey you guys!" I called before noticing Nicole eating her breakfast. "Oh? Nicole!"

"Hello." She waved at me slowly before taking a bite of her pancake.

"So I take it that you want to hang out with us for breakfast every morning?" I asked with a smile.

"No." She answered bluntly, much to my confusion. "I'm sorry, but I only came here to eat."


"You were gonna ask me about taking a swim at the basement's pool? Was I correct?" Oh wow, she did it again!

Sarah suddenly appeared, "There's a pool?!"

"Y-yeah..." I nodded. "I suggested it. Everyone should come and enjoy themselves for to rest up."

"No thank you." Nicole replied before taking her plate and began taking her leave towards the central elevator. I slumped my head down a bit with a sigh before saying "Oh well, at least we tried to convince her."

"I know how you feel Ren, but you know that she doesn't like company." Kaede reminded me, causing me to rub my head bashfully with a nervous smile. "Yeah, I get the idea but..."

"Don't worry Ren, I'm sure she'll try to hang out with us at least." Mason assured with a soft grin. That's when Sarah's dad came in, "Hey, I heard something about a basement pool?" he said. "You know I was the champion swimming champ."

I gave him a deadpanned stare, "Sarah says otherwise."


"I can not lie, dad. You told me better!" Sarah said raising her hands in defense. Sarah's dad sighed, "Anyway, I'm coming with you to." I nodded before sitting down and eating my pancakes before noticing Jamie and Carrie weren't here.

"Hey, where did Carrie and Jamie go?" I asked, noticing that they aren't in the dining hall table.

"Jamie went to stay overnight with Twilight for night studies." Kaede explained.

"And I brought Carrie early to school so that she can finish up with her journalist work with the Crusaders." Mason added. Oh, well I guess Rantaro is an exception considering how he always likes eating alone at whatever he goes to.

Suddenly, I heard a loud burp which came by Jack as he let out a satisfied sigh.

"Heh, you never cease to amaze me with your cooking Mason." Jack laughed, which earned a smirk from Mason's face.

"Well...I've been taught how to cook by the maids in the castle during my trainer." Mason chuckled.

"You know, you're quite good at taking care of us." Kaede chuckled before turning to me and asked "Say Ren, do you know how to cook?"

"Well yeah." I rubbed my head bashfully before saying "Well...only pancakes, that's all."

"I taught Sarah to cook many things." Sarah's father bragged.

"You only taught me how to cook meats." she deadpanned.

"Well... uh... different kinds of meats." he defended. "Like sausage and chicken."

"I-I see." Kaede rubbed her cheek with a smile before we heard a knock from the door, prompting me and Kodi to walk over to the door and opened it, revealing the rest of the gang.

"Oh hey girls, Jamie." I greeted with a smile. "You came to hang out for the day-off?"

"Hey, we did agree on that didn't we?" Twilight chuckled with a smile.

"You bet! I heard about swimming in the pool in the basement so that's why I'm excited to do this!" Spike grinned.

"Yep!" Applejack grinned. "Fluttershy told me about taking the day-off thing, so I thought I could use my break to hang out with the rest of ya over by the pool."

"Quite!" Rarity smiled, carrying a sack that was around her back. "I've brought and prepared myself these many swimming outfits I brought over."

"And I have many books that I want to read." Jamie meekly smiled, holding onto some books that he and Twilight might've gotten from the book shop at the mall district. Jamie let out a sad frown and said "I-I'm sorry...I'm not so much of a good swimmer."

"Hey, it's okay." I assured with a soft grin. "You don't have to swim as long as the rest of us spend some time with each other at the pool."

"Yeah! What's important is spending time with each other as friends!" Kodi smiled, wagging his tail in joy. Fluttershy let out a smile before flying over and scratched him underneath the chin, much to his joy.

"Ahh, thanks you two." Fluttershy smiled.

"Oh, it's you guys." Mason said, walking over to the door with a smile along with Kaede and Jack. "Well you sure came early. I thought for sure we meet up at noon?"

"We were but we thought that we could have more time together earlier." Twilight explained. "Besides, me and Jamie are nearly finished up with the books that we got over by the bookshop."

"Already?!" Kaede asked in bewilderment.

"Y-yeah..." Jamie yawned before having a soft smile. "W-we worked read almost every b-book and wanted to f-finish it during our little day-off."

"Well that's awesome to hear at least!" I chuckled with a grin. "Well we're almost done with breakfast, so why not we head over to the pool after we're done?"

"Of course!" Twilight nodded.

"Say, where the hell is Skittles?" Jack questioned, noticing a certain blue Pegasus wasn't here. "You would think she wouldn't want to miss a day-off?"

"Oh right." Fluttershy tapped her chin in thought. "She said that she was trying to finish up with her work early by scheduling the other workers for more weather reports around Ponyville for the week and the week after that."

"Don't you worry, if I know Rainbow Dash then she'll get here in no time and won't miss out on the fun." Applejack assured, earning a scoff from him.

"I'm not worry about Skittles, that's all AJ." Jack scoffed. "Come on, let's just go and if she doesn't show up and misses the party, then it's her fault."

"Sure." I rolled my eyes with an amused smile while the others snickered at Jack, which he noticed.

"What?" He asked grumpily.

"Nothing." We all answered before we began heading inside where we finished up the last of our breakfast and decided to head down to the basement through the central elevator down towards the locker room.

"Been a while since we last explored this place." I commented.

"Yeah, it was during when you were asleep after Rantaro shocked you out of the blue, right?" Kodi asked, which made me rubbed the back of my neck while the others looked at each other in concern, remembering that fateful day when we first met up with him and Jack.

"Yeah, but it's best not to be reminded of that." I chuckled nervously with a nervous grin before heading over to the two locker doors. "Alright, we all just need to go to the separate rooms, right?"

"Y-yes." Jamie nodded with a smile, gazing at the two doors. "B-blue is for the boys and the pink is for the girls."

"Well come on! Let's go then!" Kaede exclaimed in joy before she and the rest of the girls headed over to the girls locker room while me, Jack, Jamie, Mason and Kodiak headed into the boys locker room to prepared ourselves in the room.

I went into the girls locker room with my bathing suit that was a pink one piece with white stripes on it. I like one piece bathing suits cause I do not want boys to stare at me like they want to love me. No thank you! Anyway, when I came out I saw Jamie, Mason, and Ren wearing normal short trunks while Jack wore a swim trunk that it was almost looked like a thong. My dad came out with a women so bikini on which he called a man kini, "I'm ready for the pool!"

I covered my eyes and screamed, "The Horror!"

My dad sucked his teeth, "Be quiet, honey, you've seen my in this before."

"Yeah and I wanted to burn my eyeballs every time." My dad shook his head.

“Alright, let’s go!” Jake walked towards the door with the rest of us towards the pool where we met up with the rest of the girls where Kaede was wearing a swim suit model while the rest of the girls had pool floats on them.

“Hey you guys! There you are!” Kaede smiled. “Heh heh, you’re just in time to take a swim down there.”

“Yep!” Applejack nodded, sitting down on the lifeguard chair. “And I’ll be keeping an eye out for you guys just in case there’s no horsing around in that pool.”

“Of course you would.” Jack muttered in a deadpan look.

“Well either way, this might be a good chance to have some fun at least.” Ren said with a soft grin.

“Quite.” Mason nodded. “It would be fun for Carrie to come but she has school work to go and finish up.”

As well as Rantaro and Nicole, but you know those two…

“Don’t worry, I’m sure they would enjoy it.” Fluttershy assured, swimming by the pool side.

“Yeah…” Ren sighed.

“Actually, we can.” Huh? Is that…? The moment we turned our backs, we saw…

“Rantaro! And Nicole?!” It was them right there in front of us, and it would seem that they were wearing swim trunks like we are. Does that mean…?

“What brings you two here?” Mason asked.

“Good heavens!” Rarity widened her eyes and looked over at them from her lounge chair. “I was sure you two wouldn’t want to join us in a little swimming considering you two being…antisocial.”

“Yeah, yeah, keep that Atlanta Georgia accent to yourself.” Rantaro hushed her, much to her annoyance.

“So wait, a-are you two joining us in on the fun?” Jamie asked in confusion.

“Yeah, so?” Rantaro asked.

“He convinced me.” Nicole answered bluntly, much to our surprise.

“So wait…Rantaro convinced you to come and enjoy our swimming meet here?” Twilight asked with an incredulous brow.

“I find it hard to believe.” Spike added, swimming in the pool with Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.

“Yeah, since when the hell did Rantaro even cared about anyone other than himself?” Applejack thought aloud.

“Maybe he didn’t feel like being left out, along with Nicole?” Kodi suggested.

“No, I just felt like it.” Rantaro answered. “I overheard your little conversation about hanging over by the swimming pool today and thought that you all can’t have any fun without this guy.”

“I still find that hard to believe.” Jack scoffed.

“Yes, quite. He is lying about it.” Nicole answered with a nod. “His real reason was to try and spend time with you all.”

That caused a little twitch from his brow and gave her a scowl before saying “And here I thought you couldn’t keep your mouth shut.”

“I was just saying.”

“Jeez, you two just argue like a couple.” Kaede said with a deadpanned look. Umm…I’m not so sure about that Kaede. "Awww... cute... what's a couple?" I asked. Everyone looked at me. "You seriously don't know what a couple is?" Jack asked.


Ren looked at my dad, "Please tell me you told her."

"Told me what?" I asked innocently.

My dad smiled nervously, "Hehehe... she's too... innocent to learn about... that."

"Learn about what?"

"Change the subject." my dad hissed in desperation.

“So... are you two gonna join us for the rest of the day?” Fluttershy asked curiously.

“Jeez, that’s what we’re saying, duh!” Rantaro scoffed. “It’s not like I have any feelings for any of you sore losers.”

“Hmph! Well I never!” Rarity scoffed, irritated by Rantaro’s attitude.

Rantaro is a total mystery to us considering that he’s known for being the Shadow Broker back in our world. He never reveals anything about his past or anything like that because he always conceals it with a veil of his own lies but I wonder…is what Nicole said is the truth? That he didn’t feel like being left out on the fun? I can’t help but feel quite curious to know more about Rantaro.

“Well either way, I guess I’m glad to see you two here.” I said with a smile.

“Same here.” Kaede nodded in agreement. “I can tell you two are gonna enjoy swimming.”

“I rather not.” Nicole stated before she began walking towards the lounge chairs where Twilight and Rarity were sitting as she sat down on the middle one between them with her eyes gazing at the iPad. Of course she would do something like that.

“And if you don’t mind, I guess a little swim won’t hurt.” Rantaro shrugged before turning over to the pool and put down his fedora as Gizmo was near his shoulders. “So…what do you say? Or else you guys are too chicken?”

"Oh I am not chicken!" My dad replied.

"Oh please, when Douglas scared you in the pool you screamed like a banshee for five whole minutes!"

My dad laughed, "I did not!"

I gave him a deadpanned stare, "... Okay... maybe I did, but I'm not a chicken!"

"Fine.." I pushed him into the pool and he gave a short scream. "AH!"


The girls laughed at the scene when my dad resurfaced. "Sarah!"

I shrugged playfully, "You asked for it. Now move over~" I leaped into the air and turned into a dolphin and gracefully dove into the pool, not making any waves at all.

While Jack gritted his teeth in anger towards Rantaro before exclaiming “Ooh! You’re so gonna get it!”

Jack immediately jumped into the pool, creating a big splash that neither Fluttershy, Spike, Pinkie Pie, nor Applejack could avoided, as well as the rest of us as we were all wet from Jack’s splash.

“I was being sarcastic.” Rantaro muttered while Gizmo shook himself, attempting to get all the water off his body before starting squeaking at Jack, like he was protesting. I was laughing playfully.

“Ha! Whatever!” Jack toothily grinned while the rest of us either gave him amused looks or irritated frowns, which was mostly from Rarity. Blitz and Blaze, who somehow followed us down here, munched on Jack's head. "OW! YOU PESTS! OW!" Now everyone was laughing at that scene. I swam over and prided the two chibi dinos off. "Now, now, no munching on the biker." I scolded. The two chirped and I let the two swim in the pool with us. “Jack! No splashing in the pool!” Applejack scolded, and my dad blew a whistle. Where he got it from I have no idea. That caused Jack to make an amused grin and said “Hmph! You’re not my mom and he ain't my dad!”

“Grr!” Applejack narrowed her eyes at him.

“That’s gotta be the biggest splash I’ve seen anypony ever done!” Pinkie commented. “You gotta teach me how to do that!”

“Hmph, I like the sound of that!” Jack smirked, which made the rest of us chuckled in delight.

“Well come on!” Kodi exclaimed, which Ren nodded in agreement. We both took a step back before jumping into the pool as we both screamed “Cannonball!”

Our splash was nothing compared to Jack since it was a little small but Fluttershy clapped her hooves together to help boost my confidence.

“That was a good splash Ren!” He rubbed the back of my neck with a sheepish grin and said “Well maybe not as good as Jack’s, but hey! At least I tried.”

“Here we come!” We looked over to see Kaede and Mason jumping into the pool while Rantaro climbed down the pool’s ladder and enjoyed himself in it, along with his raccoon friend, Gizmo. Jamie, Nicole, Twilight, and Rarity were sitting on the lounge chairs with relaxed looks on their faces while Twilight and Jamie were relieved that none of the books they brought over were caught up in Jack’s splash. Rarity herself put her two hooves behind her backs with a sigh of relief escaping from her mouth. Nicole was busy looking over her iPad with a neutral look on her face, not looking interested in the activities we were doing.

Kodiak, Fluttershy, Pinkie, and I were splashing each other with water while Jack and Mason tried to see who can swim the fastest while Rantaro just sat there on the water with a relaxed and amused smirk on his face. "Yeah, I like swimming!" I said.

"Sarah, do you do anything else, but read and study?" Ren asked me suddenly.

"Hmm.... nope."

"Well.. maybe you could paint like Ren does?" Carrie suggested.

“Yeah, same here.” Kaede nodded before turning to me and asked “What do you think Ren?”

“Oh?” I asked incredulous before rubbing my cheek in embarrassment. “Well, I guess she could paint with me whenever she feel bored.”

"Oh if you want to see a painting you should see my Davenportairts." my father said.

"NOOOOOO!!!!" I screamed, shocking everybody in the room.

"Oh come, honey they are not that horrible." My dad replied.

"You're right... they're hideous!"

"They are not!"

"What paintings does he have?" Jack asked.

I turned to him, "You really want to see them?"

Everybody nodded. Soon we were out of the basement pool and in my dad's art gallery room. There were many picture of his face. A picture of him riding a horse, a picture of him standing and picture of him as the Screaming Women.

(Skip to 1:20)

Everyone was horrified and Ren had his mouth opened. "Am I screaming aloud or inside my head?" Ren asked. "And remind me not to paint any portraits of him, please."

"Okay.., Sarah, I'm just gonna say it. You dad has some screws loose." Jack said.

"I know." I sighed.

"'Screws loose' is an understatement." Nicole winced.

"They are not that hideous." Rantaro said, looking around.

"Oh Really? Have you seen the Davenlisa!" I pointed to a picture of him as the Mona Lisa.

Everybody gagged in horror at it. "He just ruined a famous picture for me!" Jamie cried.

"He ruined a lot of stuff." I sighed. My dad came in, "Hey, how do you like me art gallery?"

"Sarah was right, they are hideous." Rainbow said bluntly.

"Oh come on!" my dad exclaimed

"It's the truth dad, sorry." I said.

"They are beautiful." my dad said.

"Tell that to the Davenlisa!" Jack said.

"She is beautiful!"

"We all have different definitions of beautiful." I stated and everybody else nodded. My dad sighed and shook his head. "Everyone's a critic." he mumbled and he walked away.

"Well, now that we have this horror in our heads, can we go back to the pool now?" Kodi deadpanned.

"YES!" Everybody agreed and we all rushed back to the basement pool.

Ren's POV

After that, me and the others dried off and were in Sarah's father workshop, where he was working on something. "Hey, Mr. D, what are you doing?" Ren asked.

"I'm making something for Sarah's birthday tomorrow." he replied.

"Birthday?" We all exclaimed.

"Yeah... tomorrow is the day me and Douglas made Sarah and tomorrow I'm making her an excellent gift." Sarah's father explained. Suddenly, Pinkie showed up with her party cannon, "Did someone say birthday?! WHOO-HOO! I've gotta go and plan a birthday party for her!" and she zipped out of the room.

"... How does she do that?" Sarah's father asked.

"Don't ask." We all replied in unison.

"Anyway... what's your surprise for her?" Mason asked.

"It's a surprise for Sarah and Sarah only. I don't want you eight peeking on my surprise and ruining it."

"Oh, relax, old man." Jack grunted.

"I'm forty!"

"Yeah, keep telling yourself that." Rantaro said.

"Alright, alright, now get out, please." and he ushered all of us out of his workshop. "So.. the little newbie is gonna be.... how old is she?"

Sarah's father poked his head out of his workshop, "She's fifteen and she's going to be sixteen." he said and he closed the door.

"Sixteen... so guess we should get her presents too, huh?"

"Yeah, it would be mean not to." Kaede said. "Well then, we better get shopping."

We all nodded and headed out to the mall district to get presents for Sarah's birthday tomorrow. "So Ren, what should we get Sarah for her birthday?" Kodi asked me.

"Hmm... I don't know. What does she like?"

"Hm... animals, books and.... nope that's it."

"Great so all we have is animals and books."

"Maybe we could get her an animal book?"

"Nah, that's to obvious. We need something unique like she is." Me and Kodi looked around the stores in the mall district, looking for something that would be special for Sarah. Animal Print clothes.. Nah. Animal Necklaces... Nah. Man, despite Sarah having a small liking's list, she sure is hard to shop for. The other seemed to have no trouble looking for presents. "Hey Ren, look what I found in the pet shop." Kodi called.

I went over to the Pet Shop and found three... eggs? But they didn't look like normal chicken or lizard eggs. They were a little bigger than that and they had a strange patterns on them. One egg was light brown with white triangles on it. The second egg was blue with a black stripe in the center and a last one was the same except it was yellow with a black stripe in the center. I looked closer at the eggs and gasped, "These are pokemon eggs?!"

"Pokemon?" Kodi asked.

"Yes, they are little creatures that can do amazing things. I've played every single game of pokemon. I can't believe it! These will be perfect for Sarah!" I quickly an gently grabbed the eggs in my hands. "Come on buddy, we have a present to wrap." I giggled.

Me and Kodi rushed out of the district and back into the elevator. Sarah is going to love this!

The next night, me and the gang had gathered at the Golden Oak Library for Sarah's birthday along with the Mane 6 and Sarah's father. He still had his resent underneath a sheet. Pinkie was peeking through the window when she cried, "SHE"S COMING! SHE"S COMING?! EVERYPONY HIDE!"

We all hid in our hiding places as the front door opened.

POV Ends

Today was a really weird, all my friends have been acting weird; hiding things behind their backs and quickly making me leaving the room, even my dad... well, he always does that when he's working on something important, but for my other friends it was weird.

Suddenly, I got a invitation from Pinkie Pie saying to come to the Golden Oak Library at eight.

So I headed over and noticed the town was surprisingly empty. Not a soul was out. Odd. I headed over to the Golden Oak Library and noticed all the lights were off for some reason. I opened and door and the lights flicked on and I was greeted with all my friends and practically everyone in Ponyville saying, "SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!"

I gasped in awe. There were refreshment tables with snacks, a large vanilla cake with fudge and strawberries on it. And a large banner that said, "Happy Birthday, Sarah." Pinkie Pie came bouncing over to me, "Happy Birthday!" she cried before giving me and big hug. Ren, Twilight, their friends and my dad came over to me. "Guys... you did all this for me?"

"Yeah, when your dad told us your birthday was today, we had to give you a party. Besides your sixteen, now your a grown women, now." Ren said.

"She still belongs to me until she's eighteen!" my dad interrupted, earning him a small smack by Jack, "Ow!"

"Anyway..." Pinkie said, slowly coming up beside me. "Let's Party!"

Everybody cheered and the party began.

Ren and the other started by hoisting me into the air multiple times with me laughing aloud. Next, was the cake, I used my magic to cut it into equal pieces and gave one piece to my friends... with Jack, three pieces. Suddenly, cake splattered onto his and Ren's face?

"Huh?" I heard laughing and saw Rainbow and Rantaro laughing while their hoof and hand were covering in cake frosting and crumbs. Everyone except for me, stared at them with cake in their hands and hooves as well, making them stop laughing and smiled nervously. Soon, the cake was all over the floor and my friends who were laughing at the fun. Then, we all did a Conga line with me and my dad at the front followed by Ren, Kodiak, Kaede, Fluttershy, Rarity, Mason, Carrie, the little filly friends of her, Jack, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Big Mac, Granny Smith, Jamie, Spike, Twilight and Pinkie Pie at the end. It was amazing.

"Now... present time~!" Pinkie sang.

And my friends gave me my presents.

Applejack got me my own hat like hers. Except it was peach, to match my skin, with a white stripe on the edges.

Rarity and Kaede got me some perfumes for when I meet that special someone, which my dad tried to throw away, but the girls 100% refused with Rarity saying, "Every lady needs these accessories." and Kaede adding, "It's mandatory when she finds a date for herself."

Jamie and Twilight got me a book on every animal and dinosaur that every lived, so I could understand my DNA strands better and capabilities.

Mason and Carrie got me a necklace with three charms. Each shaped as my dragons. "Awww... it's adorable." I cooed and they smiled.

Jack got me a three pound dumbell. "You have to start somewhere." he grunted with a toothily grin. I laughed nervously and sweat-dropped.

Rantaro gave me a book cooking? Now that was weird. "You dad wouldn't let me get you a book on being a broker." he grunted.

"Because I don't want her becoming a mini version of you." my dad defended. I rolled my eyes and sighed at the two.

Nicole bought me some clothes with animals pictures (mostly kittens) and pants with animal pawprints on them. "Oooh, thank you."

And my dad finally revealed to me hid gift. "Behold... for you sixteenth birthday, I give you. Your self driving car!"

He yanked the sheet off revealing a small gray car with dashing windows and headlights.

Everybody was amazed. "Awesome!" I said. I hugged my dad. "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

My dad laughed, "You deserve it, honey."

"So this car can actually drive itself?!" Mason said.

"Yep. Sarah just has to say the location she wants to go to and the GPS will map out the perfect route and take her there." My dad explained.

I squealed in happiness. "Time for the last present, mine." Ren said and he dashed over and presented me a large present. "Ooooh." I took the present and opened it revealing the three eggs. "Oooh, pokemon eggs?!" I cried in shocked.

"Thank you! Where'd you find them?"

"In the pet shop." I carefully took out each of the eggs and moved the box aside. "They are beautiful." I whispered. Suddenly the three eggs began glowing and shaking a little. "What's going on?" Rainbow asked.

"Their hatching!" I squealed.

"HATCHING?!" Everyone exclaimed.

In a bright flash the three eggs changed into three baby pokemon.

The first one was like a puppy with a white collar with rocks on it. With brown fur and white puffy tail. It had a dark brown nose and bent ears with dark brown tips.

The second pokemon was a sheep with blue fur and white wool. It was a yellow and black stripes tail and two horns with a red orb on the end of it's tail.

The final pokemon was blue and black. It looked like it was wearing a black mask over it's eyes. It stood on two legs and had a puppy like face.

The three pokemon looked at me and cooed. "Mama?"

The girls' hearts melted. "Awwwww..." they cooed.

"They can talk?!" Nicole exclaimed.

"Well, I'm not surprised since Kodi could talk when he was a puppy and Twilight did say some animals are born with the ability to speak." Ren explained.

"Hi there little ones." I greeted.

"Mama, Mama." they cooed again and they leaped into my arms. The girls squealed even more at the cute scene.

"Okay... wait. What are they?" Rainbow asked.

"They are called Pokemon or Pocket Monsters. They are creatures that come all shapes sizes, rarities and types. Some pokemon can evolve while some can't." Ren explained. "These three are called; Mareep, an electric type, Rockruff, a rock-type and Riolu, a fighting-type."

"Well.... they're cute. I'll give them that." Jack said.

"But why are they calling Sarah, Mama?" Rantaro asked.

"When a pokemon first hatches, the first thing it sees is assumed to be it's mother." Ren added.

"So, Sarah's a mom now?" Fluttershy asked.


I laughed as the three baby pokemon hugged her. "Thanks you guys, this has been the best sixteen birthday ever!" Everybody smiled at me. This has been my best birthday ever!