Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

Episode 2: A Step in a Harmonic Direction

Deep in the Everfree Forest, a insect like pony was standing in the middle of the old destroyed throne room. She was tall as Celestia, but she was black with holes in her legs and a weird looking horn. She was named Queen Chrysalis, leader of the Changelings. She and her army were banished from Canterlot by Cadence and Shining Armor with the help of Twilight, Ren and their friends. Focused on getting revenge. she was looking through her spell book. "Aha, perfect. With this spell, I'll destroy Twilight Sparkle and her annoying friends, especially those insolent humans." She looked at her changeling army roughly twenty strong. "Alright me, minions, you know what to do." she hissed. The changeling nodded and flew out the window with Chrysalis laughed manically.

Ren's POV

The next morning, I woke up to Kodi licking my face frantically. "Hehehe, Easy Kodi." I said.

"Ren, I'm worried." I looked at him confused, "Worried about what?"

"Sarah, she didn't come back last night." Now that got me worried. I quickly got out of bed and put on my clothes. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I didn't hear anything coming in to the home ship last night." I raced to the small dining room where everyone else was present. "Ren, what's wrong?" Carrie asked.

"Sarah didn't come back last night."

"She didn't?!" Mason said. "Oh no."

"We've got to find her." Jamie said.

"Let's go!" Mason and the rest of us rushed out of the home ship. "Hey! Wait for us!" a voice cried and Sarah's Yo-Kai friends and Blitz came out following us. We went into Ponyville. "Alright, let’s split up. That way we'll have a better chance of-" I began when..


"Nyansicles?" Jack echoed. "Who says that?"

"That was Sailornyan's cry!" Whisper said. Whisper floated ahead and the rest of us followed him to an alleyway and we all gasped in horror at what we saw.

It was Sarah. Unconscious and looked like she was beaten to a pulp. She had bruises all over herself and lacerations. Along with scratches covering her body and she looked to have suffered a head injury cause there was a large amount of blood on her head. "Oh my God!" Kaede cried. We all rushed to her side.

"W-What happened to her?" Jamie stammered.

"No time for that." I said as I lifted her into my arms. "We've gotta get her to the hospital. Kodi, can you go and gather the girls?"

"Right buddy." Kodi rushed off while me and the others got Sarah to Ponyville Hospital. We got Sarah to the hospital where Nurse Redheart and Doctor Hooves immediately took her into the E.R. We were forced to wait outside in the waiting room while Sarah's condition.

POV Ends

Jack's POV

Who could have done this? Sure the girls cheeriness make me annoyed to the core, but she didn't deserve to be beaten.
Twilight and the others came in with the talking mutt, Kodi. "We came as soon as we heard." Twilight said. "How is she?"

"We don't know." Ren said. "We have to wait."

Twilight and the girls had no choice but to wait with us while Sarah's condition was unknown.

After about two hours of boring wait, Nurse Redheart appeared. "How is she?" Rainbow asked.

"Sarah's in stable condition right now, but she'll make a full recovery." she said. We all gave a sigh of relief. "Can we see her?" Mason asked. Nurse Redheart nodded and she led us to Sarah's room. She was laying in bed with multiple bandages around her body. She was wearing a hospital gown while her cloak was sitting on a chair beside her. "Oh my stars." Rarity whispered.

"Who could have done this?" I asked, wanting to find out did this to Sarah and beat them up and the others felt the same way... except for the beating them up part.

POV Ends




I slowly opened my eyes and saw multiple blobs in front of me. "Is she gonna be okay?" the orange blob asked.

"Oh, I'm so worried." The yellow blob added.

My vision cleared up and revealed the girls, Ren, Mason, Carrie, Rantaro, Jack, Nicole, Kaede and Jamie along with my Yo-Kai friends. "Ugh.... wha?" I groaned as I felt a sharp and throbbing pain in my head. "How ya doin Sarah?" Usapyon asked.

"We found you knocked out in an alleyway." Ren replied. "What happened?"

"Ugh." I groaned. "All I remember is hearing a snap, a flash and then something hit me in my head... and that's all I remember."

"Well your lucky, you remember anything." Doctor Hooves said as he walked in. "What do you mean doc?" Carrie questioned.

"Based on the laceration on Sarah's head, I believe she had it on the head with a pipe."

"A PIPE!" My friends exclaimed.

"UGGGHHH!" I cried at the sound of the yells.

"Sorry." they all whispered.

"I'm afraid so."

"A pipe? Woah!" Mason said.

"How barbaric!" Whisper added.

"She's lucky she doesn't have amnesia from a blow that hard." Hooves added. Hooves came over to me and gentle tapped my head. I winced. "You're head is going to be sore for a while. Good news, you'll be released in about two days. Don't worry. Me and the rest of the good nurses and doctors took good care of you."


"Hey, that's our job!" Thornyan exclaimed.

I smiled at them, "Now, now, don't be possessive of me." I teased. Thornyan growled and puffed out his cheeks. I chuckled at his behavior. Thornyan always had the reputation of being possessive of me; not wanting any boys near me who wanted to date me and keeping a close eye on me. Like a helicopter parent.

"So do you have any ideas on the scratches or lacerations?" Twilight asked.

"I'm afraid not, but we'll let you know if we find anything else."

"Here Sarah." Jamie said, handing me a book.

"Huh?" I took the book in my hands. It was named Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone. "Hmm... this looks interesting." Jamie smiled and Twilight came up. "This is the first book in the series. I owned all of them." she squealed.

I smiled, "Thanks you guys." Another nurse entered the room, "Alright now, Sarah needs her rest. You all have to come back tomorrow."

One-by-One, my friends left the room except for my Yo-Kai friends. "Are you sure, you'll be okay?" Sailornyan asked.

"Yes, I have the nurses and Doctor Hooves. I'll be fine." I reassured my worried partner.

"Come one, you all." the nurse called. My Yo-Kai friends exited the room, leaving me to get some rest for my injuries.

Ren's POV

Me and my friends were walking through Ponyville, thinking about Sarah. "I hope she'll be okay." I said.

"Oh, don't worry Jamie. She'll be just fine." Fluttershy reassured.

"Just wait until I find out who did this to her." Rainbow growled. "Yeah, me too." Jack added.

"Now, now Rainbow and Jack. Getting revenge won't solve anything." Applejack said. The two of them growled. "I was just thinking... does Sarah have an anger side?"

"... Huh? I never thought of that?" Jack said. "She does look soft but Fluttershy and the nerd have angersides, so."

"Maybe she does?" Fluttershy said. "I really don't see her as the type to get angry, like me and Jamie."

"Well... we can find that out when she's healed." Twilight said.

We all agreed and decided to drop it until Sarah was out of the hospital.

The Next Morning

Jack's POV

I was out of my couch-like bed as my face was nearly covered by the blanket. Heck, I even took off my coat and such, barely in my undies. I stretched my back before getting up, picking up my clothes off the ground, even my biker's coat on as I exited out of the room, fully dressed. Man, this garage looks pretty awesome, but I'm gonna need to fix it up if I want to ride one of these babies. Surprised that Equestria don't have bikes like mine. Then again, those ponies are just plain stupid.

"'re up early." And just when I thought I could've gotten a good day than this. A familiar wannabe was seen walking out of his room with a smirk. "Surprise to see me again?"

I let out a growl and ignored him before I headed inside of the elevator with this bastard with me. I had to resist the urge from beating this bastard into the hole of the ground with my fist.

“You know, I’m surprise a big brute like you hasn’t tried killing me yet.” I glared towards at the sneaky little bastard as he glanced at me with a smirk. “Guess the heir to the Yamaki Biker gang isn’t as strong as I thought.”

“The fudge did you say?!” I yelled angrily, grabbing him by the necktie. “You really asking for it, are ya?!”

“If ya gonna punch me, then don’t. You think hurting me is gonna solve anything? Sorry, but that’s not true.” Rantaro shrugged as the elevator arrived to our destination, the living room. I let go of the bastard and decided to leave it out for now. I’ll beat this idiot later…when I feel like to or if he taunts about my weight again.

“Oh hey Jack! Rantaro!” I looked over to see Ren waving at us with a smile. “Good morning.”

“Hey.” I said firmly before heading over to the small dining room where he and that little girl, Carrie, were busy eating some eggs and pancakes some OJ. Even their pets were busy eating some on their own food in their small bowls

“Ah, good morning.” We turned to see Mason and Kaede walking in, each carrying two plates filled with food on their hands. “I see you are awake. Good morning Jack.”

“Sup.” I smiled while Rantaro let out a snicker and said “And I suppose you guys are trying to forget about me?”

“…Right. Good morning Rantaro…” Mason said, sternly glaring at him.

“Now that’s more better. Really appreciate it. Including the apron.” Huh? As Rantaro patted him on the head, Mason continued to glare at him before I noticed the white apron he was wearing.

“You were wearing an apron?” I questioned.

“Yeah, just for cooking.” Mason stated.

“I’m surprised to see him again.” Kaede said, looking over at Rantaro.

“What? Surprised?” Rantaro shrugged before receiving his meal and taking a sip from his glass of orange juice. “Hmm…not bad for a bodyguard.”

“Hmph!” Mason glanced away, not bothering with him.

“For a broker, he sure knows how to be cocky and confident all the time with that smirk.” Kaede said aloud.

“That’s just how I roll.” Rantaro stated before grabbing his plate and began walking off.

“Hey! Where the heck do ya think you’re going?” I demanded.

“I’m gonna be eating outside. Not bothering with eating with you lot.” He smirked before saying “Besides, not that I don’t like ya or whatnot. I don’t trust a fat biker like you.”

“Why you!” Before I could pounce at him, Ren immediately got up and stopped me.

“Wait Jack! It’s not worth it! Fighting each other isn’t gonna solve anything!” Ren yelled. “You all need to chill out and relax!”

I looked at him for a while before letting out a huff before muttering “Fine…”

I sat down, leaving my feet on the table as Rantaro glanced at us before taking his leave. I didn’t even want to punch him. He was just being a piece of crap anyway.

“Yep, I stand corrected.” Kaede sighed before placing the food down on the table. “Though, I never thought we be friends with a broker.”

“Is being a broker that bad?” Kodiak asked curiously.

“If you buy and sell things off the black market, you can consider that.” Mason sighed.

“Come on guys, just because he looks suspicious and is a broker, doesn’t mean we can’t trust him.” Ren stated with a weak grin.

“Easy for you to say.” I rolled my eyes. “That bastard is as good as gone.”

“Is he really that bad, big brother?” Carrie asked her brother with a curious look. Mason nodded and explained “True, I’ve heard rumors about him. They call him the ‘Shadow Broker’ because he always slips away from police and knows how to make shady deals.”

“That explains a lot.” Ren said, sweat-dropping little. And now we had more frigging reasons why we shouldn’t trust them.

“That’s a good point, pal…” Ren rubbed his chin in thought. “I don’t know honestly. I haven’t really thought of that.”

“And it’s best if we don’t or else we might get a headache just thinking about them again.” Mason sighed.

“Ain’t that the frigging truth?” I agreed before eating the whole thing off the plate. “Alright, I’m done…”

Soon, I let out a burp, which made the gang, except Mason, laugh at that.

“Really?” Mason asked, raising a brow.

“What you expect? I love eating. It’s one of the three best things I do everyday.” I shrugged.

“What are the three best things you do then?” Kodi asked curiously. I let out a tooth-eating grin and replied “Eat, sleep, and ride my bike all day.”

Everyone gave me deadpanned and blank looks, hearing that answer of mine.

“Riiiight…” Kaede muttered dryly.

“Whatever…it’s my thing, not you guys.” I scoffed. Suddenly I heard some singing and saw the newbie coming into the room with a smile on her face with her Yo-Kai friends. "Hi." she greeted.

"S'up?" I asked.

"Nothing." she replied.

Sailornyan and Thornyan hopped onto the table. "Ooooh, pancakes." Sailornyan cooed.

"Hey! That's mine!" I exclaimed, not wanting the cat to get my breakfast. I quickly snatched the plate away. "Awww."

"Jack, be nice to her." Ren spoke.

I scoffed, "Why should I. She's just a furball."

Suddenly I heard some growling and turned to see the newbie now completely red and orange with her horn yellow. "Oh no, HIT THE DECK! SHE"S GONNA BLOW?!" Whisper cried as the Yo-Kai grabbed everyone except for Jack and hit behind the couch.

"Being mean is NOTHING!" the newbie exploded into flames which threw me back. "WOAH!"

"Be nicer to my little Sailornyan. You got thaaaaaaatt?!" she practically screamed in anger at me. And boy, was my heart racing. "Alright! I'll be nicer!"

She slowly calmed down and turned back to normal. She gasped in shock at what just happened and ran away. The others peeked over the couch and sighed in relief. "And I though Fluttershy and Jamie were scary when they're angry." Ren commented.

"You know it." Kodi added.

The door burst open and in came the girls. "Guys, what happened?" Twilight asked.

"Sarah, just blew up big time!" Mason exclaimed.

"Blew up?" Rainbow asked.

"She got angry at Jack for calling me a furball and she went into Rage Sarah."

"Rage Sarah?" Pinkie asked.

"That's her anger side." Whisper explained.

"It was worst than these two when they get angry." Carrie stated, pointing to Jamie and Fluttershy. "But she just ran away. Wonder why?"

"Unfortunyately, in the lab whenyever she went into Rage Sarah, she always hurt one of her Dad's, mostly Douglas. She didn't like hurting people in anyger so she always ran away." Thornyan explained.

"Oh dear." Rarity said.

"Well at least we know she has an anger side." Rantaro said, getting deadpanned stares from everyone. "You asked if she had one!"

I sighed, "Where'd that newbie run off to?"

"Probably back in the white room." Mason stated. ".... Should she have gotten her own room by now?"

"Never mind that, I'll get her." Ren said as he walked off to get Sarah.

Soon, they both came out with Sarah looking sad.

POV Ends

Ren came and got me out of the white room and we walked back into the small dining room. I was hiding behind Ren. "Sarah... are you okay?" Jamie asked.

"No... I'm sorry I lost my temper." I apologized.

"Sarah, it's okay." Fluttershy reassured.

"No it's not. I keep hurting people with my anger... I have to get rid of it." I declared, getting shocked looks from the others. "Get rid of your anger!" Mason exclaimed. "How are you going to do that? It's not like you can physically remove your anger." Kaede added.

"Actaully, I have just the thing!" Twilight squealed and she grabbed me then dashed out the door. "Wait! Gah! Where are we going?" I asked. She didn't answer as we entered the Golden Oak Library and went into her basement. There I saw a large box device with an antenna and a few buttons on the side. "What's this?" I asked.

"This is my Emotional Visualizer." Twilight answered.

"Emotional Visualizer?"

"Yes." she placed helmet on my head that also had an antenna on it. "This device will locate any emotions and contain them indefinitely."

We both heard the door opened again and in walked Ren, his friends, the girls and a purple dragon with green scales down his back. "Oh great, your all here." Twilight said delighted.

Jack was panting a little. "Shaddup."

Mason rolled his eyes, "Don't mind him, he's just winded from the run."

Jack caught his breath and growled at Mason. "Well that's good, you're all in time to see me remove Sarah's anger."

Rantaro scoffed, "Yeah right, I'll believe it when I see it."

"Fine then." Twilight said as she turned the dial. The antenna's glowed and in the box appeared a blue version of me. "Why do I feel like crying forever. Ahahaha!" it sobbed. "Oops, wrong channel!" she turned the dial again and this time there was a gray and white version of me. "Why is this taking so long?" it asked. "Whoops, that's her boredom." she turned the dial once more and this time my Rage side came in. It roared like an angry jaguar. "Got her!" Twilight pressed the button and I felt a strong jolt inside of me and when it was done I felt woozy.

"Anger separation, complete!" Twilight declared.

Rantaro was shocked and jaw-dropped. "Looks like she's got you, bastard." Jack smirked.

Rage me was growling in the box. "Incredible, every ounce of your rage is now trapped inside there." Twilight said. Rage me thrashed around the box. "I don't feel any anger at all. Woo-Hoo!"

"Aha, your ear!" Ren cried and now I just noticed that my ear was on fire. "Huh?"

Jamie rushed over and blasted me in the face with a fire extinguisher. I shook off the foam. "Are you okay?" he asked

"Better than okay, I feel great." I said. Rage me was scratching the ear where the burn was and growling. "Hey, it's scratching the same ear where the fire was." Kaede replied.

"Yeah, your right." Carrie added.

"Interesting, it seems the emotions are not completely separate." Twilight said. "I'll stay here and monitor this."

"Thanks Twilight, now I won't hurt anybody!" I cheered. "Put my anger in a cage. Not more outbursts, No more rage~" I sang, getting a roar from my Rage side. "Okay, time to leave." Ren said and he zipped out of the room as well as the others, not wanting to be in the same room as my anger.

Soon, I was outside feeling extremely happy and cheerful. "Now what can I do first?" I asked.

"Sarah!" a voice came. I turned and saw Sailornyan, Thornyan, Usapyon and Whisper coming towards us. "Guys, what is it?"

"Something busted the Apple's farm!" Whisper cried.

"My farm!" Applejack cried and she rushed off.

"Come on." Ren said and we all followed her to Sweet Apple Acres. There we went to the barn and gasped. "Holy crap baskets!" Ren cried.

"What happened?!" Jamie cried. The barn was completely demolished! Rubble was all over the place! Applebloom, Big Mac and Granny Smith were outside as well. "Granny Smith, Big Mac, what happened?" Applejack asked.

"We don't have a clue. There was this big BOOM! and a loud ROAR!" Granny explained.

"Hey guys! Look at this!" the purple dragon said.

"What is it Spike?" Twilight asked. We all walked over and saw a huge footprint imprinted in the ground. "What's a giant footprint doing here?" Kaede asked.

"Must have come from whatever broke the barn." Nicole said. "The question is what?"

"We'll figure that out later, right now, we have to fic the barn." Ren said.

"Uuhhh, I think Sarah's already on it." Kodi deadpanned pointing to the rubble. And indeed I was already fixing up the barn; moving the rubble and making it good as new. I put up a wall and admired it. "Hehe, perfect." but then the wall fell back down. Luckily I was in the place of the window, so I didn't get hit... that happened five times!

Rage Sarah roared a little and the horn burst into flames. "Woah, what a rage spike!" Twilight said.

Meanwhile, Ren and the others came over to me. "Sarah are you okay?" Ren asked me.

"Yeah, I'm okay."

"How 'bout you leave he fixing to us, sugarcube?" Applejack offered. "Fixing things isn't really your thing."

"Alright." I said with a small twitch of my eye.

Rage Sarah grew larger. "Woah, anger levels escalated!" Twilight cried. Rage Sarah roared loudly.

In no time, the Apple Family's barn was fixed. "Nice work." Twilight said.

"Thanks Twi. Now what do you think busted the barn in the first place?" Applejack asked.

"Must have been something very big." Thornyan answered.

"But what could be that big?" Whisper asked. Then, the ground started shaking with loud footsteps. "What's that?" Fluttershy whimpered as she hugged Ren in fear. Suddenly, from out of the trees came a large dinosaur! The dinosaur was completely orange, with large spots going along its side. What was most obviously was the bright orange sail on its back with barely noticeable barbs running across it. While it could be mistaken, this one was not related to a Spinosaurus.

"What is that?!" Rarity screamed.

"An Acrocanthasaurus!" i identified. The dinosaur roared and blasted the trees with it's fire. "Oh no!" Applebloom cried.

"The orchard!" Big Mac added.

The dinosaur roared and leaped over us and ran into Ponyville. "We have to stop it!" Kodi exclaimed. Everybody rushed into town and saw Acrocanthasaurus smashing the buildings with it's tail and setting them on fire with it's breath.

Rage Sarah roared loudly and burst from the box. "Oh my!" Twilight cried. Rage Sarah burst through the ceiling and into town. Twilight immediately rushed outside and to the gang. "Containment failure!" she cried.

"WHAT?!" Everyone exclaimed.

Twilight went to me, "Your rage, it grew out of control. She broke loose!"

Rage me was seen roaring at the Acrocanthasaurus. The dinosaur roared at it again. It smacked Rage me with it's tail, sending it crashing into a house. Rage me roared and launched itself at the dinosaur, sending them both crashing to the ground. "We have to do something before they destroy the whole town?!" Rantaro exclaimed.

"How are we gonna do that?" Jack scoffed.

I continued to watch Rage me and the Acrocanthasaurus battle. I had to stop them. The only was was for me to battle it with Blitz, but I need to get my anger back, so I could have my ambition back. I rushed over to the two. "Sarah, what are you doing?!" Mason cried.

"Come back!" Rainbow added. I was feet from the two as Rage me punched the dinosaur. Rage me snarled and spotted me. "Please, hear me out!" and I started singing.

I know you’re angry,

And your heart’s a ball of fire.

And you wanna scream and shout it out,

But you’ve got these bad desires.

I lost my temper,

And that I can’t allow.

And I can’t be whole without you here,

We need each other now!

"I'm sorry I let you go. I thought without you, I won't hurt anybody anymore, but I was wrong. I just have to control you whenever I get angry." I apologized. Rage me growled softly and shrank to my height and we both touched little horns. In a bright flash, Rage me was sucked back into me and I had my anger back.

Acrocanthasaurus roared loudly, looking for a fight. "Alright, boy... let's dance." I took out Blitz's card.

Dino Slash, Styracosaurus, Roar!"

Blitz transformed and landed on the ground. Acrocanthasaurus roared at Blitz. Blitz charged Acrocanthasaurus and bashed into him and threw him into the air and outside of Ponyville. "Alright!" Rainbow cried.

Acrocanthasaurus got up again just as Blitz rammed it again. Acrocanthasaurus fired at Blitz, making him back off a little. Blitz shook off the heat and charged Acrocanthasaurus. Acrocanthasaurus lowered it head and the two engaged in a small power struggle. Blitz pushed his head up, quickly turned and smacked Acrocanthasaurus with it's tail, sending him to the ground.

"Alright Blitz, let's get him into his card again." I said.

I took out another card.

Thunder Bazooka!"

Blitz charged and leaped into the air, spinning around as electricity build up around him. He made contact with Acrocanthasaurus and it went flying into some trees. It roared and changed back into a card.

I went over and picked up the card. "Got'cha!"

I rode on Blitz back into Ponyville, seeing pegasus ponies using clouds to extinguish the fire on the houses and the Apple Family Orchard. "Hey Sarah!" I saw Ren and the others coming over to me. I leaped out of Blitz and recalled him to his card and chibi form. "That was amazing, Sarah!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"Yes and you got your anger side back." Pinkie cheered.

"Yeah.. I shouldn't have gotten rid of it in the first place." I admitted. "It's not about having my anger it's what I do with it. And I'll try, from now on, to use my anger to defend my friends instead of unintentionally hurting them."

My friends smiled and gave me a group hug. "So, where's the card?" Jamie asked.

"Right here." I held up the card and showed everyone. "So that must have been what damaged the barn!" Carrie realized.

"It seems so." I said. "Now, I'm gonna go home and play with Blitz and my new chibi friend." I went off, leaving my friends with a new dinosaur friend in hand.

The next morning, I heard some chirping in my ear. "Ugh.." and I already knew who it was. Opening my eyes, I was greeted by my new chibi Acrocanthasaurus, which I have named Blaze. He was orange with a small sail that started at his neck and went down to his tail and Blitz was right there jumping on my bed as well. "Hehe, alright, you high energy dinos, I'm up, I'm up." I got out of bed as my chibi dinosaurs leaped onto the ground. I put on a white shirt and jeans along with black sneakers and I wore my cloak with the hood down.

"Come on, let's go get some breakfast, I'm starving." My stomach growled, emphasizing my statement. My dinos chirped in agreement and we went to the small dining room... which was surprisingly empty.

"Weird. Usually Ren and the others are out here by now." I noticed there was some green substance on the ground. Blitz went to it and licked it, made a sour face and spit it out, chirping in disliking. I touched it and it felt slimy. "What is this stuff?"

Then, I heard Blaze chirping and coming over to me with something in his hands. "Blaze, what's that?" I took the note and unwrapped it.

It read...

If you want to see your precious human and pony friends and their dragon, come to the Castle of the Two Sisters in the Everfree Forest.


"Chrysalis? Whose she?" I asked myself. "Whoever she is she's captured my friends!" Blitz and Blaze chirped in worry. That's when Sailornyan, Thornyan, Usapyon and Whisper came in. "Sarah, where is everyone?" Whisper asked.

"They've been kidnapped by someone named Queen Chrysalis, she's holding them in the Castle of the Two Sisters."

My Yo-Kai friends gasped. "Oh nyo!" Sailornyan cried.

"What are we gonna do?" Thornyan questioned.

"I have to save them." I decided.

"WHAT?!" my Yo-Kai friends cried.

"Sarah you can't!" Sailornyan stated. "You don't have any defenses and you don't know what powers this Chrysalis has!" Whisper added.

"Maybe we should contact the Princesses?" Thornyan added.

Another note popped in front of us and unraveled.

It read..

I have the Princess of Equestria as well.


"Well that's plan a bust." Thornyan grumbled.

"I have no choice, guys. If I don't do anything, my friends and the Princess are goners." I said.

"Alright then, we're with you." Whisper said, giving me a thumbs up.

"Us too." Sailornyan and Thornyan added.

"Darn tootin!" Usapyon added.

"Alright everyone, let's go save our friends!" Together we high fived each other, "Yeah!"

We all ran out the door and rushed through Ponyville and stopped at the entrance to the Everfree Forest. "Alright gang... this is it. No turning back." I muttered.

"Right." my Yo-Kai friends agreed and Blitz and Blaze chirped in response. "Oh right, I better put you both in your cards." I recalled my two dinosaurs to their cards and put them in my pocket. "Let's go." and with that we all entered the forest.

Kaede's POV

"Let us out, now!" I demanded. Me and all my friends woke up this morning and found ourselves trapped in a cage by our old enemy, Chrysalis and her changeling army. She managed to capture the Princesses too. She put all out pets in another cage. Now she has us all hanging over a pool filled with cragdiles; crocodiles made from rocks.

Chrysalis laughed, "I'm not letting you out. Finally, I'll have my revenge on you all for foiling my plans."

Jack pounded the bars, but they were too strong for him. "Damn, you let us out of this right now, you bug bastard!" he yelled.

Chrysalis chuckled, "Never. Now time to destroy all you humans."

"Actually your missing one human, Chrysalis." Pinkie chirped.

Chrysalis froze, "Who?" she snarled.

"Pinkie, don't tell her!" I cried.

"You're missing Sarah, a human who has a horn is a hybrid." she revealed. Everybody groaned. Darn it, Pinkie!

"Ah... so there's another human out there, huh? Well then, I'll just use you all as bait to lure her here, capture her and destroy all of you!"

"Ha!" Mason smirked. "You'll have to get past her Yo-Kai friends first and her dinosaurs."

"My army is more than capable of handling those weaklings." Chrysalis stated. "I know there weaknesses."

"They are not weaklings!" Ren yelled. "And how do you know do you know their weaknesses?"

"Oh, she had a little help." a voice came. From out of the shadows came another human! This one was a middle-aged man with brown, spikey hair. he was wearing a brown hoodie and white pants and sneakers. We all recognized him from Sarah's memories.


"Aha, so I see Sarah has told you about me." he hissed.

"Why are you helping this creep?!" Jack snarled.

"I just want to get what rightfully belongs to me back." Douglas said.

"A despicable human like you doesn't deserve someone like her as a daughter." Luna added.

"Sarah doesn't belong to you!" Celestia stated.

"Ahahaha, once she's back in my hands, she will be." Douglas smirked.

"She'll beat the living crap out of you, when she gets here!" Jack growled.

"Haha, Oh please, with the knowledge of her dinosaur and Yo-Kai friends. She's as good as ours." Douglas added. he and Chyrslais laughed manically together. Now our fate rested on Sarah.

POV Ends

Me and my Yo-Kai were walking through the Everfree Forest. Sailornyan and Thornyan were on my shoulders. "So do you know where we're going?" Sailornyan questioned.

"Honestly... no really." I replied sheepishly. "But maybe someone can help us."

"What about that zebra everyone mentioned lived in here?" Whisper suggested.

"Zecora?" I guessed. "Yeah, maybe she could help us. Let's go to her hut." Me and my Yo-Kai friends went to Zecora's hut.

I knocked on the door and a zebra wearing golden rings on her front right leg and back left leg, wearing golden earrings answered the door.

"What do we have here I see,
A new human and strange creatures come to see me."

"Hi Zecora, my name is Sarah and these are my Yo-Kai friends; Sailornyan, Thornyan, Usapyon and Whisper. We really need your help."

Zecora let us into her hut and I explained everything to her.

"A Rescue mission, I see,
To the Castle of the Two sisters it be."

"Yes, do you know where it is?" I asked.

"To save you friends from an enemy of the past
You must track through this forest until you come to a stream that's deep
Cross the river and you'll come to a bridge at last
Once there, the battle ahead will be your ultimate leap."

"Okay, so we have to trek through the forest some more, cross and river, a bridge and we'll be at the castle." Sarah summarized.

"Be warned, many danger lay ahead,
May your friendship be what shall spread."

We all nodded and thanked her and we set off through the forest again. Trekking for about two more yards we all came to a large stream or river. "How are we gonna get across this?" Sailornyan asked.

"There are some rocks over here. Maybe we can use them?" Thornyan began hopping on the 'rocks' which were purple and scaly. Suddenly, the 'rocks' began moving and Thornyan was thrown off and he landed on the ground. "What's that?!" he exclaimed.

The 'rocks' as it turned out turned out to be a large serpent with a mustache!

"Oh Woah is me." he cried. He was crying for some reason. "Excuse me." I called.

The serpent stopped sobbing and looked at me, "What's the matter?" I asked.

"My mustache is ruined!!" We all saw that his mustache was cut leaving only half of it on one side. "I can help you." I offered.

"How?" the serpent asked.

I took out a pair of scissors and cut off some of my hair and then I used my magic to tie it all together making a new piece of hair for the serpent's mustache and I attached it to his damaged side. "Oooh, thank you so much. Now I look fabulous." I grinned at him. "You're welcome."

"I can help you all cross this river." The serpent offered his hand to us and we climbed into it and he lifted us up and over the river and onto the other side. "Thank you, Mr. Serpent!" Whisper thanked.

"No problem." The serpent said and he dove back into the water. We continued on through the forest when we all heard three roars. "What... was... that?" Thornyan asked.

"I don't know." I answered. I followed the roars to a clearing in the forest. There in the middle of the clearing were three creatures I never thought I'd see... dragons! Actually living dragons.. three to be exact!

The first dragon somewhat resembles a gecko in general appearance and has two pairs of wings with a shape similar to a bat, two mobile, ear-like appendages on the back of its head that show its mood and help it hear, as well as other pairs around their jaw depending on their age. They also have a pair of large, yellowish-green, cat-like eyes and sharp retractable teeth. Unlike most dragon species, the Night Fury has a short neck and lacks any kind of horns. The tip of the snout is also prominent, resembling the rhinarium of a mammal. The dragon is about 26 feet in length with a 45 feet long wingspan and it had fins on it's tail.

The second dragon was very similar but it lacked a some ear appendages and it was white with shimmering pink sparkles. It was 24 feet in length and a 42 feet long wingspan. It has faint lighter patterns similar to that of a manta ray. It somewhat resembles an a gecko in general appearance and has two pairs of wings. It had blue eyes and short neck as well.

The last dragon was very beautiful and bird-like: it is bipedal, possesses winged forelimbs, and is about the same size as medium-sized theropod dinosaurs such as Allosaurus. Its small yet keen eyes, equipped with poor binocular vision, are one of the tools it uses to stalk its targets. Its body is very colorful with a light beige underbelly, while its wings are mottled, darker shades in the same colors. In front of its eyes is its curved nasal horn, which is often used to batter opponents; its lower jaw is shorter and wider than its upper, giving it an overbite. Also it had a crown of spikes and a tail covered in spikes.

(One all the way to the right)

"What in tarnation are those critters?" Usapyon asked.

"A Night Fury, A Light Fury and a Deadly Nadder!" I squealed. "... but they look hurt."

The dragons were roaring in pain when they tried to spread their wings. I started to walk near them with my friends protest. "Sarah, don't they'll kill you?!" Whisper cried.

The three dragons saw me and growled. "Hey.." I said softly with my hands raised. "I won't hurt you... I just want to help you." The Night Fury stalked towards me with a suspicious look. I stayed calm as he neared me. I reached out my hand to him. If he touched it with his snout then I know he trusts me. "I'm telling the truth, I want to help you." I repeated. The Night Fury snarled softly but he could hear and sense the kindness in my voice because he touched his snout to my hand, meaning trust had been established. The other two dragons came over to me and nuzzled me.

My Yo-Kai friends came to me in relief. "How did you knyow he would trust you?" Sailornyan asked.

"I didn't. Sometimes you have to show a little kindness and honesty." I replied. The Light Fury nuzzled me and I smiled. "Now's let's take care of those wings of yours." I examined their wings and determined they were only sprained, nothing too serious. "You three should be good for flying soon." The dragons smiled at me.

"Come on, Sarah we better get to that bridge." Sailornyan reminded.

"Right." Me and my friends turned and walked away but we heard the dragons warbling. "Huh? What's wrong?" I asked them. They all walked towards me and rubbed against me. "I think they want to come with you, missy." Usapyon suggested. I looked at the dragons, "Is that true?" The dragons nodded and I smiled.

"Alright then, come on everyone to the Castle of the Two Sisters!" I cheered. "Yeah!" We all dashed into the forest with the dragons running behind us. The dragons, unexpectedly nudged e and my friends onto their backs. Sailornyan and Thornyan were on the Night Fury and Usapyon and Whisper were on the Light Fury and I was on the Deadly Nadder. "Woah, they move fast!" Whisper cried, trying to hold on. "Darn tootin! WOO-HOO!" Usapyon exclaimed.

Soon we all got to the bridge. "Look, the Castle of the Two Sisters!" I cried. "We made it!"

"Come on, let's go!" Sailornyan said. But before we could do that, my chest began glowing. "Huh? That's a new one." I muttered.

"What's goin on now. missy?" Usapyon asked.

"I don't know." My chest let out a beam that traced along the ground and went down a flight of stairs and then into a cave. I dismounted the Deadly Nadder.

"Should we follow it...?" Thornyan asked.

"Something tells me... we should." I said. I walked down the flight of steps while the dragons flew down the stairs. We all walked into a cave and gasped in awe. Inside was a large crystalline tree with five branches and a center in the shape of a star.

"Woah... what's this?" Sailornyan gasped.

"No idea." I answered. The tree glowed as well as my chest and the five branches as well as the center sent out a beam of rainbow color at my chest. There, a necklace formed with a white heart gem in the center. "Woah... what's this?" I asked.

The tree glowed again and this time it spoke!

"I see you received my gift for you."

"Gift?!" I exclaimed.

"Yes, I am the Tree of Harmony and I have been interested in you since you entered this world. I gave you this element because I sense great magic within you and great good in your heart, Sarah. I infused the element with your emotions and only you alone can control its many powers. What you choose to do with it is your choice."

"But.. why me?"

"I sense great potential within you, Sarah. Use your element wisely, Sarah. We will meet again." With that, the tree stopped glowing.

"... That's was inytense." Sailornyan said.

"Yeah, come on. We've gotta to save our friends." Thornyan said. "Right." I mounted the Deadly Nadder, thinking about what the Tree of Harmony just said. Only I can use the elements powers and I have great potential? What could that mean?

The dragons flew out of the cave, over the bridge and into the castle. "Now where exactly in this room are they?" Thornyan asked. The Night Fury's ear appendages perked up and it flew off. "Woah!"

"After that Night Fury!" I called and the other dragons followed the Night Fury to a door. From there we all could here the voices of Chrysalis and another voice I though I'd never hear again. "... No, I can't be!" I peek through the small crack in the door and was horrified.

"Sarah, why is it?" Sailornyan asked.

"It's... Douglas! ... He and Queen Chyrsalis have my friends."

My Yo-Kai gasped. "Impossible! How did he get here?!" Whisper exclaimed.

"That's not important now." Usapyon said. "Sarah... you can do this. Your friends promised they would help you face your past. You have them with you and I know, we know, you can overcome your past. We believe in you."

I took a deep breath and thought about my friends and how they helped me in the short time I've known them. I opened my eyes and looked at my friends with determination. "You're right. I can do this!" I exclaimed.

"That's what we want to here!" Thornyan cheered. "Now let's rock this!" I nodded bravely.

I turned around and kicked the door opened, frightening Chrysalis and Douglas. "Sarah!" My friends and the Princesses cried. I saw my friends begin lowered into a pool of cragdiles. Me and My Yo-Kai walked into the room, "Well, well, well, my daughter's come back to me. Party time" Douglas hissed.

I snarled at him, "I'm not you daughter." I growled slowly. "Now... let my friends go!"

"You'll have to win them back if you want them, but time is of the essence." Chrysalis hissed. I saw the cragdiles roaring and hissing at my friends. "Sarah, hurry!" Pinkie cried.

"Fine then..." I accepted. Chrysalis laughed and fired at me but I raised my hand and my element generated a shield around it, deflecting the blast. "What?!" Chrysalis gasped. I punched and blasted the cage, freeing Kodi and the other pets. I pointed at her and the element made my hand blast a powerful beam at her, knocking her to the other side of the room. Douglas freaked. "Gah! Sorry, bug. I'm leaving!" and he dashed out the door like a coward. "Haha! Coward!" Jack smirked.

"Now's not the time, Jack!" Mason whimpered. Now the cage was 3/4 of the way to the cragdiles. One of them grabbed the cage and began shaking it. "SARAH!" All my friends exclaimed.

"Dragons! Go!" The three dragons flew into the room and blasted the cragdiles, forcing it off the cage. The Night and Light Fury blasted the cage, breaking the bars. "She has dragons now?!" Jamie exclaimed.

"Later!" Kaede exclaimed. All my friends leaped out of the cage and onto the ground and they gathered near me. Chrysalis got up and growled again with her horn glowing brightly. "You'll pay for that human!" she hissed and her changeling army came out, hissing and another figure came into view and it was... me?

.. Well it looked like me but it was darker in color and looked meaner. "W-What is t-that?" Jamie asked.

"Like the new clone I made. I didn't think it would be the clone of the new human. All I needed was a picture of her." Chrysalis said.

"Wait... so you knocked Sarah out that night?!" Ren exclaimed in shock. Chrysalis laughed. "Who else!" she cried. My evil clone growled at me and lunged for me. I leaped into the air and kicked my evil clone in the face. “Nice kick!” I heard Jack called. My clone got up again and lunged for me once more but I closed my eyes and my element glowed sending out a rainbow colored beam with the colors purple, pink, white, orange, light blue and yellow at my clone, disintegrating it. “Holy crap baskets!” Ren exclaimed. “She beat it like it was nothing!”

“Alright Sarah. Go get her!” Rainbow cheered.

“Yeah kick the crappy bugs butt!” Jack added. Chrysalis growled at my clones demise and turned to her army. “Attack, my minions!" The changelings hissed and flew right towards us but Sailornyan and Thornyan intercepted them with their "Paws of Fury!" and rapidly punched about twenty changelings in a row, sending them all out of the castle. "Alright kitties!" Rainbow cheered. "You won't win so easily, human." She blasted at us, but I spread my hands and the element created a large sheet around us, deflecting the beam back at her. "Ugh!"

"Give it up, Chrysalis!" Celestia said.

"Never!" I punched and the element sent out a shockwave at Chrysalis paralyzing her. "She's all your your majesty!" Celestia used her magic to trapped Chrysalis in a cage. "Time for you to spend some time in Tarturus." she said. And she vanished in a poof of magic. "Sarah, that was amazing!" Pinkie exclaimed.

"You beat the crap out of those cockroaches?!" Jack added.

"You totally showed them whose the boss!" Carrie added.

"Where'd you get that from?" Ren asked referring to my element. "The Tree of Harmony gave it to me."

"The Tree of Harmony?" Ren and the humans asked.

"It where me and my sister found the elements." Luna explained. "I'm surprised the Tree gave you an Element."

"It said-"

"Wait... the Tree... TALKED?!" Twilight exclaimed.

"Yes, it said that I have potential in me and to use my element wisely." I added.

"B-B-But how did it talk?" Twilight asked.

"Anyway...what did it mean by potential?" Mason asked.

"I don't know, the tree said I'll have to figure it out on my own." I answered.

"Well. That will be a mystery you will not be solving alone." Luna said. "Now let's all go home." She lit her horn and she teleported all of us back to the home-ship. "Phew, talk about a wild morning." Kodi sighed.

"Yeah." Ren agreed. "So Chrysalis was the one who knocked Sarah out that night. I can't believe it."

"She's good with stealth but I never thought she was go to that. We'll have to be careful from now on."

"Your right." a voice said. We all turned and saw another man stepping out of the shadows. My heart raced and I felt tears in my eyes. "DADDY!" I rushed towards him and he accept me with open arms. The girls had tears in their eyes while Pinkie literally cried a waterfall of tears... onto Jack. "Hey, Hey enough with the tears!" he growled.

"I told you I find you one day." He told me. I hugged him tighter. "I always knew you'd find me one day." We separated and he looked at the others. "Thank you for watching out for her."

"You're welcome. Your daughter is very special. She saved us from Douglas and Chrysalis." Ren said. I blushed and rubbed the my neck nervously "Oh, now."

"No, I mean it, you saved our butts."

"Yeah, your the hero today." Pinkie cheered, hopping up and down.

"Well, that's what I raised her to do. But the purple unicorn is right with Douglas back, he'll do anything to get his hands on Sarah, so we have to keep an eye out for him and on Sarah." my dad informed.

"Right." Everybody said.

".... So you wanna tell us about these three?" Jamie asked referring to my three new dragons. "Oh Yeah, good news guys... I have three new pets." I laughed nervously and a moment of silence followed before,

".... WHAT?!"

It's been a week, since I rescued Ren, Twilight, their friends and the royal sisters from Douglas and Queen Chrysalis. And my Dad reuniting with me. The day after the rescue, Princess Celestia and Luna awarded me a medal of bravery in the face of danger. My dad was blubbering like a baby, which would be embarrassing to any other teenager, but I wasn't like any other teenager. Now, I an entering the small dining room where all my friends were. "Hi Sarah." Ren greeted.

"Morning Ren." I saw Mason cooking some pancakes while wearing an apron. Blitz and Blaze, in their chibi forms scampered over to Mason and playfully munched on his apron. "Hey, Stop it! I'm cooking here!" he exclaimed. "Sarah, get them please!"

I laughed at the scene, "Blaze, Blitz, here boys." Hearing my call, my chibi dinos scampered over to me. Mason sighed, "Thanks." And he finished making the pancakes, about two I could tell and he put them on a plate with eggs and bacon on it. "Here's your plate, Sarah." he said.

"Thank you." I sat in between Jack and Rantaro. Jack had a stack of ten pancakes due to his... you know while Rantaro had about three of them. As I was eating, I heard Jack yelp in pain. "Who just bite me?!" he said in anger.

He lifted his left hand to see Blitz, munching on it. "Sarah, get your pest before I toss him in the trash!" he growled.

"Ooh, Jack, don't be so mean to him. He's only a baby." I pride Blitz off of his hand and he moved his legs up and down, chirping. I chuckled. "He only wanted your pancakes... Awww."

"How do you know?" Rantaro asked.

"Half dinosaur... can understand dinosaur speech." I replied simply.

"Hmph." Jack scoffed. "Figures."

I rolled my eyes as I finished my plates. That's when Nicole and Kaede came in to the room. "Hi girls." I greeted.

"Hi Sa-Woah Sarah what's wrong with you Elements?" Kaede exclaimed.

"Huh?" I looked at my element and saw what she meant. My white element now had a purple and pink stripe on the side. "Woah, when did that happen?" I asked.

Ren came over and looked at my element. "That's a new one on me." he said. "Maybe Twilight and girls know."

"Yeah... maybe."

Soon, Twilight was at the home-ship examining my element. "Hmm... I haven't seen anything like this. Then again, this is a new Element so they could be more surprise with it. I'll send a letter to Princess Celestia and see if she has any ideas."

"Okay thanks Twilight. In the meantime, I'm going to go out for a while." I said.

"Alright, Sarah, see ya." Ren said and I exited the door and headed into Ponyville. As was just walking through Ponyville, I decided to go to Sugarcube Corner to get myself a treat. Pinkie had been bugging me non-stop about coming here. I entered the shop and went to the front counter and saw Mr. and Ms. Cake. "Hello, Sarah, what can I get you today?" Ms. Cake asked.

"I'll have a cupcake and a milkshake please." I replied.

"Coming right up." Ms. Cake went into the kitchen in the back and in no more than about ten minutes later, she came out with a pink cupcake and a milkshake. "Here you go, sweetie!"

"Thank you."

I took the cupcake and the milkshake and sat alone at an empty table. As I was eating, I began to notice some of the ponies staring at me with suspicious and angry expressions for some reason. I didn't think anything about it at the time until a small group of them came over to me. "Hey Sarah." the lead pony called.


"What are you doing here?" I noticed that there was some venom in his voice. "Umm.. I just wanted to get something for breakfast."

"Well... we have a better idea... get out!"

I was shocked, "Get out? Why?"

"Because ever since you came here, dinosaurs have been appearing here too as well enemies we don't want!" a mare added. I know they were referring to Chrysalis. "B-But it wasn't-"

"Shut up!" the lead pony said. "We said get out or else." He held up and cupcake and the other ponies held up other cupcakes and milkshakes. I gulped nervously before I was assaulted by the flying sweets.

Mason's POV

Me, my sister, Ren, Kaede, Jack, Nicole, Jamie and Jack were all watching TV together. Suddenly, Blitz and Blaze in their chibi form pounced onto me and Ren, chirping happily. "Hehe, alright you two, now's not the time to play." I playfully scolded Blaze as I placed him back on the ground and Ren did the same with Blitz. Sarah's father came in, "Hey guys, have any of you seen my daughter?" he asked.

"She went out to Ponyville." Jack replied.

"What? By herself?!" He exclaimed.

"Relax, Donny, you are such a helicopter father ever since you came here." Rantaro retorted.

Donny gasped, "I have not!"

"Oh really, you once followed her on Rainbow Dash when she went to Fluttershy's." Ren deadpanned.

"Uh... I was... just looking out for her." he defended.

"Yeah right." We all said.

The door opened, "Hey Sarah." I greeted and we all looked and gasped in shock. Sarah staggered in covered in sweets; she had an ice cream sundae smashing on her head, cupcake stains and residue on her shoulders and clothes and she had milkshake dripping from her clothing as well. "Uuggghhh..." she groaned.

"Sarah, what happened?!" I exclaimed as me and the gang rushed over to her.

"Some ponies threw their sweets at me." she replied.

"What?!" Sarah's father asked. "Why?" I set Sarah down on the couch as Ren went and got some towels for her. "They said ever since I came here, bad things have been happening. They think I should leave Ponyville... forever."

"Forever?!" Ren cried.

"That's ridiculous, you're not making bad things happen, it's a load of crap." Jack added.

"Tell that to them." Sarah muttered. Ren and I helped wiped off the sweet residue from Sarah and that's when Twilight and the girls came in, "Hey you g-What's happened to Sarah?" Rainbow said.

"Some idiotic ponies threw sweets at her cause they think she's the cause of all the bad things that have happened so far and they want her to leave forever." Jack scoffed.

"What?! That's a load of baloney!" Rainbow cried. "Exactly."

"Well it was only a matter of time." Rantaro said.

"Rantaro!" Rarity scoffed.

Rantaro held up his hands. "What? I'm just saying."

"Yeah, well don't say that in front of me daughter." Sarah's dad replied as he came in with some wet towels and a new set of clothes, "Here honey, go into the bathroom and change into these."

Sarah stood up and took the towels and clothes, "Thank you." and she went off.

"I can't believe those ponies." Applejack claimed.

"I know, saying Sarah should leave because of bad events that she didn't cause." I exclaimed in anger.

"But what can we do?" Sarah's father asked. "We can't stop these dinosaurs from showing up. We don't even know where they are coming from."

Everybody sighed, "Let's just hope things don't get any worse." I hoped. Everyone else shared my thought. Unfortunately, the next morning, Sarah came home from another outing with a black eye and a busted lip!

"Oh my stars! They beat you up?!" Rarity cried as she examined her wounds. Sarah nodded and tried to open her blackened eye, but it hurt too much and she winced, "Aha!"

Her father came in with an ice pack, "Here, put this on your lip." Sarah took the ice pack and put on her blackened eye.

"Okay this ends now." Sarah's father said as he headed for the door. "Where are you going, old man?" Jack asked.

Her father turned around sharply, "First, I am not old I'm forty." he declared. Ren and everyone looked at him up and down, "Now I know that's a lie." Rantaro muttered.

"Hey!... Nevermind and second, I'm going out there and set things straight with these ponies."

"Mr. D-Donny, wait!" Jamie said as he got in front of Sarah's father. "I fear you may only make tings worse for her."

"Jamie's right." Ren spoke. "Whenever the adult enters a situation like this, it only makes things worse for the child."

Sarah's father sighed, "So what do we do?" he asked.

POV Ends

I listened to the conversation my dad and friends were having. I sighed deeply, "I..."

"Sarah, what is it?" Carrie asked.

"I.. have to leave..."

"WHAT!" Everybody exclaimed.

"Sarah, you can't leave!" Pinkie cried. "We haven't even celebrated your birthday."

"What Pinkie means to say," Kaede said with a deadpanned look, "Is that you don't have to leave just because some ponies are harassing you."

"Uh... everyone?" Sailornyan said as she came in. "This just came." She was holding a rock with a note attached to a rock. Ren took the rock and note and read the note, "Get out of our town, Sarah! No one wants you and your trouble here or else!"

Everyone gasped in horror. "How rude!" Rarity cried.

"First, they pound her with sweets, then they beat her up and now they are threatening her?!" Jack growled. "Just let me take care of this." he cracked his knuckles. "Woah, woah, woah, Jack." Applejack stepped in, "Fighting those ponies won't solve anything for Sarah."

"I.. have to leave, guys." I said again.

"Sarah, you don't have to-" my father said but I cut him off. "No... dad, I don't.. want you guys to get hurt because of me... it'll better if I just left... forever."

"But Sarah-" Carrie cut in.

"No, my decision is final... I have to go... forever." I turned away and headed to my room to pack my stuff to leave Ponyville... forever.

Ren's Pov

"Oh Sarah.." I muttered.

"I can't believe she's actually leaving." Kodi added. "All because of some harassment."

"She's always been that way." Sarah's father sighed, "Always putting her friends before herself. I raised her to be a caring person, but she always runs away from her social problems, which is why she's not a very social butterfly."

"But she can't always run away from her problems, she needs to run to us for support against this." Mason said.

"She doesn't want us getting hurt, big brother." Carrie reminded. Mason sighed, "I wish there was something we could do to stop this harassment."

"Me too, Mason.. Me too." I said.

POV Ends

When I was finished, I saw everyone in the living room, "Sarah, please don't do this." my father begged.

"I have no choice, dad."

"We'll find someway to resolve this."

"Dad.. it's too late. I don't want anyone getting hurt because of me."

"But I just got you back... I can't lose you again."

"I'll be fine... I'll have my dragons with me."

I got up with my backpack filled with everything I needed. "Winter, Moonshine, Storm, Blitz, Blaze." I called My Light Fury, Night Fury and Deadly Nadder and chibi dinosaurs came to my side. "Come on guys, we're leaving." I turned to my friends, "Bye guys... thanks for taking care for me and please take care of my Yo-Kai friends."

They nodded, not saying a word. I walked out the door and mounted Storm with Blitz and Blaze in my hands and we all flew off and over Ponyville. I looked back at the town I thought I'd called home, leaving it forever.

Ren's POV

Me and my friends were just in silence as Sarah left. "I can't believe it... I lost her... again." Donny said.

"No you haven't she's just... being distant from Ponyville.... forever." Carrie said slowly.

"I wish we could show the ponies that she's not responsible for all the mayhem." Mason added.

Jack sighed, "Yeah, even though the newbie was annoyingly happy, she didn't deserve to be self exiled."

"But what can we do?" Donny asked. "All those ponies think is Sarah's bad news for this town."

"Then we have to change their minds somehow." I suggested.

"H-How? We c-cant change how ponies think." Jamie said. Ren sighed.



"What was that?" Kodi asked. We all rushed outside and saw another dinosaur. The dinosaur was a light purple, with the top of its back being a very dark purple and the legs being tan. On its back were plates like the ones from the serpent, colored dark purple and mixed with light purple and cyan. The plates went from tiny ones at the tip of its neck to the start of the tail. The tail had four purple spikes at the end.

"A Stegosaurus!" I cried in astonishment. The dinosaur was roaring and swinging it's tail erratically. "Hit the floor!"

We all ducked just in time to avoid being hit by it's tail. "That was close!" Kodi said. The Stegosaurus walked into town and the ponies screamed in terror. "Someone get rid of it!" a mare cried.

"Summon another dinosaur!" a stallion cried.

"Sarah could, but all made her leave Ponyville forever cause you all thought she was bad news. Well, good new for you all, you got what you wanted! Hope you all are happy" Jack yelled angrily at the crowds, making them feel remorse about what they've done. They chased away their only resident just because of their assumptions. The Stegosaurus roared and continued swinging it's tail around.

"Well.. this can't get any worse right?" Jack asked. Suddenly another roar was heard. "Another dinosaur?!" Jamie cried in horror. Indeed there was another one, but this one had extremely long claws and was really tall and glowing in rainbow colors.

"A Therizinosaurus!" Sarah's father exclaimed in fear. The dinosaur roared and slashed houses in half with it's long claws. "Aww man!" Rainbow said. "This awful!"

"Well... at least they don't have any moves, right?" Jack asked.

Just then the Stegosaurus glowed and reared up and it's tail sent out multiple spikes at the houses, making everyone run in fear.

(Play at 13:58)

The Therizinosaurus roared and it's claws glowed and looked like they extended and with one big slash, he sent one houses flying out of Ponyville. "... You have to stop talking." Rantaro said to Jack, angering the biker.

"Nobody asked you!" he yelled and he caught the attention of the two dinosaurs. "Great, Jack look what you and your big mouth did!" Twilight said in fear. The two dinosaurs growled and charged us. "RUUUUNNN!" I screamed and we all dashed away with the dinosaurs hot on our tails. "Oh man, what do we do?" Fluttershy whimpered.

"There's nothing we can do! Only Sarah can handle them." Jamie added. The Therizinosaurus leaped over us and blocked out escape route while the Stegosaurus stood behind us, swinging it's tail threateningly. "Ooohh... crap baskets!" I whimpered.

Fluttershy hugged my legs while Jamie hid behind Twilight and Spike. We all stood back-to-back as the two dinosaurs snarled at us.

Just then...

Blitz and Blaze, in their battle mode, rammed the two dinosaurs, knocking them away from us. "Blitz! Blaze!" Applejack cried in relief.

"Guys!" We turned to out right and saw Sarah and her dragons running towards us. "Sarah!" The Stegosaurus got up and launched it's spikes once again. Blitz moved to the left, dodging it but the spikes were heading right four us now!


Suddenly, I felt myself being picked up by something and flying in the air. "What the-..?" I looked and saw Winter's face smiling at me. She managed to grab me, Jack, Jamie and Nicole in each of her feet. I saw that Storm had the girls on her back and Moonshine had Rantaro, Kaede, Mason and Carrie in his grasp while Sarah's father was on his back. "Thanks." I said. Winter warbled and the the three dragons placed us a safe distance from the battle.

POV Ends

Blitz and Blaze were circling the Stegosaurus and Therizinosaurus. The two dinosaurs roared and charged my dinosaurs. Blitz and Blaze charged them and they engaged in a power struggle. Even though Therizinosaurus was a little taller than Blaze, they were evenly match in strength. Blaze reared up and smacked Therizinosaurus with it's tail while Stegosaurus rammed Blitz away and quickly moved in two strike him. "Blitz, watch out!"

Blitz moved out of the way of the tail and grabbed it. He tossed Stegosaurus around and around until he finally threw it and it crashed on the ground in Ponyville. Stegosaurus roared in pain. Blaze, meanwhile, was trying to avoid getting sliced by Therizinosaurus' claws. Blaze tried to get a bite in but Therizinosaurus used it's claws to block him.

Just then, Therizinosaurus glowed and began spinning around and around with it's claws out. "Alright Blaze, let's finish him. ULTIMATE FIRE!" I slashed the card and Blaze roared as he was covered in fire energy. The fire made a dome around him and he charged the Therizinosaurus.

(Like this)

They both collided and stood for a moment.... until Therizinosaurus roared and fell to the ground, changing back to a card.

"Alright, Blaze!" I cheered. My Acrocanthasaurus roared in victory. Meanwhile, Blitz had the Stegosaurus on the ground with his horns. "Now Blitz, LIGHTNING STRIKE" I slashed his move card and Blitz roared as electricity formed at his horns. He reared up and fired the electricity at the down dinosaur. The dinosaur roared in pain and it turned back into a card.

(Like this)

Stegosaurus fell to the ground and changed back into a card.

I went over and picked up the two cards. "Two more dinosaurs." Blitz and Blaze came over to me. "Great work again, boys." I recalled the two of their cards and their chibi forms. And I saw all my friends and my dad coming over. "Two more dinosaurs secured, honey." my dad said. "You surely mastered you art of dinosaur battling."

I smiled, "Thanks dad."

"Those attacks you used her incredible!" Ren exclaimed.

"Yeah, your dinosaurs are incredible!" Jack said with a toothy grin.

"Thanks everyone."

Suddenly, "There she is, get her!"

"Huh?" I turned around just in time to be pounced on by some ponies, tied up and thrown into a cage. "Hey!" Jack yelled. "What the hell is the big idea?"

"We're getting rid of this human for good!" the lead pony said which was the same stallion from Sugarcube Corner.

"What are you talking about?!" Twilight spoke, "She just saved Ponyville again from dinosaurs!"

"But she's the reason they showed up in the first place!" a mare added. "We've had enough!" They put my cage on wheels and began to roll me away when Blitz and Blaze came in front of everyone. "Get out of our way, you monsters!" another mare exclaimed. Blitz and Blaze growled as my friends and dad came up then. "This has gone on long enough!" Applejack said. "Ya varmints got it all wrong! Sarah is not bad news to this here town!"

"Yes she is!" a lead pony said. "Ever since she came here, she's caused nothing but trouble!"

"Who cares! She's our friend and we're not letting you take her away from us!" Mason growled. Jack cracked his knuckles. "You can't stop me!"

"But I can." a majestic voice came. That's when Princess Celestia descended down in front of everyone. Everyone bowed to her. "Princess Celestia, what are you doing here?" Fluttershy asked.

"Twilight sent me a letter detailing Sarah's harassment by Ponyville civilians. I'm here to make sure it stops." Celestia used her magic to open the cage, letting me go. Then, he approached the lead pony and his followers. "All of you are under arrest for harassment." She placed all of them in their own cage and turned to us. "I'll take care of them. Good day everyone." and with that she teleported away with the ponies in hand.

"Well, that's taken care of." Mason said.

"I'm sorry guys for running away from my problem." I apologized, looking really guilty.

"Oh Sarah, it's okay, you were just trying to protect us." Fluttershy cooed.

"But still.."

"Well what done is done." Rantaro said.

"Rantaro!" Keade scolded.

"What?" I just laughed at them and rolled her eyes. It's been a long day for me.