Who we really are? (or just another Sunset Shimmer background story)

by FieryUnicorn42

Coming home

Sunset and Celestia are almost at the castle's front door when suddenly a purple pony appears in the middle of the main hall.

"You were not kidding when said that would be back as sooner as possible."

"Well, I was worried that you two can't archive an agreement so..."

"You thought that I would try to kill the princess, and we would fight until she reduces me to a pile of ashes, is that what are you saying Twilight?"

"WHAT??? No! I never thought that princess Celestia could incinerate you!"

Sunset laughs a little, she approaches and touches Twilight's muzzle.

"Just kidding. The princess and I are fine."

"Sunset is right, we turned a new page on our lives and decide to try to be friends again."

"So what you two have in mind for today?" Twilight said, still worried, but a little relieved.

"Sunset and I thought that would be nice to spend some time on Sweet Apple Acres."

"Yeah, we don't plan anything, so we will start with this."

"well, what are we waiting for?" said Celestia walking through the door, "the Sun waits for no pony"

"Seriously, will take me some time to get used to that Celestia has a sense of humor." commented Sunset while she and Twilight follow the princess".

After spending a joyful afternoon, Celestia leaves Sunset and her friends enjoying the rest of the day on the farm, and goes back to Canterlot. She and Sunset agreed that maybe will be better if they take baby steps with her new relationship.

When the sun was setting on the horizon, the girls came back to Twilight's castle and after their goodbyes, crossed the portal back to Canterlot city.

A bit before 07 pm, the girls are in front of CHS, they say their goodbyes and notice Sunset walking and sitting on the stairs of the school's entrance.

"Want a ride, Sunset? Your apartment is on my way home."

"Thanks, Twi, but I already sent a message to principal Celestia and she will pick me in a few minutes."

The girls make Sunset company on the school entrance, and ten minutes later, a gray sedan parks on the faculty lot.

Picking her backpack, Sunset walks and waves to her friends before entering the principal's car.

After some minutes in silence, Celestia spoke.

"So, wanna tell me about your trip back home? How was your reunion with the princess Twilight?"

"Everything occurred pretty well with Twilight, surprisingly no monster attacked us and no magical shenanigans happened"

"But I can see in your face that is something bothering you"

"Yeah, you can say that"

Close to 05:00 pm, Luna sees Celestia arriving in one of the castle balconies.

"You come earlier than I expected. Is everything ok between you and Sunset?"

"Don't worry Lulu, we are fine, she forgave-me and said we can try to be friends again."

"But she wasn't ready to call you mother yet, I presume."

Celestia looks to the ground before reply.

"Yeah, she said that she doesn't know when she could call me mother, but we are together again, so it is a win, right?"

Luna walks and stands in front of her sister, embracing her.

 "Yes, I see this as a victory, to both of you. I'm very proud of you, sister and I can wait to meet my niece."

"Thanks, Luna. Say, the princess of the night has some time to have an afternoon tea with an old mare like me?"

"I think I have some time to kill before rising the moon."

The sisters walk to Luna's bedroom to chat and had a snack before the day ends.

Around 07:15 pm, Celestia parks her car, she and Sunset walks through the front door. The principal sits on the couch and taps signaling to Sunset sit at her side.


Sunset close her eyes, breathe slowly, and began to talk.

"I found my mother"

"And she wasn't what you expected?" Said Celestia holding Sunset's hands.
"Sort of" Sunset oper her eyes and looks to her friend "Truth is: princess Celestia is my mother."

Celestia stays in silence for a few seconds, sure, she wanted to know all about this story, but what really matters now is Sunset, so she decides that these questions can wait, she lifts her right hand and began stroke Sunset's hair. 

"Well, now I understand that look on your face. How do you feel right now?"

Sunset still holding Celestia's hand, looks to the ground.

"Confused, happy, betrayed. All at the same time."

"I think is a completely normal reaction"

While Celestia continues to stroke her hair, Sunset resumes her story.

"On Saturday, after she told me the entire story behind why I was abandoned, I left the castle and go to a grove nearby to think about my life. Twilight, the princess one, my sister, found me and we go back to the castle. I spent all night thinking and this morning, the princess came to see me. She apologizes again, and I could see that she was really sorry for making me suffer. I decided to give her a second chance, you, the girls, and everyone in the school gave one when I don't deserve and I would be a big jerk not doing this for her."

Celestia pulls Sunset closer, hugging her. She knows how hard that revelation hit Sunset, but even so, the girl chooses forgiveness above hate.

"It was a really mature decision, Sunset. I'm very proud of you."

"Thanks, but I don't know if you can be proud of me"

"And why you think that?"

"Even after I decided to give the princess a second chance, part of me is still pissed with her and thinks that she doesn't deserve my love as a daughter. And I'm not sure if I can call her mother anytime soon."

"Well, I think that doesn't make you unworthy of my pride. You could hate her, but instead, you choose to forgive the princess, and for me, it only shows that you're a good girl, with your flaws, of course, but you are always trying to be a better person, and if you ask me, it was what really matters."

Sunset stays in silence for a while thinking. How two people be could be so equal but so different at the same time? Even knowing everything she did, principal Celestia stays on her side, even risking lose her job as principal for covering a girl who was not only an illegal immigrant but technically a real alien, who bullied every student of CHS, even so, Celestia charged several favors to make sure Sunset could stay on CHS, she even let Sunset stay in her home until finding an apartment for her own.

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"Thank you, for everything you did for me."

"You're welcome, my dear Sunshine"

Sunset opens her eyes and finds herself in a bed, she falls asleep and not even notice, she and Celestia were on the couch in the evening, and now is Monday morning. "wait, how did I get here, on the bed?" she thought, but before she can think any further, a knock is heard on the door.

"Sunset, are you awake?"

"Yeah, come in."

Celestia enters and sits on the edge of the bed.

"Did you sleep well?"

"I guess so. How did I get here?"

"Well, we were on the couch, and before I notice you were sleeping. You don't get proper rest on the night before, I suppose. So I let you on the couch while preparing your bed. When I came back and tried to wake you, you said 'don't worry, princess, I know where are my room' stood up, and began walking upstairs still half sleeping. I just had to follow you to make sure you won't fall. You found your way to the room and crawled up the bed before resume sleep."

"Thank you and sorry, I don't want to be a burden."

"Non-sense, you never will be a burden to me, Sunset. I really miss the time you were living here, with Luna and me, but understand that you wanna your own space."

"What time is it? I'll be late to school"

"07:15 am. I came here to say that you don't have to go to school today if you don't want to.

"I appreciate the offer, but I think I'm ok enough to go to school."

"If you say so. Breakfast is ready, I'll wait for you in the kitchen."

Celestia left the bedroom and Sunset did her morning routine. 20 minutes later, she enters the kitchen sees a plate of pancakes along with a mug of coffee, the principal is checking some emails on her phone while drinks her coffee.

Close to 08:00, Celestia parks her car on the faculty lot and they cross the school entrance together.

"Have a good day studying, Sunset."


Sunset sees her friends and starts to walk in direction of them, but quickly turns back."


"Yes, Sunset?"

"Earlier you said I can skip school today."

"Yes, and you declined."

"I know, but..."


"Can I save that offer for another day? Like an exam day?"

Celestia laughs a little.

"I'll think about it. Now, you have classes to attend, miss Shimmer, go before I have to suspend you for skipping classes."

"Looks like a win-win to me. See you later" Said Sunset with a wink. She then runs and meets her friends on their way to the music room.