Star Trek: Sunset Shimmer

by SanyaHikari

A Siren And Alien Show

But no sooner then later, the three sirens' bodies begin to sparkle. Someone inside the ship had activated the transporter.

"What's going on? Why is my body sparking?" cried Sonata in confusion.

"Maybe there's magic inside the ship," replied Aria.

"Or maybe not..." said Adagio. But before she could finish, the three disappeared suddenly.

Soon, the three are inside the ship.

"Wow, this ship looks more advanced," smiled Adagio.

"Why, thank you, our goddesses," said a four-eyed shadowy figure, standing near them.

"Wait, who are you?" Aria asked.

The shadowy figure soon revealed herself.

"You can call me Queen Agalope of the Aridaginatans," she introduced herself. "You must be our ancestors, Adagio, Aria, and Sonata, is that right?"

The three nodded.

"That's good. So, what brings you here?" asked Agalope.

"We want revenge on Sunset Shimmer," replied Adagio, growling a little.

"Oh, you mean, that brat which inspired a Federation starship named after her to destroy ours?" replied Agalope.

Adagio nodded.

"Yeah, we're here to destroy her, too," said the Aridaginatan queen. "We want to get rid of that ship. So, say that we propose an alliance?"

The three looked. Then they smiled.

"I'll do it for the sirens," answered Adagio.

"I'll do it for tacos!" exclaimed Sonata.

"I'll do it for...whatever," grumbled Aria.

"Deal," smiled Agalope.

And so, the alliance is on.