Star Trek: Sunset Shimmer

by SanyaHikari

The Three Big Sirens

Canterlot Park

Three girls are sitting on a bench, eating ice cream. They may look beautiful, but their deadly side remains hidden. Why? These three girls used to rule over Canterlot High with their gems by singing. But thanks to Sunset Shimmer and her 6 friends, including Princess Twilight at the time. These girls are known as the Dazzlings; Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk.

"Mmmmm, this ice cream is delicious!" mumbled Sonata as she chewed on it. "Can I have more?"

"Arrrgh, for the last time, Sonata, WE'RE NOT BUYING ONE MORE!" shouted Aria, feeling irritated.

"Girls, there is no need to fight," said Adagio calmly. "We could find a way to get our magic back."

"Adagio, we've been searching for magic this long, and we found nothing," complained Aria.

"But I am not going to give up," answered Adagio. "I'm sensing what appears to be more sirens near us."

"Ooh, Starswirl banished more?" asked Sonata curiously.

"Uhh, these 'sirens' appear to be from the future, duh," Aria replied.

"Follow me," ordered Adagio. So, the three followed their siren senses to find these 'sirens'.


"Here we are, girls," smiled Adagio. Right there, in the crater, is the gem ship.

"Wow, that's a nice looking ship," smiled Sonata.

"Duh, talk about the future," added Aria.

To be continued...