Changeling Fate

by Nightmare Rift

Chapter 32: Friendship School Part 2

Night Crystal’s POV:
“You lost six of your students!?” I yell. “How did you do that?”

“Well, once the seal was put on the door, these six students ran off and we have yet to locate them,” Twilight says showing me a picture of all six of the students. “The worst part is that all but one of these students are from other races. So unfortunately, I think Celestia has a bunch of angry creatures on her hooves.”

“Well thankfully for you I think I can track down the Changeling young. But, the better question is how did you convince the Changelings to send one of their young to school here?”

“Well, this particular Changeling was orphaned, as both of the parents decided to abandon their child with the rest of the hive. So the hive decided to send this Changeling off to the school. How can you track down the young?”

“That is easy, each Changeling has a specific scent that can be detected by another Changeling or even a powerful enough unicorn. Twilight, you stay here and do what you need to do to get the school back up and running. I’ll take the other bearers and go get the students.”

“Okay, be careful Night Crystal.”

I grab the rest of the bearers and take off towards where the students were. They seemed to be on the grounds of the Castle of the Two Sisters. I look down to see Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy on the ground with Rainbow just above them so she can see me. I continue flying towards the castle, and the sight that appears is not a pretty one. The students have made a barricade out of camping supplies and were surrounded by a bunch of furious pukwudgies. Seeing as everypony else is still a little ways behind, I divebomb the group, switching to a dragon and spitting out fireballs so they land in between the pukwudgies. Fluttershy never wants us to hurt them, but instead to take them out nicely. I swoop low enough to grab some, then fling them off back into the forest. I loop back around, this time switching to my Changeling form and simply grabbing and tossing the little creatures back to the forest. I hear footsteps approaching, so I change back into Night Crystal and continue grabbing and tossing. As soon as everypony joins in on the fight, the pukwudgies are cleared in less than a minute. When we are done, the students come out from behind the barricade and are all so thankful to see us. Well, except me, I have never met these students in my life so of course none of them come over to me. I am lost in my thoughts as I feel two little legs wrap around my right front leg. I look down to see the little Changeling young looking up at me, all the while still hugging my leg. I gently kneel down, move her legs around my neck, and hug her back. This was odd, to say the least, as most Changelings never give hugs. Let alone enjoyed them, but this little Changeling was clinging to me like I was the last pony in Equestria that could save her. After a brief moment Rainbow called all the students over to her so they could travel in a group back to the school. “I’ll go ahead Rainbow, just to make sure no creatures are getting angry at Twilight.”

“Sounds good, we’ll see you back at the school.”

I take off and fly back to the school. Good thing I went ahead of the group, because as I reach the school I see a bunch of angry creatures all standing at the doors of the school, yelling and asking where their students are. I land next to Twilight and yell for silence. “Every student is safe, all of them are on their way back right now. They are with the teachers and will arrive shortly. Please be patient, they ran off on their own with no guidance from any of the teachers.”

“Yak don’t understand, why would students run off and not come home?” The yak prince (?) asked.

“Well, you see-“

“Where is Smolder!? Although she doesn’t want to be here, I commanded her to go to school here!” Dragon Lord Ember yelled.

“ENOUGH!” I yell out. “No amount of questions or demands will your students back here any faster.”

“How would you know?” Grandpa Gruff asks sternly.

“I was just rescuing them and they will be here shortly. As for right now, I think Twilight has something she wants to say.”

“I do. The school will be reopened. It will be a friendship school. Its classes will be unique, and will not follow the rules laid out by the EEA.”

“But you can’t even get in,” says Dragon Lord Ember.

Twilight charges her horn and brings a beam crashing down on the EEA seal of the door, causing it to crumble to pieces. I hear the students coming down the road and immediately take to the air to stay out of the way. The students go to stand by Twilight and as they do, a portal appears, and out steps Chancellor Neighsay.

“Who dares to break my seal?”

“I do Chancellor, and this school will reopen. It is a different school, a school with different rules. I should know, I wrote the book on friendship schools,” Twilight says, plopping a large purple book down in front of Chancellor Neighsay.”

“Fine, let those creatures destroy this school and Equestria. Don’t come to me when you realize you can’t handle them,” he says, walking back through the portal.

I fly towards my house, planning to let Twilight run her school in peace. I go to sleep that night thinking about the young Changeling that hugged me. I am guessing that means she knows what I am, that I am one of her kind. My changing was obvious, but it seems curious that none of the other students brought it up. Oh well, I have to start planning soon. As it is getting close to the point where I must reveal who I am to everypony in Equestria, and every creature beyond Equestria.