Star Trek: Sunset Shimmer

by SanyaHikari

Bad Dreams And Milkshakes

"No it can't be!"

Ahh ah ah
Ahh ah
Ahh ah ah
Ahh ah

"Sunset Shimmer, you are going to pay for what you have done to us at the Battle Of The Bands!" shouted the voice of a certain siren.

"Adagio! What do you want with me? Leave me alone!" Sunset panicked back.

"We want revenge," added Aria.

"And I don't have tacos because of you! GET HER!" shouted Sonata. Soon, the three Dazzlings charged at her with knives in their hands.

Sunset woke up, screaming. This also woke Inat'p up.

"CAN YOU BE QUIET?! I'M TRYING TO SLEEP...WHOA!" shouted the parakeet as he accidentally hit a random lever.

Unfortunately, the random lever belonged to one of Sci-Twi's machines called the 'Atomic Hare Splitter'.

"ZOOOOOOM!" goes the haresplitter as it blasted off out of Sci-Twi's window.

"Uh oh," muttered Inat'p.

"We interrupt your programming to bring you this special report. This is the Canterlot Morning News..."

"Good morning, everyone. I'm Doppler Radar. Today is going to be a hot day in Canterlot, so get some sunburn cream," said the newscaster. Then she switched topics.
"Yesterday, we received reports from the National Aeronautics & Space Agency that two UFOs have been spotted near the International Space Station. The astronauts reported that a vortex had opened and a small red UFO attacked the ISS shortly before a larger UFO arrived. Here are the images."

The first image shows the USS Sunset Shimmer attacking the gem ship. Then the second image shows the gem ship falling into the atmosphere. Finally, the third shows the starship's registry number.

"As you can see here," explained Doppler, "that this UFO is registered as 'USS Sunset Shimmer', its number being NCC-61613. Wow, this ship....."

Suddenly, the haresplitter zoomed into the studio, smashing everything, including running over Arnold Schwarzenegger, in which he had no business being there.

"ILL BE BACK!" yelled the actor-governor as he was propelled into the sky with the haresplitter.

But a few moments later, the haresplitter passed through the studio again with Arnie.


The haresplitter soon crashes into the camera.

"We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please sit by...nope, I mean stand by. I don't get it..."

Later that morning at the Sweet Shoppe, the 12 are drinking milkshakes.

"I don't get it," said Sunset in confusion. "They're here to kill me?"

"Yes, Sunny!" squaked Inat'p. "Oh, they've got a problem with you!"

"But Sunset." Spike added, "You've defeated them once. I'm sure you can defeat them again."

"I don't know, Spike," replied Sunset. "But those sirens that my future geode finds sound to me that they're more powerful than the Dazzlings."

"The logical thing to do is prepare for whatever they may throw at you," chimed in T'Pony.

"WE'LL SHOW THEM WHAT US KLINGONS ARE!" shouted Gorfilo as he swings his ba'leth around. Then, random people looked at him in confusion.

"Oh, right, sorry," the Klingon chuckled. "Carry on, you humans."

"We can kick their butt!" exclaimed Rainbow Dash, doing karate moves.

"Or we can tame them," suggested Fluttershy.

"According to my calculations, there's a 70-20% chance we'll defeat them," explained Twilight.

"Well, Twilight, you are correct," smiled Bootsplash.

"I'll show them the power of McGiggly and
McStuffin, tellin' them that no one shall mess with my friends!" said Applejack bravely, referring to her two fists.

"I'll go visit Princess Twilight," Sunset sighed as she walked out of the Shoppe. "To see what she has to say about this."

And so, Sunset headed to Canterlot High, leaving everyone confused.

"Wow, I wonder what's wrong with her," said Pinkie.

"I do not know," replied the Klingon.

To be continued..