Star Trek: Sunset Shimmer

by SanyaHikari


Later that night...

All the girls and officers are at Twilight's house, watching the same Daring Do movie the 7 starred in, much to Inat'p's dismay.

"Oh, boy. I've seen this movie billions of times already," muttered the parakeet as he facepalms.

After the movie ends a couple of hours later, everyone is gathered at a telescope in the balcony of Twilight's house.

"So, you 5 say you're all from the late 24th century? Is that correct?" asked Twilight.

"Yes. Our ship is way up there," replied Shoichet.

"I see," said Twilight.

"Don't worry, I can explain it all for you," added Sunset. Then she touched Captain Shoichet's hand.

"Wait, what are you....," the captain said, but before she can finish, Sunset's eyes begin to glow:

The first flash features a scotch bottle hitting something metallic. The metal turns out to be the primary hull of the U.S.S. Sunset Shimmer, parked at the Spacedock. The registry number reads NCC-61613. People are cheering and clapping. It is the summer of 2397, the year of the starship's launch. Soon, a man in uniform walked up to a podium.

"Today, is a very special day," announced a man at the podium, whose name is Admiral Thiessen. "Today is the day that will bring peace to the Federation. A day that will forever change our friendship into harmony. The warp 26 magic geode core wouldn't be possible without our 4 new friends here: Sanya Hikari, Q, Starfleet Counselor T'Pony, and Discord, who worked so hard to make it possible. So, it's only fitting that T'Pony's trustworthy friend, Captain Becky Ray Shoichet, will command the first starship powered by the magical relic."

The audience then looked back and gave a round of applause to a group of Starfleet officers, consisting of a parakeet, a Klingon, a Kelpien, a female Soong-type android, another android with a computer monitor for a head, and finally, Shoichet. They give a bow. A few moments later, the group heads off towards a gangway that will lead to the Sunset Shimmer, with T'Pony joining them a few minutes later.

The admiral continued his speech over the broadcasting systems.

"To quote Sunset herself, 'The past is not today. And together we can make it. I say embrace the magic. We may not know what the future holds."

On her command chair sweet command chair, Shoichet smiled at the quote.

"Take her out," she commanded.

Soon, the enormous starship leaves the Spacedock, under the escort of the Enterprise-E. In the bridge, the crew are getting ready. Then the viewscreen changed and reveals Captain Data, the Enterprise-E's commanding officer.

"I wish you all a safe journey," said the android captain. "Take care of my sister Bootsplash, will you?"

Shoichet responded, "Yes. I will."

"Thank you. Captain Data out," smiled Data, before the viewscreen returned to viewing pitch black space.

"Spacedock cleared. Ready when you are, captain," said Bootsplash.

"Thank you. Bridge to engineering, how's the geode doing?" asked Shoichet.

In engineering, the personnel there are making sure the maiden voyage goes smoothly.

The chief engineer, Dell, replied, "Doing great, captain. The Sunset Shimmer is ready for warp."

Shoichet smiled again. "Very well. Set course for Qo'nos. We have a diplomat to take to Vulcan."

"I hope I don't have a heart attack and die from big surprises," chuckled Commander Inat'p.

Then the captain spoke over the intercom. "Attention, crew, you heard the admiral. The past is not today. Today is the future! *Drumroll* Let's go!"

Everyone on the ship cheered in celebration.

Outside, the Enterprise-E branches off, leaving space for the Sunset Shimmer. Soon, the new ship's 4 warp nacelles begin to calibrate. With a jingle of the geode warp drive, the Sunset Shimmer zooms off in a flash, heading for the Klingon system.

The next flash then transitioned to the Third Battle Of Deep Space 9.


The Aridaginatan ship explodes.

A minute later, the third flash finally featured the attack on the International Space Station and the temporal vortex.


The enemy gem ship soon crashes into Canterlot Park....

Sunset's eyes stopped glowing.

"Oh, my, the evil space sirens are after me!" cried Sunset in panic. "They must've think I'm the one to blame for the Dazzlings' defeat at the Battle Of The Bands!"

"Calm down, Ms. Shimmer. We won't let that happen. That's why we followed the Aridaginatans back in time here. To stop them from destroying you," said Bootsplash in a reassuring tone.

"You're right, Bootsplash," replied Sunset, taking a deep breath. "I'm overreacting. It's just....that Equestrian magic tends to fall into the wrong hands and I have to be ready when it comes."

"But, Sunset, the only logical thing to do if there's no hostile magical activity is to calm down and have fun," added T'Pony. "Stress is just going to make your day worse."

"Right. I'll just go look in the telescope with the others," Sunset said as she went over to the telescope.

"WOW! YOUR SHIP LOOKS AMAZING, BECKY RAY!" shouted Pinkie in an exciting compliment.

Shoichet rubbed her ear.
"Umm, thanks," she replied.

"Fascinating. What kind of starship is it?" wondered Sci-Twi.

"The USS Sunset Shimmer is a Faustian-class vessel. It's an extremely huge ship compared to the other Federation ships," explained the captain. "The ship is one of seven ships that bears a magic geode, mine bearing the geode of empathy."

"Oh," said the girls with astonishment.

"That's....awesome! Our geodes have a future!" cried Rainbow in excitement.

"So, what's it like in the 24th century? Beautifully polished starships?" Rarity squeed.

"Yes, indeed. All starships look cool," chimed in Bootsplash.

"Ladies, the good news is that in less than 49 years from now on, a man named Zefram Cochrane will launch a small ship called the Phoenix. But don't expect it to burn bright in the sky, because an evil group of cybernetic beings, also from our time, will arrive a day early before it's launch," explained Gorfilo.

"So, who are those cybernetic beings?" asked Sunset with curiosity.

Shoichet then tapped on her combage and a recording plays:

"We are the Borg. Your biological and technological instinctiveness will be added to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."

"Oh, I see," Sunset acknowledged.

Soon, after taking turns on the telescope, the girls and the Starfleet officers soon fall asleep in their sleeping bags. Even Spike slept with Inat'p.

Onboard the International Space Station, Dell is putting the finishing touches on a new UHF system he built, which took him and his team hours to fix.

"Finally, I need some rest. Dell to Sunset Shimmer," Dell said over his combadge. "Six to beam up."

Soon, Dell and his 5-crew Alpha team sparkled away from the ISS for the last time. They soon materialize onboard the Sunset Shimmer.

Then his combadge chirped.
Dell, report to engineering immediately! There's a minor coolant leak. If we dont fix it, antimatter containment will fail and we'll lose the Sunset Shimmer!" cried Reptildimir.

"On my way," Dell replied, trying to fight his sleepiness. He then rushed onboard the turbolift. The lift then zoomed its way down to engineering.

To be continued...