Star Trek: Sunset Shimmer

by SanyaHikari

Temporal Siren-cursion

As the crew of the Sunset Shimmer celebrate their victory, an alarm sounds on the tactical panel. Gorfilo, who is wearing a yellow shirt with two pips, is at the panel. He sees the alert.

"Captain, you may want to see this. It's an Aridaginatan pendant. It's going towards Earth," explained the Klingon.

"Thank you, Lieutenant Gorfilo," smiled Shoichet. Then, her face turned serious.
"Red alert! The Aridaginatans have survived! All hands to battle stations!"

The crew then quickly report back to their stations.

"Captain, the pendant is going at warp 16!" exclamed a Gorn at the helm, who is wearing a yellow shirt with one pip, implying that the Gorn is an ensign.

"Thank you, Ensign Reptildimir. Counselor T'Pony! Can you mind meld the Aridaginatans, see what they're up to?" Captain Shoichet asked.

The person she's asking is a female Vulcan with blonde hair. She is wearing a Vulcan robe, along with her Starfleet uniform.

"Yes, I can," replied T'Pony. "I'm sensing...they are planning to go back in time so they can eliminate the person that this ship is named after."

"Wait, you're telling us that....the Aridaginatans are planning to kill Sunset Shimmer?!" shouted Gorfilo angrily.

"Indeed, that is correct," replied T'Pony.

"According to historical records, Sunset defeated three girls in 2013 who are actually sirens from another realm currently known as Equestria," explained Bootsplash. "So, I think that's why they're targeting her."

"Then we must follow them at once. We have to catch the temporal wake before it's too late," said Captain Shoichet. "Maximum warp, Ms. Bootsplash!"

The Sunset Shimmer turned around, then the warp drive activates, sending the dreadnought after the pendant ship.

At Quark's, the Ferengi watches as the Sunset Shimmer warps off.

"Well, I just wasted my time making stardrifters, and now the heroic crew leaves," lamented Quark.

"Aww, now the Ferengi is disappointed. Even you will be be more disappointed when your bar gets erased from the timeline," chuckled a voice, sounding like that of a draconequs.

"Q?" said Quark, confused.

Then, the omnipotent being poofs in front of the Ferengi.

"Miss me?" scoffed Q.

"I thought you lost to Sisko when he punched you," smirked the Ferengi. "Welcome back, Q."

"Thank you. That Sisko always have a nerve to hit me. By the way, how are you and Rom since my last visit?" Q asked politely.

"We're both fine," replied Quark, as he served Q a warp core breach.

"Oh, really?" smiled Q, as he takes a sip if the drink.

"Yes, really," said the Ferengi. "It's been almost 30 years since I opened this place."

"I could start a 30th anniversary party, but right now I have a timeline to save. Goodbye, Quark. I'll see you after I assist the Sunset Shimmer on its current mission."

And with that, Q snapped his fingers and disappeared. A few moments later, the USS Cupcake Slash warps off after the Sunset Shimmer.

"Oh, great. He didn't even finish his warp core breach. Rom!" shouted Quark as he called his brother. "Come clean it up!"

"I will!" shouted the other Ferengi as he arrived with a tablecloth.

"Q always likes to play games," muttered Quark.

International Space Station

Two astronauts are floating around the shuttledock. They are helping a space shuttle depart the dock.

"Yeah, that's it. Keep it going," directed the first astronaut.

"We hope to see you again soon," said the second.

After a few moments, the space shuttle cleared the ISS. Soon, it headed down for the atmosphere, on its way back to Kennedy Space Center.

"Whew, that was close, Ed," panted the first astronaut to the second.

"I know, right, Steve?" asked the second.

Then, loud rumbling can be heard. The rumbling gets more and more louder like a jet engine.

"Uhh, Bob, is there something wrong with the space station?" asked Steve, wondering.

Bob pulls out a laptop. He then checked the readings.

"The space station is fine. What can go wrong?" scoffed Bob.

Then, without warning, a vortex near the ISS opens, and out came a giant siren pendant.

"Oh, boy. Am I sleeping on the job?" Steve wondered.

"Uhh, I can see it too," said Bob.

"So, this isn't a dream?"

"No, it's real."

The pendant begins to fire on the International Space Station, severing 4 of its 16 solar panels.

"Oh, boy, it's aliens!" exclaimed Steve.


But as hope may seem lost, an enormous Faustian-class starship emerges from the vortex. It is the USS Sunset Shimmer.

"We're saved!" cheered the astronauts.

At the bridge, Shoichet watches the pendant attack the ISS.

"Oh dear. They're attacking the International Space Station," she said with a worried look.

"By the way, we have arrived in the year 2014," chimed Bootsplash.

"Thank you, Ms. Bootsplash. Gorfilo, arm the geode torpedoes. Set frequency modulation to 450," ordered Shoichet in a stern tone.

"Torpedoes, ready, willing and able," replied the Klingon officer.

"Fire! And you, don't bring in that fire extinguisher again!" shouted Becky Ray.

The same Starfleet officer from earlier nodded.

The Sunset Shimmer fires 4 geode-enhanced torpedoes at the pendant ship. They hit the ship, sending the Aridaginatans down into the atmosphere.

"WOOOHOOO!" cheered the astronauts.

But unfortunately for the Sunset Shimmer, the pendant ship is going a city called Canterlot.

"Oh, man. The Aridaginatans are falling towards Canterlot! Why, Gorfilo, why!?" ranted Inat'p.

"Don't blame me! It's the captain's fault!" shouted Gorfilo.

"Enough!" Captain Shoichet interrupted.
"We'll need two away teams; one to repair the International Space Station, and one to protect Sunset Shimmer and her friends until the Aridaginatans have been defeated. Report to the transporter room at once."

"Aye, captain!" saluted the officers as they head to said room.

To be continued...