Journey through Alola

by darkmage1997

Chapter 16: Brooklet Hill Trial (Ultra Rewrite)

After their encounter with the mysterious Gladion, our heroes decided to stop off at the Pokémon Center before tackling the Brooklet Hill Trial, "Nurse Joy, can you please take care of my Pokémon?" Will asked, giving Nurse Joy his Pokeballs.

"Of course. We'll have them fighting fit for your trial," Nurse Joy replied. With that, Will went over to where his friends were seated at. They were talking about possible strategies that should be employed during the trial, while Toby was swapping Mawile out for Noibat at the PC.

"You're not going to use Mawile?" Luan asked.

"No. Nothing against her, but she doesn't exactly operate well in water," Toby replied, remembering an incident a while ago.

The other night,

"Ok guys, bath time!" Toby called. His Pokémon all eagerly jumped into the water, even Rockruff and Toby's Fire Type Pokémon. However, no sooner than they did, Mawile resurfaced, splashing and flailing, a panicked look on her face, as she leapt out of the bathtub. She was soon on her hands and feet, completely depressed, "I think I'll just wash you out of the bath tub," Toby said, comforting the Deceiver Pokémon.

"And that's pretty much what happened," Toby explained, as he got Noibat's Pokeball.

"So, you're saying Mawile has a slight case of aquaphobia, correct?" Lisa asked.

"Uh, sure?" Toby awkwardly replied.

"It just means Mawile feels immense feelings of discomfort or even fear of water," Lisa clarified.

"I just assume she can't swim," Toby replied.

"Well, those jaws she has on the top of her head would make swimming difficult," Lana commented.

"Right. So, rather than force her to face her fears, I'll just do it at her own pace," Toby added.

"Though I don't agree with that, it really isn't my call to make," Lynn commented.

"And yet, she constantly thinks beating me up classifies as toughening me up," Lincoln whispered to Lori and Lola, who both nodded disapprovingly at their sister's rough nature.

"So, anyway, what's your dude's plan for taking on the big boss?" Luna asked.

"Well, we know it's a Water Type. So, our best bet is going in with either Electric or Grass Types. And some Flying Pokémon can be helpful too," Will replied.

"So for my, I'll go in with Pikachu, Steenee, and Noibat," Toby said, as the first two aforementioned Pokémon leapt into his lap.

"Though it may not hurt to have Water Pokémon helping out as well," Silver Spoon commented, eyeing Marill and Brionne.

"And we also have those Pikachu we caught in Pikachu Valley," Fluttershy added.

"And we've all manner of Flying Pokémon besides Noibat," Will added.

"Like which ones?" Leni asked, unaware of Trumbeak sitting right next to her.

"Trumbeak and Hawlucha are both Flying Types. And we also have Magnemite, who can float," Silver Spoon replied.

"Alright, so we got a game plan," Will commented, as the bell went off, signaling his Pokémon were done healing, "I'll go collect my Pokémon, then we can head out," Will said, as received his Pokémon from Nurse Joy. With that, the group headed out to take on Brooklet Hill.

Our heroes found themselves walking along a plank bridge, as they began to enter Brooklet Hill. At the other side of the bridge, they saw a young girl with blue hair, bell bottomed pants, and a gold tiara in her hair, "Are you the group that Mallow told me about?" the girl asked.

"That's right. You must be Captain Lana," Will deduced.

"Indeed. I'm here to oversee your trial. Are you ready to begin?" Captain Lana asked.

"YES!" the four trainers replied, stepping forward.

Brooklet Hill Trial: Trial Goers: Will, Flora, Sylvia, and Toby

"Alright. Before we begin, I must give each of you this," Captain Lana said, fiddling around with the five ride pagers, "I've given each of you a Lapras that you can use to cross water," she explained.

"I assume we're going to use Lapras in our trial?" Toby asked.

"Indeed. Now then, follow me to the first part of your trial," Captain Lana replied, leading the large group down a path. They eventually arrived at a pond, where there was some vigorous splashing in two different parts of it, "As you can see, there are two areas with vigorous splashing. One of them is the result of a Pokémon called Wishiwashi. I want you to find Wishiwashi, and drive down stream," Captain Lana explained.

"That doesn't sound too hard," Will said, as they used their Ride Pagers to call Lapras. In a flash, four large, blue sauropod Pokémon with a darker blue shell, and a riding apparatus' appeared, "Alright, let's get going," he said, as the four trainers mounted their Lapras'.

"What kind of Pokémon are those?" Luna asked.

"Lapras, the Transport Pokémon, a Water and Ice Type. Once an endangered species, but thanks to protective services, there is now an overabundance of these gentle Pokémon. They are said to be as intelligent as any human," Rotom said, as the four trainers decided to split up. Will and Fluttershy went over to one of the splashes, while Toby and Silver Spoon investigated the other one. When they got close, two of two different Pokémon appeared. In front of Toby and Silver Spoon was a small, fish Pokémon, that looked like it was about to cry. The ones that Will and Fluttershy encountered were small, spider like Pokémon, that had bubbles for helmets, "Wishiwashi, the Small Fry Pokémon, a Water Type. When it feels threatened, it sends out a distress signal by flashing some light from it's eyes. Dewpider, the Water Bubble Pokémon, a Water and Bug Type. These Pokémon mostly live underwater, and only come out in search of food. It creates bubbles to help it breathe on land, and to protect it's soft head," Rotom said.

"Alright, let's do this. Magnemite, go!" Silver Spoon said, sending in Magnemite.

"Go, Steenee!" Toby said, sending out Steenee.

"Dartrix, go!" Will said, sending out Dartrix.

"Rockruff, go!" Fluttershy said, sending in Rockruff.

"Uh, Flora, you do realize that Rock Pokémon are weak against water, right?" Will asked.

"I know, but I want to give Rockruff a chance," Fluttershy declared. Will knew there was no way around it, so he just left it at that.

"Magnemite, use Thunder Shock!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magnemite then fired Thunder Shock at Wishiwashi, knocking it out in one move.

"Steenee, use Magical Leaf!" Toby instructed. Steenee then fired Magical Leaf at the other Wishiwashi, knocking it out as well.

"Alright Dartrix, circle around, and use Peck!" Will instructed. Dartrix then flew around, before charging beak first at the first Dewpider, knocking it out.

"Now Rockruff, use Rock Throw!" Fluttershy instructed. Rockruff then started flinging rocks at the other Dewpider, knocking it out.

"Not bad. Now on to the next pool," Captain Lana said, leading the non-trial goers down another path, around the first pool. The trial goers dismounted on the other side of the pool, and followed a different path down to the second pool, where the others were waiting. Unbeknownst to any of them, the shadows of Wishiwashi were swimming down the waterfalls.

"Ha! We got here first!" Lynn boasted.


"We keep telling you, it's not a contest!" Luna hissed, as she clenched her fist over her now unconscious sister.

"As you can see, there are more splashes over there," Captain Lana said, pointing towards the pool. Once more, the four trainers mounted Lapras, and proceeded to investigate. This time, it was Will and Fluttershy that encountered Wishiwashi, while Toby and Silver Spoon encountered Dewpider. Will and Silver Spoon sent in Dartrix and Magnemite again, while Toby and Fluttershy sent out Noibat and Trumbeak.

"Go Dartrix! Use Razor Leaf!" Will instructed. Dartrix then flung the leaves at one Wishiwashi, knocking it out.

"Trumbeak, use Bullet Seed!" Fluttershy instructed. Trumbeak's beak tip then opened up like lips, and it began firing seeds at the other Wishiwashi, knocking it out.

"Noibat, use Air Slash!" Toby instructed. Noibat then fired the saw blades of air at one Dewpider, knocking it out.

"Magnemite, use Thunder Shock!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magnemite then fired the electric blast at the other Dewpider, who was hanging on by a thread, figuratively and literally. it then fired a thread from it's mouth, wrapping around Magnemite, making it stumble while floating, "Hmm, that thread's going to make things difficult," she thought.

"Do you need any help?" Toby offered.

"Thanks sweetie pie, but I want to do this myself," Silver Spoon politely declined. Toby nodded in understanding, as Noibat perched itself on his shoulder.

"Magnemite, try to break free using Supersonic!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magnemite then fired off Supersonic, which was able to break away the thread, and confuse Dewpider, "Now, while it's confused, use Thunder Shock!" Silver Spoon instructed. Magnemite fired Thunder Shock once more, knocking out Dewpider.

"Well done. now, if you'll come this way," Captain Lana said, as she and the others were on the other side of the pool.

"HA! We got over here first!" Lynn boasted again.



"I just got done telling you, this isn't a contest!" Luna hissed, as she clenched her first, and Luan was holding a fairly large boulder, over their unconscious sister. Lana Loud then proceeded to drag Lynn along the ground, as they ventured down the path, followed by the four trainers, as they dismounted Lapras. All of a sudden, it began to rain.

"Ack! Not my hair!" Leni whined.

"In rainy weather, Water Type Moves are much stronger, and Fire Type Moves are a lot weaker. It is said that Brooklet Hill is home to the legendary Pokémon, said to be the embodiment of the sea, Kyogre," Captain Lana stated.

"Whoa, it's really home to such a Pokémon?!" Lori exclaimed.

"Kidding!" Captain Lana replied, sticking her tongue out in an anime like way. This caused everyone to fall over in a similar anime style, "But in all seriousness, this rain could be an omen," she stated, as they finally reached the largest pool yet.

"So, the Totem is somewhere in there, I presume," Will inquired.

"You guess right. It could be those Wishiwashi, come back for revenge, but you'll all need to check out that splashing over there," Captain Lana said, pointing to where the most vigorous splashing yet was occurring. With that, the four trainers once more mounted their Lapras, and went to investigate. However, as they neared the site, the rain got even heavier, and the water was getting relentless, as it was powerful enough to make the Lapras loose their ground. Lincoln then noticed a shadow forming near where they were just at. But, a larger shadow headbutted the first shadow, whish was just a bunch of Wishiwashi gathering together. As if that weren't enough, a massive spider Pokémon with a bubble over it's head emerged from the water.

"AHHHH! SPIDER!" Leni screamed, as she tried to run off, only run face first into a tree.

"What is that thing?!" Lola exclaimed.

"Araquanid, the Water Bubble Pokémon, a Water and Bug Type, and the evolved form of Dewpider! It has a habit of storing things it likes inside of it's bubble, so a trainer should be wary around this Pokémon," Rotom stated. Just then, a powerful aura erupted from Araquanid.

"So this guy's the Totem Pokémon. It may be stronger than all the other Pokémon here, but it is a Bug Type. Dartrix, go!" Will exclaimed, sending out Dartrix.

"Trumbeak, go in there too, please!" Fluttershy said, as Trumbeak flew in behind Dartrix.

"Go help them out Noibat!" Toby said, as Noibat took flight.

"Magnemite, we need your help too!" Silver Spoon said, as Magnemite joined the Flying Pokémon. Araquanid fired Bubblebeam at the four airborne Pokémon, who were doing their best to dodge.

"Noibat, use Air Slash!" Toby instructed. Noibat fired Air Slash at Araquanid, causing a lot of damage, but Araquanid was relentless, as it sprayed out the same sticky thread as before, wrapping up Dartrix, Magnemite, and Noibat, leaving only Trumbeak.

"Not good, Magnemite, return!" Silver Spoon said, trying to recall Magnemite, but the beam didn't work, "What gives?!" she exclaimed.

"It must be Spider Web! It's a move that prevents you from switching out Pokémon," Will explained.

"Looks like we're the only ones who can finish the trial now Trumbeak, so let's give it out all!" Fluttershy said, doing the pose for Flying Type Z Moves, enveloping Trumbeak in Z Power, "Ok Trumbeak, now's the time! Use Supersonic Skystrike!" Fluttershy instructed. Trumbeak then shot up into the air, before going into a nose dive at great speeds, before striking Araquanid. It tried to keep standing but was unable to, and fainted, "Yay! We won!" Fluttershy exclaimed, as Trumbeak flew back to her.

"Nice effort Noibat," Toby praised, giving Noibat a Pokebean.

"You did great too Dartrix," Will complimented, stroking Dartrix.

"Thanks for all you've done Magnemite," Silver Spoon said, holding Magnemite.

"Why are they praising their Pokémon? They hardly did anything!" Lynn snapped.




"Maybe you should just keep your mouth shut for you sake," Lincoln commented, as he held a rubber mallet, Luna clenched her fist, and Luan held the boulder from before over the unconscious athlete, as the four trial goers dismounted their Lapras again.

"Excellent work you four. You were able to take down the Araquanid that I took great care in raising with such ease. Well, fair is fair. You've earned these," Captain Lana said, handing each trial goer a shard of Waterium Z, "And if you want to unleash your Pokémon's Water Type Z Power, you should move your arms like this," she said, demonstrating the Water Type Z Move Pose. She waved her arms like water in one direction, then extending them in the opposite direction, "And here, take these with you too," she added, giving each trainer a fishing rod and a handful of Dive Balls, "That Fishing Rod is a Captain Lana special. Use them wisely with those Dive Balls to catch Water Pokémon," she explained. Just then, Araquanid approached them. Leni was trembling behind Lori. It then bellowed loudly. Out from the water leapt a few different Water Pokémon, ranging from orange weasels with yellow rings around their necks and lobsters with an oversized claw, to a large turtle and penguin Pokémon.

"Whoa, what's all this?" Will asked.

"My, my, this certainly is a surprise. It would seem that Araquanid is so impressed with each of your skills, that it wants each of you to take these Water Pokémon under your wings," Captain Lana explained.

"But they're not birds," Leni commented. Lori just patted the ditzy blonde on her head.

"Are you sure it's alright for us to just take them?!" Will exclaimed.

"Of course. The Pokémon have been waiting for someone to take them in, someone with kindness and compassion. Go ahead, you have the Totem's Blessings," Captain Lana urged. With no further questioning, each trainer caught their fair share of Water Type Pokémon, "By the way, did you know I once reeled in a red Gyarados?" she questioned.

"Did you really?" Luna questioned, sounding like she wasn't going to fall for the same trick twice. Captain Lana just laughed.

"Well, what do you think?" she asked incredulously, "Anyway, you've cleared the trial here. Shall I see you all back to the Pokémon Center?" Captain Lana offered.

"That would be great, thank you," Will replied. With that, Captain Lana led them out of Brooklet Hill.