Changeling Fate

by Nightmare Rift

Chapter 21: Fear

Night Crystal’s POV:
I wake up to the rising sun, and prepare myself to go put fear into Celestia and Luna. It is fun being a villian, especially knowing that the Elements of Harmony can’t stop me, and Celestia and Luna have no way to counter my dark magic. I plan to put more into Celestia then into Luna. Luna has been kinder, whereas Celestia has done nothing but make me angry at her since my return. I may choose to reveal Skylight to Luna. Not to Celestia though, since if she knew, it would give too much away for her. She would automatically know that I was the Changeling young that she let live after the war.

I teleport myself to Canterlot directly in front of the castle doors, and ask for one of the guards to escort me to Celestia and Luna who should be awaiting my arrival. He nods, pushes open the doors, and leads me to a room next to Celestia’s throne room. Since her current throne room currently has a sword in it that she seems to be unable to remove. Once we are in the room the guard leaves and I am left alone with the two princesses. “What did want to speak with us about?” asks Celestia.

“I wished to ask what you personally knew about The Pillars who trapped The Pony of Shadows in Limbo.”

“Not much, they were Starswirl the Bearded, Mistmane, Flash Magnus, Rockhoof, Somnambula, and Mage Meadowbrook. They each had a relic that symbolized their powers, much like the Elements of Harmony. They all still exist today, Luna knows the location of all of then except for Starswirl’s who no one knows where is. They trapped The Pony of Shadows into Limbo, sealing themselves inside as well. Twilight might be able to pull all of them out but that would require Starswirl’s object, which was his personal spell book. That is all that I know. Luna and I would never be able to pull a pony out of Limbo due to the consequences and toll it would have on us both physically and mentally.”

“Thee are bold to say that dear sister. Thy forget that we have already been exposed to dark magic, and now have control over it.”

“I recognize that Luna, but it is still ill advised for the sake of our leadership.”

“Thank you for your knowledge Celestia. I now need to speak to Luna in private so are you leaving or should we go somewhere else?” I ask, as I finish siphoning fear into Celestia. Luna countered my attempt at her with her own small amount of dark magic, so she was a failed attempt.

“We shall go to the Everfree Forest, for we do indeed have something important to discuss Night Crystal. If thee is ready we shall go now.”

“I am ready Luna.”

As we appear in the Everfree Forest, I feel a blade pressed to my throat. I can do nothing but laugh.

“What are you? For you are no Alicorn as far as I am concerned.”

“What Celestia fears I am,” I say changing into my Changeling form, remarking at her sudden normal language. “My name is Skylight. I am the one Changeling young that you and Celestia let live after the War of Crystal. So now that you know, what do you think?” I continue with a blade still pressed to my throat.

“I think that I am okay with this, but that does not explain the fear siphoning. Although my idiotic sister didn’t notice, I did. So what is that about?”

“An experiment nothing more. Could you remove your sword from my throat? Or are we going to have a sword fight?” I say chuckling.

“Can you remove the fear?” she says, removing the sword at my throat.

“Yes, if I choose.”

“Good, and as for that sword fight. Maybe at a later date. For now, you must stop this experimentation. I demand it, and even though you are a Changeling, you still have to obey my orders.”

“Not necessarily. Last I checked the Changelings operate independently of the rest of Equestria. They follow the Crystal Empire more than you or Celestia.”

“While that is true, it is still part of Equestria even though we gave it to Cadence to rule.”

“I suppose, but I am tired of arguing so let’s be done with this.”

“Agreed. If I should find out that you are still lying to me, be prepared for that fight. Good day Skylight.”

“Good day Princess Luna.” I say dipping my head and then taking off towards home.

I arrive at home and decide that I will take a break from villainy for now. Let everything die down, and try to lay low. Have a normal holiday or two. I need to start finding gifts and then wrapping them all in preparation for Hearth’s Warming.