Don We Now Our Gay Apparel

by TheNewYorkBrony

Chapter 1

Thirty minutes. That's how long Rainbow Dash had been staring at Rarity from across the room. Was that creepy? Hell yeah that was creepy. Of course it was creepy. It was stalker creepy. It was ‘im-watching-you-from-your-bushes’ stalker creepy. But creepy be damned she couldn't stop staring at the alabaster girl. With her stupid perfect hair, and her stupid perfect face, and those stupid, plump, kissable—Whoa. She was zoning out again.

Though she didn't think any of her friends would notice, since the Canterlot High Ugly Sweater Christmas party was in full swing. Courtesy of Pinkie, of course.

Giant cardboard gingerbread men lined the walls of the gym, some looking like they've seen better days as their intended use as boxes than hastily made decorations.

Paper snowflakes were taped to the bleachers, snowflakes that she and the girls had spent an entire week everyday after school sitting around cutting out. And while her hand was cramped the next few mornings from the dozens upon dozens of grade school level snowflakes, she had to admit, they had done a pretty good job.

Rarity, with her flare for fashion and colors, helped decorate too; her Winter Wonderland barely coming to life with the help of her friends and a few other students. She wanted a sophisticated ball, one with ice sculptures and waltzing, but once Pinkie had showed her the budget that Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna had set aside for them, she knew she'd be better off leaving that idea waltzing in her dreams.

Still, they had all come together and made it work, making the best of what they had.

Rainbow admired her for that. The ability to adapt to a situation in an instant, taking charge when it was needed. And boy was it needed. Without her, the gym would have been filled with glitter and tinsel courtesy of, of course, Pinkie Pie.

The slight tap on her shoulder jolted Rainbow back into the present, and she turned to see Sunset smirking at her, with a shy Twilight Sparkle flanking her side.

The gaudy Bah-hum-Pug sweater she had on made Rainbow Dash snort as she accepted a cup of punch from her.

“So,” The older girl said with a smirk, starting the conversation. “Are you going to go over there. or are you going to continue to stand here and act like no one sees you leaving a drool puddle on the floor?” She laughed as Dash self-consciously wiped the side of her mouth.

“Haha,” Rainbow retorted dryly. “Very funny.” She glanced over at the fashionista again and sighed. “You wouldn't get it. I can't just go up to her and tell her. That's like, suicide.”

“Oh?” Sunset asked, raising a brow. How so?”

Rainbow cocked her head, wondering if the bacon haired guitarist was being serious or not. “Because we're on like, completely different wavelengths?! She's all like, a goddess, and I'm like, not!”

Sunset blinked, not understanding Rainbow’s logic. “And?”

And you and Twilight are different! You guys have your nerdy nerd stuff and magic! I've got nothing to talk about with her! We have nothing in common!” Rainbow complained, folding her arms over her melting snowman sweater.

“But you still love her right? So what does that matter?” Twilight asked, pulling on her ugly ‘Oh Chemis-tree!’ sweater. “At least let her know how you feel,”

“And how do I do that?” Dash asked her skeptically.

Sunset put an arm around her best friend and grinned. “Two words. Mistletoe kiss.”

Dash wiggled out from under her arm with a frown. “You're joking,” She deadpanned.

Sunset shook her head. “Pinkie’s been going around with it all night. You would have noticed had you not been drooling over Rarity,” She teased, taking a sip from her cup.

Rainbow rolled her eyes. “Har, har.”

“But still, it's a foolproof plan. Talk her up, I'll tell Pinkie to make her rounds again, and once she gets to you guys, you hit her with the one, two and then bam, insta kiss.” Sunset explained, pounding her fist into her other hand. “But none of this is going to work if you don't go over there and open your damn mouth!”

“W-What do I say?!” Rainbow panicked, her voice cracking as Sunset pushed her over to where Rarity was standing, talking to Fluttershy.

“Think of something! Anything to stall for time!” Sunset responded, giving her one last shove that had her bump into Rarity, who she nearly dropped her drink on.

“Uh,” Rainbow started, looking like a deer in headlights. “Hi.”

“Hello, Rainbow Dash. Are you enjoying the party?” Rarity greeted with a friendly smile.

Damn it all. That smile was going to be the death of her. She had seen it many times before, and even thought about it being used in a different context. But thinking about things like that in this moment would do nothing but make things more awkward than they already were.

“Yeah, it's pretty awesome!” Rainbow squeaked, wincing at how her voice had cracked. She hoped Rarity hadn’t noticed it.

If the fashionista had, she didn’t seem to show it. “It’s all thanks to you darling, and the girls of course! I have no idea how Pinkie and I would have pulled this off without you all!”

“It’s no problem Rares, really,” Rainbow Dash insisted. She hoped the other girl couldn’t see her blush under the dim lights of the gym. There was an awkward beat of silence before Rainbow tried to save the conversation. “So...I heard some Crystal Prep kids are here. Are you still interested in that Trender guy?”

Rarity giggled heartily. “Oh goodness no,” She responded, waving her hand at the subject as if it was so absurd she had to shoo it away. “He was dreadfully nonathletic and boring. Can’t even say what I saw in him really,” she sighed, absentmindedly taking a sip of her drink.

“So...that means you’re not with anyone?” Rainbow asked, preparing herself for the inevitable ‘no’. Rarity was a popular girl after all.

Rarity blinked, completely ignoring her question. “Darling, are you aware that your lip is bleeding?”

“What?!” Dash put a hand to her mouth to confirm that she was indeed bleeding from her lip. She had been so nervous that she didn’t even realize she had bit down hard enough to draw blood!

“Is something the matter, Rainbow Dash?” Rarity asked in a concerned tone, putting a hand on her shoulder.

Even with all that itchy wool fabric between them, Rainbow could feel her slender fingers pressing against her skin.

Indeed she was most likely the fastest person on earth, but she surmised that her brain was far faster, because she couldn’t stop herself from imagining the hand currently on her shoulder being put to use elsewhere.

A light blush crept onto Dash’s face as she tried to wave the thought from her mind. “Y-Yeah, I’m awesome,” she responded, her voice cracking. “I just...uh....I kinda had something I really wanted to talk to you about?”

“Did you?” Rarity asked, her eyebrows raising. “Well, I’m all ears darling,” she added,  giving the other girl a reassuring smile.

“Uh...” Rainbow wasn’t exactly sure how to start the conversation, nor did she know where do go with it if she successfully started it. What should she say? What could she say? She hadn’t exactly prepared for this moment. She had been thrusted into it by Sunset Shimmer, who, unlike Rainbow, could probably get any girl she wanted.

Sunset’s confidence was pure, unfiltered and real.

Rainbow wouldn’t admit it, but most of her bravado was a concoction of insecurities and an overblown ego. In other words, Sunset could put her money where her mouth was.

Rainbow, could not.

“Uh...” Rainbow tried again, her heart beating in her ears. Where was Pinkie? What was taking her so long? She couldn’t keep this up much longer!

“Dashie, you’re sweating,” Rarity commented, moving the hand from her shoulder to Rainbow’s forehead. “You’re almost as red as a tomato too. Did you suddenly come down with a fever?”

“No,” Rainbow responded quickly, gulping down the remains of her punch. “I’m just...nervous,” she responded, her eyes trailing a familiar pink poof of hair.

The crowd around them cheered and hollered as the mistletoe was hung above an unsuspecting couple you then had no choice to kiss, much to the amusement of the other students.
“What was that?” Rarity asked, standing on her tippy toes to look over the crowd.

Rainbow panicked suddenly, her mind body acting before her mind could. She grabbed Rarity’s arm and pulled her attention away from all the commotion. “Nothing, someone probably doing something stupid,” she said quickly, making the alabaster girl face her once again.

This was getting awkward, and if she didn’t get to the point soon, she’d have a whole lot of explaining to do when Pinkie reached them with that mistletoe.

Sighing, Rainbow ran a hand through her hair. She supposed it was now or never. “Look, Rarity, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while,” she closed her eyes, not wanting to see the negative reaction to what she was about to say. “Rarity, I like you. Like, really like you. I want you to be my girlfriend.”

When her eyes had opened, the expression she saw on Rarity’s face was not one of amusement, nor was it of disgust, but surprisingly of astonishment.

Taking that as a sign to continue, she did. “You’re smart, and pretty, and you smell nice. Kind of like a flower shop you know?” Rainbow added, scratching her cheek, blushing. “I’ve been into you for a while, I just...I just didn’t know how to tell you. Sunset’s actually the one who pushed me to do it tonight,”

She jabbed a finger in the direction of the redhead who raised her cup with a smirk.

Rainbow smiled back faintly before turning back to Rarity. “I know I’m not exactly your type, I’m all trophies and dirt and you’re all fashion and makeup,” she rambled on. “I just...really want to—”

Rainbow didn’t get to finish her sentence as Rarity pressed her lips against hers, silencing her. It took her by surprise, but she melted into the kiss, wrapping her arms around the other girl. She felt Rarity smirk when the fashionista pulled away.

“Try us? Sure, why not,” Rarity answered, the smirk growing. “Oh, and thank you Pinkie darling! I was wondering when she was going to shut up,”

“Wh—” Rainbow turned to see Pinkie Pie standing beside her, holding up the mistletoe.

“Took her long enough,” Pinkie jested, rolling her eyes playfully. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Congrats On Becoming A Couple Christmas Party to plan,” she said, seemingly disappearing into the crowd.

Rainbow groaned as Rarity laughed, laying her head on her new girlfriend’s shoulder.

It was going to be a busy Christmas indeed.