Changeling Fate

by Nightmare Rift

Chapter 16: A Dark Forbidden Dance

Night Crystal’s POV:
I land down by a stream and take a drink, purifying it with my magic as it rushes down my throat. I wander for a while, eventually ending up at the ruins of the Castle of the Two Sisters, thinking about how my whole life almost came crashing down in front of me. I never should have gone to the Gala knowing that Discord was going to be there. He was the reason for the breakdown of my happy, ignorant facade. He was the one that allowed all of the news ponies to know who I was and how I supposedly loved attention. He knew all along what I was, but he only helped right as I became vulnerable, on the verge of using dark magic. Although, his interruption may have made me able to get away. He was the one that orchestrated the chaos in the first place. Speaking of the devil, “Discord! I think you know why I am hiding in this forest. You know that I have Sombra’s dark magic, making me more powerful than Celestia. I think you have known since you first met me,” I yell as I change back into my Changeling form.

“I have known, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see how this pans out. I am quite amazed that you have made it this far, only revealing it to Zecora and Twilight. I just love when ponies lie to Celestia. All the more entertaining for me. Haha! Although, I must admit, I am truly sorry for any pain I may have caused. You didn’t deserve to have those ponies swarm you.”

“Just don’t tell anypony about this Discord. What was with the vision? I-”

“I didn’t show you a vision. That was some other creature’s doing, not mine. I don’t even have the power to change the scene around somepony, I can only slightly alter it. I’ll leave that up to you to figure out.”

“Well fine. I have a plan, but I must do it my own way, without interference from any of your own plans,” I say firmly, knowing very well that I don’t have a plan yet.

“Of course. I look forward to seeing your plan play out. Have a nice day,” he says, disappearing with a grin on his face.

Once Discord leaves, I prepare to face the dark, deep, alluring voice coming from within my own mind.

“My time spent away has made you near the same age as me, since I don’t age while in Limbo. When you let me out of this infernal prison, you could be my Queen, and I be your King.”

“I would enjoy that, but I must plan this on my own. Did you show me the vision? What was it about?” I say out loud, even though the voice is in my head.

“What will happen if you don’t plan correctly. The shadow was you, not me. Even I am not that heartless, as much as some disagree.”

“I understand now, thank you.” I look up to see Rainbow Dash’s sonic rainboom spread across Equestria. Regretfully, it might be the last one I ever see her perform when she is in good graces with everypony around her.  

I wander around the Castle of the Two Sisters until just before midnight, and then journey back to the balcony of the ballroom. I peek my head in to see two royal guards leaving, locking the doors behind them. Good, I think, it means I can have my dance in peace. I open the balcony door all the way and summon up the spirit of Sombra. He takes form in front of me and he looks at me like he always did when I was a young Changeling. Although his appearance is wispy looking, he is as solid as the ground under my hooves, but only for about 10 minutes. Just enough time for a slow dance and some conversation. I make some slow music play in the room, change into my true form, and rest my head on Sombra’s shoulder. I can feel his gaze settling on my black insect like mane. I relax and let myself enjoy the company of this stallion. This is the only way for me to get my craving of dancing out, even if it is with the dark magic procurement of Sombra and not the real living version. “Is this how it was supposed to be? If you won the war, would I have grown up in the Crystal Empire as your daughter?”

“Hmm, I think so. You were an amazing adoptive daughter, and here you stand today, knowing dark magic. So yes, I think you would have, and then maybe someday, when I and whoever I made Queen grew old, you would have become Queen. You are a smart mare, and once ponies know your lie, I hope they can forgive you. You had a good reason for hiding who you are, and you deserve respect. With or without dark magic, you are a pony to be reckoned with,” he pauses, shuddering. “It is time for me to go. Remember, I will always be with you, even when you seem alone. Goodbye my darling.”

“Goodbye Sombra,” I say and let him fade away. I sit in the ballroom and quietly cry. I miss him very much. I plan to sneak more of these moments in, but unfortunately they can only be performed at midnight. So they may be hard to come by if I want to be able to fully function the next day. I fly back home, take off my dress, hang it up in my closet, and see that Nightlock is sleeping in my bed. I gently pick him up and cuddle him. I told him before I left for the Gala that two days later we were going to visit Celestia and see the castle. I climb into bed and cover us both up with a blanket.