The Secret Life of Rarity

by BronyWriter

Sister and Parents

Five Years Later

Rarity awoke to the sound of birds chirping and the wonderful smell of apple pancakes being made on the stove wafting into her nose. The fragrant aroma helped wake her up as she imagined the tasty delights to come. She got out of her bed and stretched before spending a few moments to put her mane in her favorite style. It was being particularly difficult this morning as she had slept on it wrong. She had to pick up her curling iron, something she only used for hair emergencies, to get it to curl right. After a few minutes of what she would dramatically describe as combat with her hair, she finally managed to subdue her difficult curls so that they resembled something like how she normally styled her mane.

She harrumphed at her mane, but stopped for a brief moment to admire her cutie mark of three shining blue gems. She had received it only a few weeks after taking care of those nasty little foals five years ago. As such, she did not think it was mere coincidence that she had three gems on her flank. Three gems for three little foals dead by her hooves.

She giggled at the thought of her first kills, and how young and foolish she had been back then. It was still a surprise to her that she hadn't been caught. If the rainstorm hadn't come along to wash her creek clean of any taint, she would almost certainly have been found out. No, she was much more careful these days.

She sighed happily as she reached under her bed for her special box. It was nothing special on the outside, just a small container carved from an oak tree. Any outsider would wonder what the significance was. As a matter of fact, the contents would be a mystery to any snoopers too.

Rarity used her magic to lift the lid, revealing nothing more than a simple rock. She placed the box down and lovingly lifted the rock out of its resting place with her magic. She walked over to the center of her room where there was a clear spot on the floor. There was always a clear spot for her as she kept her room spotless at all times. Not much had changed in the last five years in terms of her cleanliness. If anything, thanks to her secret activities, she was much more into cleanliness than she was when she had made her first kills.

However, Rarity was thirteen now and had certainly gotten better at her craft. She raised the rock into the air and swung it down as hard as she could. It hit only air this time, but she would never forget the moments in time when the rock had connected with pony skulls. Giggling again, she gently put the rock on the floor next to her. She summoned the box closer and sat down. This was a ritual she had performed many, many times, and she always loved it. She was a big believer in taking pride in ones work, and the records of hers were the things she treasured most. She took the second item out of the box; it was a piece of wood that fit perfectly into the bottom. She pulled it out and examined it in her hooves. It was a perfectly carved square piece of wood with obvious exceptions; the square had nine gash marks in it. Nine gash marks, nine ponies.

She leaned back against her bed and ran her hoof down the marks. A teenaged couple walking in the woods. A new student who had called Cheerilee an idiot and was lured to Rarity's creek with the promise of meeting a classmate he had a crush on. A drunk stallion that was walking home alone one night. All had fallen to rock or knife, though, most of the kills were in recent years. Goodness knows she couldn't kill a full grown stallion at age nine.

She put the murder tally down and picked up the box. It was special to her, too. Both it and the piece of wood were carved from a fallen tree from her creek. The creek itself was still as beautiful as ever for her. It was her place to be alone with her thoughts. It was how she kept herself so thoughtful and organized. Everypony should have a spot like that, she mused.

As she twirled the counter in her hooves, further examining her marks, she took a deep breath. "Rarity... do you ever regret doing this? If you're ever caught then you will be killed."

Rarity scoffed and placed the counter back in her box. "No, I don't think so." Rarity giggled and placed the rock back in the box and snapped the lid shut. "It just makes me feel so alive!"

Rarity stretched her neck and shoved the box back under her bed. She fired up her horn and levitated a thick pile of newspaper clippings held together with a paper clip. She took the paper clip off of the clippings and began leafing through. "Besides, the results are far too interesting. I do this enough to feel good, but not so much that anypony suspects foul play."

She lifted up the first clipping, smiling at it fondly.

The funeral was held today for the three missing foals, two of whom were found dead in the Everfree Forest last week. Investigators believe that they were playing there and were attacked by timberwolves. Authorities urge the residents of Ponyville to stay away from the forest so that we may avoid such tragedies in the future.

The entire town gathered at Town Hall where the newly elected mayor gave a speech about what happened, saying that the community needs to band together during this time. Sources state that the parents of the filly, whose body was not found, are moving out of Ponyville.

A group of schoolfoals were interviewed after the funeral, and it is clear that the deaths of their classmates have affected them. "I feel really bad about them dying," said a crying foal named Cheerilee. "They didn't have to die!"

Rarity scoffed and shook her head. "I think I did you all a great service," she muttered. Rarity adjusted the clipping in her grasp.

Another of their classmates named Rarity was equally distraught saying, "We didn't like each other that much, but I didn't want them to die! Nopony deserves having that happen to them."

Rarity put the article down and giggled. It was such a marvelous performance. She even got a few tears in there.

Rarity put the clipping back on the pile and secured them with the paper clip again. She pushed the clippings back under the bed and pulled out a thick green book. She brushed some dust off of the cover and opened it to the first page.

Equestria's Monsters: Pony Serial Killers Throughout the Ages

Rarity grinned to herself and flipped open to one of the pages she had marked with a piece of cloth. No reason to not do a little light reading before breakfast if she was reminiscing.

The Canterlot Killer was a serial killer who rampaged throughout the capital city of Equestria seven hundred years into the sole reign of Princess Celestia. The first victim was discovered disemboweled in an alleyway a few blocks from the castle. All identifying marks such as teeth, mane, and cutie marks had been removed, making identifying the pony difficult.

Over the next eight years, thirteen such ponies were found disemboweled in alleyways close to the palace. It took using three of the palace's servants as bait for the Canterlot Killer to finally be captured eight years to the day after his first kill. Four days later, Princess Celestia herself publicly executed him by beheading.

Rarity clicked her tongue and turned the page. There was no need to have a traceable M.O. The only thing that should matter to a good serial killer was body count. Rarity's mind wandered back to her counter under her bed. Nine kills in five years. She'd beat the Canterlot Killer's body count yet.

A loud knock on her door brought her out of her daydreaming of times past as her mother called from the other end. "Rarity, breakfast is ready!"

"Coming!" said Rarity in a sing-song voice. She placed the book back under her bed and stood up. Rarity walked down the stairs of the house humming a merry tune. She was glad to have an upstairs room now. When she had gotten her cutie mark and found the stash of gems in the rock, another thing she thought was no coincidence thanks to her experience a few weeks prior, she and her parents were able to afford a lovely house in the main Ponyville area. It had been a house that was only available because a couple grieving the violent death of their daughter had moved out. Rarity laughed at the irony of it all.

She reached the bottom step and trotted over to the table where her mother and father were happily gazing into each others eyes. Each plate had a stack of apple pancakes on it. Rarity then levitated her silverware and dug into the pancakes. "Good morning, Mother. Good morning, Father. How are things with you this fine day?"

Rarity lifted her first bit to her mouth, but mother gently put her hoof on her daughter's shoulder. "Actually, before you dig in to this breakfast your father cooked, we have something very important to talk to you about."

Rarity cocked her head and put her fork down. "Why, Mother, whatever is the matter?" Her eyes shifted over to her parents who were still gazing into each others eyes. Something was off, that much was certain. They were never this open about their relationship at the breakfast table. No, they had something to say and it was going to be something big. "M-Mother I─"

"You're going to have a new little brother or sister, Rarity," said her father.

Rarity's jaw dropped. "There... there is going to be a new foal in the family? I'm going to be getting a new sibling?" Rarity sharply inhaled. "Mother, I... I don't even know what to say!"

"Your Mother's due in five months. Are you surprised?"

"Am I ever!" said Rarity.

Rarity's mother cocked her head. "Uh... are you happy?"

Rarity only had to think about the answer for a brief moment. "Am I ever!" she cried. She jumped up into the air with a squeal of delight and threw her forelegs around her mother. "Oh this is so wonderful! I can't wait to find out if it's a colt or a filly!"

"Based on the statistics... probably filly," her father muttered.

Rarity paid no heed to the comment and instead went over and hugged him too. "I'm sure we'll all be very happy either way."

She sat back down and began eating her pancakes. As she ate, she realized just how perfect life was for her. She had loving parents. Her gem finding spell meant that she was financially secure for life. Her clothes making skills were getting better each day, and she was already in a position to buy up an old building in town for the business she was planning to create. Nopony in Equestria suspected that she was well on her way to becoming the deadliest serial killer in history. Best of all, she had a new brother or sister coming.

Yes, life was beautiful.

* * * *

Rarity deeply exhaled and continued her pacing. Her family had been sitting down to dinner when her mother had gone into labor. Her father rushed her into the hospital, and she had been wheeled in to the E.R. Rarity groaned and looked over at the clock. That had all been six hours ago! She could only sit in the waiting room and count the seconds until someone came to get her.

She sighed and surveyed the spotless waiting room to see if there was maybe a fashion magazine in there that she could read while she waited. Her eyes landed on a stack of magazines lying on a table a few chairs away, and she trotted over to them and started searching for one she hadn't read yet. She groaned after a few seconds of searching. Nothing new was in the stack. One of them was so old that the fashion trends it had advertised had gone out of style. Taffeta capes indeed. Rarity chuckled at the silliness of it.

She did find one that she had enjoyed earlier in the week about an up-and-coming designer named Hoity Toity. Rarity was always eager to get news on him as he was well on his way to becoming the most influential designer in Canterlot, a title that Rarity dreamed that she would one day hold. She picked the magazine up and began leafing through it again.

However, before she could engross herself in the magazine entirely, she heard the most unbecoming voice behind her. "Well howdy do there, miss. You here waitin' on someone?"

Rarity glanced behind her and saw an orange pony with long blonde hair that was tied back in a ponytail with gaudy red hairbands. She had three apples as a cutie mark and seemed to be about Rarity's age. The mare had a large smile plastered over her face, but there seemed to be something a little... forced about it. It was a little too wide and didn't quite reach her eyes.

Rarity decided to ignore that for now and she cleared her throat. "Well, considering I am in a hospital waiting room, I think one can reasonably think the answer is yes," she said a little more coldly than she intended, but the other pony didn't seem to notice.

"Ah thought so." The mare extended one of her hooves in greeting. "The name's Applejack."

Rarity subtly examined the proffered hoof. It was cracked and dry, not to mention caked with mud from whatever kind of farm work this pony did. Rarity gingerly lifted up her hoof and shook Applejack's. "Oh yes, how do you do?" She forced her own smile. "My name is Rarity." After a quick shake of Applejack's hoof, she surreptitiously wiped hers on the foreleg rest of her chair.

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you, Rarity," said Applejack with a warm smile. "What's goin' on with you?"

Rarity flinched back as Applejack's loud voice surged through her ears, and she felt her dislike of the pony continue to rise. It wasn't because she was dirty, although there was that too, but she was just so loud and pushy. Rarity made a mental note to remember Applejack for... later events.

Rarity forced a smile on her face and motioned over to the double doors leading to the E.R. "Well, my mother is in the delivery room giving birth to my new brother or sister."

"Well congratulations!" Applejack cried. She seized Rarity's hoof in both of hers and began shaking it vigorously. Her smile even flashed with a little sincerity for the briefest of moments.

Rarity's forced smile slipped into a pained grimace, and she pulled her hoof out of Applejack's grip. "Yes, thank you, Applejack. What are you doing here exactly if I may ask?"

Immediately, all of the happiness and vigor left Applejack's face as her forced smile fell. "Well, mah Ma and Pa were just in a carriage accident. They were crossin' the street and somepony didn't secure their carriage right. It rolled down the hill where it was positioned and..." Applejack's lower jaw wobbled and a pair of tears streaked down her face. "It hit 'em both. It was about ta hit me, but mah pa pushed me outta the way before it did. It hit him, and Ma couldn't get outta the way fast enough either. The docs 'round here are doin' their best to patch 'em up."

Rarity gave a fake gasp and put on the mask of sorrow that she had become so adept at wearing during tragedies. "Oh my goodness! That's horrible. Are they going to be alright?"

Applejack merely shrugged. "That's the worst part," she mumbled. "Ah hate not knowin'."

Rarity extended a hoof and put it on Applejack's shoulder. "I'm sure they'll both be no worse for wear in no time at all."

Applejack gave a small smile and wiped away her tears. "That's mighty kind of ya to say, Rarity. M-mighty kind indeed."

Applejack's tears started anew and she threw her hooves over Rarity's shoulders and pulled her into a bear hug. "Ah'm so scared for them!"

Rarity immediately stiffened up at this, but she still put a small bit of effort into wrapping one of her forelegs around Applejack waist as a sort of awkward hug. "I'm sure it will be fine," she said in her best attempt at a soothing voice.

"Thanks," said Applejack who continued to cry into Rarity's shoulder for a few more minutes. After a short while, Applejack managed to regain control and broke off the hug. "Ah... Ah'm sorry fer dumpin' on ya like that. Ah hardly know ya, and here Ah am tellin' you mah worst problems."

Rarity waved away Applejack's words. "It's no trouble," Rarity reassured her, despite the fact that she believed it was trouble for sure. "This awful thing is happening and you want to let it out."

Before Applejack could respond, a doctor came through the door to the waiting room. "Which one of you is Rarity?" he asked, surveying the two ponies.

Rarity bolted up, eager to be away from this sad mess of a pony. "I am, sir!" She had said that perhaps a little too fast, but Applejack didn't notice.

The doctor nodded and beckoned for Rarity to follow him and she eagerly rushed over to his side. "What happened, doctor? Are they okay?"

"Your mother and your new baby sister are doing just fine. You can go see them now. They're in room 12-A, just down the hall."

Rarity's ears perked up and a wide smile spread across her face. "S... sister?"

The doctor returned the smile. "Yes indeed. Congratulations, Rarity, you have a new baby sister."

Rarity jumped up and gave a shout of joy before bolting down to room 12-A. She burst through the doors and saw her mother holding a tiny bundle with her father's front legs wrapped over her shoulders. Rarity rushed over to her mother's side and saw the tiny filly in her arms. She was the same shade of white that Rarity herself was, and she had a pink and purple striped mane complete with a tiny horn on top of her head.

Rarity's mother gently nuzzled the tiny filly. "Isn't she just the most precious thing you've ever seen?" she whispered.

Rarity's eyes filled with tears of joy and she stroked her sister's mane. "Yes! Yes she is!"

Her mother extended her front legs and hoofed the newborn over to Rarity. Rarity gingerly sat on the floor and cradled her new sister. The unicorn foal shifted slightly in her blankets, but otherwise remained asleep. Rarity smiled fondly at her and kissed her on the head before looking up at her parents. "What's her name?"

"Well, we actually haven't thought of a name yet," said her father. "We were hoping for a little bit of input from you."

"Well, she's just a little sweetie, isn't she?" Rarity cooed. "I think that should be a part of her name, don't you think?" At that exact moment, a bell began to ring in the distance from the Ponyville Tower signifying that it was eleven o'clock at night. "Bell... Belle. Belle with an 'e' at the end means beauty, doesn't it? How about Sweetie Belle?" She looked expectantly up at her parents, both of whom smiled back at her.

"I think that's a wonderful name," said her mother. A doctor beside them nodded and went off to go make the birth certificate.

"Yes, Sweetie Belle," said Rarity softly. "My baby sister Sweetie Belle." Rarity relished this perfect moment in time and she almost wished it could go on forever. The doctor did trot back into the room after a few minutes, putting Sweetie Belle's birth certificate in a manila folder.

"I'm sorry, you three, but I'm afraid that one of you needs to go home for the night. Visiting hours are over, and the hospital only allows for one of you to stay with the patients."

Rarity nodded and gave her sister back to her mother. "I suppose that would be my cue to leave."

"Are you going to be okay, Rarity?" her father asked. "It's really dark out."

"I'll be fine, Father," Rarity assured him. "It's not like a small town such as Ponyville is dangerous, even at night. Besides, I've stayed by myself at home many times. You know that." Rarity stood up and motioned over to her mother and sister. "Your place is here with Mother and my new sister."

Rarity kissed Sweetie Belle's forehead one more time before walking out of the room.

As Rarity skipped down the hall, she hummed a happy tune and squealed in joy every now and again. "I have a baby sister!"

As she passed by one of the rooms, a noise entered her ears that sounded a lot like crying. She screeched to a halt and frowned. Yes, somepony was crying. In fact, the crying sounded vaguely familiar now that she thought on it. She swiveled her ear to see if she couldn't pinpoint the location of the sorrow. It seemed as if it was coming from the room right in front of her.

Upon further investigation of the door, she saw that it was slightly open and debated with herself for a moment. "You really shouldn't be snooping, Rarity," she muttered to herself. She began walking away before turning back with an eager grin. "Oh, but it's so much fun, Rarity!" She opened the door another inch and glanced in.

When she saw what was inside, her stomach clenched and she almost shut the door. She saw Applejack inside, her hooves wrapped around a sorrowful looking doctor. He was the same one who had gotten Rarity to tell her that her sister had been born. Applejack was weeping openly into his shoulder. Behind the two of them were two beds with two ponies covered by large white sheets. On a bedside table next to the closer body was a worn down Stetson hat. The doctor was muttering something to Applejack, trying to get her at least a little calm.

After a few minutes of this, Applejack managed to gain a little control and she broke away from the doctor. She walked over to the bed on the right and kissed the head of the pony underneath. "G... goodnight Ma," she said before walking over to the other bed. She repeated the action. "Goodnight Pa, Ah'll see you two... l-later then."

It seemed to Rarity that she was about to collapse on the ground and cry like a little foal, not that Rarity would have blamed her for such an action, but Applejack retained a surprising amount of control given the situation. Still, a few more tears flowed from her eyes as she began walking towards the door. Rarity was about to move, but saw that Applejack had stopped. Applejack walked over to the bedside table and grabbed the Stetson off of the table and placed it on her head. She turned towards the doctor. "Thanks for everythin', doc. Ah know ya did all ya could."

As Rarity moved away from the door, she was surprised to discover that she almost felt sorry for Applejack. She had seen this, of course. Her victims' families would act this way whenever their love ones would disappear, but for the first time, Rarity felt a small tear of her own roll down her face.

She continued trotting down the hall. "Should I kill Applejack, Rarity?" she whispered almost inaudibly. "I can't imagine what it would be like growing up without Mother and Father. If I reunited Applejack with her parents it would be a kindness to her."

She nodded to herself. "Yes, Rarity. It would be very kind to her indeed."

As she walked down the halls of the hospital trying to find an exit so she could plan for her attack on Applejack, she heard her name being called. She turned to see Applejack standing behind her. "Oh, hello, Applejack."

Applejack's mouth moved shakily, but no words came out. Then she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "H-hey, Rarity. How's yer mother? Did you get yer new brother or sister okay?"

"Oh... um, yes. My mother fine, as is my new baby sister. They're resting now." Applejack nodded and Rarity saw her jaw quiver once more. Applejack let loose a solitary sob and quickly pulled her hat over her eyes. Rarity slowly trotted over to the distraught pony and put a comforting hoof on her shoulder. "How are you, Applejack? I heard about your parents."

"Ah'm doin'..." Applejack took a deep breath and continued staring at the floor. "Look, Ah know this is too much to ask, seein' as how Ah hardly know you and all, but would you mind walkin' me home tonight? Ah... Ah gotta talk to somepony right now or Ah'll go nuts."

The corners of Rarity's mouth gently turned up in a smile. She knew just the spot to do it if she could just get Applejack there. She settled for giving Applejack a half-hug. "Of course, darling. You go ahead and talk about whatever you need to and I'll listen."

Applejack thanked Rarity and the two began walking towards Applejack's house. During the whole journey, Applejack talked about her parents. She talked about her favorite memories with them, how she hoped they were in a better place, and how she hoped they were proud of her. All the while, Rarity was leading Applejack to a spot in the woods where she often took victims for their final moments. Applejack was so wrapped up in everything that had happened to her that she didn't even notice. She just continued to blindly followed Rarity's lead.

Applejack continued to talk about her parents as the duo walked onwards, with Rarity chiming in with a comforting word every now and again, but Rarity's mind was really on how close they were to their destination. Just a little closer now, and this poor pony would see her parents again.

As they neared the spot, Rarity picked up a rock with her magic to use. Rocks were always messier than Rarity liked, but she hadn't had time to prepare anything else, so it would just have to do. Applejack didn't even notice that she was being led to her death; she just stared at the ground and kept talking. Rarity brought the rock closer, moving it in position for the kill. At that moment, something Applejack said actually made it into Rarity's ears. "Ah just don't know how mah baby sister is gonna' to grow up without parents."

Rarity immediately lost focus and the rock slipped from her magical grasp. "So sorry, did you say 'baby sister'?"

Applejack nodded. "Yeah, her name's Apple Bloom. She was only born a couple of months ago."

Rarity let out a tiny gasp. You have to call this off, Rarity. Think of how Sweetie Belle would react to finding out she had a big sister who died before she was born! Apple Bloom deserves a sister if she can't have parents.

The fire that had driven Rarity to this point to end Applejack's life immediately faded away, and she looked wildly around the clearing. "Oh my goodness, I think we may have taken a wrong turn somewhere. How do I get to your house again?"

Her question brought Applejack out of her misery for a second as she looked around. "Whoa, how did we get all the way over here?" she questioned. "Ah'll lead ya in the right direction. Ah guess we just lost our way for a bit there."

* * * *

It had been a few months since Sweetie Belle's birth, and life was just as good as Rarity had imagined.

Rarity had walked Applejack home and talking to Rarity seemed to do her a lot of good. Applejack had no idea how close she had come to death herself that night, nor would she if Rarity had anything to say about it. That wasn't something that others needed to know, after all.

Sweetie Belle and her mother had been discharged from the hospital a few days after that, and both of them were doing absolutely fine. Rarity marveled at the wonder that was modern medicine, as something as complicated as a pregnancy and delivery was considered simple in her time when even sixty years ago it was far more dangerous. However, there had been no complications with Sweetie Belle's birth, and both her and her mother were perfectly healthy.

On this particular evening, both of Rarity's parents were gone for the day. Rarity's father had work, and Rarity's mother had matters to attend to with work as well regarding maternity leave. As such, it was just Rarity and Sweetie Belle in the house today and at the moment, Rarity was in Sweetie Belle's room laying her down for her nap. To Rarity's delight Sweetie Belle was a very happy little filly, if a bit stubborn sometimes, but even in her stubborn moments, Rarity loved her all the same.

As she watched Sweetie Belle's tiny form breathe in and out, she heard a trio of sharp knocks on the door. Rarity froze and looked down at Sweetie Belle, expecting the sound to have woken her up. However, Sweetie Belle slept through the intruding noise.

Grumbling to herself things that foals should not be privy to, Rarity trotted down the stairs and opened the door to find a pony that she had never met before. He was dressed in a cheap suit and had a suitcase slung on his back. He was clearly selling something, despite the 'no solicitors' sign on the door of the house. Why in Equestria does nopony notice them? Rarity grumbled inwardly.

The solicitor smiled at Rarity when she opened the door. "Well good afternoon, miss. May I have just a moment of your time? I'm with the Fillydelphia Valley Corporation, and we're looking for a few ponies here in Ponyville to do a survey for our company regarding business prices and customer satisfaction. Would you mind if I asked you a few questions?"

Rarity forced a polite grin on her face. "Oh, no thank you. I am not interested."

She tried to close the door, but the stallion moved forwards a few inches, almost as if he was going to put his hoof in the door. "It would just take few moments, miss."

"I said─"

"Only a few moments and you will receive a twenty bit gift card for our business," pushed the solicitor.

Rarity inwardly gritted her teeth, but just as she was about to slam the door in this rotten pony's face, she was struck by an urge she had not had in a long time. Ooh, this one could be fun. She widened her venomous smile and adopted a sweeter attitude. "Well, I suppose it's okay if it really will just take a moment. Would you like to come in? I have some tea on the stove."

The solicitor smiled. "Why that sounds very lovely, miss...?"

"Oh, Rarity." Rarity inclined her head and bent one knee in a small curtsy. "My name is Rarity."

"Well, Rarity, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance," he said.

Rarity stepped aside and led him into the house. "Likewise. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go check on the tea."

"Take your time."

Rarity nodded and went into the kitchen. She opened up a drawer and pulled out a large vegetable knife. Rarity kept them sharp for occasions like this. Rarity trotted out of the room and back to where the intruder was. He was looking at photos on the mantelpiece. When he heard Rarity come in, he turned around with a smile. "Is that your new sister in the picture on the far right? I must say that she is─"

At that exact moment, Rarity clasped the knife between her hooves and stuck it directly in the solicitor's neck. He dropped to the floor immediately. It was an experience she had not had in months. She hadn't killed since she found out that Sweetie Belle was on the way. Despite her anger, it was absolutely marvelous. She hated to admit it to herself, but she had missed the rush that came with butchering another pony with her own two hooves.

"When. I. Say. That. I. Am. Not interested. I. Mean. Go away!" she screeched, each word incurring another stab wound. As she pulled the knife out after the last word, she heard a faint noise upstairs that was beginning to grow louder. Rarity dropped the knife and realized what the noise was. "Oh my goodness! Sweetie Belle!"

She started to run up the stairs when she screeched to a halt and turned back to the solicitor. He was long gone and was leaving quite the bloody mess. Rarity rationalized that he wasn't going anywhere and that her sister needed her attention right now.

She ran up the stairs and into Sweetie Belle's room. She gently picked up her crying sister and sat down on the floor so she could hug her tight. She began singing a lullaby in order to try to calm her down. "Hush now, quiet now, it's time to lay your sleepy head. Hush now, quiet now it's time to go to bed."

The soothing melody of her voice began to calm Sweetie Belle down and she stopped crying. Rarity nuzzled her sister gently and sighed in relief that her sister had calmed down until she looked down at herself. Both she and Sweetie Belle were covered in blood! Rarity held back a shriek of terror, and it took her a moment to realize that it was the blood of the solicitor and not Sweetie Belle. For a brief terrifying moment, Rarity had imagined that she had... No, she didn't want to even think about that.

She pulled Sweetie Belle into a tight hug and, despite every effort to the contrary, she began sobbing. "Oh, Sweetie Belle! I promise I will never, ever hurt you! Do you hear me? Big sister will never, ever hurt you!"