I'm not crazy

by Undead Equestrian Writer

The Minute

I wandered around my padded cell, contemplating on everything that had been laid upon me the previous night. They had introduced themselves to me and told me several interesting things. I stopped moving when my cell door opened, and a guard walked in with his baton next to him, as he was followed by several doctors. I watched them closely as I waited for my beating to ensue.
"Good morning, 629," I just stared in response. I noticed a new person, a guard, she wasn't wearing a helmet as her dyed hair flowed softly down her back and front. I had to double check when I was sure I saw her wink. I was grabbed by the two guards, one more gentle then the other. The doctors kept talking about routines and teaching. I was thrown into a room that had been turned into a makeshift classroom, as I looked around seeing no one.
"We hope to increase your education level, us knowing we took you when you were in early middle school," I quickly tuned them out, sitting against the wall as I was instructed to read and write. I sat silently for a few minutes, before they realised I wasn't going to do anything, so I was dragged to a new room and strapped into a chair. "Well, since you learning isn't a choice, then how about we study you under elctroshock therapy?"
I cried out in pain as electricity coursed through my body, locking my joints and muscles up, making my hairs stand on end. I heard laughing in the background as I saw the new guard staring through the window at me, a look of sorrow on her face as she watched my torture. She mouthed something to me, but I didn't make it out as I shook as they increased the volts.
"Subject is surviving a small lethal amount of electricity, uping the voltage," I screamed in pain as I fainted in the chair. My body shaking from the shocks.

"A-Are you okay?" I shook on the ground, as I still felt the electricity play marionette with my body. I felt a soothing warmth wash over me as the voltage stopped. I felt something touch my arm as I twitch. "H-Hey, it's okay."
"Minute here informed us of what happened, you humans really don't care for one another," I heard Harp Stringer laugh silently to himself, then a punch followed by a loud 'OW'. "Sorry, that was harsh."
"Minute did tell us of the torture they put you through, they strapped you into an electric chair and," Chart stopped talking as I heard a slight gag. "S-Sorry, it's just that ponies don't inflict pain upon one another, so the thought of it makes me queasy."
I watched as the cage opened up and a mare in a camoflague vest walked in. I stared at her purple hair, which flowed down her back and front.
"Hello, I am Security Seargent Minute, but you can just call me Minute," she stuck her hoof out as I heard soft bickering from Graph and Harp. I reached out and shook her hoof. "You may have noticed that I was with you in your dimension, I will be the one you speak with the most."
"I'm not allowed to speak in my world, I get beat by the doctors if I do," I tell her, making her ears go to her sides. "Oh, um, I'm sorry."
"No, don't be, I'm sorry that you have to put up with that abuse and neglect," she hugged me softly as I flinched slightly, but I slowly returned the gesture.
"Oh, right, okay 629, me and Harp have been contemplating on a name to give you, Harp wanted to name you Testie, but I thought that was immature, but I came up with Silver," she took a break to quiet Harp, who was laughing loudly. I smiled softly at the purity of it all. "How does Silver sound, do you enjoy it?"
"I love the name, thank you Miss Chart."
"Oh please, just call me Pie or Chart, none of that miss stuff, it sounds wrong to hear it," she told me through the speakers.
"Oh, but you can call me Overlord Harp or Master Harp," I heard him continue his laughing fit.
"One more thing before you get sent back, our princess will meet you on your next visit here, so we can get more funding to pull you over completely, but don't worry, she isn't evil like the doctors that watch over you."
I nodded softly. They said their goodbyes and my vision went blank as I was transported back to encarceration.

Celestia stared at her to do list, seeing her usual tasks, but something caught her eye. Visit the Equestrian Trans-Dimensional Labrotories. She scratched her chin and sighed, as she sat down and began writing a letter to her prized student. Twilight had asked her to invite her to any technological labratories, and this was one she was sure Twilight would enjoy.
Dear Twilight Sparkle, I wish for you to join me tomorrow on a trip to one of our more advanced labratories, the Equestrian Trans-Dimensional Labs. I request that you also bring your friends, just in case if something goes wrong. It's always good to be safe. Signed, Celestia
Celestia sent the letter off, and practically heard Twilight yell in happiness as she read the letter. She chuckled and laid in her bed, getting ready for sleep.

Twilight cheered in happiness as she read the letter from the princess. She quicklu went and packed her bag for a trip to Canterlot. She sent Spike out to inform her friends, as she went and woke up Starlight, who didn't share the enthusiasim her teacher had.
"What is the Equestrian Trans-Dimensional Labs?" Starlight asked her, as Twilight jumped in joy. "And why is it so important?"
"The EQTDL is a portal to a from different dimensions, we can pull somepony from one dimension into ours, or vice versa," Twilight jumped in nerdy joy. "I can't wait to see what the scientists have pulled across!"