Edge of Time- The lost world

by Assimilated Wolf

One Day On Board

It’s just an ordinary day, or at least it seems to be one. It has been five years since Geodesic’s first sail. As her captain, Alastair sits on the bridge, commanding the crew. A short message from astrometric lab displays on the front holoscreen: ” Incoming message from astrometric lab.”

“On screen.” Alastair orders the ship computer.

The call is coming from a researcher, Lime Pawwy. He stands before the camera, eager to report his new finding.

“Astrometric lab to Bridge. Captain, I’m detecting an unidentified object at high sub-light speed.”

“hmm...” Alastair doesn’t take it seriously at first. That “High sub-light speed object” is something the ship encounters every day after all.

Pawwy however is particularly intrigued by his own finding: “Well, Captain, the object wasn’t there before. it just appear in the sensor a few minutes ago... I’ve never seen anything like that... It’s glowing red light as a star but accounting for its recession velocity, it’s emitting super-charged photons... It’s not just photons I am talking about... they might be carrier waves of some sort of message. I think we need to bring the ship closer to investigate this... object.”

“Welp... sure... Permission granted.” Alastair nods “Helms, set intercept course.”

Geodesic makes a fine turn and jumps into warp.

As the ship flying closer to that unknown object, Pawwy continues his research on it. However, as more data he gathers, he feels it not simple as he thought it would be. Finally, he knocks on the comm button on the wall.

“Captain, I am confirming receiving some sort of transmission from the object. Seems to be binary code carried by... photons...”

Pawwy is still knocking on the keyboard trying to decipher more words in the message: “Captain, the signal is corrupted, the translator can only translate a few words.”

“What is it?” The captain now is definitely intrigued.

“It seems to be a distress signal. Planet dying, need help. Something like that...”

“Which planet, are we still able to help?”

Pawwy shakes his head disagreeing with his captain: “I don’t think we can do much help them... I traced it’s trajectory for a thousand light years and no planet can be found near it. Maybe, we can bring it aboard see if we can extract some more data from it’s computer core... assuming there is one.”

“Permission granted.” Alastair agrees, then turns his chair towards a brown pegasus sitting by an Engineering console, “Lieutenant Flare.”

“Aye, Sir.” The Pegasus nods at his captain.

“Professor Kahley” Alastair glances at a fossa sitting by the science console.

“Yes, Sir.”

“get your teams ready in hanger bay and assist Professor Pawwy.”