Edge of Time- The lost world

by Assimilated Wolf


The square is much more crowded than ever before. People are gathering for one of the greatest announcement in the history. All colors and species are here, but there’s one thing in common, the shinning badge on their chest, writes: Equestria Institute of Science.

Tick Tock Tick Tock... The central clock is ticking when silence fall. Dressed in White, a unicorn steps on the stage under the central pillar. The crowds clop their hooves and paws as the unicorn steps in the limelight. Everyone knows him, the old unicorn. He is not one of but THE most well-known person in this Institute, the honored dean professor Sehlk.

“Ten thousand cosmic years ago, our predecessors gathered in this asteroid field, from different worlds. They established a common ground of the ultimate power, knowledge. Pursuing this power to benefit all kinds, this Institute was funded by our great Nation. For generations, we have charted the stars, studied the atoms, just in here, this asteroid field.” Professor glances at the crowd and continues. “Some of us may have travelled light years away, orbiting stars or surveying planets. With small transport vessels and limited equipment, they worked hard, yet gained little. Today, that is about to change, thanks to our proud scientists and engineers.”

He takes a deep breath. “Now I present you our leading Science Vessel, the first one of her class, Institute Construction Contract 6101, Equestria Science Vessel Geodesic. Its name, taken from a concept of Shortest path of the Space Time Continuum, symbolizes the growth of this Institute of ours.”

Professor Sehlk raises his head, and glares at the ceiling high above. The blast shield opens slowly, showing the airtight force field ceiling. Below the ceiling is a beautiful ship. Her white paint shines under the focus light. The crowd is getting excited. No one can remain silence any more. Sehlk clears his throat. “Mainframe, transfer command of the Geodesic to Captain Professor Alastair. The Ship is yours.”

Professor Alastair stands up from his seat. He looks straight forward: “Engineering, report status.”

“Engineering to Bridge, the antimatter reactor is stable, impulse engines and warp drives are ready, field generators and shields are online. We have a green across the board, all systems go. The ship is prepared, sir.” Chief Engineer reports back from her station.


“Course laid in, sir.”

Alastair calmly points forward with his paw. “Engage.”

Through the internal com, Alastair heard Sehlk’s voice:”Professor Alastair, Godspeed..”