Love is in the Air, Literally

by Nexas

Sweet rainbows

The disaster of the love cloud was far from over and little did they know that it was going to get even more complicated.

Rainbow Dash; fastest flyer in Equestria and the Element of Loyalty was fast asleep in her bed of clouds. The Pegasus had spent all of yesterday rearranging the weather clouds around Ponyville and had crashed into bed, not to be wakened even by the next morning's light.

Her alarm clock sat beside her bed; each tick from the clock piercing the quiet air. Suddenly, the ticking grew into a loud ringing as the alarm went off. The sound made the rainbow-haired Pegasus stir, woken from her dreams of flight by the machine.

Dash slowly raised an arm and blindly felt her way towards the sound, knocking a few things over in the process. She eventually found the offending noise maker and did what anypony would have done.

She punched it.

The punch sent the clock sailing across the room and into one of the cloud walls, it went right thought the wall, making little more noise than a 'pfft'. With the noise gone, Dash settled back down into bed.


"Dang it, now I'm awake."

Now awake from her actions, Rainbow Dash threw off her covers, jumped to her hooves and ran to the stairs.

After her long day of work, she had been given the day off and had planned on seeing if she could sleep till the day after but now that changed so she quickly decided to rather practice her flying moves and play with Tank; her pet turtle.

Sorry, Tortoise.

She raced down the steps to the living room and the front door, not even stopping to open it, she burst through the cloud door into the bright day.

She stepped onto the small area jutting out from the house, took in a deep breath of air and paused, something was wrong, she could feel it. Since her house overlooked the town, she could see everything in the area.

And she didn't believe what she saw.

A pink cloud. A massive pink cloud hanging over Ponyville.

Dash rubbed her eyes but the pink cloud didn't go away.

She looked down into the town; Ponies walked around, not a care in the world as usual. It was almost as if they didn't care about it.

Slowly realization crept into Dash's brain, starting up all of the warning alarms.

If this cloud is here, then she'll get in trouble for it and have to do overtime!

Stretching out a few of her joints, Dash unfurled her wings before running and diving off of her cloud house. She loved doing this; the wind rushing past her, whipping her hair back, the feeling of exhilaration as the g-forces built up acceleration. She wished that this feeling could last forever but the ground coming up to greet her was a deal-breaker.

Bracing herself, she pulled up at the last moment, using all of the combined g-force, she rocketed upwards and towards Ponyville.

As she neared the town and the pink cloud, she briefly wondered if the cloud was made of cotton candy, maybe Discord had reappeared but that thought was quickly tossed away as she neared the cloud and began to smell something; oddly enough she began to smell things like sweets and perfume, lovey-dovey stuff.

Dash nearly gagged; this thing needed to go and it needed to go now.

She charged the pink cloud; preparing to crash into it and push it away. With a fierce cry, she crashed into the cloud.

And passed right through it.

Dash quickly realized that she was still flying through the cloud and tried to come to a stop but something went wrong.

She couldn't breathe; the inside of the cloud was thick and stuffy and to make matters worse, she could see nothing but pink.

Slowly she began to lose consciousness, black mixing with the pink in her vision and eventually overtaking it.

None of the Ponies below, under the love spell or otherwise, noticed the unconscious rainbow colored Pegasus that shot out of the opposite side of the cloud and away from the town.


"How much longer is it?"

"Not that long. Soon we'll be there and......"


"Twitcha-twitch! Twitcha-twitch!"

"Take cover!"

"What?! From what-."

Pinkie Pie and Spike quickly got out from under their cover and surveyed the damage.

"Huh, a clock." Said Pinkie matter-of-factly. She reached down and picked it up, giving it a shake; the broken bits and bobs rattling inside.

"Well, maybe I can use it as a maraca." She mused.

"Ow..." Bon Bon groaned. The victim of assault-by-clock had been struck right on the head and had been sent face first into the dirt.

"We don't have time for this!" Spike muttered, helping the Earth Pony out of the dirt. "We need to get to Sweet Apple Acres!"

"Ugh...Will...will they be okay?" Bon Bon asked.

"The Apples?" Pinkie considered this question for a moment. "Oh yeah, they'll be finea as long as they don't eat any of the watered apples."


The three took off in the direction of the farm as fast as they could.


Applejack was just in the middle of her chores when she felt it; a deep rumbling in the ground that left as fast as it appeared. That had been a few hours earlier and she was still thinking about it.

It had just reached the time where she washed the picked apples so they were clean for shipping. She trotted over to the water tank which already had a few dozen apples floating in it already; the tank was connected to the water system that ran under Ponyville.

Applejack's brother, a Pony of a few words sat beside the tank, taking apples out and drying them.

"Howdy, brother." She called to her sibling. "Is the crop ready for shipping?"

Her brother didn't say anything, which didn't really surprise her.

"Well, if ya'll aren't gonna say anything, I guess-"

"Ah don't think that these apples are good."

The farm mare was shocked; not only was her brother saying that a crop of apples weren't good but he was actually using more than one word to express it.

"Oh come on." She laughed. "How bad can they be?"

Her brother didn't say anything and instead turned to her, an apple balancing expertly on his hoof.

She gasped in shock.

The apple wasn't red, it wasn't even green.

It was pink.

She inspected it closely before laughing.

"That's a good one, Big Mac. What did you do? Paint it?"

"It wasn't me." He continued. "It's the water."

He pointed to the tank of water and revealed that every apple floating in the water was the same color; pink.

Applejack stared at the bobbing fruit, mouth agape. Her bother simply nodded.


"You think there's something in the water?" She questioned. "Never know what they're putting in it now a days."

She picked an apple up in her hooves and tossed it to her brother. "Well we might as well try one." She shrugged. "Who knows, maybe it'll be a new best seller."

Applejack picked up another apple and prepared to take a bite.


A hoof suddenly slammed into Applejack's backside, sending the apple in her mouth flying out. She whipped around to see Pinkie, Spike and a third Pony; all of them were wearing gas masks around their necks.

"Pinkie?!" Applejack coughed. "What in the hay are you doing?!"

"Applejack!" Pinkie shouted, despite the closeness of her friend. She seemed to be panicking. "Don't eat the apples! They're poisonous!"

Applejack gasped again. "Poison?!"


Behind Applejack, Big Macintosh was lying on the ground trembling; an apple with a distinct bite mark had fallen at his side.

"Big brother!" Applejack was instantly at his side.

"Don't let him see you!" Bon Bon shouted.

Pinkie and Bon Bon quickly jumped out of the way, pulling Applejack with them. They disappeared just in time for Big Mac to open his eyes.

He was looking at Spike.

The Dragon waved nervously. "Um...Hi?"

A large smile slowly grew on the red Pony's face.

"Eeyup." He said suavely.

Spike whimpered.

The big Pony slowly got to his hooves and walked towards the dragon; a fire in his eyes that Spike had seen far too much of today.

Spike couldn't move; he was paralyzed with fear. He close his eyes and waited for the worst.


A metal noise rang out. Spike opened his eyes to see what happened.

Big Macintosh stood in front of him; stock still and unblinking. He started to lean forward, the same dazed look on his face. Spike was nearly flattened but Pinkie reached in and pulled him away. Applejack stood behind her unconscious brother, a metal bucket in her mouth which she spat out.

"Alright, spill it." Applejack demanded. "Ah wanna know why my brother suddenly got a taste for little Dragons."

Spike was to traumatized at the moment to answer so Bon Bon stepped in. "Spike made a love potion and now most of Ponyville is under its spell. Twilight, lyra..." She pointed at the downed Pony. "And now your brother."

"Love potion..." Applejack sighed and threw her hat down. "Not again!"

Spike was finally calm enough to speak. "Again?"

"Mah little sister and her friends had done this kind of thing before." She explained. "I wears off after a few hours if the lover don't see the love-ee."

"Not with this much love potion." Pinkie shook her head.

Applejack put her hat back on. "Well shoot, what are you gonna do?"

"We need to make an antidote, where's Applebloom, maybe she can help."

"She's out of town with Granny Smith." She looked down at Macintosh. "Which is probably a good thing."

Pinkie panicked. "Now what do we do?"

Applejack thought for a moment and grinned. "Let's go see Fluttershy, she probably has the ingredients ya'll need for an antidote."

Suddenly, another rumbling shook the earth, making the Ponies and Spike flinch.

"What was that?" Applejack asked, tiredly. What else could go wrong today?

"It came from over there." Spike pointed to beyond the farm, in the masses of apple trees.


It took a while but the four finally found what had made the noise.

"Rainbow Dash!"

Rainbow Dash was lying in a small crater, dirt and apples were strewn every which way and more than a few trees were missing branches or even utterly destroyed.

Applejack ran to her friend and knelt in front of her. The multicolored Pony was out cold.

"C'mon, sugercube, wake up!" She shook the Pegasus who groaned in response. The others watched from the corner.

"Why did she crash?" Bon Bon asked.

"She must have been flying and ran into a cloud or something."

Pinkie shook her head. "That's silly, and besides; there's not a single cloud in the sky today, only..."

Realization was painted on each of their faces.

"Applejack!" Spike called to her.

The Pony in question couldn't hear them; she was too busy concentrating on her friend who was just starting to wake up.

"...Apple...jack?" Dash mumbled.

"Are you alright, sugercube?" Applejack asked, concerned for her friend.

A small grin grew on the Pegasus's face and she batted her eyes. "I am now."

She then leapt up, wrapped her arms around the farmer and pulled her close, their lips meeting.


"Just one more stitch and...done!"

Rarity sat in her boutique, hard at work putting the finishing touches on a dress. She hadn't left the boutique all day as she sometimes did when her orders piled up.

Come to think of it, she hadn't seen any of her friends today at all, she thought. She quickly made a mental note to call them up at the nearest available time.

Suddenly, a knocking came from the front door of her building.

"Co~min! She chimed, lowering her needles and thread and trotting to the door, she quickly checked her mane and appearance before swinging the door open.

She gasped in surprise. "Why Twilight! It's so good to see you today. Would you like to come in?"

Twilight smiled wickedly. "Oh yes, I'd like that very much."